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+ One of my favorite skaters, Mirai Nagasu, is not going to Sochi despite placing third at Nationals and I am quite bitter about it. This is why I'm so disillusioned with this sport. My heart breaks for her because she was the only one that did not fall on her long program and yet she was passed over for a fetus that has never been to an international competition. I'm not saying the fetus did not work hard. I'm saying if TBTB made exceptions for Ashley Wagner to go, even thought SHE fell in her long program and came in FOURTH, what was the difference with Mirai?? Arrggh this sport. It makes me so crazy.

+ OTOH I discovered Jason Brown who IS going and is SUCH A DELIGHT I can't even. Here is his long program set to an Irish reel which he skates whilst wearing a sparkly green shirt. Seriously A DELIGHT. I haven't seen an audience this invested since Johnny Weir in his cherub curls, White Swan days.

+ Hockey has, however, ruined me to a point. I was sitting there through ANOTHER weighty, TERRIBLY DEEP AND PROFOUND long men's program (not Jason's) and I was all 'FACEPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT SO SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' AAAARRGGGGH I'M MEEELLLLTTTTIIINNGGGGGG Oh! College hockey! Who are these people? Where are they from? Is that program over? *flip channel flip channel* lol


+ I will take this opportunity to say, to whomever is still reading this, that this is is not going away soon, this hockey thing. I don't think it is. I am SMITTEN with players, and the league, and every day I find something hilarious or awesome and beautiful about them both, so. If you find yourself scrolling scrolling scrolling past the men in bulky uniforms, beards, and missing teeth, and really want to de-friend, I understand. I realize I've been kind of one-note like only someone who has found a new fandom can be.

Even tho I don't de-friend people for finding new shiny. Go on with your new shiny! Find happiness with your new shiny! My whole FL has fucked off to SG1? Vaya con dios! I'm going to squee about Generation Kill/Supernatural/American Idol? Yay for you! But that is just ME. I understand! :-)

Eh, I'm just kidding. I'm mostly don't de-friend people because I can't be arsed to click more than once LOLLLLL.

+ Both my teams are struggling right now. Poor bbs. I can't BELIEVE how long a hockey season is. I mean 82 games, holy shit. Makes me side-eye football players, let me tell you. I keep sending them virtual, good luck vibes.The Hawks did win their last game, though. Even if Kaner scored on his own goal BWHAHA oh babe. He is never living that down. I Googled him yesterday (as one does) and the first twelve links were PATRICK KANE SCORES ON OWN GOAL. At least he can laugh about it. That's one of the things I truly love about him: he's just HAPPY. He's a happy PERSON. How far I've come from my fascination with broken, angsty boys and their dysfunction. I mean, I still love me an angsty man (see: Mathers, Marshall) but I did not realize how utterly wonderful the sight of Kaner's smile could be. Oh, really, ahestele, you say? HIS SMILE LET ME SHOW YOU IT:

AKA gratuitous Kaner pix appreciation post BECAUSE REASONS I CAN! :-D

Beautiful boy is beautiful. And goofy. And ridiculous. It's kind of great. )

Okay, okay, I'll stop.

JUST ONE MORE with Jonny because them together really are my total happy place right now.

That look is known as 'the fond eyes' and they REALLY ARE. It's a THING he does he looks at Kaner.


That is actual steam coming off Jamie Benn in practice

shirtlessBenn1 shirtlessBenn2 shirtlessBenn3

I'm just gonna leave that right there.

I really adore that he can look like an apple-cheeked, wide-eyed kid and he is pretty soft-spoken in interviews and then he ups and does this:

Did you all see the look on his face right before the punches started flying??? That ain't no Bambi. And that is Joe Thornton, captain of the San Jose Sharks, he of the now infamous 'dick out, stroking it' quote, and generally one scary mother. And there Jamie is, shucking off gloves, pushing back his hair all, 'Okay, beauty. Let's DANCE.'


+ Still kind of adore Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak. Because reasons. :-)


+ I went through a long WNBA phase when the Houston Comets were one of the city's teams. We won a couple of titles and I loved watching women's basketball. Since the asshat owner sold the team (like he sold our hockey team to Wisconsin, asshat) I've kind of fallen off because I'm not intrinsically a basketball fan.

However, I found this on tumblr and it is Read more... )

I'M 'SHIPPING YOU LADIES SO HARD!!! My favorite is the guy wearing glasses in the background of the first gif who is all, '...wait. What?' :-DDDD


+ Sleepy Hollow- Hello kickass sisters of color! Actual sisters, even, though the other kind, too. Hi Orlando Jones, you crazy, fourth-wall-breaking-National treasure, you. Hello, pretty Ichabod. Really, this show is made for me.

+ Elementary- Joan and Sherlock just keep getting better. I could watch them all day.

+ Big Bang Theory- Always

+ Lots and lots of hockey. The Dallas Stars on TV and the Hawks online.


+ I'm kind of stressed $ wise so I think I am escaping into hockey and fic. There are worst things.

+ I am reading a graphic novel called CARDBOARD and it is really amazing. I don't know how it ended up in the KIDS side since it's kind of heavy, but still, exemplary writing and artwork.

+ D joined the YMCA for free because she belongs to AARP. She wheedled until I joined (ya'll can stop laughing I CAN HEAR YOU *points to YOU) but I dunno. It is kind of a lot per month and I know I NEED to but logistically speaking, with an hour on the park and ride, and me still doing most of the cooking (because I like to cook and I'm big on working with your strengths and D's cooking is not really one of hers), I don't know when I will go. I guess my days off?

+ I cannot get coverage for the Saturday of Memorial day this year so I will only be going to Friday and Sunday of Comicpalooza. *sad face* Probably no chairing any panels for me if I only have two days to go.

I know I had more but I must away!

In closing, winter weather has gone and it is muggy and barely cold NOOOOOOOO. *clutches winter* I was born in the wrong damn part of the country.

