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Media I'm Consuming

13 Reasons Why- I haven't read the YA novel but D and I are both hooked on the Netflix series. The teen male protagonist is obviously Logan Lerman lite (for a second I thought it WAS him), but it's a strong cast. Kate Walsh as the aggrieved, angry mom and the young actor that plays Hannah especially outstanding. I also like the energy of Tony in this 'verse. He seems almost pansexual, which is odd.

Call the Midwife- This series just keeps hitting it out of the park. Such amazing performances and story each week. I wonder, does Harriet Walker mind being cast as the mean person all the time? Ever since Fanny Dashwood on Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility, it seems she's often those types of characters...I can't wait for Trixie to get back from South Africa. I don't see her and Sister Ursula hitting it off at all!

The Rachel Maddow Show - Sekrit!Intellectual GF. What can I say? :-) Seriously, she has away of framing complex political situations in a way that anyone can understand. I think this is why her ratings keep going up since the election. Also, how cute is that woman? It is not even fair.


Labyrinth Lost by Zenaida Cordova- Really accessible read about a Latina teenager who comes from a long line of brujas, Mexican witches, and really just wants to have a normal high school life. When she tries to do spell extricating herself from her powers on the eve of her magical coming-out everything goes balls up. I'll admit I like relating to so many of the small details that speak to my childhood, but the writing is really good. I look forward to reading more of her stuff.

Dorothoy Must Die- I began this because D and I are super into the tv show Emerald City, and it's supposed to be based ont this series by Angie Thomas. The show is very different from the books already, but I didn't expect to be as taken in as quickly. Especially when I read the book summaries which are SUPER DARK. Apparently there are a metric ton of books and side stories, but I look forward to the journey. :-)

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron - Meh. Really struggling to get invested in this. Perhaps three at once is too many....


The Warriors (1979)- We are trying to curtail the movie-going and save a little $ since we have two road trips planned, so I found this on Netflix, and it is MY FAVORITE FOREVER. The great tragedy of my life is that there is no Swan/Rembrandt slash. Why does this not exist? The world has failed me utterly.

Here is the iconic street chase between The Warriors and The Baseball Furies, a gang that wears baseball uniforms and fights in full quasi-mime face makeup. I shit you not.


A while ago I discovered Playing for Change, this movement of musicians from across the world that collaborates on covers as a way of bridging cultures. Almost every song I've heard I've just loved, and I love seeing where each musician is from. The song below is CLANDESTINO, a traditional song that represents the hearts and spirits of all those in search of a better world. I had forgotten what a truly beautiful language Spanish can be.

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+ I'd say 'Snowmageddon' but even though it got icy and cold, alas, no snow for Houston. We made out better than most of the country, I will say that. Our house has shit insulation so it was pretty drafty until we lit up the fireplace (omg a fireplace I can't believe I have a house with a for real fireplace) and it turned quite cozy. I loved it because WINTER actual WINTER WEATHER YAY. It's the small things. We are back to fifties and sixties and I'm just hoping that wasn't winter's last hurrah. DON'T GO WINTER I'M NOT READYYYYYYY *clutches*


+ Olympic rosters were revealed amidst much controversy and hoopla. I cannot believe I actually know enough about this sport to have opinions about who didn't make it, who did, and why. If someone would have told me that a year ago I would have LOLED so hard in their face. And I would have been WRONG LOL *crying*

I'm the most excited for Jamie Benn from the Dallas Stars, he of the enormous Bambi eyes and pretty mouth. tumblr_mwjyfplpkn1qfice8o3_250

He was not invited to Canada Olympics camp this year and apparently decided to fix their red wagon by kicking all kinds of ass as one of the NHL's youngest captains. Now he's ON THE TEAM I'm so happy for him! Tyler was not selected, which is sad-making, but he said “I’ll be his biggest fan for sure.” on Jamie, heretofore known as Babycakes, being in the Olympics. AWWWWW THESE TWO *hearts*

There was also this PRICELESS HOLIDAY VIDEO of Babycakes, Tyler, and Valeri Nichushkin, the eighteen year old Russian right wing:

You can tell poor Val is totally and for true done with these two failboat Canadians LOL.

+ The poor Hawks have been struggling lately, and last night they lost in regulation which doesn't often happen. Poor bbs. I worked late and only got the last period of play, but apparently this happened:



Jonathan Toews is NOT HAVING Brian Boyle's hand on Kaner, no, sir, he is not. I mean, he just casually hooks his arm through Boyle's wrist and pulls him away from Kaner like 'Here let me NOPE that for you. There you go.' I've been watching Kaner when these things happen, any kind of aggression, pre-fighting thing, and he rarely responds. He is the master of removing himself from the situation. He's a lover not a fighter, okay??? And I TOTALLY APPROVE because have you seen how he looks compared to most other players? And this is with skates on. The height differential is so huge. 5 '11. Okay, Kaner. (also, there is a certain look on his face when he backs off it's. I don't know. Resignation? Not quite submission but...almost? I dunno. I'm having strange, entirely inappropriate FEELINGS with that look is what I'm trying to say) I would pay money to get a better look at the expression on TAZER's face when he did this. What happened after?? Anything? Anyone??? I MUST KNOW!!!! I want ALL THE AFTER FIC from this moment. Give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

+ I've been inhaling all the awesome fic from the Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange arranged by the radiant [personal profile] svmadelyn and I somehow read a....Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak fic? And it was...really wonderful? And I can't believe I want more from teddy bear looking Kessel and douchebro failboat Tyler Bozak I mean WHAT. IS. THIS. ABOUT. )


It's just! *FLAIL* I read how Phil got cancer his rookie year, how fucking scary, and how Bozie lives with Phil in Phil's condo gratis even though Bozie can afford his own place pretty comfortably as of this year. And I watched HBO's 24/7 series about the Winter Classic and OMG I COULD NOT with those two.

And when they showed a montage of Phil's goals during a game he hid his face. HID HIS FACE I mean WHO DOES THAT?? I just want to SQUISH HIM AND GIVE HIM SOUP IDK OK DON'T JUDGE ME.

Phil also has a really beautiful sister.


Amanda Kessel is on the women's Olympic hockey team and and the twitter captures I've read say she is delightfully wiseassy to her older brother. I like that in a woman. :-) Her Twitter is locked, so, also a smart woman. As we know.


