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+ Turns out when I go balls out two weeks with nearly no break I don't do well. I do really, really badly.
I had two meetings, a workshop, and so. much. work. Coupled with my increasing realization that I just did not have the $ to do everything we had planned to do on our trip because I'd had to buy a car, our insurance payment went up AND our mortgage payment went up, all at once, I rather short circuited.

The thing about melting down is that if you do it very rarely, when you do, it does mean something. D talked me down and agreed that we'd just do what we could on our trip, it would be fine.

+ Part of it is that she has macular degeneration that is not going to get better; it will just get worse. And she's just never, you know. Seen stuff. Like Redwoods. And the view from a train. Or gotten a stamp on her passport. I realize this shouldn't ALL BE UP TO ME, but it feels like it is.

+ Instead of Canada I am possibly planning on taking her to Mexico when I go. Might be a tricky since I didn't say I would on the pre-registration but I think it's doable.

+ Basically I want to rock in a corner and eat my hair.


+ D got me a Hamilton Zoodle thingy that I can't get to work WORTH A DAMN. I've tried twice and just ended getting an eensy amount of zucchini noodles and a cut on my finger when I tried to use it again. It's frustrating since D and I have begun a 30 day food challenge because neither of us can fit in our clothes and we are both tired feeling this way. This is day one. Wish us luck!


+ We ended up going to an Indivisible Houston meeting yesterday because both of us do better with the current clusterfuck of a political situation when we actively do something in protest of it. When we got there I recognized one of the librarians from work, a quiet girl who'd been temporarily deployed at Central while her branch underwent roof repair. I waved and after she recognized me (I think it took a bit; we'd only met in passing) she moved over with her stuff and we talked liberal local stuff. And I introduced her to D AND SHE SAID SHE'D INTRODUCE HER PARTNER AMELIA ONE DAY, ONLY SHE WAS SHY AND DIDN'T COME TO THESE THINGS!!!! OMG!!!! A LESBIAN, EXTREMELY LIBERAL CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN IN MY SYSTEM OMG!!!!! My ex-co-workers in KIDS are ALL FIRED!!! If I can't count on system gossip for these things WHAT GOOD IS IT?? So we gave her a ride home and she added me on FB and that made the weekend all kind of better. :-)


+ One thing that helped me this morning when I realized I had ALSO not only, since the trip to San Antonio, misplaced my bag of earrings AND the pocket folder where I keep Important Things so they don't rattle around my tote bag, was music. The Lord Huron Love continues, and I found this old-timey almost Stagger Lee sounding song from Nathaniel Ratefliff.

Okay gente, I've got two PP presentations, a song from Hamilton to re-write, and a shit-ton of ordering, so Ima jet!

Talk at you later!
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I am writing this on an iPad that I hate SO MUCH while simultaneously being grateful for said loaned iPad without which I could not get online at all. After having the computer a week Fry's Electronics tried to tell me it was just the adapter. When I argued with the guy on the phone he kept insisting so I told him we would pick it up, I was going to wiggle the dc jack and adapter connection,and if it still quit charging, I was going to look for HIM. Ten minutes later I get a call back saying, uhm, yeah the system stopped charging right after the call. It will need to be sent off, it will 4-6 weeks s before we hear but I can call next week (?????), and I can inquire about a loaner if I want.

The whole conversation really frustrating because the techs first language is not English and I have to repeat question three times and as him to repeat answers, I just want to stab myself in the face.

I pretty much want to stab myself in the face for this whole week/weekend.


I Want To Run Away )

I feel pretty alone right now.


Of course I cannot get any of the hockey game streams to work on this machine.

This does not affect the fact that I fall more and more in fascination with this kid with every passing hour. His silly face and huge (really they are anime huge) blue eyes and bow lips and palm frond eyeylashes and just his PATRICKNESS are the only thing getting me through this Bataan death march of a 'vacation.'

I have been writing steadily, one of the few silver linings of this time off, a Patrick/Jonny IFC based on the film She's Out of Your League, one of my very favorite romcoms. It's not the best I've every done, in no small part because I'm using this machine that doesn't even have a real keyboard, and also, I keep second guessing myself on the hockey content and the voices of secondary characters. But I am having the BEST TIME with these boys and I love my little story!!! It's not going to some ground breaking trope but I love them together so much.


+ I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie which I had eschewed after reading in the books that Dumbledore died. No really I was THAT upset. I actually quite liked it.

