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The Good

+ Finished compiling Summer Reading Program Calendar
+ Finished monthly report WITH new and improved Endowment Program Justification Section (bite me, administration)
+ Wrapped up craft order
+ Me= very productive after a restful vacation!
+ My CNN badge holder is perfect. So much joy from such a teeny artifact.
+ I missed the Kings premiere and, apparently it is all that is awesome. Must catch up!

The Bad

+ A new mom in my Babytime group left abruptly and I wasn't sure why. Then she wrote a note of complaint that automatically goes to Administration about how there was a child that was too old in the Babytime and the too old child kept bothering New Mom's baby. I was sitting right there and, swear to god, I didn't notice this. We had other babies that were just as young and those mom's didn't mention anything... I knew the kid was older but we usually let the caregiver call the shots on where a child should fall in storytimes, at least the first time. *sigh* I thought Babytime went well, too

+ I made the mistake of stepping on a scale. Jesus fucking Christ. So, I've been watching what I eat all day and am starving. I have no choice. None of my pants fit me anymore. :-/

+ I forgot I ordered Girl Scout cookies before I left. This might explain part of the above bullet point.

+ It is so sad when hummus doesn't taste like you think it should taste, isn't it?

Okay, gente. Must away. I'll talk at ya'll tomorrow!

Cuidense 'till then.
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Today the high is 43 degrees. Tomorrow it is 70. By Friday it is 79. 79 degrees people! In December! I know people in the north are wishing evil shit on me but that is one degree from 80!!! 80 DEGREES!!! Really?? *sigh*

Of course by Friday I will be Laredo where the high for that day will be 83 degrees. Because it is the desert.

I just want to wear my new coat one solid week! Why is that bad???

In other news...

+ I had more cookie fail last night. I'm thinking the universe is telling me to ixnay the baking for this year or something. I tried to make simple mocha cookies and the recipe said 'small cup of instant coffee' so I measured a cup, right? WRONG. Immediately I realized it was too soupy. So I added more flour. A lot. Then they didn't taste like anything so I added Heath Bar crunch. Then they tasted like nothing with Heath Bar Crunch.

I mean, the cookies LOOK pretty, but they are almost tasteless. Delightful.

So, yeah, might be done. I was gonna bake some cookies for the gay guys and teens across the way but we might just have to buy the roll of Toll House and call it a day. I know, shameful.

+ I am on the last Twilight installment I've been kind of spoiled but we'll see how this turns out.

+ Went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still and the brief synopsis I read on someone's LJ is still the best one. )

No, but really, it was not bad. Keanu was amazing because Keanu is amazing, Jennifer Connelly still has one of the loveliest faces in the business, and, bonus John Cleese made of total win. Also, wow, that is Will Smith's son! Hi, Will Smith's son! Aren't you going to be a handsome young man?

Not bad. Certainly worth a matinee.

+ Only one more xmas present to buy! Well, basically. I might buy earrings for all my sisters since it's a thing I've done the last four years or so, but we'll see. Everyone, including myself, is pretty tight this season.

Okay, gente.

I'm on the desk again since we are one person short but you all stay warm and safe!

I should talk at ya'll at least one more time before we hit the road, Jack, for points south.

Till' then, cuidense!
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*drumroll* Buttery Toffee Cookies!

After a frustrated evening during which I wasted at least two hours and a whole bowlful of batter trying to make these cookies and failing spectacularly I switched to the Buttery Toffee ones and they came out FABULOUS.

I was all set to post about NEVER NEVER using that recipe because it was MADE OF FAIL ARRGH ARRGH....and then I realized I had set the oven to 350 instead of 375. Uhm, yeah. That might be a problem. *headslap*

Oh, well. I have no idea what to do with a pile of undercooked cookies and once-gooey-now-hard candy, but I'm sure I'll think of something. That is what [livejournal.com profile] trashy_eats is for. ;-)

I plan on baking at least one more Buttery Toffee batch and then try the Mocha Truffles once, more, sans extra chocolate chips, and see what happens. I realize I get out at nine and this might be tall order, but we'll see how far i get before faceplanting from fatigue.

In other news...

+ We might have a two bedroom. Meep! We really really NEED a two bedroom, not only because D has accumulated some really nice antiques from her parents house that we have nowhere to put, but, for my sanity, and hers, if she is honest, we just NEED more room. However the rent is. *sigh* It's higher. Quite a bit. I think I can swing it but we'd have to cut down on some stuff or something. We suck at that. The new owner, who has fixed the a couple of machines in the laundry room and seems like a pretty together guy, is going to get back with us after the make-ready is done on the unit we want. I guess we'll see.