Talk at ya'll later!
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+ I'd say 'Snowmageddon' but even though it got icy and cold, alas, no snow for Houston. We made out better than most of the country, I will say that. Our house has shit insulation so it was pretty drafty until we lit up the fireplace (omg a fireplace I can't believe I have a house with a for real fireplace) and it turned quite cozy. I loved it because WINTER actual WINTER WEATHER YAY. It's the small things. We are back to fifties and sixties and I'm just hoping that wasn't winter's last hurrah. DON'T GO WINTER I'M NOT READYYYYYYY *clutches*


+ Olympic rosters were revealed amidst much controversy and hoopla. I cannot believe I actually know enough about this sport to have opinions about who didn't make it, who did, and why. If someone would have told me that a year ago I would have LOLED so hard in their face. And I would have been WRONG LOL *crying*

I'm the most excited for Jamie Benn from the Dallas Stars, he of the enormous Bambi eyes and pretty mouth. tumblr_mwjyfplpkn1qfice8o3_250

He was not invited to Canada Olympics camp this year and apparently decided to fix their red wagon by kicking all kinds of ass as one of the NHL's youngest captains. Now he's ON THE TEAM I'm so happy for him! Tyler was not selected, which is sad-making, but he said “I’ll be his biggest fan for sure.” on Jamie, heretofore known as Babycakes, being in the Olympics. AWWWWW THESE TWO *hearts*

There was also this PRICELESS HOLIDAY VIDEO of Babycakes, Tyler, and Valeri Nichushkin, the eighteen year old Russian right wing:

You can tell poor Val is totally and for true done with these two failboat Canadians LOL.

+ The poor Hawks have been struggling lately, and last night they lost in regulation which doesn't often happen. Poor bbs. I worked late and only got the last period of play, but apparently this happened:



Jonathan Toews is NOT HAVING Brian Boyle's hand on Kaner, no, sir, he is not. I mean, he just casually hooks his arm through Boyle's wrist and pulls him away from Kaner like 'Here let me NOPE that for you. There you go.' I've been watching Kaner when these things happen, any kind of aggression, pre-fighting thing, and he rarely responds. He is the master of removing himself from the situation. He's a lover not a fighter, okay??? And I TOTALLY APPROVE because have you seen how he looks compared to most other players? And this is with skates on. The height differential is so huge. 5 '11. Okay, Kaner. (also, there is a certain look on his face when he backs off it's. I don't know. Resignation? Not quite submission but...almost? I dunno. I'm having strange, entirely inappropriate FEELINGS with that look is what I'm trying to say) I would pay money to get a better look at the expression on TAZER's face when he did this. What happened after?? Anything? Anyone??? I MUST KNOW!!!! I want ALL THE AFTER FIC from this moment. Give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

+ I've been inhaling all the awesome fic from the Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange arranged by the radiant [personal profile] svmadelyn and I somehow read a....Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak fic? And it was...really wonderful? And I can't believe I want more from teddy bear looking Kessel and douchebro failboat Tyler Bozak I mean WHAT. IS. THIS. ABOUT. )


It's just! *FLAIL* I read how Phil got cancer his rookie year, how fucking scary, and how Bozie lives with Phil in Phil's condo gratis even though Bozie can afford his own place pretty comfortably as of this year. And I watched HBO's 24/7 series about the Winter Classic and OMG I COULD NOT with those two.

And when they showed a montage of Phil's goals during a game he hid his face. HID HIS FACE I mean WHO DOES THAT?? I just want to SQUISH HIM AND GIVE HIM SOUP IDK OK DON'T JUDGE ME.

Phil also has a really beautiful sister.


Amanda Kessel is on the women's Olympic hockey team and and the twitter captures I've read say she is delightfully wiseassy to her older brother. I like that in a woman. :-) Her Twitter is locked, so, also a smart woman. As we know.


+ Just finished reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and I loved it SO MUCH. The Shining was never my favorite SK bo, and I don't care for Jack Nicholson, so the film was never my cuppa either. However, this is really good. I like this broken, flawed, yet ultimately amazing Dan Torrance. Abra, the young girl protagonist is my favorite though. I love when King crafts strong female characters because he does it so well. Highly recced.


+ Found out one of my coworkers is actually a hockey fan and we are talking about going to a game in Dallas! I am so excited! We'd have to figure out when and if we both had the same weekend off. D would go even thought she's not all that invested in hockey because, well, he's a dude, she doesn't know him, and that is just how she rolls. I hope it works out!

+ I am intermittently doing the January Snowflake Meme! You should too! It's really low key posting, no pressure, and I'm enjoying the ones I choose to post.

I know I had more but lately the Interwebz slows to a crawl in the afternoons and it is driving me crazy.

Everyone stay safe and warm and I'll talk at you al later!
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Today's challenge: In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Has to be Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, the television show. I had already been discovering fic because I'd been looking for Homicide: Life on the Streets fic online. The internet as we know it was but a dim twinkle in the future's eye and there was SO LITTLE Bayliss/Pembleton to be found until I discovered Schism. Even with that comprehensive archive I noticed the amount of Buffy fic dwarfed the volume of H:LotS stories, which annoyed me. Because, really, was even was all this fic about some teen vampire show?

Then I moved to Galveston and couldn't get cable hooked up for two weeks and I was dying. The only, I mean the ONLY, channel that came in clear showed Buffy reruns every night in addition to the new episodes. I was so, so hooked after three eps. I fell madly in love with Spike and Xander, then with epetslife's fic, then Mustang Sally and Rivka T's fic, then I wrote my first Spike/Xander ficlet, and have never looked back.

Some of my dearest LJ friends I know from Buffy days and Kita gave me a code for an LJ account back when you couldn't get one without it.

I've always been fannish and there have been books: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, The Stand by Stephen King, and films: the John Hughes oeuvre, for example, that define a lot of my life perspective, but I'd be a different person without fic, fandom, and the people who have always lived there. For that, that show about a blond ex-cheerleader and her group of friends who slayed monsters will always be my first, best love. I cried when it ended, for days. I wasn't ready. I believe there are still a group of us that will always be chasing that far away lightening, looking for an experience that will match the one we first had in the Buffy fandom, and never quite finding it, not the same way. That was a time, gente. It surely was. :-)
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Our mortgage is now $200 more. I don't know what made me think we could afford a house, but it seems like a dubious belief at this moment. We are looking for different insurance which is going to be a pain to change, and which I think TPTB count on; that people will just pay it because getting a new policy, phoning with the policy number, cancelling other insurance, and waiting for a refund check to then MAIL TO the bank, sounds exhaustive. I don't even know if other quotes will BE lower, but we have to at least try.