+ Just finished reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and I loved it SO MUCH. The Shining was never my favorite SK bo, and I don't care for Jack Nicholson, so the film was never my cuppa either. However, this is really good. I like this broken, flawed, yet ultimately amazing Dan Torrance. Abra, the young girl protagonist is my favorite though. I love when King crafts strong female characters because he does it so well. Highly recced.


+ Found out one of my coworkers is actually a hockey fan and we are talking about going to a game in Dallas! I am so excited! We'd have to figure out when and if we both had the same weekend off. D would go even thought she's not all that invested in hockey because, well, he's a dude, she doesn't know him, and that is just how she rolls. I hope it works out!

+ I am intermittently doing the January Snowflake Meme! You should too! It's really low key posting, no pressure, and I'm enjoying the ones I choose to post.

I know I had more but lately the Interwebz slows to a crawl in the afternoons and it is driving me crazy.

Everyone stay safe and warm and I'll talk at you al later!
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Your main fandom of the year?

I was a little adrift in fandom this year. I WATCHED a lot of things I loved: Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, but none of those inspire me to read fic. I still read quite a bit of bandom fic. I read a metric ton of Avengers Cap/Ironman and I fell dowon the Clint/Coulson rabbit hole so much there in November that I didn't read 'real' books for three weeks.

Your favorite film you watched this year?

Avengers. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, US version. I did finally watch Let The Right One In in the original Dutch with subtitles and I loved it SO MUCH. In the interest of frugality I've pretty much stopped paying money for films in theatres unless it's something that needs to be watched on a big screen.

Your favorite book read this year?

The most powerful was Life After Death by Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis 3 that was freed. I got into a lot of series this year: The Codex Alera and The Dresden Files by Butcher. The Curseworkers Series by Holly Black and The Millenium series by Stieg Larsson.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?

I don't know if I've had an entire ALBUM I had to listen to since Black Parade. I kept finding songs I loved on TV shows. I found Lily Kershaw's As It Seems on an ep of Criminal Minds and I still love it and I discovered Hold On Hold On from Neko Case on an ep of the Killing and fell in love with her voice. And I know it's getting overdone like whoah but I love Some Nights by fun. because it makes me bouncy.

Your favorite tv show of the year?

The Vampire Diaries!!!! Also, Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey, Lost Girl, and our most recent find that we love muchly is Elementary. Lucy Liu will always be O-ren-Ishii to me but it is great to see her finally find a vehicle that suits her so well.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Probably Avengers? The quality of the writing is stellar. So many good writers from bandom, Buffy, it's hard not to love it.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Cut for True Blood spoilers, just in case. )

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?

Hawkeye from Avengers. Damon Salvatore. Perennial favorite Frank Iero who kept slaying me with all the adorable new dad squee on Twitter. Once a Frank girl...:-) However my TOTAL delight was Joel Kinnaman from The Killing. His Detective Holder was such a fuckup, so broken and trying and broken again that I could NOT EVEN I was all *LUV*. I adored how they tried to make him look all sleazy junkie and it is obvious he is so beautiful, as we saw on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?

Rachel Maddow. She counts, right? And Lisbeth Salander all day long. Honorable mention to Kenzi from Lost Girl just because she is so awesome.

Your biggest squee moment of the year? *The Vampire Diaries when****Should I cut for spoilers?***** )

The most missed of your old fandoms?

Oh, wow. I kinda fell off the GLEE wagon this year. The ending Brittana made me sad. I didn't really feel all the new characters and there was not enough Sue and Kurt.

Also True Blood sucked SO MUCH ASS this season I really don't know if I can watch the next.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I dipped my toe in Teen Wolf a bit with the online eps and I kind of want to pick those back up. I was pleasantly surprised. I do with I wanted to read fic, but no go. I've also watched a few eps of American Horror story. It is the most twisted shit I have ever seen and I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. Ryan Murphy has his own self-hate issues, tho, so we shall see.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?

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+ Went to Beloved Nephew's wedding in Atlanta and D drove through Hurricane Isaac to get there. 'Let's do that again!' said I, never. The wedding was lovely, though meeting her traditionally Korean family which contains about twelve pastors, was interesting.

How 'bout those Falcons? )

We only got to spend one day at DragonCon but that was okay because the wedding was really the focus of the trip.

Then we got back and turned around for the hill country for three days but that is another post with more pictures. :-)

+ We are JUST getting the gears turning on the house due to so many roadblocks I'm wondering if The Force is trying to tell me to bypass home ownership for now. Not to mention D kept having these enormous cold-feet meltdowns where she was convinced were paying too much, the neighborhood was awful, we couldn't afford it, we hadn't gotten anything we wanted, lalala stabmyselfcakes. URGH. I know that is just how she processes stuff and how she but she is KILLING ME.

She seem sto have calmed down momentarily so we will see.



If you have not read this series by Lish McBride DO IT NOW. It is FANTASTIC and she deserves all the accolades ever!

+ 200px-Captains_fury

+ I finished the fourth book in Buther's Codex Alera series and have to wait for the next one because the library doesn't have it! ARRGGGH! Really loving Butcher's world-building and all the strong female characters. I know I love this because I keep casting it in my head. Who's your Kitai? Weigh in! I think Saoirsie Reardon would be perfect.

+ Webcomic BATTLEPUG!!! You MUST listen to me: this comic will brighten your day like nothing else in the world. GIANT PUGS! In BATTLE! Sexy naked narrator chick with tattoos! What's not to love??? Click the link. It is EXACTLY as awesome as it sounds!


+ The two shows D and I love a lot right are mostly on SyFy! Face Off, Lost Girl, and Warehouse 13 are our go-to shows during the long summer hiatus. We are both fascinated by Face Off and all the processes and creativity. Plus, it just feels so much less mean than, say, Project Runway right now.

We LOVELOVELOVE Lost Girl aka Sex on a Stick and I am most envious of everyone in Canada who gets to see the present season!!! FEEL MY ENVY.

Incidentally, am I crazy or did tv seasons used to be longer when we were kids? What is the ten episodes-and-then-a-year-off crap?? Teen Wolf will be gone almost a fullYEAR what the hell? When did this happen? Get off my lawn!

In all seriousness I am looking forward to Revenge, Criminal minds, CSI-NY and the original CSI, which I've rediscovered in reruns (and I've had an Elisabeth Shue thing since Adventures in Babysitting), and The Vampire Diaries. Big Bang is on, like THREE channels constantly so I don't feel like it ever left...