+ We had our White Elephant Exchange and Holiday Dessert-A-Rama for our library and I ended up with three pairs of lovely Avon pearl hoop earrings in white, gold, and gray faux pearls. I think the reason so many people order Avon jewelery and end up not wearing it is that the items, for some reason, have really long posts that jabs into the back of your earlobe when worn. And forget talking on the phone with them on! They are way uncomfortable. However, they go with the dress I'm wearing to the System Xmas party tomorrow and I can take them for a few hours. I think I made out ok.

+ I only have about half my xmas presents bought! I still need my mom's, my sister, whose name I got in my family gift exchange, my BiL and my niece. Ergh. I think I'll just give my niece Cass $. She's 14; she won't care. However, I traditionally get my BiL a cool T-shirt and I've not even had time to look. In the past I've gotten him one with Che Guevara, The Clash, and Tony Montana as Scarface.

Alright, gente. It is deadly still here but I've an in-house grant application to finish and a bit of shelving to do.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S. The high tomorrow is near 80. Of course.
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+ In an effort to not think about my ultrasound which showed, to quote the technician, 'lots of things', I began baking last night. Also, the way this week's schedule has shaped up, I need to start early or I will be baking at 3 a.m. on Wednesday for the Cookie Xchange on Thursday.

Made Mocha Truffles and WHOAH. That's too much chocolate. I wasn't even sure that was possible. I'm going to tweak the recipe so that I don't pass out in a sugar coma. I think that last cup of chocolate chips was gratuitous. Tonight we have Rollo cookies, like the candy, and Heath Bar Toffee cookies. Because I am all about the candy cookies. That's just how I roll. :-)

+ Saw a rebroadcast of Mike Huckabee on Jon Stewart and, you know. *sigh* For all of Mr. Huckabee's issues, he speaks eloquently and plainly, with a nice self-deprecating sense of humor that I really like. He doesn't come across as plastic to me at all. And then this issue comes up and, with the same earnest calm, he sets about rationalizing bigotry. I just. *hands* It's pretty disheartening.

Articulating why the notion of tying procreation to marriage is problmatic [livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue has written a letter to Mike Huckabee about her own marriage. I hope he reads it.

+ In the same vein Newsweek has taken on gay marriage and the church and recieved nothing but grief for it. Click here if you want to support their courage in tackling an incendiary issue and the rights of free speech.

+ Taylor Hanson and wife continue to overpopulate the Western Hemisphere with the birth of their fourth child, a son named Viggo Moriah. Really, Taylor? Really? Don't you think you should keep your admiration of Mr. Mortenson at a nice respectable level? I'm just saying. Ah, Tay. Such a failboat. A gorgeous failboat, but a failboat just the same. Mom and baby are said to be fine.

Okay, gente. Must go work! I have a Christmas tree to draw and cut out since our present trees in the department are full of ornaments. My life, so hard. :-)

We have gotten another 'front' in and it is a lovely, blustery 40-something degrees. Tomorrow will be in the late 50s and back up to 70's by Thursday. *headdesk* Texas, the Sybil of the weather community.

Cuidense, gente! I'll talk at you later!
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It is only 9:30 and the morning is already MADE OF FAIL. )

I'd like to go back to bed now, please.

+ Oh, and look! As my coworker went to leave the work room the handle came off in her hand. The renovation of this building is only eight months old. Man, if I get stuck in here today I am not going to be happy. At least I have Cheetos and a potty. It could be worse.

+ However, on the plus side I *am* leaving at noon today because I have an ultrasound on my chest this afternoon. Not that the ultrasound is a plus; they always unnerve me. Having some time afterwards to do more errands, shopping, and possibly bake cookies? Is sorely needed.

+ Speaking of cookies I have narrowed my choices for this year's exchange to: Mocha cookies and Toffee cookies. I've never made them before but the recipes look really simple. I'll let ya'll know how they turned out.

In closing, no matter how irate I was this morning hearing it is hard to be totally grumpy while listening to the dulcet sounds of 'Oh, Christmas Tree' played live on a baby grand. The Amegy Building springs for a pianist in the lobby every winter holiday. It's really cool. :-)

Okay, gente. I must jet.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S. It was 70 degrees again yesterday. However there was a delightfully nasty front coming in today so we shall see!
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I have tried to start a review of Twilight and New Moon three times and it all ends up sounding horribly elitist.