I'm not sure I can do anything about the taxes.


And I thought the second year was going to be better, money-wise. HAHAHA NO.

+ I have a Hockey fic exchange deadline. I now remember why I quit doing these deadline things, and also why I don't write professionally (besides that whole completion-challenged, lack-of-ambition matter, I mean). It's like my brain SEIZES UP when I hear DEADLINE or something. But it's coming along, slowly. I don't think I counted on having two other fics I really want to work on at the same time. Great problem to have but there are not enough hours in the day to write, gaze lovingly at Kazer pix on Tumblr, AND work a full time job. Stupid job, getting in the way of what's important. ;-D

+ I really want to send out hand-made xmas cards because it is a Thing with me, but see above for over booking. It's our first year in the house and I really want to do it, though, so here's to trying!

+ I really want to do a cookie exchange with my staff. Again, see above, and also $. But cookies don't HAVE to be costly, right? I need me some cookies, man. This is going to happen.

+ I have somehow been put in charge of an LGBT Art Show for June during Gay Pride Month. I'm not sure how this happened but I'm a little O.O since it went from what I thought would be a simple art show where patrons contributed stuff to being guest curated by the current curator of the Contemporary Arts Museum- Houston who is ALSO going to get his big-name local artist friends to do pieces for the show. Needless to say, I am a bit overwhelmed.


+ have not see vitriol and bile like what happened in the Pens- Bruins game after the Thornton-Orpik, Neal-Marchand incidents. At least not since the NSYNC 'shipper wars of years gone by...I've seen the video and it looks awful, seeing Marchand just laying there so still. There is a very strongly worded article http://blog.triblive.com/dejan-kovacevic/2013/12/07/instant-column-hey-gary-this-bloods-on-your-hands/">here that talks about the whole incident. The writer is very angry. Up 'till now I just thought it was kind of darling how the whole bench would stand up if Kaner got checked, or so AWWW when someone stood up for someone else who got shoved or high sticked, but this throws that into different relief. That hit could potentially end that player's whole season.

So after that unpleasantness I need a pick-me-up.


Good for what ails you!





Jfc, Jonathan Toews.


One of my favorite forever because come on.

I have been waiting ALL YEAR ever since I found this ridiculous fandom and this video of ENORMOUS FAIL LOL OMG there are no words. With Hawks past and present! Facepalming and singing fail for ALL!


Jordan Staal: This little midget here..
Patrick Kane: Two on one, that’s cool.
~caption by anniepb

I can't even explain why I love this gif so much except they are both so much bigger and taller than him and I can just imagine how many times this happened and him being all, 'Yeah, a'aight, I got this. I can deal.' Oh, Kaner, ilu.

One more and I'll go away.

I cannot, in any universe, figure out who would ask these two to see who could suck down phallic shaped popsicles the fastest, but bless them and keep them forever and ever, amen. Jonny is SO ANNOYED, he actually curses in total disgust, to Kaner's delight, and then his tragic competitiveness wins out, and he is victorious. Seriously, this is CLASSIC GOLD.  Kaner's headband is so 80s fashion don't it is hilarious. Also, Jonny's hair in the commentary is delicious here, all long and curled over his forehead and I don't know when I got to adore him just as much as Kaner but there you are.

Well, I feel better!
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+ This is how I feel about being unable to access Googledrive for work the the second week in a row:


I am SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED I want to slam my face repeatedly on my desk ARRGGGH.

NOTHING works. ALL my writing is on Googledrive which means I can't write when I get here early in the morning or during lunchtime, which is when I would mostly write. We also can't sign people up for gaming, can't work on collection development lists, trainings, weeding, programming. Nada.

Whatever hosed that is also not letting me access Youtube and I am jonesing so hard for Kazer vids it is ridiculous. When I'm at home I have the Pretty Girl Rock vid and the Club Can't Handle Kaner vid on repeat. I'd link them but I CAN'T FUCKING ACCESS YOUTUBE UGH IT IS THE WORST.

I am fanfictionally in love with Patrick Kane and my taste in music has gone to crap . Thank you, thank you very much.

You all notice how no matter where I start I always end up at Patrick Kane? I am obsessed and it's a problem.


+ Tyler Seguin ladies and gentlemen


You are welcome.

+ The Blackhawks lost 7-2 but then won the following night in a game I didn't watch because I was watching the Dallas Stars win on TV. Also, we are back down to one computer since I returned coworkers iPad. We got our machine back from Fry's and it seems to be working ok for now. We shall see.

+ Last in in HOCKEY this is making the rounds on Tumblr:


Jonny is not amused


HIS FACE LOL. In reality, he's apparently given an interview answer he's not happy with. Poor bb always so hard on himself but his expression is GOLD I love it :-D


+ So I got my assignment but I'm torn between writing smut, which the person requested, or one of two other prompts which would take more research and time, and are not smut )


+ I am going to Guadalajara after Thanksgiving and all I can think of is all the hockey I'm going to miss. Clearly my priorities are screwed.

In closing Kaner. Because REASONS.


Okay, I've gotta go!

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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Apparently there is a movement to call scoring four goals in one game a 'dicktrick' LOL. This sport, man.


This is the team that they had to get ahead of AND THEY DID! It went into overtime and down to a shoot out which WHAT THE HELL EVEN IS THAT??? Could something be ANY MORE NERVE WRACKING OMG. It's a fucking game of CHICKEN at that point, is what it is, jfc. Field goals have NOTHING on this level of HOLY SHIT.

They are now number ONE in that conference YAY!!!


