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Most everyone knows now, those to whom it matters anyway, that MCR is no more.

Okay, that got long. )


+ Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear arguments for and against gay marriage. Think good thought and send positive vibes to those fighting for my right to legally get married and go into debt like any hard working heterosexual person. :-)

+ Saga just gets better and better I LOVE it. Brian K. Vaughan might just be the most talented luddite living right now for he is forbidding fans to email him questions about the series and is making them write letters. With STAMPS. That are delivered by A MAILPERSON. WHO EVEN IS THIS MAN I MIGHT LUV HIM.

+ LOST GIRL! I love it so. I know the US is one season behind Canada so I have been REALLY CAREFUL about spoilers. No one ever talks about it here and it is so awesome, really! Dyson and Laurie are coming to Comicpalooza in Houston in May and I am EXCITE!


+ So my Mary Kay toner and moisturizer are just about finished and I thought I would just switch to another one since they are kind of expensive and I was really only using them to help my sister because she promised me a ride in the pink Cadillac if she got it. However, a week after running out and using OTC stuff (Oil of Olay right now) my chin has broken out which it had not done in forever. DO NOT WANT.

So tell me, gente, what is your skin regimen? Do you HAVE a skin regimen? What do you use? What have you used that sucked? My skin runs from combination to shiny happy people. PLEASE HALP. I'm going to have to find a Mary Kay person to bring me the damned product if I can't find something else that works and that is really damned inconvenient.

Thoughts? Recs? Warnings? I'd appreciate it!

Okay, gente. I gots to go.

I have an hour of passport tomorrow which I HATE LIKE BURNING SO MUCH HATE and I really want to be in denial as much as I can 'till then.

I am going to go read all my favorite MCR fics and look at pix. Aresenic! Harriet Vane! Stela3! Wow that fandom has some amazing writers in it.

Also, listening to Once More With Feeling is helping. How's that for symmetry?

Cuidense, gente. I'll talk at you later.
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+ While I think most reality TV is puerile and damaging and I was just bitching about it and I want to rip Simon Cowell's entrails out with my teeth I do cop to being a TOTAL AND COMPLETE DEADLIEST CATCH FANGIRL!! **Spoilers** )

I reccommend the show for the amazing shots of fishing the Bering Sea and the truly fascinating men that man these ships.

+ Do you know what sadness is? Sadness is buying an apple at the convenience store on the way to work, having it fall out of your bag before you get out of the car, then, upon discovering this, ingesting a mini moonpie in a fit of pique. It is sitting in my tummy like a useless lump of complex sugars.


Food. It is my crack cocaine.

+ Well, my really healthy tax refund was deposited in my account about two weeks ago and it is melting away, as those things do. I've caught up on some bills, we've taken the pets to the vet, I've paid the car note, but I'd like to buy one thing I really want , or do one thing I really want, before it is all gone.

I think I will do a poll sometime today on this subject.

+ Work has me tharn. I have a grant deadline and I feel really out of my depth with what I am trying to do. I have an employee evaluation deadline. I am trying to get all the summer print materials in gear. And I still feel like my public service shelf life is ticking down.

Yesterday I had not one but TWO crazy people be crazy near me. GO AWAY. )

So, slightly overwhelmed.

+ However, Marshall to perform at the VMAS!!!! YAY!!!!

I had more, and I might remember later, but I must away!

We have a class of 75 kids that will be returning after lunch, so I need to make sure the hatches are battened down.

You all cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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+ Well, the lover is going to be BE back sometime this morning. They lit out of GA yesterday and their ETA is sometime this morning. I am so, so ready to see her, and hug her, and be with her, and have her stick her fingers down the dog's throat to give the dog her pills.

I have cleaned the apartment to the best of my ability since we are going to have her nephew H, and D's sister Janet for an indeterminate amount of time. No one can tell me. Will probably be an adjustment, again, but I'm glad to no longer be a single pet-mom for much longer!

+ Do you know who is ACTUALLY back? Marshall! MY BLUE-EYED BOY!!!! *is v.v. excited!! *

Here is the Detroit PSA he made for the Final Four and here he is inducting Run DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

He looks confident and fit and fantastic and I have missed him SO much!

And a new album out in May! YAY!!!!

+ What is up with the weather this month? Even for April, even for HOUSTON, it is the crazy! Eighty degrees one day, thirty-seven the next, and today there are gale force winds so strong they almost lifted me off my feet and I ain't no petite flower. Wtf? Pick a climate and go with it! Everyone's spring gardens might perish because of the cold. Poor posies.

