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Otherwise known as, Journaling For Therapy in 5 E-Z Steps. Really long. Scroll past if your own family drama is enough for you. )


Since The Email, I have been self-therapying with British police procedurals which, to be fair, I love anyhow. I've just been binging them and D has been watching with me. I have rated them in order of how much I want to visit the country they are set in which happens to be in keeping with how much I love them. I'm not including Broadchurch since my deep love for it goes without saying:

1. Shetland- I love this SO MUCH. The countryside looks so lush and green and I love Jimmy Perez and Tosh the best. I continue to be highly amused at his Spanish surname and how totally plausible it is because Spaniards are often blond and fair. I am a season behind because the new one isn't on Netflix until it is complete but I can't wait!

2. Wallander- HOW did I not know Fetus!Tom Hiddleston was on this?? HOW?? You are all FIRED! Also, I know this is based on the Swedish mystery series, ok? Kenneth Branagh is a Brit, as are all the cast. Everything is superb on this: acting, cinematography, writing. Branagh is so BROKEN in this, like, all the time, and all you want to do is give him soup and tell him to sleep.

3. Hinterland- Of all of them this is absolutely the darkest, both literally and symbolically. It pushes the gore factor considerably in crime scenes and gunshot scenes compared to the others. Very noir, but really well done, too. Another broken DCI with secrets and baggage skillfully performed by Richard Harrington, who played Captain Blamey on Poldark, where he looked 65 years old in his wig and uniform. Fantastic cast, all of them.

4. Midsomer Murders- This is the oldest series and it is A DELIGHT. We are only on the second season and enjoying it utterly. Much lighter fare and a breath of fresh air every time. It's also such fun to play spot-the actor. We've already seen a young Emily Mortimer and Elizabeth Spriggs of Sense and Sensibility and Harry Potter fame.


* D has been pre-diagnosed with gastroparesis, which basically means her stomach does not work right. We are seeing other specialists because her dr thinks there might be another condition also at play and wants to at least rule it out. It is such a relief to find a medical professional that listens and believes you, I can't tell you. Dr. Behazin in Houston and her staff are the BEST.

* I plan to visit my folks early next month because it has been way too long. My mom is not doing well being my dad's caretaker since she is not, and has never been, the best nurturing sort. Not being mean; she'd say the same. However, she is also 77 herself, so I know her health is not the best, either.

* I have not read anything in so long it is sad.

* Except for kid's graphic novels for my committee. My faves so far are

- Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag
- Princess Princess Ever After by Katie 'Neill
- Fish Girl by David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli
- Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt by Ben Clanton
- Real Frends by Shannon Hale

Okay, gente. I'ma go be productive.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for letting me use this as a space to process. It really does help. :-)
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+ As we know, the last road trip to attend my nieces's sweet sixteen party ended in extreme emotional turmoil and recrimination. D refuses to return to my parent's home so I am going alone for the Christmas holiday. I intended to stay with my sister Ann and my niece because A) My parents have 11 dogs. No, really, 11 and B) I am still very angry at my mother.

My mother calls my cell phone and she makes me so. Fucking. Crazy. )

If it is possible for my family to be more dysfunctional I'm quite sure I don't know how.

HOW CAN IT BE THE 21ST!!!# JFC#@%T%T!!!!

+ I am behind on decorating and shopping AND

+ A stack of cards I made to mail out on Monday are missing. As in, they were there and when I got ready to mail them, they were not there. They have VANISHED IN MY APT WHAT. Now a bunch of people won't get cards because I am out of time. And I have a SAD.

+ I waited alltogether too long to order things for xmas and now they will all be late.

+ I am made of enormous fail this holiday season. :-P


+ If you are a conservative Republican mayor from Mississippi you probably shouldn't buy sex toys at well know gay sex toy shops. Not even in Canada.

+ If you are a conservative Republican and have run for governor on a platform of anti-gay legislation, perhaps you ought not act as a sperm donor for lesbian couples. Not even in New Zealand.


I meant to bake more and buy more presents but I am all tharn.

HOWEVER, Frankie the Laptop is back after a visit to the computer dr. and he is much better. *pets Frankie*

Also, I am VERY VERY ANGRY at Boardwalk Empire. VERY ANGRY. WTAF?

That is all.

I will post more later, gente! But if I don't, happy holidays! Here's to a better next year!

PS: Chocolate chip cookie crumbs have fallen down my bra. Ergh.
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So I just found out today, from my BROTHER IN LAW, that my mother had been feeling bad, went into work anyway, and passed out in her classroom. An ambulance was called and she was at the hospital overnight, but she is being released today.

He took it upon himself to email me because he thought I should know.

Apparently NONE of my sisters thought I should be told because they didn't 'want to worry me' and also, I tend to freak out.


Yeah, I think that's called 'Giving a shit,' but what do I know.
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Thank Jesus Christ and all the saints. *hugs cluttered apartment and Queen sized bed to bosom* Home! Mmmm. So happy.

First the Good:

*I got an embarrassment of riches, really, mostly from D. She doesn't have money every holiday and when she does she tends to overcompensate despite my asking her not to. Hard to complain when I'm sitting there so incredibly happy!

- Life on the Murder Scene! You can tell out of everything this made me squee and bounce and made my family glance at me quizzically. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *luvs it*

- Runaways, Pride and Joy, by Vaughn, Fables Vol. 1 by Willingham, and THREE Strangers in Paradise graphic novels by Terry Moore including the Treasury and numbers 3 and 5!!! My gf loves me. :-D

- This beautiful robe which is soft as a cloud and a pretty blue color to replace the raggedy one I've had for, literally, twelve years, and that has a hole on the side.