+ Because that is my life now: hockey and Other Stuff. D is not dealing that well but she is trying, bless her. Every time I find a new fandom (which hasn't happened in a major way since MCR, and not one I wrote in since 2002. I'm a one-fandom- writing-chick. No way around it) I'm sure she thinks it can't get more bizarre, and then it does. 'Eminem and Taylor Hanson...The kid from Hanson? Ok, baby. As long as you're happy.' 'My Chemical Romance?..Is that a band? Ok, baby, as long as you're happy...' 'Hockey slash. Hockey...SLASH? You're watching HOCKEY now? Ok, baby....YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.' LOL

+ Our garage is broken again. *sigh*

+ The small wisp of cold weather has gone and it is muggy and mid-late seventies again. Nooooooooooooo! I'm so ready for winter I can't tell you.

+ I have my Hockey RPF Fic Exchange assignment. I think it will be okay...

+ No money. That is not even news at this point.

+ I am singularly uninspired at work. I don't quite know why...This is the longest I've ever been at one job. Eleven years is EONS for me. I'm going to try some new things because I love my coworkers, and still love what I do. I mean, it's not sitting at Starbuck's writing slash for a living, but it's still pretty cool.

+ Day four of ten day work stretch. Arrggh. These don't get any easier.


Because I just didn't think I was going to be this way about a fandom again. I was Marshall focused, writing-wise, for years. YEARS. And he will always be my love. And I will always read the articles, buy his albums, and cheer him on.

I just haven't felt *THIS* in a long time. It is kind of great. :-) )

In closing, apparently, when Google added the 's' to httpS on their site it hosed our entire system of access at work. I have been unable to access Googledrive AND Youtube for three days I am going batfuck. THREE DAYS. Apparently IT didn't know we used Googledrive for absolutely EVERYTHING from sign up sheets to ordering to document delivery. I don't know how a failure of communication that large happened but the consequences are not good. *sigh* I am going through major Youtube hockey vid withdrawl and we can't access anything we need to do practically any of our work.

Okay, gente, you all take care and I'll shout at you later!
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+ I have signed up for [personal profile] svmadelyn's Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange *breathes into paper bag*

+ I found myself crying in the dark by myself while reading calliotrope's amazing hockey rpf Scattered Pieces of My Mind. I'm not talking the eye-burning, sniffling thing that sometimes happens. I mean that embarrassing, hitching, ugly sounds in your throat that get pulled out of your soul thing that you can't even help. Over a FUCKING FIC OMG FML. I came to the irrefutable conclusion that I might be crazypants in love with Kaner and Tazer and this crazy, improbable fandom. I think this is what's called 'doubling down.'

+ Listen to me: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. I want ALL THE FIC EVER about the boys in THIS VIDEO:


It's the Boston University men's hockey team called THE TERRIERS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Their team is LEGIT NAMED AFTER A TINY ADORABLE DOG??? Is there a DIFFERENT terrier I'm not aware of??? What does their mascot even LOOK LIKE??? At any rate, I didn't know it was possible to PERISH FROM CUTE but, apparently, that is not so, because they killed me DEAD. Eskimo kisses??? One pair calls each other PARTNER WHUT?? I CAN'T WITH THESE CHILDREN OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE

+ I am actively working on the Kaner/Tazer/Tyler Seguin OT3 and the Kazer AU. I think of posting, then I get afeared and tweak some more, than I write some more, then I think of posting, then I get afeared, lather, rinse, repeat

+ This sport is ruining my life, by which I mean, I'm so glad I listened to people and discovered it. :-)


+ The time I am spending on Tumblr is approaching maximum density. I am phig67 on there if anyone is interested. Unless you are all about hockey all the time with flashes of lgbtq posts, nudes, and manga/comics posts, maybe not for you. I'm not hurt. I sat here aaaaaaaaaaallll through when most of fandom fucked off to SG1. Then Sherlock. Then One Direction. I understand.

+ We are apparently hosting Thanksgiving? What? In two weeks? ...okay?

+ I am going to miss one of the THREE Blackhawks games televised in my area while I am in Guadalajara. ARRGGGH. D is taping it for me.

+ We have hardly any $, still, because home ownership is hard. I'm actually not sure HOW we're doing Thanksgiving but, there we are. I'm hoping things are a bit better in the new year when we are cancelling our useless, ridiculously unhelpful home warranty service, have a homestead tax break, and.... well, that's it, really, but I hope it helps. The thought if having no money for the next 29 years isn't very appealing....



dream thieves
Follow up to The Raven Boys it is amazing. I'd pay a lot of money to see this on film.


+ Sleepy Hollow- Between Orlando Jones ninja kicking through The Fourth Wall, Nicole Beharie being a kickass hot SHORT woman of color, and the completely self-deprecating charm of Tom Mison I am all in for this.

+ I DVRed and watched The NHK Trophy figure Skating competition mostly because Johnny Weir was the commentator and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to someone who was actually knowledgeable about the sport, it's history, and the point system. In fact, his explanation is the clearest I've ever been on how things are scored. I mean, I don't agree with it, but I understand it now, sort of. I'm worried the US is going to have a gap in the ladies FS area. And I was so upset that they didn't even show ice dancing where US skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White AND the Shibutanis came in first and third respectively. So frustrating. It was also wistful to see the crowd of thirteen THOUSAND in the stands whereas, in the US, the popularity is going in the opposite direction.


Vienna Teng, one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated, female vocalists out there, doing vocal percussion and singing to an Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone/Lose Yourself mashup that is UNBELIEVABLE.

Okay, gente! I'm off to write more, watch more hockey vids, and do that work thing. ;-)

Talk at ya'll later! To my freinds in The North, stay warm! We are still @ balmy 72 degrees, though a 'cold front' is rumored to be arriving tonight. I'm ready to snuggle so we'll see!
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These boys. I cannot. )

Okay, wow, I have to stop.

Also, for no reasons that I can't even figure OUT I have been reading Sidney/Geno. IDEK. However, so far I've read four pretty good fics about Sidney and Geno's First Time. Uh. There seem to be a LOT of Sid/Geno first time fics. With Geno always the more loving until Sid gets a clue. Like I said, I have no idea except their personalities seem to be very distinct and intriguing together and the Youtube vids and interviews I've seen of Geno are SO GREAT! He is so funny!