+ I watched teevee yesterday:

KINGS**Possible Spoilers** )

And I discovered The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and it is FABULOUS!! )

+ I am out of fresh celery and individual Ranch dipping cups. Also, I am pretty broke. Had to buy lunch from tunnel convenience store and that is never good for the calorie count. I found

* One apple
* One banana
* small bag of cashews
* Kellogg's Fruity Snacks
* Incredibly overpriced peanut butter to eat with apple

Not great but it will have to do.

+ Have begun reading the latest Kim Harrison White Witch, Black Curse, from The Hollows series. Okay so far. I have cast Michelle Rodriguez as Ivy in my head. I think she would make a KICK ASS bisexual vampire. :-) No casting for Rachel in my head yet.

+ Have been getting some fb for Embers that is truly inspiring. With Marshall being visible again I'm hoping my muses can rouse themselves from their sleep. Here's hoping. I keep wondering if maybe the long stretch means I need to move on, but this is still where my heart is, writing-wise. I love My Chem but I don't think writing them is going to happen. The depth and breadth of writers in that fandom is way to intimidating, and also, while I can tell when their voices are the right pitch in a fic, I can't find that pitch in my head.

Things I have been thinking of:

* Enchanted redux with MCR. I wish someone would do this SO BAD. Please don't make me try this.
* Taylor Hanson/ James Iha. Idek. Something about that keeps nibbling at me
* Lesbian cover band original fic. Sort of. I've had this in my head for SO LONG. I've cast all the band and I actually outlined the fic to Alex one late night on Messenger. It keeps evolving but the band stays the same. This might be my NaNoWriMo project next year. How's that for planning ahead? *lol*

Okay, gente.

Need to go get ready for babies and mommies now!

Ya'll cuidense and I'll talk at you later.
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The Good

+ Finished compiling Summer Reading Program Calendar
+ Finished monthly report WITH new and improved Endowment Program Justification Section (bite me, administration)
+ Wrapped up craft order
+ Me= very productive after a restful vacation!
+ My CNN badge holder is perfect. So much joy from such a teeny artifact.
+ I missed the Kings premiere and, apparently it is all that is awesome. Must catch up!

The Bad

+ A new mom in my Babytime group left abruptly and I wasn't sure why. Then she wrote a note of complaint that automatically goes to Administration about how there was a child that was too old in the Babytime and the too old child kept bothering New Mom's baby. I was sitting right there and, swear to god, I didn't notice this. We had other babies that were just as young and those mom's didn't mention anything... I knew the kid was older but we usually let the caregiver call the shots on where a child should fall in storytimes, at least the first time. *sigh* I thought Babytime went well, too

+ I made the mistake of stepping on a scale. Jesus fucking Christ. So, I've been watching what I eat all day and am starving. I have no choice. None of my pants fit me anymore. :-/

+ I forgot I ordered Girl Scout cookies before I left. This might explain part of the above bullet point.

+ It is so sad when hummus doesn't taste like you think it should taste, isn't it?

Okay, gente. Must away. I'll talk at ya'll tomorrow!

Cuidense 'till then.
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Okay, no, not really. But it has been quite the start to 2009. To review, si? Si.

+ Finally FINALLY in new two-bedroom apartment. It has some quirks I don't like: the bathroom fan will turn on with the light no matter what, and not separately, the bathroom door is too low to slide smoothly over our bathmat causing perpetual bunching and shifting of said bathmat, the kitchen is the size of a TEENY TINY CLOSET OMG, stuff like that. But all in all I like the floor as opposed to carpet and I like how airy and open everything feels.

+ D is finally feeling better after getting sick the second day of moving, OMG WHAT. We spent Thanksgiving in the ER, she was ill part of the time at my parents for going cold turkey off her Metformin, which was bad, and she got sick the day after new years. This can stop now plz thnx. If we can have one healthy month it will be fantastic.

+ I have, for some reason, been on a pretty self destructive food binge since coming back from my parents. Usually a week of greasy heavy food makes me want veggies and rice when I returned but this time I came back craving fried chicken and Cheetos. I mean, REALLY??? I know I'm not pregnant unless god has a really twisted sense of humor so omg WHAT? It's like CRACK or something! I'll get a craving and the next thing I know I'm sitting there with dusty orange fingertips and an empty bag. And it's feeding on itself. The latest craving is for a Frito-Pie. IDEK.

+ I swiched Internet and cable TV providers and we are getting DISH Network tomorrow. I already got the stuff to hook up Internetz through AT&T but I'm second guessing that decision. I am really techno-Amish and there is just this BOX with stuff in it. I suck at the whole DIY thing and I have a feeling I am going to regret switching, but I just could not afford Comcast any longer. It was eating my lunch.