+ A coworker lent me her beautiful hard copy of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls and it is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. The illustrations jarred me at first because they are these strangely static feeling pencil color panels but as the story goes on they meld with the text so by the end both are essential to the other. He's basically taken three characters from traditional children's stories: Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Wendy from Peter Pan, and written erotic explanations for those stories. Check it out if you can, but make sure you do so at home. NONE of the content is kid or work safe.

+ I watched the Frontline documentary League of Denial about how the NFL lied and hid conclusive evidence regarding the effects of concussions and head trauma in professional football players and I was saddened and horrified. Because I live in Texas and football culture has been as ingrained in me as the ability to discern good Mexican food and the expectation of a lower cost of living. My daddy would hog the tv all day Sunday watching Inside the NFL and every game that came on and those memories of us girls listening to the announcers while playing on the living room rug (we only had one tv then) are vivid ones. It is really affecting my ability to appreciate the game and I don't know if it.

Ok gente. Ima go and try to write some more.

Send me good thoughts that D will make it to tomorrow and that we will make it tithe dentist.

I don't say it enough and haven't in awhile, but you all mean lot to me. Thanks for listening.

Talk at you all later.
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As in, I don't have one right now because it is at the computer fixing place hopefully being worked on. I have no idea how much it will cost. If they quote me some crazy figure I am going into hock to get another system because that is ridiculous.

I've had that thing a YEAR AND A HALF.

So basically, I can only get online at work.

I will not bore you with how bugfuck this is completely making me.

In Other news...

+ I am on the eighth day of an 11 day work cycle and want to shoot myself in the face

+ D has a toothache which she waited to tell me about until she was begging to die from the pain. Then she had either had a reaction to the amoxycillin when coupled with one of the new meds she's on for thyroid, OR she took the amoxycillin on an empty stomach. Either way she was one sick panda by the time I got home yesterday. It took an evening of eating crackers and drinking tepid water and sleeping to be mostly okay. Which would have been fine except, as I've said, I'm on the way to being kind of burned out on this week.

+ There is (or should be please Universe) hockey on my TV tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT.


Things What I Am Watching/DVRing

+ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
+ Sleepy Hollow
+ Criminal Minds
+ Big Bang Theory
+ Elementary

Things What I Am Kind of Meh About This Season
+ Boardwalk Empire

Aw, hell, I know there's more but I can't think right now...


This video.

I can't stop watching it.


Patrick Kane and his jawline. And his eyelashes. And his lips. And...oh jfc you all get it.

Jonathan Toews with a special needs kid who JUST CANNOT WITH HIS LIFE RIGHT AT THAT SECOND!!! This one, guys. ALL THE FEELINGS I'M JUST SAYING.


Captain Serious in repose.


Captain Serious...unbuttoning his shirt?? Re-buttoning his shirt?? I have no idea what the business is here but the bathroom tiles and his boots look really odd together. However, Jonathan Toews, gente. There's no bad there.



Actual puppy!Kaner. I mean. I can't with this on SO MANY LEVLES jfc.

Okay I have to catch a bus and go home where I have NO FUCKING INTERNET so I will see ya'll on the morrow!
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wing aloe vera plant. :-(((((((((((

I have NO IDEA what to do. I can't even see it since it is totally dark now! I just noticed it when I was circling aruond. We have no outside lights because it's one of those things that worked during the inspection and promptly stopped working, like, the DAY we moved in.

I have the opposite of a green thumb and now I've mowed over her plant. I'm a plant killer!


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I seem to be really restless literarily (is that a word. Oh, well. It is now) lately. I've begun four books which, after a few chapters, keep leaving me all 'meh.' I've begun Game of Thrones, Academ's Fury by Butcher, and Along the Mysterly River by Bill Willingham and can't seem to conclude any of them. I've kind of picked up GoT again because the show is SO AWESOME and never has enough Danaerys. More Dany's awesomeness later.

However I did gobble up the third and final installment in Holly Black's Curseworkers series and it was SO WONDERFUL.***SPOILERS FOR BLACK CAT, THE THIRD CURSEWORKERS BOOK**** )

+ Also, I read the John Mayer Rolling Stone interview and, well, I have some thots and feelings. )


+ It is ALL AVENGERS ALL THE TIME up in here, gente! I LOVED LOVED it so much!
A LOT of Avenger squeeing and possible SPOILERS. WARNING!!!!!! )

I have read quite a bit of fic but I have gotten pickier about what I give my time to. I like long, well-developed plotty things with some thought. I check AO3 regulary and there are so many fantastic authors.