In related nows, I am about 10000 words into a Kazer AU and 2000 into a Kane/Toews/Seguin OT3 PWP. I could probably post the AU but I am kind of nervous. There are a lot of good writers in this fandom, people I recognize from other fandoms, and it's kinda nervous making.


+ I woke up too late to straighten my hair and it is all frizzoo. Just the professional appearance I strive to cultivate.

+ So far at the house the garage door is broken, the washer stopped working, and the bottom lock to the front door refused to accept the key. This led to D being locked out, not once, but TWICE. We have finally gotten the washer fixed. I am sure I will, at some point, stop feeling overwhelmed by home ownership.


If anyone would have told me this song could be a visceral stomping warrior queen anthem I would have thought they were on crack. BESTEST cover!

1/2 White Stripes + 1/2 Eurythmics= ALL AWESOME

In closing, we FINALLY got a loaner from Fry's Electronics and I am LEGIT WATCHING A LIVESTREAM OF HOCKEY OMG!!!!!

Ok, gente! Talk at ya'll later or when my bursting need to share more hockey boys overwhelms me LOL!

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I am writing this on an iPad that I hate SO MUCH while simultaneously being grateful for said loaned iPad without which I could not get online at all. After having the computer a week Fry's Electronics tried to tell me it was just the adapter. When I argued with the guy on the phone he kept insisting so I told him we would pick it up, I was going to wiggle the dc jack and adapter connection,and if it still quit charging, I was going to look for HIM. Ten minutes later I get a call back saying, uhm, yeah the system stopped charging right after the call. It will need to be sent off, it will 4-6 weeks s before we hear but I can call next week (?????), and I can inquire about a loaner if I want.

The whole conversation really frustrating because the techs first language is not English and I have to repeat question three times and as him to repeat answers, I just want to stab myself in the face.

I pretty much want to stab myself in the face for this whole week/weekend.


I Want To Run Away )

I feel pretty alone right now.


Of course I cannot get any of the hockey game streams to work on this machine.

This does not affect the fact that I fall more and more in fascination with this kid with every passing hour. His silly face and huge (really they are anime huge) blue eyes and bow lips and palm frond eyeylashes and just his PATRICKNESS are the only thing getting me through this Bataan death march of a 'vacation.'

I have been writing steadily, one of the few silver linings of this time off, a Patrick/Jonny IFC based on the film She's Out of Your League, one of my very favorite romcoms. It's not the best I've every done, in no small part because I'm using this machine that doesn't even have a real keyboard, and also, I keep second guessing myself on the hockey content and the voices of secondary characters. But I am having the BEST TIME with these boys and I love my little story!!! It's not going to some ground breaking trope but I love them together so much.


+ I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie which I had eschewed after reading in the books that Dumbledore died. No really I was THAT upset. I actually quite liked it.

+ A coworker lent me her beautiful hard copy of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls and it is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. The illustrations jarred me at first because they are these strangely static feeling pencil color panels but as the story goes on they meld with the text so by the end both are essential to the other. He's basically taken three characters from traditional children's stories: Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Wendy from Peter Pan, and written erotic explanations for those stories. Check it out if you can, but make sure you do so at home. NONE of the content is kid or work safe.

+ I watched the Frontline documentary League of Denial about how the NFL lied and hid conclusive evidence regarding the effects of concussions and head trauma in professional football players and I was saddened and horrified. Because I live in Texas and football culture has been as ingrained in me as the ability to discern good Mexican food and the expectation of a lower cost of living. My daddy would hog the tv all day Sunday watching Inside the NFL and every game that came on and those memories of us girls listening to the announcers while playing on the living room rug (we only had one tv then) are vivid ones. It is really affecting my ability to appreciate the game and I don't know if it.

Ok gente. Ima go and try to write some more.

Send me good thoughts that D will make it to tomorrow and that we will make it tithe dentist.

I don't say it enough and haven't in awhile, but you all mean lot to me. Thanks for listening.

Talk at you all later.
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As in, I don't have one right now because it is at the computer fixing place hopefully being worked on. I have no idea how much it will cost. If they quote me some crazy figure I am going into hock to get another system because that is ridiculous.

I've had that thing a YEAR AND A HALF.

So basically, I can only get online at work.

I will not bore you with how bugfuck this is completely making me.

In Other news...

+ I am on the eighth day of an 11 day work cycle and want to shoot myself in the face

+ D has a toothache which she waited to tell me about until she was begging to die from the pain. Then she had either had a reaction to the amoxycillin when coupled with one of the new meds she's on for thyroid, OR she took the amoxycillin on an empty stomach. Either way she was one sick panda by the time I got home yesterday. It took an evening of eating crackers and drinking tepid water and sleeping to be mostly okay. Which would have been fine except, as I've said, I'm on the way to being kind of burned out on this week.

+ There is (or should be please Universe) hockey on my TV tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT.


Things What I Am Watching/DVRing

+ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
+ Sleepy Hollow
+ Criminal Minds
+ Big Bang Theory
+ Elementary

Things What I Am Kind of Meh About This Season
+ Boardwalk Empire

Aw, hell, I know there's more but I can't think right now...


This video.

I can't stop watching it.


Patrick Kane and his jawline. And his eyelashes. And his lips. And...oh jfc you all get it.

Jonathan Toews with a special needs kid who JUST CANNOT WITH HIS LIFE RIGHT AT THAT SECOND!!! This one, guys. ALL THE FEELINGS I'M JUST SAYING.


Captain Serious in repose.


Captain Serious...unbuttoning his shirt?? Re-buttoning his shirt?? I have no idea what the business is here but the bathroom tiles and his boots look really odd together. However, Jonathan Toews, gente. There's no bad there.



Actual puppy!Kaner. I mean. I can't with this on SO MANY LEVLES jfc.

Okay I have to catch a bus and go home where I have NO FUCKING INTERNET so I will see ya'll on the morrow!
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wing aloe vera plant. :-(((((((((((

I have NO IDEA what to do. I can't even see it since it is totally dark now! I just noticed it when I was circling aruond. We have no outside lights because it's one of those things that worked during the inspection and promptly stopped working, like, the DAY we moved in.