- The perenniel socks and underwear of which one can never have too many

- A travel alarm clock
- A travel pouch
- Money from my mom
- And a gorgeus diamond accented sapphire ring for EACH OF US GIRLS that made everyone's mouth drop. My mom has started buying us real matching jewelery every Christmas ever since my brother died but this was WOW. Apart from my wedding ring I don't have a lot of real jewelery so this was amazing.

* I also had a pretty good visit with the 'rents and the siblings.

* We drove my third sis and the wee nephew to Austin yesterday so I had an extra day of wee nephew goodness. I didn't even mind the four hour marathon of Finding Nemo/Lilo and Stitch/Lion King from the back seat.

* I saw my best friend from high school, her husband, and 'kid', who is now seventeen. It was a nice, brief visit, which was fine. We are not the same people, but it was good to see her.

It was pretty drama free. At least until Christmas Day.

The Bad

* The second sister's drama has reached critical mass, apparently. The person she's seeing is, well. Very broken. Because we are Chavarria women and that's what we do: show us a stable, well adjusted, emotionally functional person and we go BAH! Where's the fun in that? Show us a broken, emotionally fragile person with baggage galore and we go THAT'S THE ONE!!! ;-) Still, she threw a fit on Xmas day and took off for the whole day before my niece opened any of her presents, and stayed gone for the whole day in what is a huge bitch move, even for her. *sigh* She is very focused on this person, who I'm not saying is BAD, really, but does seem to need a lot of her undivided attention, and you know, my sister has a kid. But yeah.

* My elderly aunt fell and had to be taken to the hospital. We think this happened on Xmas eve but she was not found until the day after Xmas and that was a very big mess. She is recuperating and is going into a rehab facility today. However my mom wouldn't leave her alone at the hospital and my aunt doesn't have insurance so the last part of the visit was spotting my mom at the hospital so she could go home and take a bath and eat some because she was determined not to let us spend any of OUR vacation there.

* My dad, whom I love, and resemble both physically and in nature (unfortunately, somtimes) is living in his own private Idaho of snarking and opinionated comments which was driving everyone crazy.

* My puppy's eye is bothering her. The one she is NOT blind on. That is not a good sign.

So, yes. Par for the course.

It was still wonderful to have everyone there, which just does not happen that often anymore.

D and I have no plans at all for today except to lounge and enjoy our humble abode. We slept on my neice's little tiny single bed the whole time and my back is SO grateful to be home, too. :-)

I missed you all! I hope everyone had a good Xmas! I'm off until Jan. 2nd YAY! So I should be on and about.

Talk at ya'll later!
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However, first and foremost let me congratulate anyone on my FL that happens to be from Boston way. Your boys brought it home! May your joy be infectious and your satisfaction well felt. :-)

I had two days off this weekend which began with a Friday tour of Haunted Houston )

We returned home to find out that D's SISTER had unexpectedly shown up. And by 'unexpectedly' I mean that she actually kept her word and showed up when she said she would. I would have bet money that she would blow D off like usual. I mean, I didn't even CLEAN I was so sure she would be a no-show.
We had planned to go to a Halloween party and everything Saturday night but instead spent it with her. She is here until about Tuesday since she and D are going over some of D's mom's stuff in the old house in LaPorte.

Rambling about D's sister's emotional unavailability )

Still, on Saturday night we attended a cookout in the courtyard of our apartment complex and it was nice. It was given by the gay couple that moved in across from us, incredibly sweet men, and their two teen-age sons, who are the sweetest boys I have ever met. It was a safe, close thing for D and J to do and the barbeque was killer.

However, above and beyond family drama and haunted tours everything is wonderful with the world. Do ya'll know why?

That's right.

IT'S FIGURE SKATING SEASON, GENTE!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!Figure skating squee. Click at your own risk! )

In conclusion, SKATING YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


* I wrote some. Not a lot, but I got a couple of pages in. I'm very encouraged. I've missed my skaterbois. :-)

* REC: [livejournal.com profile] iphignia939 wrote a wonderful Frankie/Gerard in Japan at Christmas, circa 2005. It is brilliant. Highly reccommended.

OK, gente.

I am up to my arse in work, which I still have not caught up with from Barcelona, so I go now.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S.: The cutest thing I've read lately: IEROWEEN!!! Frankie's birthday is October 31st it's totally IEROWEEN!!!

Alright, alright, I'm fangirling, shoot me.

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So I did tell ya'll my mom had helped D and I get a car?

We had been planning to go pick it up the weekend after my comprehensives, which is this upcoming weekend.

This has managed to turn into major drama with my family. Cut for family misunderstanding, conflict, and general wtfness. Because that is how my people ROLL. ***Do not click if your own family drama is enough for you. )

In summation, I love my family. I do. They are good, hard working people. But we cannot, for the love of god, communicate worth a damn.

I'll let you all know how that turns out.

In other news.....

One of the reasons I have no money is because I realized, at the eleventh hour, that I could not do my exams without a printer. I am literal and visual and I needed to highlight and peruse more than one at article at a time and...and...I have a shiny printer now. *pets it* Waiting until the eve of the test? Not so smart. But shiny.

Does anyone else think the judge in teh Anna Nicole Smith case was completely innapropriate? I do.

Sinead!Britney looks disturbingly attractive to me. Hm.

The link [livejournal.com profile] wesleysgirl has to George Takei/Mr.Sulu's response to that asshat Tim Hardaway's diatribe against gay people is made of WIN. OF WIN I TELL YOU. Go and be amused!

The weather has been absolutely lovely with patches of overcast and muggy. Still not snow. We'll take it.

And now, lunch.

I'll check back after the busride/roadtrip/family outing. Wish me luck and everyone have a good weekend!


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