Hatfields & McCoys )

+ So, Trueblood came back.***POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** )

Yup. That about covers it.

+ Game of Thrones )


I've been kind of freaked out, gente.

As I wrote, D had a violent vertigo episode last Tuesday and had to go to the ER. She probably has Meniere's Disease. )

I hope any more major attacks stay away for a long time. Any positive vibes are appreciated.

+ Of course in the middle of this we are still trying to buy a damn HOUSE. We have pretty much decided to have one built in, well, the ghetto. However, compared to other ghettos we have seen and considered, it is better. It is the general consensus that the area will start to improve in short order simply because there is nowhere else for people to GO and the gentrification is slowly but surely encroaching. There are new homes going up all the time and the land values are certainly already there.

The home will be much smaller than the older house I wanted an hour away by bus but it will be a new structure and we hope to not have to do more than regular upkeep for awhile.

It is at least a relief to have that decided.

+ In closing I have signed up up for [community profile] hc_bingo because OF COURSE one does this when one hasn't written anything in over a year. I mean, why the hell not, right?

I just really miss writing. It comes up and attacks me, the realization, out of nowhere, and, well. I've always been a sucker for hurt/comfort? We'll see.

My hc_bingo card )

Have to go read to babies and mommies, gente! Take care! I'll talk at ya'll later.
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+ Apologies for bad form, but for reasons that I don't understand, I can no longer access LJ from my work computers. This IS TO CRY. It is considered a 'malicious' site, or whatever, which, okay, yes, if you're referring to the clueless Russion overlords or whatever. But it is still damned inconvenient.

Maybe this total migration is a good idea. :-/

+ Also, and in closing, we watched the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I have THE WORST GIRLCRUSH on Lisbeth Salander. She is so BROKEN AND HOT AND BROKEN AND FIERCELY INTELLLIGENT I am all *hearteyes*. The story of my life is in there somewhere. *LOL*

I want fic and I don't even know what kind. I just want to read about her being badass and awesome and having those brilliant faint, faint whispers of humanity that make me all verklempt.

I guess I need to give the book another try because it bored me shitless at the first go and I couldn't get past the first chapter.

Sadly, I must go now.

The lover is fighting the second go-round of a stubborn cold and she gets what my sister calls 'mansick.' She is totally and completely useless when she is this sick and is very pitiful and weak and frowny.

Ergo, I must take the bus tomorrow.

I'll shout at ya'll later.


In closing, the high today was 66 and tomorrow it is 71. Sometimes the South is a good place to be. :-)
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+ As we know, the last road trip to attend my nieces's sweet sixteen party ended in extreme emotional turmoil and recrimination. D refuses to return to my parent's home so I am going alone for the Christmas holiday. I intended to stay with my sister Ann and my niece because A) My parents have 11 dogs. No, really, 11 and B) I am still very angry at my mother.

My mother calls my cell phone and she makes me so. Fucking. Crazy. )

If it is possible for my family to be more dysfunctional I'm quite sure I don't know how.

HOW CAN IT BE THE 21ST!!!# JFC#@%T%T!!!!

+ I am behind on decorating and shopping AND

+ A stack of cards I made to mail out on Monday are missing. As in, they were there and when I got ready to mail them, they were not there. They have VANISHED IN MY APT WHAT. Now a bunch of people won't get cards because I am out of time. And I have a SAD.

+ I waited alltogether too long to order things for xmas and now they will all be late.

+ I am made of enormous fail this holiday season. :-P


+ If you are a conservative Republican mayor from Mississippi you probably shouldn't buy sex toys at well know gay sex toy shops. Not even in Canada.

+ If you are a conservative Republican and have run for governor on a platform of anti-gay legislation, perhaps you ought not act as a sperm donor for lesbian couples. Not even in New Zealand.


I meant to bake more and buy more presents but I am all tharn.

HOWEVER, Frankie the Laptop is back after a visit to the computer dr. and he is much better. *pets Frankie*

Also, I am VERY VERY ANGRY at Boardwalk Empire. VERY ANGRY. WTAF?

That is all.

I will post more later, gente! But if I don't, happy holidays! Here's to a better next year!