I have the opposite of a green thumb and now I've mowed over her plant. I'm a plant killer!


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Ruby was one of the first LJ friends I ever made when I was sitting in my Galveston, TX walk up spending all my evening reading and writing Buffy Spike/Xander slash. She left feedback on one of my first fics and I have had the good fortune of meeting her IRL as well as her two awesome kids.

I know you don't mosey 'round these parts too much nowadays and we miss you, ruby! Hope you had a great day and we miss yoooouuuuu! :-)


+ Our new person began last week. No one from our staff or even from any juvenile staff was asked/allowed to sit on on this interview process. What happens when no juvenile services staff is in on the hiring process is you get a new employee with no library experience, no early childhood experience, and that uses the poke and peck method of typing.

She is nice as she could be but WOW that is a lot of inexperience for someone coming in as a Senior Library Service Specialist. Her defense mechanism is to chat. A LOT. Hence, unless I obviously turn away or make a point of saying that I have a lot of work to do she will chatter and talk NON-STOP. *headdesk*

What really frustrates me is that I know there were no juvenile services people in the interview in general, and none of our managerial staff in particular, because our director has decided she hates all of our department at CEN-KIDS and uses any petty way she can to let us know.

It will be months and months before we can leave our new person alone at a desk and at least that long before she will be an asset rather than a hindrance we need to lead around by the hand.

ALSO, we are opening to the public on Fridays on April 19th and open on Sunday June 2nd starting a seven-day-a-week schedule for the first time since I began around 2003. *sigh* This is great for the public but sucky for us, especially during summer, when that one Friday closed to the public allows you to take a deep breath and decompress before doing it all again.

Yippy-ki-yay, motherfucker.


+ I know I am all late but I have gotten fascinated with Tom Morello since I saw that performance of him with Bruce Springsteen at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary. Here 'tis:

I LOVE this version. It has been on a loop on YouTube.


+ GAME OF THRONES!!!!!! D is reading the books but is now caught up and I have no idea if Brienne and Jamie are going to be A Thing. I kind of hope not. She is so kickass I luv her. Realized that, for some reason, there is a dearth of Daenerys hate in the teevee fandom, as opposed to the book fandom, maybe? I don't know why. I loves me some Daenerys, though she did have me at DRAGONS. I'm looking forward to seeing what Margaery does with Jofferey's sadistic crazy. AND BRAN! Right now he is my favorite male character since Jon Snow is with the Wildings and that chick with the red hair that gets on my nerves.

+ LOST GIRL!!!!- I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can't believe it is not HUGE EVERYWHERE! Though Kenzi seems to get thinner and thinner with each season; it is worry-making. I know she's an ex-ballerina but wow, she is very slight. Laurie and Dyson are going to be at this year's Comicpalooza and I am EXCITE!!! :-DDDD

+ Rachel Maddow- RachelRachelRachel! I love that woman. She was on Bill Maher last month and it was SO AWESOME. She had on her SUPRSRIUS black frame glasses and the steady WTF look she gave to the senator next to her as he rambled on about marriage equality, obviously losing the thread of his point somewhere along the way, was SO HILARIOUS I LUV HER.


Below is a message from one of our new people that was hired from another branch in our system. This is why you don't let guys respond to baby shower questions:

Honestly, we are open to getting pretty much anything. Gift cards would be nice, but please none to Wal-Mart we just don’t shop there. Also, baby clothes, new or used, are great. But, please try to limit the amount of pink. We already have a lot of pink clothes and getting other colors, or gender neutral baby clothes would be really nice. After all, this might not be our last kid and it would be nice to reuse some of this stuff if the next one is a boy. So, to recap here is a, brief, list.

1. Gift cards, but not to Wal-Mart. We tend to shop at Target, Babies R Us, or Amazon for kids things.

2. Clothes, used or new. Please try to limit the amount of pink items, or get a gender neutral baby outfit.

3. Really ANYTHING is fine. For that matter, if people don’t want to buy things that is still fine.

Sir, *this* is not an example of 'ANYTHING if fine.' O.o

And THIS Is an example of an exchange on the forum for my HOA. )

Good to know that hundreds of dollars in HOA fees ensures mature, upstanding, genteel neighbors! Boy howdy! LOL omg.

Okay, gente! I must away.

Take care and I'll talk at you later!
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Most everyone knows now, those to whom it matters anyway, that MCR is no more.

Okay, that got long. )


+ Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear arguments for and against gay marriage. Think good thought and send positive vibes to those fighting for my right to legally get married and go into debt like any hard working heterosexual person. :-)

+ Saga just gets better and better I LOVE it. Brian K. Vaughan might just be the most talented luddite living right now for he is forbidding fans to email him questions about the series and is making them write letters. With STAMPS. That are delivered by A MAILPERSON. WHO EVEN IS THIS MAN I MIGHT LUV HIM.

+ LOST GIRL! I love it so. I know the US is one season behind Canada so I have been REALLY CAREFUL about spoilers. No one ever talks about it here and it is so awesome, really! Dyson and Laurie are coming to Comicpalooza in Houston in May and I am EXCITE!


+ So my Mary Kay toner and moisturizer are just about finished and I thought I would just switch to another one since they are kind of expensive and I was really only using them to help my sister because she promised me a ride in the pink Cadillac if she got it. However, a week after running out and using OTC stuff (Oil of Olay right now) my chin has broken out which it had not done in forever. DO NOT WANT.

So tell me, gente, what is your skin regimen? Do you HAVE a skin regimen? What do you use? What have you used that sucked? My skin runs from combination to shiny happy people. PLEASE HALP. I'm going to have to find a Mary Kay person to bring me the damned product if I can't find something else that works and that is really damned inconvenient.

Thoughts? Recs? Warnings? I'd appreciate it!

Okay, gente. I gots to go.

I have an hour of passport tomorrow which I HATE LIKE BURNING SO MUCH HATE and I really want to be in denial as much as I can 'till then.