+ I continue to find songs I love on commercials and TV shows. On the Criminal Minds season finale I remember hearing this lovely song and I finally tracked it down.

How luminous is that? The child doesn't even have a full album out but I snapped this up on iTunes the minute I found it. It made me cry during the season finale both times I watched it. I could not even help it. I was going to link to the song with the CM vid but I didn't want to spoil anyone. You never know!!

And, wow, I know I had more, but it is late and I must away.

Really do want to post pix of Weimar, TX where I met cows, rode on four wheelers (scary fuckers let me tell you), and gazed at the stars a lot.

Good night, gente. I've missed you!

Till soon!
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I seem to be really restless literarily (is that a word. Oh, well. It is now) lately. I've begun four books which, after a few chapters, keep leaving me all 'meh.' I've begun Game of Thrones, Academ's Fury by Butcher, and Along the Mysterly River by Bill Willingham and can't seem to conclude any of them. I've kind of picked up GoT again because the show is SO AWESOME and never has enough Danaerys. More Dany's awesomeness later.

However I did gobble up the third and final installment in Holly Black's Curseworkers series and it was SO WONDERFUL.***SPOILERS FOR BLACK CAT, THE THIRD CURSEWORKERS BOOK**** )

+ Also, I read the John Mayer Rolling Stone interview and, well, I have some thots and feelings. )


+ It is ALL AVENGERS ALL THE TIME up in here, gente! I LOVED LOVED it so much!
A LOT of Avenger squeeing and possible SPOILERS. WARNING!!!!!! )

I have read quite a bit of fic but I have gotten pickier about what I give my time to. I like long, well-developed plotty things with some thought. I check AO3 regulary and there are so many fantastic authors.


Hatfields & McCoys )

+ So, Trueblood came back.***POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** )

Yup. That about covers it.

+ Game of Thrones )


I've been kind of freaked out, gente.

As I wrote, D had a violent vertigo episode last Tuesday and had to go to the ER. She probably has Meniere's Disease. )

I hope any more major attacks stay away for a long time. Any positive vibes are appreciated.

+ Of course in the middle of this we are still trying to buy a damn HOUSE. We have pretty much decided to have one built in, well, the ghetto. However, compared to other ghettos we have seen and considered, it is better. It is the general consensus that the area will start to improve in short order simply because there is nowhere else for people to GO and the gentrification is slowly but surely encroaching. There are new homes going up all the time and the land values are certainly already there.

The home will be much smaller than the older house I wanted an hour away by bus but it will be a new structure and we hope to not have to do more than regular upkeep for awhile.

It is at least a relief to have that decided.

+ In closing I have signed up up for [community profile] hc_bingo because OF COURSE one does this when one hasn't written anything in over a year. I mean, why the hell not, right?

I just really miss writing. It comes up and attacks me, the realization, out of nowhere, and, well. I've always been a sucker for hurt/comfort? We'll see.

My hc_bingo card )

Have to go read to babies and mommies, gente! Take care! I'll talk at ya'll later.
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+ I have also gotten very smitten with Lost Girl on Syfy. I'm all late to the party with this, as Canadians know, but I LOVE this show! I love the strong female leads, the hilarity, the cheesy special effects, the the snark and Kenzi is my FAVORITEST.

+ Have also developed a fondness for Breakout Kings on the strength of one line, "Good god woman you smell like cake!" LOL. How can I not like a show that manages to fit that in a script?

+ Other teevee happy places for me are The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Justified, and Mike and Molly because I've discovered I will watch Melissa McCarthy in just about anything.
And Swoosie Kurtz is hilarious. :-)


+ SO MANY BOOKS WHY must I work? Lately, everything I start is part of a huge series and I am juggling all these storylines in my stressed, frazzled little mind.

* The Dresden Files- I'm on Changes OMG. *bites fingernails* NO ONE TELL ME.

* The Codex Alera- I was honestly surprised at how much I'm really loving this. I thought I would prefer Jim Butcher's modern supernatural writing, but you can tell this is his bliss. Just fantastic.

* 11/22/63 by Stephen King- I love Stephen King. I don't care how many haters denigrate his writing or poke holes in his stories, I will always love Stephen King. I always felt reflected in his writing, even if his characters were all Yankees from Maine.

And then I kind lost him there around Pet Semetary and Christine. Come to find out he'd been doing massive amounts of cocaine.

It took me long time to find the author I loved in his books and for a long time I just wouldn't read them.

He's all the way back now, and has been for a bit. I can tell in the first paragraph how good a SK book is going to be and this one is fantastic so far.

* Game of Thrones- I have the book on hold but I'm wondering if it will be too dense. I kind of petered out on The Wheel of Time at book 5...

+ World Figure Skating Championships )

The season is over CRY. *counts days until next year* :-)


+ We are in a holding pattern with the house since then numbers they showed us were SO BEYOND what we could afford as a monthly payment it was ridiculous. We shall see.

+ I really hate any Dawn dishwashing liquid except the blue one. D bought the orange one and every time I drink coffee from my thermal cup the SMELL of the fake orange potpourri-like shit hovers in the background. DO NOT WANT.

+ Summer is here. Highs in the mid-eighties and humidity. *le sigh* I never even got to wear most of my winter clothes.

+ I want Worlds fanfic. Why I has no Worlds fanfic? I want Hanyu and Javier kissing.

+ I have moved from Words with Friends to Bubble games on Facebook. So much for my vast intellectualism. lol.

Okay gente! I will talk at you all later!

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There Is No Easter Bunny. )

For real, ya'll, I am so stressed out about this.

I couldn't sleep at ALL last night and feel all zombified today.


Right, then.

In other news...





+ Went to see John Carter (which I figured out was not about my favorite cute doctor from ER...)
and it was wonderfully done and there is no way US audiences would have the patience and wherewithal to appreciate this thoughtful, skillfully scripted and shot film. Which is just sad because Taylor Kitsch is very, very pretty in face and a very decent action hero and there deserve to be FIVE MORE FILMS in this franchise and there will not be.

If you have a chance, to see it, do so. It is really well done.


+ Started reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera fantasy series and it is FANTASTIC.