PS: Chocolate chip cookie crumbs have fallen down my bra. Ergh.
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Observations this week at work:

+ A four year old picking his nose, touching one of our DSis and HANDING IT BACK TO ME

+ Two kids chowing down on enormous bags of potato chips, which they then dropped on the floor

+ A mom sending her four year old to the desk for a wipe because 'momma drop some soda.' 'Momma' was not supposed to be drinking soda at the computers. When I informed momma of this she wasn't even mad. She just gave me this blank stare and went back to the hypnotizing Youtube on the screen. There was blue soda all over the place.

+ Today, before 1 pm, we suspended a patron for being ugly to Coworker L, which included telling her 'You can stop talking now' in front of her daughter, who giggled beside mom in amusement. Classy, ma'am, really. That was an ugly showdown that included her demanding her rights, saying this wasn't 'justice', and flat out calling Coworker L a liar. She finally got up and left, shouting the whole time, but for a minute I thought they were gonna have to physically escort her.

+ Me wanting to slap Problem Child Co-worker several times over for sheer arguementative snark. )

It is not even JULY GENTE OMG. Six more weeks of this. A WORLD OF DO NOT WANT.


+ So everyone heard about the J2 Big Bang slash story that takes place in Haiti after the earthquake, right? Yeah. Probably not the wisest choice of setting. I've been keeping the hell away from THAT giant unfortunate mess.

I really miss [profile] lucylooo right now. Her tag 'unpopular opinions' has some of the most honest discussions around and I'd really like to know her take on this. Sometimes her opinions are eons away from mine and sometimes she is the only person with the balls to say exactly what I'm feeling.

I miss you, lucy. I'm thinking of you.


+ D scared the everloving CRAP out of me day before yesterday when she felt nauseas, severely dizzy, and had a blinding headache. The nurse on the phone said she might be having a STROKE and we needed to go to the ER. D refused because she didn't want to spend the money and because last time they took blood from her hand to get a blood oxygen level and it hurt like a motherfucker. So we argued and bitched and argued yadda yadda yadda, we never got IN to see a dr. becuase we left after four hours and she saw her dr. yesterday.

Diagnosis: Vertigo.

D says no. She took her pain meds when she got home and the symptoms returned a bit, so she thinks it is a meds allergy. I dunno.

I am happy with 'not a stroke.'

+ I have an ache... )

In Happier News:

+ This Marshall Interview

He has THREE DAUGHTERS! Three! He does not think he is book smart! He saves his money because it might the last time he is going to make it!!! Every time I don't think I can love him more I DO. Seriously, the HEARTEYES I CAN'T EVEN.

+ This song

Even if you don't watch Trueblood you will, as ethrosdemon says, die. DIIIIIEEEEEE LOL OMG. I love you Snoop Dogg!

+ The news that Stephane Lambiel will be choreographing Daisuke Takahashi's Short program and it will go something like this )

Oh, Stephane. We love you. How is this man REAL? :-D

Wow. This week kicked my ass, people. Work today and then Sunday off thank God

Everyone have a great rest of your weekend and I'll talk at you later!
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Under the 'Well Crap' Heading We Have

+ Not getting my new glasses today because the prescription in one lens was wrong and they were sent back. Possibly a week more of squinting DO NOT WANT.>.<

+ We had a grand plan to spend three days cleaning the apartment because it OMG A DISASTER. No, I mean really. It is EPIC, the vast and unrelenting messiness. It is shocking even me, and that is hard to do. We figured we'd clean house and reward ourselves with a movie and possibly a barbeque.

+ None of the above is likely to happen becuase when I got home, glassesless, D was laying the bed moaning, and not in the good way. She has a fever and body aches. Which is classic Neicy: become bedridden sick with no warning or build up at all. *sigh* She is a bit better this evening but not much.

+ And also, she seems to have misplaced her wallet. I say 'misplaced' because she is 99% sure it is somewhere in the apartment. We just can't seem to find it. Considering I spent a horrid half hour thinking I lost my wedding ring, I should not throw stones. And I love her. Still, she does seem to misplace really important thing with regularity: her phone, her meds, the keys to the car, stuff like that. We have looked for her wallet off and on all evening with no luck. I did mention the messiness, right? *SIGH*

+ Hence this will be a weekend of looking for a wallet and bringing D soup. I really hope we find her wallet. The alternative is too sucky to be borne.