I am going to go read all my favorite MCR fics and look at pix. Aresenic! Harriet Vane! Stela3! Wow that fandom has some amazing writers in it.

Also, listening to Once More With Feeling is helping. How's that for symmetry?

Cuidense, gente. I'll talk at you later.
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+ See, ma'am, **work kvetching. Move on if you have enough of your own*** )

Well, then. There was that.


That ever happen to ya'll?

Somehow D and I have ended up with no friends that are gainfully employed or even a little bit liberal. S, our ex-housemate, has decided to remain in a relationship with her middle-aged slacker, stoner boyfriend who is not gainfully employed but does small engine repair when he feels like it. He spends all his time smoking pot, drinking beer, and hosting all his friends who also smoke pot and drink beer. I refuse to to over anymore because the pot smoke gets so thick you can cut it and I don't care how nerdy I sound; my job drug tests regularly. I've been called twice since out of the clear blue since I began to work for the city and I've KNOWN people who have been let go because of the results. So D went for an overnight stay and while everyone watched The Boondock Saints, one of my favorite cult films, people proceeded to disparage gay people in front of her. I mean, she WAS RIGHT THERE. They KNOW she's gay. She didn't call them on it because she said they were drunk and high and it would have been an exercise is futility.

I mean, we've met these people before at Superbowl parties and pool parties. They KNOW us. They KNOW our relationship.

Another of our friends, one of D's childhood pals, is a frothing at the mouth Teabagger. She is absolutely obnoxious with it; it is all she wants to talk about. She actually sat in our living room and told us we wanted LESS freedom and she wanted more because we voted for the Democratic Party. This heterosexual woman who has every right one can have simply because she is straight actually told us we wanted LESS freedom. When we pointed out the record all her Teabagger congress people have on gay rights she then said, 'If you would just put that aside...' O.O

I don't know how we even GOT to this place.

I have never been the kind of person to go 'find' friends, you know? Friendships have happened pretty organically. However if *this* is what I get from letting friendships develop organically I think maybe it is time we tried to find people we have a LITLE more in common with. Like an education. And political awareness. Or SOMETHING jfc.

This happened to anyone? What did you do?


This weekend I spent a lot of time watching the World Figure Skating Championships... )


READING- SAGA by Brian K. Vauaghan

OMG THE LOVE I CANNOT. It's like I've had graphic novel crack and must have more! I love this story SO MUCH. It's got strong females, an awesome feline, a baby, the mercenary, the ghost, the royal prince, it is AWESOME. The art is amazing; I love Fiona Staples' work. I cannot recommend it enough.

Somewhat large Saga pix. )

How can that NOT make you want to go out and read ALL THE STORY?? *LUV*

Between Comixology and the trades and single issues I am all caught up. I cannot wait for more!

Unfortunately this has momentarily ruined me for, like, any other books or graphic novels right now. This too shall pass. Any minute...;-}


- Elementary - I love Joan like CAKE. I love how she is growing and learning and how unsure and flawed they both are and how amazing they are together. So much love!

- The Vampire Diaries- I was not this eps biggest fan.

- Rachel Maddow- I found out when Rachel Maddow is not hosting I have a harder time sitting through the whole show. It's like Rachel Lite with those cute, nerdy anchors taking her place. Close but no cigar...


- Still a lot of Mumford and Sons. Read their interview in Rolling Stone and they all seem like such down to earth, truly sweet fellows. Kudos for Marcus Mumford flat out refusing to discuss or talk to his wife of 11 months Carey Mulligan during the interview. That is a man that values his relationship enough not to trot it out in the glare of the limelight; not even for RS.

In closing, the high today is 87 degrees. 87 degrees, gente! Bye-bye winter. Sorry you left so soon. To all my friends in the snowy north: I would switch places if I could.
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1. What is your favorite narrative/storytelling song?

There are SO MANY. I actually did a grad school project on the narrative element in popular music so I have a lOOOONG list of these. For years I could not listen to Mr. Bojangles without crying, I kid you not. However, the one I keep coming back to, aside from classics like Wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald, is Traveling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks. The combination of Natalie Maines' pure voice and the fiddle and the melodic beauty of it is just stellar for me.

2. What is your least favorite kind of music? The one that you can stand to listen to?

I usually believe there is something to be had in all kinds of music but I just cannot stand thrash metal at all. I am oldz, dude.

3. Open up your iPod/iTunes/Playist. What is the first song there?

Desolation Row done by My Chemical Romance.

4. What is your favorite Prince song?

The perennial favorite is Little Red Corvette because I LOVE that song so much, always, but I just discovered When You were Mine, the original done by him, and it is so awesome! A genius of 80s synth pop.

5. If possible link, to your favorite romantic song right now.

His voice is so lovely and I like how he is so SHORT and talented and unashamedly has a 'fro. While that Locked Out of Heaven song gets on my nerves this has become one of my favorite ballads.

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+ I have just gotten back from two days home with a cold and we have a bunch of kids in for a tour in an hour. Bleargh. Do not want. *sniffle*


+ Saw this because I just could not conceive of a supernatural teen romance that would have have the chops to attract Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson AND Viola Davis. I mean, the talent and whollop of AWESOME just in those three names is ENORMOUS WOW. So we had to see. And, we quite liked it. )


Someone linked to this on my FB and I laughed 'till I cried, I am not kidding. I have NEVER heard goats that sound this way. Seriously, do not drink anything while you watch this or it will end up all over your monitor. Totally safe for work unless it is considered unprofessional to laugh until you fall off your chair. :-)


Okay, gente. We've got 80, yes EIGHTY four to six year olds descending upon us in an hour and I am hacking like a I have the plague, so fun times! Gotta go!

Talk at you later and cuidense!
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Which I didn't plan but I am happy with. I know many people have moved on to DW and I have an account, and I check it regularly, and try to cross-post, since the xpost was broken for a bit, but this is where I first discovered fandom, where I posted my first fic, where I found people I've known since 2002. I love this place.



