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+ I have signed up for [personal profile] svmadelyn's Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange *breathes into paper bag*

+ I found myself crying in the dark by myself while reading calliotrope's amazing hockey rpf Scattered Pieces of My Mind. I'm not talking the eye-burning, sniffling thing that sometimes happens. I mean that embarrassing, hitching, ugly sounds in your throat that get pulled out of your soul thing that you can't even help. Over a FUCKING FIC OMG FML. I came to the irrefutable conclusion that I might be crazypants in love with Kaner and Tazer and this crazy, improbable fandom. I think this is what's called 'doubling down.'

+ Listen to me: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. I want ALL THE FIC EVER about the boys in THIS VIDEO:


It's the Boston University men's hockey team called THE TERRIERS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Their team is LEGIT NAMED AFTER A TINY ADORABLE DOG??? Is there a DIFFERENT terrier I'm not aware of??? What does their mascot even LOOK LIKE??? At any rate, I didn't know it was possible to PERISH FROM CUTE but, apparently, that is not so, because they killed me DEAD. Eskimo kisses??? One pair calls each other PARTNER WHUT?? I CAN'T WITH THESE CHILDREN OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE

+ I am actively working on the Kaner/Tazer/Tyler Seguin OT3 and the Kazer AU. I think of posting, then I get afeared and tweak some more, than I write some more, then I think of posting, then I get afeared, lather, rinse, repeat

+ This sport is ruining my life, by which I mean, I'm so glad I listened to people and discovered it. :-)


+ The time I am spending on Tumblr is approaching maximum density. I am phig67 on there if anyone is interested. Unless you are all about hockey all the time with flashes of lgbtq posts, nudes, and manga/comics posts, maybe not for you. I'm not hurt. I sat here aaaaaaaaaaallll through when most of fandom fucked off to SG1. Then Sherlock. Then One Direction. I understand.

+ We are apparently hosting Thanksgiving? What? In two weeks? ...okay?

+ I am going to miss one of the THREE Blackhawks games televised in my area while I am in Guadalajara. ARRGGGH. D is taping it for me.

+ We have hardly any $, still, because home ownership is hard. I'm actually not sure HOW we're doing Thanksgiving but, there we are. I'm hoping things are a bit better in the new year when we are cancelling our useless, ridiculously unhelpful home warranty service, have a homestead tax break, and.... well, that's it, really, but I hope it helps. The thought if having no money for the next 29 years isn't very appealing....



dream thieves
Follow up to The Raven Boys it is amazing. I'd pay a lot of money to see this on film.


+ Sleepy Hollow- Between Orlando Jones ninja kicking through The Fourth Wall, Nicole Beharie being a kickass hot SHORT woman of color, and the completely self-deprecating charm of Tom Mison I am all in for this.

+ I DVRed and watched The NHK Trophy figure Skating competition mostly because Johnny Weir was the commentator and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to someone who was actually knowledgeable about the sport, it's history, and the point system. In fact, his explanation is the clearest I've ever been on how things are scored. I mean, I don't agree with it, but I understand it now, sort of. I'm worried the US is going to have a gap in the ladies FS area. And I was so upset that they didn't even show ice dancing where US skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White AND the Shibutanis came in first and third respectively. So frustrating. It was also wistful to see the crowd of thirteen THOUSAND in the stands whereas, in the US, the popularity is going in the opposite direction.


Vienna Teng, one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated, female vocalists out there, doing vocal percussion and singing to an Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone/Lose Yourself mashup that is UNBELIEVABLE.

Okay, gente! I'm off to write more, watch more hockey vids, and do that work thing. ;-)

Talk at ya'll later! To my freinds in The North, stay warm! We are still @ balmy 72 degrees, though a 'cold front' is rumored to be arriving tonight. I'm ready to snuggle so we'll see!
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Title: Nearer to Thee 10/?
Author: Ahestele
Pairing: Eminem/Taylor Hanson
Rating: R
Feedback: Of course.
Warning: Harsh language, some description of gore. You are forewarned.
Notes: I did some research on police procedure, but only as it applies to the Houston PD and I did use some artistic license. Any discrepencies are mine alone.
Large parts of this are inspired by every police drama I love and the excellent X-Files fic 'Wind River' by Cathleen Faye. Riffed humbly and gratefully from a premise put forth in [personal profile] zillahseye's amazing EmTay fic 'Fifteen Minutes.'
Disclaimer: This is completely and categorically a work of fiction. No infringement of any sort is intended.
Dedication: Every time this story would get too far from me I would recieve feedback from a new reader and it would bring my boys back to me. For [profile] hybridhotshit and [profile] psychoknot and [profile] maddiegirle. For [personal profile] reet, who keeps beta-ing over years and different fandoms and life, and demands the best of me in the most constructive, kindest way. I loves you, chica. And, lastly, though they will never read this, for April and Dee, my cop friends who listened patiently while I asked about police procedure and protocol and answered all my silly civilian questions and never once laughed or asked, in consternation, 'You're writing what, now?' You are wonderful, ladies.