+ We bought a new computer because my darling laptop Frankie is on his last legs, pobrecito. You know you are getting older when you realize the size of the screen is one the major factors in choosing a laptop. *sigh*


+ Sundays have become Slow Cooker Sundays where I try different slow cooker recipes. This weekend we tried Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken and it was YUMMY. Next time I'm going to add all the yogurt, even though it seems like a lot, and probably mix the yogurt with the broth before-hand since it didn't dissolve to my satisfaction. Really great flavor, though. We are having leftovers over noodles tonight.

Okay, gente. I'm going to go limp through the rest of the day. Wish me luck.

Talk at ya'll later. Cuidense.
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Flowers are blooming. The humidity is stifling. People are wearing sandals and shorts. I think winter is gone. *cries*


House Hunting )

Work. Some venting. )


+ Glee. Possible Spoilers and OPINIONS about the last ep )

+ The Big Bang Theory )

+ I am still watching H5O and (I'm sorry) I'm glad they sent Generic Eye Candy Chick away. The Danny/Steve banter is slowly returning. I hope to get more Kono and Chin.

+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Project Runway All Stars )

Luck )





+ This was my favorite part of the Oscars:

And I cannot stop watching it. I LOVE HER SO. I LOVE HER AND ANDREW GARFIELD TOGETHER EVEN MORE. Look how short Ben Stiller is LOL!!! How long 'till Spider Man?

+ Read Americus by M.K. Reed and it was brilliant. Apart from the fact that it's about book censorship, has a kick ass librarian in it AND a great positive gay teen in it, it also just rocks. Highly recommended.

+ On a more sobering note this should be required reading for ANYONE that is in favor of reproductive rights. It's been making the rounds but I just read it and it is strong, scary, well crafted, and fearless. If you think we are far from this future then you have not been paying attention.

OK gente, that's all I've got.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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+ D rescued four kittens from a negligent owner In a nutshell: my twelve-step friend Rene has a rental property where the tenant was collecting feral cats. D was visiting Rene and saw four undernourished kittens with their eyes slimed closed meowing and wandering in circles, only a handful of dry food and no water in sight, and D lost. Her. Entire. Mind. Yadda yadda yadda I came home to four kittens in a plastic bin and the apartment reeking of cat food and baby formula. *sigh.

She says she has a PLAN (she always does) but we have already named the greedy kitten Piglet and the fiesty little girl that keeps clawing her way out of the bin Courtney, because she is, um, a fierce pussy. There is one that is shy and must be coaxed into eating and one little girl that we are worried about. She is uninterested in food and she does this strange Stevie Wonder SWAYING thing when she sits.

D says she is taking them to a cat rescue, or something. She'd better. Our huge cat Talullah hissed and fled to the bedroom in abject horror. Talullah was here first.


+ The work layoffs are over. I am still employed. I feel like I have a severe emotional hangover,some kind of fugue state, and can't bring myself to be all WOO HOO STILL GOT A JOB because 39 people do not. This is not the bloodbath we were led to believe would happen. Hence, it looks like furloughs will continue for at least another year. Sux. After being at this pitch of dread for A MONTH AND A HALF YOU INEPT SADISTIC FUCKERS I feel vaguely drugged and disgruntled. I have finally begun to read again, but am having a hard time writing still. Bubble shooter games have eated my brain because they are mindless and soothing.

My boss kept saying that there was no good way to do this, and that is true. But I do believe there was a BAD way to do it AND THIS WAS IT.

I work five days in a row and then have three days off, so I am focusing on that.


+ According to Tennesssee, discussing gay things before the ninth grade will make your kid gay, so teachers can't do it. You know, there are some things I love about The South. Shit like this is not it.

+ Texas is in a drought. Parts of my state are burning uncontrollably. The city is on the brink of a water ban; most of the rest of the state has already done one. Other parts of the country are drowning in water and one place had snow in April. Tell us again how global warming is a myth YOU IGNORANT FUCKWADS.

+ My two youngest sisters in Laredo have been going to the gym and dieting and lost much weight. My mom now asks me every phone call if I have begun exercising and dieting. *sigh*


+ Starbucks Greek Yogurt and Honey Parfait- I have moved on from confections to their parfait products. The sugar is high but ZOMG SO YUMMY. It has calcium, right? Right??

+ Hold On by Neko Case-Heard it on The Killing and have had it on repeat ever since. Wonderful voice.

+ The Morningstar Strain by Z.A. Recht- This is the zombie series recced to me by a CHILD A CHILD, MIND YOU, and it is pretty damn good. It is kind of like World War Z lite, for that is the zombie fiction from which all other zombie fictions are measured for me, but the writing has a good flow, the characters are strong and drawn with a wide enough brush to give them depth, and it has some strong female protagonists. Solid rec.

+ Hawaii 5-O, Big Bang Theory, and Vampire Diaries continue to be my favorite happy places on TeeVee. Stumbled across Justified and got HOOKED in fifteen minutes. I have been a Timothy Olyphant fan since GO. The finale was FANTASTIC.

+ This article discussing, rationally and unironically, how the Fast and the Furious franchise breaks racial barriers." Every single word is TRUE. D and I just watched Fast Five and and it was AMAZING.**********SPOILERS******** )

Eh, Christ, I had more but I can't remember.

It is just the other side of midnite so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mommies on my FL!!!! Have a great day, ladies.

Ima go back to bubble shooting and surfing the Interwebz. Talk you all later.
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+ Forgot my keys so D, my good and kind lover, had to bring them to me. Well. She didn't HAVE to bring them to me but she knew that meant I would have to bug people all day long to be let in the workroom, which would have blown. Of course that meant I was late to Starbucks because I had to wait for D got drive by with my keys, and by the time I got there the crowd was OMG ENORMOUS.

+ I opted for a fruit and yogurt from SB hoping for a healthier option than my beloved maple scone. WOW that stuff is SO GOOD! 'Tis a pity I realized the damn thing has *39 grams of sugar* *facepalm*

+ We are short staffed today due to furloughs and the Texas Library conference in Austin so I have FIVE hours on desk. That is a lot of face time.

+ Luckily this is my short week. And also tax money came in! So, there are upsides. I just have to make it to five o'clock.


+ Just a tip: when your party keeps insisting it is NOT the party of rednecks and bigots, stunts like this don't help your cause. Really, they don't.