Yeah, I caved after deciding, grudgingly, that I could not, as a professional in the business of what kids/teens read, categorically ignore a pop phenomenon such as this. No matter HOW MANY neurons I lost. So I took a breath and dug in.

And, so. )

And because if I'm gonna dive in I don't wuss around, I then saw Twilight. )

In other non-sparkly-vampire news....

+ They are developing a Fables TV series. Oy vey. *sigh* Man, I really don't want this screwed up and sanitized for the small screen, so I'm very apprehensive, but we'll see. I hope Willingham didn't sign his soul away and keeps a hand in.

+ In the 'life-sucky' department things with D are not that great. It's pretty much my fault but it's not the best thing during the holiday season, which I dearly love. I hope it gets better soon.

+ I am toying with making a different cookie for the cookie Xchange. Something mocha. Or both kinds. Right now I have all of THREE participants counting myself, but hopefully there will be more.

+ Oh, I also finished Swallowing Darkness by Hamilton. )

+ Lastly, under the heading of DEFINITELY NON-SUCKY THINGS, [livejournal.com profile] kita0106 has discovered MCR FIC!! KITA IN BANDSLASH OMG! I can't think of anything more awesome. :-)

I have been meandering around this post all morning so Ima go now.

Tonight is BIG BANG THEORY and holiday card making. Should be a good evening.


You all cuidense! Gente in the North stay WARM! *gazes at our 70-something weather and sighs*

Talk at ya'll later!
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How awesome is that?!? A little Gerard or Lyn-Z! Awesome! Because, reallly, if any two people should procreate, should it not be these?


Felicades to them both!

In other news...

+ I have two potlucks at work in as many weeks and the thought of cooking for that many people is overwhelming so I'm bringing....rolls. Hey, they're necessary!

+ However, the thought of baking for that many people isn't overwhelming so I think I'm doing two cookie exchanges: one at work and one at the apartment complex. I might branch out from my tried and true Milky Way Peanut Butter Cookies but why mess with tradition.

+ D cannot abide turkey in any way ever since her mother died so we are looking at alternative entrees for Turkey Day. We will either have prime rib roast or ham with the gay guys across the way. Or both. We shall see.

+ My love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just grows and grows! I luv them so!

And in the only bit of sucks-out-loud news:

+ Figure skating season has begun apace but I will see barely ANY OF IT because Icenetwork.com has contracted 3/4 of the Grand Prix. I need to pay for a season pass if I want to see anything except gudamned skating spectaculars with no competitions and US and Worlds. Great, granted, but I'd like to see how people GOT THERE DAMMIT. *hmph* Not fair.

Okay, gente. It is late and I must away.

You all take care and I'll talk at you maƱana.

PS: WOW Paul Simon is hobbit sized!
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I tried to double my Peanut Butter Milky Way Cookie recipe and something went awry in the oven.

They are not holding together and fall apart when picked up. I baked them the limit of the instructions, too.


To bake again another day, except I need more flour.

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But I am really REALLY annoyed at D right now because she ate my cookies. No, for real! We SPECFICALLY bought two boxes of Pepperidge Farm cookies (which we aren't supposed to eat anyhow, but they are kind of expensive and I only eat a couple at at time to make them last) because she has gotten to where she will just inhale any sweets at all and won't leave me any. As long as I can have a taste I feel better but she will devour EVERYTHING. Hence, two separate boxes.

This morning I woke up to her munching on her cookies in bed and thought 'Yay! I forgot I have cookies!' because I had only eaten, like, four out of the box...and there are two left. So she ATE MINE BEFORE HERS and, ok, I know this reads really funny, and I will laugh later, but SHE HAD HER OWN COOKIES!!!

You can dick around with many things but NOT my fucking cookies.

Yeah, yeah, ya'll can laugh now.

So. How's your day?

I just woke up which is ridiculous and I never do, but I was pretty beat yesterday. )

In other news..

* I found out late Friday that I had left my memory stick in telephone reference when I plugged it in to find a Harris County Library for a patron; I made up a list according to zip code that I keep on there. Of course the latest version of Embers 28 is on there. HOWEVER! My favorite Cuban has it in his posession and will return it Monday, but still. Made of fail. *sigh* I could always work on the Copfic, which has the latest version on my desktop. It's an option.

* I know there is skating going on and I've been a teeny bit spoiled but I am still so excited that it is on today at 4 YAY!!! I do have Icenetworks but I also prefer a bigger, more detailed Johnny. I'm so excited for him!

* I just finished reading The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen, one of my favorite mystery authors. Her protagonists are always female and strong and the writing is good, skillful and intelligent.