+ And yet, at this point, I am so happy and content because I am OFF FOR THREE DAYS GRACIAS A DIOS. That was a long eleven day work stretch and I HATE THOSE WITH PASSION HATE. Not to mention this week was full of the crazy, and work fail and relationship issues AARRRGH. DAYS OFF YAY!!!

Before I Go Have Some Random Thoughts

+ Marshall is going to be in Rolling Stone!!! GLEE!!!!! *covets*

+ I never get tired of watching Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. *HEARTS*

+ No Country for Old Men never ceases to be brilliant and wow, that is one horrible-ass Dorothy Hamill 'do on Javier Bardem.

+ There is an epidemic of Nick Jonas-ness infiltrating my FL. WRONG VERY WRONG MUST RUN AWAY!!!! *flees!!!!* MUST NOT READ FIC I'm LOOKING AT YOU QUEENIE!!!!!

+ Posted a Deadlist Catch fic and got a little fb. I've missed it. Still working on Copfic. It's coming along.

Okay, boys and girls. I'll be on and off all weekend. You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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+ Had a pretty good day. Got some kids to look at Jasper Johns art work and then they created some pretty damned cool paintings.

+ Was real busy and the day flew by, always good.

+ Heard from D's nephew and the library will be sending cards and drawings to soldiers from a base in Macon, GA who just today shipped out to Kabul, Afghanistan. Captain Meeks is a sweetie and sounded ridiculously excited at the prospect of kid's art work being sent to his guys.

+ And then I wait for D after work, who never came, and call home to find out the car has been broken into in BROAD DAYLIGHT at 5:30 pm while people are coming home from work. They only seem to have taken the GPS but smashed out the passenger window.

I hope whatever person or persons did this catches a venereal disease that causes their extremieties to fall off.

+ D then tells me that all the people fromher high school that had friended her on Facebook DE-freinded her after she came out when a guy linked to an article discussing gay marriage and wrote how he didn't think gays should be allowed matrimony becauase it was against what it said in the bible. She was really excited to be re-connecting with high school friends, too.

I'm the one that talked D into getting a Facebook since she always says she feels really removed from all the stuff I do online and the people I talk to.

In retrospect, perhaps Facebok wasn't something I should have encouraged her to do.

It is early but I am in bed because I really think today needs to end as soon as possible.
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But my left knee is killing me. I don't know what's up; usually I can pop it a few times and it goes away, but not tonight.

Also, D has been doing unofficial patrolling around our apartment building between 3 and 5 a.m because we've had FIVE cars broken into in the past two weeks. She doesn't have, like, a gun, or a tasser, or even mace, but she does have our tiny Chihuahua Jax with her. Apparently she intends to use the killer Chihuahua and harsh language if someone actually shows up to jack a car. I don't know.

I do know that when she got up at 2:34 a.m for her nightly patrol

+ Her alarm went off. Twice.
+ She thought she locked herself out and called the land line and I got up to answer the phone but she had already realized the didn't lock herslef out.
+ She brought Jax back inside because he decided he didn't want to be walked around the apartment (I think he was just sleepy), but then he barked when she left so I had to get up and shush him
+ She gave me two little updates on the goings on of the nocturnal neighbors in our complex when I blearily walked into the living room twice

+ Then D has decided to stay out there 'till sunup because she thinks someont might be waiting for her to go inside then breaking in cars while it is still dark.

Hence, I have not slept at all.

I then lay in the dark in denial that I was not asleep.

I watched 3/4 of The Hulk with Edward Norton. That man looks twelve years old and yet he is vastly fascinating. Most disturbing.

I've got that scratchy eyes utter weariness going on, with bonus knee pain.

However, Jax is fast asleep so perhaps I'll try again.

I work at 1 today. Rather sucky.

Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets broke his foot and I think that means they are well and truly fucked for the playoffs. Just my opinion.

The little cluster of random tells me I am getting kind of fuzzy so I go now.

Night , or morning, all. Till later today.
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Me: There's a Winchestercon! I've always wanted to go.
D: .......with guns?
Me: o.O
Me: *laugh like hell*

In other news, I have two days off!

Possible activities:

+ Art Car Parade- One of my favorite events in Houston.

+ Star Trek Prequel- I am not a trekkie but this sounds intriguing even to me. Besides, Zachary Quinto as Spock! Come on. He was charming on Bonnie Hunt.

+ Meeting the Pet Teenager's Girlfriend- apparently she wants to meet us. D is going to make a roast for Saturday dinner, possibly. Yum.