+ When I talk about this administration and the people at the Deathstar admin building, I seem to have a hard time articulating exactly HOW it is they and their actions suck all the morale and joy out of this profession. I finally found the article that explains it perfectly. It's that micro-managing, elitist pall that makes everyone feel like TBTB think we are all, at our core, lazy slackers that need constant, detailed vigilance and direction lest we try to get away with not doing our job. It's soul-killing and all I'm trying to do is survive this economy and this administration in one piece.

In awesome news..

+ In one of the most articulate, intelligent, poignant articles I've read, gay former NBA player John Amaechi responds to Kobe Bryant's use of the word faggot. Just in case you were wondering Mr. Bryant: class and grace? This is what it looks like.


+ H5O )

+ The Vampire Diaries )


+ We have had a freebie few weeks of HBO and I have come to the conclusion that I really, really miss their original programming and I wish we still had it. Game of Thrones was really amazing, though after some vetting I'm wondering if the darkness would ultimately make it hard to watch. Hung, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, ALL of them are HBO original programs that I love.

However, if I add it back to our cable package, some amenity, somewhere, will have to go. *clutches Starbux to her bosom* I don't knoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


+ I have finally gotten Book 2 of Holly Black's Curse Workers series, Red Glove. I really love her style of writing and how she does not pull punches with her teen characters. They have sex, they are often profane, they are flawed, and they are fascinating. Highly recced.

+ I am also reading Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain." because a CHILD recced it to me! A CHILD.

Me, at desk, to short, ten-ish year old wearing an Astros baseball cap: May I help you?
Child: I'm looking for some scary books? (pretty common request)
Me: Okay! *recs Alvin Schwartz, Yolen, etc.*
Child, politely: I've read all those?
Me: Hm. What's the last scary book you read?
Child: Plague of the Dead.
Me: O.o. *looks it up* I'm not sure we have what you're looking for in this room...

I sent him to the TEEN room, though I'm thinking Bunny in the Baseball Cap has probably moved beyond those, too. There goes a future fanboy. Mark my words. :-)

So far it's a little like World War Z lite, but still good. We'll see.

+ In closing, the few days of wonderful spring-like weather have given way to the suffocating humidity H-towners know and love. Le joy. There is also a drought and raging wildfires going on. I figure a rain of frogs or plague of locusts will happen any day now...

Okay, gente! I am on desk FOREVER so I must away. You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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+ We were watching CHALLENGE on the Food Network, as one does, and got an enormous chocolage jones since the theme was chocolate Spongebob Squarepants cakes. So, D went to the store and bought brownie mix, which I made. She takes out the trash and I do the baking; it's how we roll.

At any rate, I have been mostly baking my own stuff since looking at the ingredients on a box of cookies and wondering why there should be 230 milligrams of sodium in a wafer, but I wasn't sure I had all the indredients, so I used the mix.

Wow, that is an OVERWHELMINGLY sweet mix. I think all box mixes seem to be too sweet. Bleah. I mean, I'll still EAT them; I'm not WASTEFUL, but I'll definitely be looking for a home made brownie recipe. Anyone with suggestions feel free to link. :-)

+ We went to see Predators yesterday and it kicked ASS. ***Possible Spoilers*** )

Trailers I was the most excited about were Resident Alien: Afterlife, which looks to have some serious femmeslash going on and Machete, the Robert Rodriguez film with Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert DeNiro, and Jessica Alba. I CANNOT WAIT for that!

+ I've been reading this book called The Fallen for the Staff Summer Reading Club at work and also because the cover *I* saw in the Teen Room had a brooding pretty boy with enormous black wings. I mean, what more is there to say. However, *this* cover has Stefan Fucking Salvatore on it! Which reminded me of this little series I stumbled opon on the Disney Channel called Fallen and THAT is where I had seen that actor before. Sadly the series lasted about five minutes, but it was really good, and the writer is Sneigoski, who has also done comic book work AND written for Buffy, the series. That might only be, like, three or four degrees, but still. Such a small world, that of supernatual fiction!

I'm actually pretty surprised no one has jumped on this series for more than a half-assed Disney fill-in. It has the battle of Good And Evil, a talking dog, a perpetual road trip (hello, Supernatural), and hot guys with wings. I mean, it's like UP! with angels.

I think maybe Mr. Sneigoski was about seven years before his time with his idea. It would be devoured into production if it came out today instead of 2003.

+ Still working on next part of Embers. And working and working. I'm truly worried I will be, like, this seventy year old woman still writing Marshall and Taylor in high school. O.O
But at least it is moving along?

+ My sincere, sincere sympathies to my friends in the North for the heatwave they expereinced there. I forget that you all don't really see anything above about 85 or so degrees and, to us in Houston, that is a cool and balmy day. I'm astounded at the number of people without AC! Dios mio we would PERISH here without it; each summer the Health Dept. keeps a close eye on the indigent and elderly and has handed out electric fans to help prevent heat stroke. This might not be the last of it so, for the next one: hydrate hydrate hydrate and don't do any strenuous activities in the heat of the day. And for christ's sake get your ACs fixed. 95 degrees with an even higher heat index is no joke!

In closing....

+ My mother and sisters will be in Houston for a conference this week, but they haven't mentioned getting together. )


Okay, gente. I have sub-standard brownies to consume and a World Cup Soccer match to maybe see.

You all keep cool and I'll talk at you later.
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+ I shall lead with the last because we are GOING TO GREEN DAY on August 8th!! I came late to Green Day because they alway seemed so much like the band I was supposed to like. All punk-y and intense and whatnot. When D finally got me to listen to their American Idiot album I was converted. I think Billy Joe Armstrong has a painting somewhere, for real. How many men that age can pull off eyeliner and not look like a total git?

+ My back is fucking killing me. I'm pretty sure it's because I spent yesterday laying in bed because my legs and feet were fucking killing me due to some soiree at the library everybody had to help get ready for Saturday night. I was a the end of a seven day work stretch and I don't think my body appreciated spending two more hours on my feet running between three floors getting Wiis ready so the rich and intellectual would give the library money.

+ Which leads to the partyfail since I was supposed to go to my friend K's grad party and just could not manage to get upright enough to do so. It's like my body QUIT and refused to entertain the thought of primping, driving, and small talk. I have not flaked on a get together I've committed to in a long time.

Writing, Fic, Fandom

+ I have decided I am going to sign up for this:

And if you write any RPF you should, too! It's multi-fandom and slash, femmeslash and het and gen friendly, so what more could you ask?