Next I am going to try to read 'The Ordinary' by Jim Grimsley, one of my favorite gay authors. I usually don't read SciFi but I loved the other SciFi book of his I read, so I'm giving it a go.

* Might do a meme later, too. There is a book one going around that sounds interesting.

OK, gente.

It is still damp here, but the temp should be going up a bit today. We have spent way WAY too much lately, and I have co-worker M's b-day pub event to go to later (DON'T WANT TO WANT TO WATCH SKATING but I suppose we can DVR it. *grumble*) so until then I think we'll be staying in. Maybe shampoo the rug.

Oh, yes, you all envy me! I can FEEL your covetousness. :-D

Cuidense, gente, and I'll talk at you later.

p.s. I've had this song from the seventies 'Spending the Night Together' in my head for DAYS OMG GET IT OUT!!!
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I think I irreperably damaged my fingers and hand making cookies. It is two days later and it still hurts! Ow.

However, today has been made of win!

* Great meeting with boss, nifty new hire, soon-to-be-ours-from-another-branch big burly teen guy, and Awesome Coworker M. Sometimes I like my job so much I think I'm cheating. WIN!

* Having rude, crazy, yelling mofo customer who rapid calls over and over getting more and more insane banned from phoning Telephone Reference. He used the 'F' work with one of the librarians and insinuated she charged for sexual favors. Good-bye for ninety days. WIN!!!

* Scored pretty faux crystal dolphin figurine in staff white elephant exchange. D has a wee dolphin on her ankle so I'm thinking stocking stuffer. WIN!

* Two pretty, pretty pairs of earrings from Awesome Coworker M: a silver butterfly pair with hematite beads since I told her the butterfly was my signature-insect symbol something, and a beautiful pair of gilded koi dangly ones that she said her grandmother gave her but that she never wears because they are not her style. WIN!

* Unshelved t-shirt from Boss that says 'FREQENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS'!!! WIN!

* Getting more compliments on my Peanut Butter Milky Way Cookies! WIN! My mind insists on calling them Peanut Butter MIKEYWAY Cookies I have MCR AU FIC on the brain thanks a lot [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade !!!!WIN!!

* One more day until holiday vacation!! WIN!!!!

The not wins, and there only a few are:

* I did not get anything for either boss or Awesome Coworker M because, well, Boss is an avowed atheist and I thought Awesome Coworker M was broke from Xmas shopping for two kids. I really need to get something now.

* STILL not done with xmas shopping since my apartment has eaten two of my perviously bought presents. I bought my mom and my niece presents in Barcelona, put them in a safe place and now I can't find them. I've looked everywhere. Fail. :-(

* Did I mention my hand hurting?

Thirty more minutes and the lover will be picking me up to go shopping at the mega mall with our friend G, an Indonesian transplant and always a hoot to be around. A case in point is when G's neighbor, who was convinced G had called Animal Control on the neighbor's unleashed dog, went off on her and G called the neighbor an ugly pickle. Yeah, I don't know, but I laughed for a long time. :-D

In closing, the high today is 77 degrees. 77! It's the damn tropics out there! And yet I have xmas music in my head. Good times. :-)

Ya'll have a good evening! Take care and I'll talk at you later!
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I baked a dozen cookies last night and my hand adn arm hurt from holding the damn electric mixer. I mean, really, how do guys wank? Ow.

But, still, cookies! I would actually be DONE with my cookies for the exchange tomorrow but something went awry with the second batch. I might have forgotten to add an egg I don't know what happened but they fell apart off the cookie sheet and the batter was extra sticky even after more flour and it was made of so much FAIL, so I will be baking tonight, too. Feh.

Saw a new Saving Grace last night and I loves me some Holly Hunter. I've loved her since Raising Arizona and Broadcast News. She's so tiny and Southern and her acting MY GOD, it's amazing. **LUV***

In conclusion, I am wearing my new Avenue top with the sparkly at the collar and I look in the mirror this morning and there is a small dark smudge on my boob area WHAT??!? I just bought this shirt! It's brand new!!! Arrgh!

I go now since we have our new hire shadowing me today and she is actually really, really nice; much better than our ex-new hire who lasted three weeks and who looked like she was always on the verge of bursting into tears.
However, I should probably not leave her to wander the area with nothing to do. Yeah.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later.

Those where there is snow stay warm and safe!
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Milky Way Peanut Butter Cookies )

I have personally tried this recipe and I love it! The candy melts in the middle and it really is like a better Caramello candy bar. So good!

xposted to icanhazrecipes


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