We shall see how things work out.

Right now: SPN OMG!!!! *bites nails*

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May everyone in the Western hemisphere that celebrates Easter have a fabulous Bunny Day!

I am sitting here finishing the latest Kim Harrison and watching Jax worry a chew bone within an inch of its life. :-) D has decided she is not ready to be up and is watching TV in bed.

We plan to go to a movie sometime today and also go grocery shopping so I can get more diet stuff. My calorie counting was blown like a blown thing this week with D's nephew visiting but I plan to get right back on that wagon tomorrow. I really did feel better eating less.

Now, before I go points? Points.

+ Dreamwidth- I'd like a code like many other people, and, like many other people, I don't plan to abandon LJ alltogether. However, I like that DW is fan-friendly, understanding the particular fandom mindset because it was developed, in part, by a fanfic writer. If I don't get a code I believe I will purchase an account when they become available later, though it has become obvious that I fail in my attempt at being bi-journal. We shall see. I am excited at the prospect of a place that will not judge what I read or write. I think that is nothing but a good thing.

+ I am starting to spend a lot of time thinking of writing these days. I hope this is another step in beginning to write regularly once again. I miss that part of my life; I'm not even sure how or why it went away, not totally. Right now I think I want to try a small James Iha/Taylor Hanson ficlet. I don't have anything but the very strange, very intriguing thought of them together. I'm going to watch some Iha interviews on YouTube and see where it goes from there.

+ Kings is cancelled, goddamn it. I love that show. It's also disheartening. Is it true? Is all quality TV doomed to failure because it does not aim for the muddling middle ground? Why do quality things mostly need to be on cable to survive? This was a fantistically realized show. It had great actors, a thoughtful, intelligent script, and brave direction. Why must everything be fucking American Idol? *sigh*

+ D's nephew H left to go back to GA after a week of breavment leave. He will always be a kid to me, tho he is a thirty year old service man who has been to Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. He's also a good man, and there are not many of those. Fiercely smart, tall, dark, and handsome, and with an even-tempered kindness borne of balancing out his dad all these years, I really hope he finds someone worthy to live his life with. He has been alone with is dad's illness, mantal and physical, for so long, that he deserves some happiness and someone who knows how awesome he is. Anyone who knows a nice girl that won't fuck him over, hook me up.

+ Went to a cook-off at my Cop Friend April's last night and it was fun. We were one of only a handful of non-cop women there but the food was good and the conversation funny and interesteing. The funniest thing tho was that I had been told by co-workers that a cute young guy had been by to see me on Friday when I was off, tall, and wearing a cap, and I was at a loss as to whom it might have been because both Russell and Justin, the teen boys' from across the way, are both kind of short.

Found out that Megan, a lovely, androgynous girl I know through April, had come by to say 'Hi', as she had promised to do, while she was studying for her Sargeant's exam. She is fond of baseball caps over her really pretty face and buzz cut hair and she is given to t-shirts and jeans that hide what slim curves there are to her lanky body. She kind of resembles a palomino colt.

'A young guy.' Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D

+ To wrap up, I have had the score from 'Once More With Feeling' in my head for DAYS. God, I miss my show.

Okay, gente. I am getting hungry so I am going to either scare up some food in ye olde kitchen, or go get D's arse in gear to go find some.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I'll talk at ya'll later.
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Because I get emails from some guy that looks like Huggy Bear. What is that about? SURELY he knows only homless Latino guys and older Indian men proposition me. Get with the program.

Points? Points.

+ Going to Texas Library Association Conference tomorrow to look at exhibits, on the cheap. I don't really mind.I really only care about the free stuff and authors. I mean, how many times do I have to listen to the same early literacy/books for boys/bilingual storytime workshops? I think I am good on that front.

+ D's brother died Tuesday. )

+ This is the second week I am watching my calories. Yesterday I had no time to fix lunch so I had a Hot Pocket from the coffee shop and WOW, I crashed so hard that afternoon! I felt like poo. Back to celery and carrots for lunch. Hm. Eat poo=feel like poo. What a concept.

+ Still burned out on pet single mom-hood. Right now I am trying to write with the cat on my chest, Jax asleep between my knees, and Sweet Pea pushed against my side. *sigh*

+ I have not watched Fast and Furious BUT my sekrit gf Michelle Rodriguez has posted new pix and wow she is BEYOOTIFULd. Don't take my word. See? )

Thus concludes you picspam for the day

I had more but I need to go to sleep, gente

I was going to bitch about work stuff but, eh. Some other time.