I'm still not sure of the pairing. Might be EmTay, or I've been toying with Stephene/Johnny because that video of them practicing, man, it has eated my brain. I caught myself looking for Stephane interviews and knew I was in trouble.

I have decided, for real now, that I'd rather write something that sucks than write nothing that doesn't even have the opportunity to suck.

So, go! Sign up! Figure skating, sports, football, celebrity, it's all good!

+ More Marshall! I am all n_n because there's so much of him all at once and it can never be enough! Here he is on Jonathan Ross.

He looks amazing, a bit more relaxed than on Jimmy Kimmel. I can't get over how fit he looks, how much I love his dark hair with the brilliant blue of his eyes, a striking combination, and how he seems to have just grown into himself in some fundamental way.

Many gracias to queeniegalore for the link!


+ Have begun reading the latest Charlaine Harris Dead and Gone and I'm liking it so far. The reviews have been kind of mixed but it still reads like good, clean vamp fun to me.

+ Am also reading the YA novel The Fold by An Na, and I really like it so far. Great frenetic teen voice from a teen of color who just wants the guy of her dreams to give her the time of day. Strong social commentary on Asian identity and the pros and cons of surgically adding a fold to the eye to appear more Western. Did anyone know Jackie Chan did this? I didn't know that.

+ Have the YA book Cycler by Lauren Mclaughlin on the burner to read next. Hermaphroditic teen and the angst that goes with that. That's one I haven't read before...


+ I have had that Korean pop song from The Stephane/Johnny Video That Ate My Brain in my head forever so here is a link: hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/ul7t8p (change to ts) so you too can SHARE IN MY EARWORM!

+ Just in case you need more enticement I give you the YouTube of this infectious ditty because these kids are some of the gayest things that ever gayed and they are PRECIOUS.

Okay, gente. My job is done.

I need to go get ready to read to mommies and babies!

Take care and I'll talk at ya'll later!
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+ The AC at Central is broken. We were stuffy and hot all day Saturday. The AC at my apartment is broken and it was 80 degrees all night. We live in a dungeon cave because our bedroom has no windows at all. Great if you're a dominatrix; not so great if your air conditioning craps out in Texas. I feel like I have been trying to not be hot for three days now. *fans self*

+ Because we spent the night having the fan blow in our face and trying not stick to each other and the three pets also in bed with us, I feel fuzzy and out of sorts. *blinks blearily* Babies and mommies this morning, oh god.

+ However, in an attempt to go sit in AC we did see Fast & Furious or, as it is known 'round these parts, the big GAY CHRISTMAS CARD!***Spoilers*** )

I need to go hunt up [personal profile] petslife's list of fics. And I have like, five xovers in my head already.

Because those boys are like a good pair of black pants; no matter who you pair them with they're going to look good. :-)

+ The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency continues to be made of total and complete WIN!

Have I mentioned how amazing and ridiculously talented Jill Scott is? I can't believe she's not actually from Africa, her accent and mannerisms and essence are so perfect. And it made me CRY and it is funny and wonderful and she and her secretery are so amazing together!

I love how their relationshop grows and opens up like origami flowers and how the show manages to not be didactic or preachy but humane and real.

Shows like this give me hope for the whole medium of television. If we could get anything this good on the major channels it would be even better.

+ I have also finished reading Unclean Sprits on reccomendation from [personal profile] zillahseye and it was fantastic! A strong female protagonist, an alternate reality that didnt' take half the book to explain because the author really does know how to show and not tell, and a style that flows well but is not simplistic make this a wonderful read. I can't wait for the next part!

Okay, gente.

I have two deadlines this week to try to meet so Ima go now.

Ya'll cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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May everyone in the Western hemisphere that celebrates Easter have a fabulous Bunny Day!

I am sitting here finishing the latest Kim Harrison and watching Jax worry a chew bone within an inch of its life. :-) D has decided she is not ready to be up and is watching TV in bed.

We plan to go to a movie sometime today and also go grocery shopping so I can get more diet stuff. My calorie counting was blown like a blown thing this week with D's nephew visiting but I plan to get right back on that wagon tomorrow. I really did feel better eating less.

Now, before I go points? Points.

+ Dreamwidth- I'd like a code like many other people, and, like many other people, I don't plan to abandon LJ alltogether. However, I like that DW is fan-friendly, understanding the particular fandom mindset because it was developed, in part, by a fanfic writer. If I don't get a code I believe I will purchase an account when they become available later, though it has become obvious that I fail in my attempt at being bi-journal. We shall see. I am excited at the prospect of a place that will not judge what I read or write. I think that is nothing but a good thing.

+ I am starting to spend a lot of time thinking of writing these days. I hope this is another step in beginning to write regularly once again. I miss that part of my life; I'm not even sure how or why it went away, not totally. Right now I think I want to try a small James Iha/Taylor Hanson ficlet. I don't have anything but the very strange, very intriguing thought of them together. I'm going to watch some Iha interviews on YouTube and see where it goes from there.

+ Kings is cancelled, goddamn it. I love that show. It's also disheartening. Is it true? Is all quality TV doomed to failure because it does not aim for the muddling middle ground? Why do quality things mostly need to be on cable to survive? This was a fantistically realized show. It had great actors, a thoughtful, intelligent script, and brave direction. Why must everything be fucking American Idol? *sigh*

+ D's nephew H left to go back to GA after a week of breavment leave. He will always be a kid to me, tho he is a thirty year old service man who has been to Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. He's also a good man, and there are not many of those. Fiercely smart, tall, dark, and handsome, and with an even-tempered kindness borne of balancing out his dad all these years, I really hope he finds someone worthy to live his life with. He has been alone with is dad's illness, mantal and physical, for so long, that he deserves some happiness and someone who knows how awesome he is. Anyone who knows a nice girl that won't fuck him over, hook me up.

+ Went to a cook-off at my Cop Friend April's last night and it was fun. We were one of only a handful of non-cop women there but the food was good and the conversation funny and interesteing. The funniest thing tho was that I had been told by co-workers that a cute young guy had been by to see me on Friday when I was off, tall, and wearing a cap, and I was at a loss as to whom it might have been because both Russell and Justin, the teen boys' from across the way, are both kind of short.