+ I have been plagued by really bad insomnia ever since moving. I don't know if the bed is facing the wrong way or the room is not dark enough or what but I have been up 'till three a.m. and getting up at sixty thirty and it is not fun, let me tell you. If I don't get over this soon I'm going to start getting hallucinatory.

However, in other news....

+ One of my resolutions was to Write a Little Every Day, and I began last night with Leigh's fic. I have about five pages so far. Even if what I write sucks at least I will have done something. I don't want my Write to be broken anymore. I miss it.

+ Saw Charlaine Harris at the library night before last! She gave an author reading at the library. I have not seen True Blood because I don't have HBO, and will probably never get it, but I dearly love the lady herself and her books are like Anita Blake without the narcisissm and orgy porn. Besides, they're set in the South, what do you want? She mentions Dallas AND Beaumont! She addressed Hurricane Katrina in her last one! And she is a damned funny speaker, which isn't always the case with good writers.

+ Just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King and I LOVED IT. It really does have the energy and feel of his earlier work before the puzzling Christine/Pet Semetary-ish time when I didn't know WHAT he was doing. I loved everything about it and I hope he continues on in the vein. I missed it.

+ I have been gorging, as much as I can on [livejournal.com profile] yuletide stories. Such a bounty of amazing fic so awesome. :-)

+ The wierdest fallout for being without cable internet for almost a week is I discovered...online Mahjong. I KNOW WHAT? I thought only Florida retirees played that!! It's one of the games on my laptop and I was stuck writing (AGAIN) and couldn't sleep (AGAIN) and I fiddled around with it and the next thing I know D and I are playing together until 2 a.m.

Okay, gente. I have some odds and ends to take care of so I'll talk at you later!
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Back! Hola! SO glad to be back. *smushes you all*

The trip was tiring and fun and crazy, like always. Bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ Four star hotel rooms in Spain are fond of their full length mirrors. I have no full length mirrors in my apartment. Now I remember why. :-/ Wow. There's a reality check.

+ We had 1/2 a day of play so coworker K and I went to La Villa EspaƱola and shopped and saw Spanish architecture. It was lovely.

+ Then I had flight drama for THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW WHAT?!?! )

Quite the epiphany, I must say.

+ So, so tired. *faceplant*

+ Think I am facing working three Saturdays in a row. I know I probably don't have room to bitch since, well, Barcelona, but still. That would suck.

+ Oh, and THEN. THEN. I came home to find my laptop is deader than a really dead thing. *sigh* D says it started acting freaky the Wednesday I was gone. She called Dell, I called Dell, I spent six hours on the phone with Dell (when I was so exhausted from fatigue I almost burst into tears on the Indian tech guy). I bought better virus protection. It didn't work the next day again and I called them AGAIN, really pissed. They finally decided it was a hardware error and, since I apparently have more insurance on Frankie the Laptop than I do on myself, they are sending someone over to install a new hard drive. So I'm on the slower, old computer. *sigh*

+ So tired.

There is more, I'm sure, but I just had a long, mind-numbing day of training and my brain, it is mush.

Three days off for workign seven days in a row in Spain, tho, woo! I have SO MUCH work to catch up on we'll see how relaxing it is.

I'm so glad to be home and I missed you all and I am never catching up since I was sans Interwebz in Spain, which is apparently still in the dark ages.

Did anything happen while I was away besides the global markets going to hell in a hand basket? Anything? Let me know. I'll never find it in the posts.

Later, gente!
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I'm not even cut-tagging because I don't see the point when all I can manage is asdhjklggyuuiygsdy. Because he!!! And then they!!!

Ok. a bit of cut-tagging. Also, SPOILERS! )

So that's basically what I have to say about that.

Also, I have that annoying Milli Vanilli song in my head because it is indeed raining like a big dog outside. Luckily D, who stayed over last night, gave me a ride or I would be one damp ahestele, let me tell you.

Today I am actually wearing matching lime green underwear along with an underwire demi-bra I have not been able to wear comfortably for quite a while. Go, me! )

I am still going account crazy. I have added Flickr and de.liciu.us, one for work and one for personal use. We have aggregator training today. The possibilities are endless!!! BWA-HAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!

Yeah. I think I might have had a bit too much syrup on those frozen waffles....*wonders if I took my pill....* :-}

Alright, gente. I'ma go and look like I have a purpose.

Everyone around H-town stay dry and I'll talk at ya'll later!


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