Cuidense and I'll talk at ya'll later; probably closer to Friday.
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Have some bullet points, si? I don't think I will ever post any other way. It just looks so organized. :-)

+ D is still in Georgia, so I had V-day without her. I did manage to get some grocery shopping done because the gay guys took me with them to shop, thank goodness. I forgot some basics, like mustard for my corn dogs, but I got all the staples.

+ D is trying to get her brother admitted into hospice or a state run home of some kind because he cannot be left by himself, and she is helping her nephew get power of attorney. I don't know how long she'll be gone but I'm hoping just another week. That is how long we can afford for her to be gone, anyway...

+ Yesterday I did go to my Cop Friend April's birthday and it was the most fun!! She always has these all day birthdays that last fourteen hours. Her partner picked me up at noon and we had snacks at the house, saw home movies, went to a hockey game, tracked down a lost kid that wandered off from our group, then went to have the yummiest sushi at Soma. I had to beg off dessert and coffee at 11 pm!

+ Still, there is nothing like walking among a group of out, proud, lesbian cops. It is AWESOME and chivalry is NOT dead with these women. As one of a handful of femmes I had more doors opened and more stuff fetched for me than in the last six months, which is utterly happy-making. :-D

+ I am actually writing. SSsssssssssh. Don't scare the muses...

+ I have also been thinking of painting for the first time in a long time. It is interesting to feel that again.

+ I just got a mini-grant to further the develop my Art Thing program on Saturdays. I really wasn't expecting to get it and now I actually have to do what I proposed. Meep.

+ My LJ layout: think I'll keep it. :-)

I think I had more but I must away now!

Talk to you all later and have a great day!
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+ Firstly, Fox News, how you bring the giggles. No, really. This is right up there with the Regis and Kelly show where they asked one of the Prison Break actors what his name on the show, T-BAG, meant. He really did try to answer, bless his heart.

BECAUSE I DO NOT THINK THAT WORD MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEAN, MA'AM!!! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] regala_electra for the link. It kept me snurfling all day. :-D

+ I expected to have some kind of time off/Inauguration hangover but 'twas not to be. Maybe it will kick in at the end of my nine-day work stretch. Woo! Awesome. Think of how much I'll appreciate sleeping late after that.

+ Really, and I know this is probably trite and fleeting, but mostly I am...inspired? Like, to do things and help people. D and I have talked for years about volunteering together at the GLBT Switchboard or The Pride Committee. Something to do together. I think we are ready to act on that now. I wonder how many people feel the same way. :-)

+ [livejournal.com profile] obama_daily is the best comms for eye candy heartwarming pix of the first couple.

+ I had jury duty most of last week and it was a horrible, soul killing case. I have never been so glad to see children's books again in my life.

Okay, gente.

I am going to start to clean up and go home.

You all take care and I'll talk at y'all later. Y
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We got in last night at around midnight very, very tired, but happy to be home. I love my family but three days is about the shelf life to a good visit.

My sisters were great, even the one that just broke up with her long-time bf. (incidentally, I don't think one ever stops wanting to rip out the entrails of someone that hurts one's little sister), and the wee nephew was wonderful. My niece Cass and I bonded over Twilight and she has the BIGGEST fangirl crush on Robert Pattinson. HUGE! Robert Pattinson and the Jonas Brothers. There's something wrong about that....

Alltogether a good Xmas except for that fact that my parents just keep getting older, as parents do, and more unahappy, as. Well. I don't think most parents do? I dunno? They seem to like each other less as time goes on. My mom complains about my dad. He complains about my mom. They ignore each other or snark. It's kinda sad-making.

Still, everyone was there, which rarely happens, and good times were had.

I got this! )

Pretty good if I say so myself. :-)

My mom also brought me a pair of work pants which almost had to go up a size due to the size of my arse.

No, seriously. I always tend to gorge at my mom's house but this year was really in a league of it's own. Check out a list of the sweets, for real. )

So, obviously, there was no hope.

I think I gained at least ten lbs. while I was there. X-p

D is now pretty much accepted which is still kind of strange. We were even able to hold hands, sleep in the same bed, and peck each other on the cheek with no scandal ensuing. It's the small steps. She was kind of sick when we got there but got better and the rest of the visit went okay, health wise.