Found out that Megan, a lovely, androgynous girl I know through April, had come by to say 'Hi', as she had promised to do, while she was studying for her Sargeant's exam. She is fond of baseball caps over her really pretty face and buzz cut hair and she is given to t-shirts and jeans that hide what slim curves there are to her lanky body. She kind of resembles a palomino colt.

'A young guy.' Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D

+ To wrap up, I have had the score from 'Once More With Feeling' in my head for DAYS. God, I miss my show.

Okay, gente. I am getting hungry so I am going to either scare up some food in ye olde kitchen, or go get D's arse in gear to go find some.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I'll talk at ya'll later.
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Okay, no, not really. But it has been quite the start to 2009. To review, si? Si.

+ Finally FINALLY in new two-bedroom apartment. It has some quirks I don't like: the bathroom fan will turn on with the light no matter what, and not separately, the bathroom door is too low to slide smoothly over our bathmat causing perpetual bunching and shifting of said bathmat, the kitchen is the size of a TEENY TINY CLOSET OMG, stuff like that. But all in all I like the floor as opposed to carpet and I like how airy and open everything feels.

+ D is finally feeling better after getting sick the second day of moving, OMG WHAT. We spent Thanksgiving in the ER, she was ill part of the time at my parents for going cold turkey off her Metformin, which was bad, and she got sick the day after new years. This can stop now plz thnx. If we can have one healthy month it will be fantastic.

+ I have, for some reason, been on a pretty self destructive food binge since coming back from my parents. Usually a week of greasy heavy food makes me want veggies and rice when I returned but this time I came back craving fried chicken and Cheetos. I mean, REALLY??? I know I'm not pregnant unless god has a really twisted sense of humor so omg WHAT? It's like CRACK or something! I'll get a craving and the next thing I know I'm sitting there with dusty orange fingertips and an empty bag. And it's feeding on itself. The latest craving is for a Frito-Pie. IDEK.

+ I swiched Internet and cable TV providers and we are getting DISH Network tomorrow. I already got the stuff to hook up Internetz through AT&T but I'm second guessing that decision. I am really techno-Amish and there is just this BOX with stuff in it. I suck at the whole DIY thing and I have a feeling I am going to regret switching, but I just could not afford Comcast any longer. It was eating my lunch.

+ I have been plagued by really bad insomnia ever since moving. I don't know if the bed is facing the wrong way or the room is not dark enough or what but I have been up 'till three a.m. and getting up at sixty thirty and it is not fun, let me tell you. If I don't get over this soon I'm going to start getting hallucinatory.

However, in other news....

+ One of my resolutions was to Write a Little Every Day, and I began last night with Leigh's fic. I have about five pages so far. Even if what I write sucks at least I will have done something. I don't want my Write to be broken anymore. I miss it.

+ Saw Charlaine Harris at the library night before last! She gave an author reading at the library. I have not seen True Blood because I don't have HBO, and will probably never get it, but I dearly love the lady herself and her books are like Anita Blake without the narcisissm and orgy porn. Besides, they're set in the South, what do you want? She mentions Dallas AND Beaumont! She addressed Hurricane Katrina in her last one! And she is a damned funny speaker, which isn't always the case with good writers.

+ Just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King and I LOVED IT. It really does have the energy and feel of his earlier work before the puzzling Christine/Pet Semetary-ish time when I didn't know WHAT he was doing. I loved everything about it and I hope he continues on in the vein. I missed it.

+ I have been gorging, as much as I can on [livejournal.com profile] yuletide stories. Such a bounty of amazing fic so awesome. :-)

+ The wierdest fallout for being without cable internet for almost a week is I discovered...online Mahjong. I KNOW WHAT? I thought only Florida retirees played that!! It's one of the games on my laptop and I was stuck writing (AGAIN) and couldn't sleep (AGAIN) and I fiddled around with it and the next thing I know D and I are playing together until 2 a.m.

Okay, gente. I have some odds and ends to take care of so I'll talk at you later!
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We got in last night at around midnight very, very tired, but happy to be home. I love my family but three days is about the shelf life to a good visit.

My sisters were great, even the one that just broke up with her long-time bf. (incidentally, I don't think one ever stops wanting to rip out the entrails of someone that hurts one's little sister), and the wee nephew was wonderful. My niece Cass and I bonded over Twilight and she has the BIGGEST fangirl crush on Robert Pattinson. HUGE! Robert Pattinson and the Jonas Brothers. There's something wrong about that....

Alltogether a good Xmas except for that fact that my parents just keep getting older, as parents do, and more unahappy, as. Well. I don't think most parents do? I dunno? They seem to like each other less as time goes on. My mom complains about my dad. He complains about my mom. They ignore each other or snark. It's kinda sad-making.

Still, everyone was there, which rarely happens, and good times were had.

I got this! )

Pretty good if I say so myself. :-)

My mom also brought me a pair of work pants which almost had to go up a size due to the size of my arse.

No, seriously. I always tend to gorge at my mom's house but this year was really in a league of it's own. Check out a list of the sweets, for real. )

So, obviously, there was no hope.

I think I gained at least ten lbs. while I was there. X-p

D is now pretty much accepted which is still kind of strange. We were even able to hold hands, sleep in the same bed, and peck each other on the cheek with no scandal ensuing. It's the small steps. She was kind of sick when we got there but got better and the rest of the visit went okay, health wise.

In other news...

+ We saw Doubt. )

+ D has discovered texting and keeps up a constant click of conversation every few minutes. I have said not much but I notice she is much less growly about my checking LJ. :-)

+ I am watching the NFL playoffs. The Texans won! The Cowboys lost so spectacularly I could hear my dad curse from 300 miles away.

And, wow, Faith Hill. Not who I think of when I think of football but, hey. I hope the good woman got lots of money for it.

+ Btw, I also finished up Breaking Dawn. )

Am now reading Duma Key by Stephen King. It's great so far.

In closing, and the only down side to our trip/vacation we returned to an absolutely FOUL smelling apartment! At first I thought Russell had neglected to change out the cat litter like he said he'd do, and for which we left him a copy of the house key, but no. We had not emptied the trash can. After cleanign out the ice box. :-( The stench was VILE. After opening windows, doors, turning on the fan, and spraying air freshner it is better today. But MAN, that was one of our more spectacular oversights.

Okay, gente. I work tomorrow and this upcoming year promises to be full of ridiculousness and tomfoolery at Chez HPL, but we shall see.