I'm actually not sure which is more amusing: that we have discovered our neighbors are a Baptist minister, his wife, and three little girls on one side and a retired Mormon couple on the other whose sons just got back from Mission on the other OR..

that last night a cricket found it's way in the house, amusing Talullah the cat and Henry our Maltese mix (Jax is too mature to run around chasing crickets), and, when I was trying to sleep, it began to trill deafeningly. D went to find it and put it outside because she is Butch and that is her JOB thank you, and when she finally had it esconced in a towel and opened the sliding glass door the insect hatched a mad plan for re-entry and clung to her hand trilling causing her to shreik (most un-Butch ;-D) and wave her hand to flick it away.

I'm sure our Baptist neighbor is now scandalized at the naked lesbians having pagan dances in the pale moonlight or something LOL.

In closing, I have had Closer by Tegan and Sara as an earworm for DAYS and I LUV IT. I'm probably all late to their cuteness but, seriously, how earnest and darling are these babydykes??

Cute bite-sized lesbians for everyone! You are welcome!

Have a great day, gente! Talk at ya'll later.
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Well, to paraphrase Ms. Johnny Weir, who paraphrased Ms. Beyonce, I don't think they were ready for that jelly LOL.

Now that was a game. )


And by 'hijinks' I mean we are SO BROKE. We had to bail on a birthday party since we are out in the 'burbs now and literally didn't have the gas to get into town to the stadium. I know once we are done with the HOA fees and I get my tax refund it will be okay, but wow. We have not been this bad off for a long, long time.

The list of things to fix continues apace:

+ electric panel
+ roof
+ refinish tubs
+ re-do tile in showers
+ replace crappy laminate in kitchen
+ fix outside lights

And yet, I love the house. I love the airiness and space and peace of it. I love our small yard where the puppies and kitty can run around and I love how there is NO CARPET ANYWHERE YAY. We used to say that we had to have our payment be A Certain Amount or we would just sit in our house with no money and this weekend, when that happened, I realized I was actually really okay with it. :-)


+ I actually got a TUMBLR just so I could subscribe to Fuck Yeah, Rachel Maddow and Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow. And, in all fairness, I keep finding really good clint/coulson rec lists on TUMBLR. It's a testament to my fangirl squee because I couldn't manage to create an account without getting on Explorer and I HATE EXPLORER LIKE BURNING. So if anyone has a TUMBLR I'm phig67 on there.

+ How awesome is Elementary I ask you??? It has become my and D's absolute favorite new show. You can see the chemistry from SPACE and I love how both characters are really fleshed out. I'm not sure I exactly 'ship it but I adore the banter and really excellent writing.

+ We are both enamored of Downton Abbey even with the SAD SAD MAKING turn of events recently. I have always loved English period pieces, back to Merchant Ivory films, even if, as Margaret Cho says, the only way a person of color would grace those screens would be as railroad worker or prisoner or...not at all. Still, that was the time and place. Likewise, I really don't get why Lena Dunham got such shit for not making her cast more colorful. I mean, she's writing about privileged white girls right after college. That can be a pretty cloistered clique. In closing, Daisy is still my favoritest.

I know there's more but I had the WORST insomnia last night and I really wish I was joining Frank and Peppers up there.

SO! To put a swing in all our steps I give you my favorite YouTube video right now of a
flash mob swing-dancing at the Denver airport." I love the tiny girl with the flaming orange hair!

Cuidense, gente! I'll talk at you later!


Feb. 1st, 2013 11:59 pm
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I don't think we have been this broke for a long, long time.

I also committed to a hockey game birthday and we barely have the gas to get there.

I know once the HOA fee is over and I get my tax refund it will be fine. But, wow, I can't believe I have five more days until I get paid.
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-Comment with "Winter is Coming"
-I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
-Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
-Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (If you want. Totally optional.)

1. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?
Hm. I mostly steer clear of those because the people that espouse them seem to to be of the pinwheeling eye variety and are rather scary. However, I do have some; I just don't go on forums and rant and rave about them.

I don't think Oswald acted alone.
I do think the government is hiding UFO information THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE MULDER SAID SO.
I do think the more vociferously an evangelical pundit rails against gay people the more he is likely a closeted gay person. Protesting too much, dears. It's a red flag. Not a conspiracy, per se, but a strongly held belief.
And I do absolutely believe that that the bible portrayed women in a different, more important role, particularly Mary Magdalene, and that this role was systematically denigrated and lessened every time a man rewrote that holy scripture.

2. Hot drinks or cold?
Mostly cold, actually. Unless I can see my breath I will order iced coffee. It comes from living in South Texas. When it was 115 in the shade I just never veered much towards hot drinks.

3. Invent your own Mary Sue name (and eye color!)
Ooh! Oooh! I've had that once since I was a teen! Complete with eye color! When I started writing I wrote almost exclusively Mary Sues (as teens do) and my name was Casia or Aetana Duarte. I thought it sounded like a cool ethnic name but not the daunting tongue twister that is my real last name. In my fics I always had amber eyes the color of sunshine. Kind of like a cat.

4. Your magic eraser allows you to delete any part of any canon you chose, but it only works once. What goes?
Oh, my god, so many. Most of it has to do with people NOT dying in canon. TARA SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED. NED STARK SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED. JIMMY SHOULD NOT HAVE DIED IN BOARDWALK EMPIRE. DUMBLEDORE SHOULD HAVE LIVED WTAF JK ROWLING. WHY do my favorite characters always die??? DO NOT WANT. The Tara one tore me up, man. That was my first real fandom, the one I first wrote fic for. I mourned forever when Buffy was cancelled. I still do. I can't even watch reruns on cable; it makes me verklempt. Why no, I don't overinvest at all. ;-)

5. What's your favourite dessert?
Wow. Again with the so many. Creme Brulee. Chocolate Pecan Sweet Potato Pie with vanilla ice cream (really, this is sinful. Very Southern). Really good Tres Leches cake. It's easy to get it wrong and all you have is this soggy, overly sweet mess. On the basic front I love nothing more on a freezing cold day than a cup of excellent Mexican hot chocolate. Abuelita's is my favorite. It's one of my only favorite hot drinks.

♥ ♥ ♥


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