In other news...

+ We saw Doubt. )

+ D has discovered texting and keeps up a constant click of conversation every few minutes. I have said not much but I notice she is much less growly about my checking LJ. :-)

+ I am watching the NFL playoffs. The Texans won! The Cowboys lost so spectacularly I could hear my dad curse from 300 miles away.

And, wow, Faith Hill. Not who I think of when I think of football but, hey. I hope the good woman got lots of money for it.

+ Btw, I also finished up Breaking Dawn. )

Am now reading Duma Key by Stephen King. It's great so far.

In closing, and the only down side to our trip/vacation we returned to an absolutely FOUL smelling apartment! At first I thought Russell had neglected to change out the cat litter like he said he'd do, and for which we left him a copy of the house key, but no. We had not emptied the trash can. After cleanign out the ice box. :-( The stench was VILE. After opening windows, doors, turning on the fan, and spraying air freshner it is better today. But MAN, that was one of our more spectacular oversights.

Okay, gente. I work tomorrow and this upcoming year promises to be full of ridiculousness and tomfoolery at Chez HPL, but we shall see.

I hope you all had a Feliz Navidad and I'll talk at you later. :-)

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So last night at 7:30 D calls me at work at informs me she needs to to the ER. )

I need to take a bath and go to sleep but D finally drifted off on the couch and I don't want to wake her. I have gone past tired to a strange stage of hyper-awakeness. I dunno.

I figure we can do a nice dinner some time soon. I have pumpkin pie and rice krispie treats from our dinner hosts so I am good for now.

Think of us tomorrow, gente. I work on Saturday so I really hope D is better by tomorrow night. She has flat out refused to go back to that hospital so I'm not sure what to do if her lip does not look better by tomorrow night.
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The phone rang at 6 a.m. this morning. And rang and rang and rang. Then D's cell rang. So I nudged her because she's on that side of the bed and she stumbled over to answer it. I could hear her talking but was still in some denial that I was awake a full hour forty minutes before I had to be to go to work.

It was my friend Renee about a puppy. )

Am I being un unreasonable bitch? Because if I am please tell me. I probably won't believe you but I will revisit my overreaction reaction.


In other news...

+ OLYMPICS OLYMPICS OLYMPICS!!!!!- Who saw the relay race after the French team talked all that smack?!?!?!? Way to be AWESOME Michael Phelps!!!! And hai Cullen Jones, hai, aren't you cute as a button? That was an amazing race. Watching the women's gymnastics wasn't easy with all the falling and mistakes and I think Nastia Lukin was ROBBED on the balance beam score. They are hanging in there, tho. And I WILL say it: NO. WAY. are those girl on the Chinese team sixteen. NO fuckin' way.

It is All Olympics All The Time here at Chez Ahestele. :-D

+ Except when it is ALL MCR ALL THE TIME. *lol* At one point I was watching the Black Parade is Dead DVD on Frankie, the computer, and watching synchronized diving on TV. Good times!
Frankie Iero: still tiny and adorable. Just in case you all were wondering.

+ I have fallen off the wagon and down the hill on my diet AND the exercising. :-(

+ I am developing a penchant for Bob/anyone slash. I blame [livejournal.com profile] i_amthecosmos It's all your fault Zillah!!! Now where is the Bob slash? *looks around*

+ Can there BE more genderswapping fic in this fandom? Because I think not. Wow.

OK, gente.

I must away. I'm on the desk.

I'll talk at ya'll later!

Cuidense till then!
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I have Tuesday off because it is apparently impossible for me to have a Friday off whilst also having the weekend off. So here I am, with a day off at the beginning of the week, again. *le sigh* Still, sleeping late is still sleeping late.

I meant to go walking this morning, or at least before noon when the sun becomes a bald, stifling onion in the sky, but D was up half the night sick to her stomach. I don't know why but by the time she finally went down it was close to five a.m. and, yeah. I guess I should be grateful I DON'T have to go to work today and be all zombiefied.

I forgot to mention I finally got my hair cut! )

I'm enjoying the quiet and peace and solitude.

I have been writing away on the copfic and have six pages so far.

I have more Big Bang fic to read, how so awesome.

I have decided I am going to contribute something to [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry Probably a set of handmade holiday cards.

Ok, gente. I'm gonna look at the fic and think about breakfast lunch soon.

Cuidense and have a great martes!


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