I hope you all had a Feliz Navidad and I'll talk at you later. :-)

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I have tried to start a review of Twilight and New Moon three times and it all ends up sounding horribly elitist.

Yeah, I caved after deciding, grudgingly, that I could not, as a professional in the business of what kids/teens read, categorically ignore a pop phenomenon such as this. No matter HOW MANY neurons I lost. So I took a breath and dug in.

And, so. )

And because if I'm gonna dive in I don't wuss around, I then saw Twilight. )

In other non-sparkly-vampire news....

+ They are developing a Fables TV series. Oy vey. *sigh* Man, I really don't want this screwed up and sanitized for the small screen, so I'm very apprehensive, but we'll see. I hope Willingham didn't sign his soul away and keeps a hand in.

+ In the 'life-sucky' department things with D are not that great. It's pretty much my fault but it's not the best thing during the holiday season, which I dearly love. I hope it gets better soon.

+ I am toying with making a different cookie for the cookie Xchange. Something mocha. Or both kinds. Right now I have all of THREE participants counting myself, but hopefully there will be more.

+ Oh, I also finished Swallowing Darkness by Hamilton. )

+ Lastly, under the heading of DEFINITELY NON-SUCKY THINGS, [livejournal.com profile] kita0106 has discovered MCR FIC!! KITA IN BANDSLASH OMG! I can't think of anything more awesome. :-)

I have been meandering around this post all morning so Ima go now.

Tonight is BIG BANG THEORY and holiday card making. Should be a good evening.


You all cuidense! Gente in the North stay WARM! *gazes at our 70-something weather and sighs*

Talk at ya'll later!
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Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N' Roses Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N' Roses by Stephen Davis

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
I found this to be more the story of Axl Rose rather than the group Guns N' Roses, which was both fascinating and disappointing. The story of this band could only be incarnated in America with their excess, lust, drugs, and dysfunction which went back almost to the beginning.

The reader watches Axl Rose go from hell-raising Indiana hometown boy to the volatile front man of the hardest rocking band in the world. Even if you know the band burned bright and quick and died messy in a quagmire of legalese and Axl Rose's mental illness the trip is still one long, unocompromising, unreal journey.

In the end it is evident that Rose was an asshole long before he was mentally ill and held some kind of thrall on those around him that allowed them to capitulate to every whim and bullying demand.

My favorite part was the first and only interaction between Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and Axl at an awards show after party. Instead of accepting Love's good-natured offer to come take a load off Rose spews forth threats and profanity to the bemused members of Nirvana, Cobain, Love, and the couple's infant daughter. Then, as he glowers at them, fists clenched, they laugh at him.

It is worth every page to read that scene. :-)

Such personifies the sad end to an amazing hard rock band.

View all my reviews.
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I am not the world's most graceful person, to be sure, but sometimes I have these little runs of complete klutziness and one happened yesterday at around 1 pm.

I was watching the last of the Olympics and eating some chips and salsa, yum, and I must have been overly invested on the TV screen because when I got up to take the chips back to the kitchen I WHACKED MY KNEE on the corner of the coffee table REALLY HARD. Like, hard enough to drop said chips (though thankfully not the salsa) and crumple to the floor.

Motherfucking OW.

If that were not enough I proceeded to whack the SAME KNEE on the SAME COFFEE TABLE two more times. Of course. I now have a knot the size of a golfball on my knee and it hurts. Ow.

Apart from that the weekend went as follows:

+ Worked Saturday. Pretty steady. The kids go back to school today and we were all doing the happy dance of joy, you know, DEEP INSIDE OUR HEARTS. :-)

+ D has jacked her back up really, really badly. I believe it began when she decided she was going to pretend to be young folk and resurface tennis courts all of April and May. That was a brutally physical job and most of the people doing it were younger guys. She stopped but apparently not soon enough. *sigh* Now she can't sit up for very long and bending over for any amount of time is impossible.

+ The Olympics are over. *sniff* I am verklempt. It is OVER A YEAR until the Winter Olympics WHAT. Now to rediscover all the channels I've ignored for two weeks. :-)

+ Finished Blood Noir by Ms. Hamilton. )

+ Apparently, there is a strong chance that Gerard Way is driving from Jersey to Atlanta, GA for Dragoncon 08. Conjencture, sure, but why else does one drive down South in late August/early September? The blistering heat?? If so, he will not come through Texas, alas, but all you other Southern people keep your eyes open!!

LASTLY, if you have not seen my Hallmark post, which is the one prior to this one, go read and email Hallmark good things for providing same-sex greeting cards! It's a good thing!

Must go people!

I know there is more but I can't remember.

I need to go read to babies soon but you all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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Frankie tonight at....oh, damn I don't know when the show starts. I don't get off work until six, and we have to scarf something for dinner so there won't be two middle-aged lesbians passed out next to the mosh pit.Six-thirty?

Lord help me, ya'll. That's all I'm saying.

+ COOL LINK OF THE DAY: What To Do With Your Online Photos- DUDES! I found this through Librarian in Black, a site for the emerging techie librarian. 17 Things To Do With Your Online Photos. I've already tried a few and they are way cool! I made a wee video of Frankie and Gerard in Animoto here and even tho the song is cheese-ass (not a great variety of music, let me tell you) I luvs it with all my heart. BOYS! Bless. :-) Check the list out. It's pretty awesome.

+ I want to send out my heartfelt condolences to everyone on my FL that's in the SGA fandom. That's sucks really hard. As anyone who went through Buffy, then Angel's demise can tell you, there is NOTHING quite as heartbreaking as letting your love go before you are ready. I'm sorry, guys.

+ Did eveyrone see the picture of the ENORMOUS new species of fish found in the ocean?!? Now THAT'S a fish! It looks like a dinosaur! How cool is that?

+ I had nothing to read and then I went to the Teen Room. And now, of course,I have too much to read: The Summoning, a teen novel by Kelley Armstrong YAY, The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante, The Market by J.M. Steele, and, of course, Blood Noir by Ms. Hamilton. Not sucking quite as much but still not great so far. *sigh*

+ Michael Phelps turned down the Wheaties spokesperson job in favor of Frosted Flakes because he didn't want to advertise something he didn't really eat. If I didn't love this boy before I do now. He had me at 'Frosted Flakes.' ILU Michael you precious darling.

I had more, and will maybe have more later, but I'm up at the desk first and must fly.

You all have a good day if I don't talk at you later!


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