Now, before the dedications get longer than the damn fic, here 'tis.

Other parts in under the 'nearer to thee' tag in my lj

12:30 a.m. )
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Under the 'Well Crap' Heading We Have

+ Not getting my new glasses today because the prescription in one lens was wrong and they were sent back. Possibly a week more of squinting DO NOT WANT.>.<

+ We had a grand plan to spend three days cleaning the apartment because it OMG A DISASTER. No, I mean really. It is EPIC, the vast and unrelenting messiness. It is shocking even me, and that is hard to do. We figured we'd clean house and reward ourselves with a movie and possibly a barbeque.

+ None of the above is likely to happen becuase when I got home, glassesless, D was laying the bed moaning, and not in the good way. She has a fever and body aches. Which is classic Neicy: become bedridden sick with no warning or build up at all. *sigh* She is a bit better this evening but not much.

+ And also, she seems to have misplaced her wallet. I say 'misplaced' because she is 99% sure it is somewhere in the apartment. We just can't seem to find it. Considering I spent a horrid half hour thinking I lost my wedding ring, I should not throw stones. And I love her. Still, she does seem to misplace really important thing with regularity: her phone, her meds, the keys to the car, stuff like that. We have looked for her wallet off and on all evening with no luck. I did mention the messiness, right? *SIGH*

+ Hence this will be a weekend of looking for a wallet and bringing D soup. I really hope we find her wallet. The alternative is too sucky to be borne.

+ And yet, at this point, I am so happy and content because I am OFF FOR THREE DAYS GRACIAS A DIOS. That was a long eleven day work stretch and I HATE THOSE WITH PASSION HATE. Not to mention this week was full of the crazy, and work fail and relationship issues AARRRGH. DAYS OFF YAY!!!

Before I Go Have Some Random Thoughts

+ Marshall is going to be in Rolling Stone!!! GLEE!!!!! *covets*

+ I never get tired of watching Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. *HEARTS*

+ No Country for Old Men never ceases to be brilliant and wow, that is one horrible-ass Dorothy Hamill 'do on Javier Bardem.

+ There is an epidemic of Nick Jonas-ness infiltrating my FL. WRONG VERY WRONG MUST RUN AWAY!!!! *flees!!!!* MUST NOT READ FIC I'm LOOKING AT YOU QUEENIE!!!!!

+ Posted a Deadlist Catch fic and got a little fb. I've missed it. Still working on Copfic. It's coming along.

Okay, boys and girls. I'll be on and off all weekend. You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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Unexpected blast from the past. )

In other news...

+ D spent a couple of days pretty depressed about Sweet Pea. I kept being weepy, as well. We are better today.

+ Saw Pelham 123 *Possible Spoilers* )

+ We were going to go to Austin to see my siser, BiL, and the wee nephew, but they ended up going to Laredo, and D's sister's AC is broken, so no road trip for us. I have a seven day work stretch coming up on Monday and driving twelve-fourteen hours round trip wouldn't have been very restful. I miss my family in Laredo the most on holidays, though. No one can cook, sit, and eat quite like my folks!


+ The one site that housed 8 Mile fic is gone like a gone thing and I am v.v. upset! There wasn't a lot of fic there but there was some fine writing that I wanted to rec for [community profile] polyfandomrecs and now I am down three fics. Sadness. :-/

+ Am re-tooling a bit on the copfic but it is moving along. I am very excited. :-)

+ Still wading through BBB fics. There is an awful lot of Panic! this time, and that's cool, but I still prefer MCR. The more Bobfic I read the more I want to read. I loves me taciturn drummers, as has been proven before. :-)


+ My Twelve Step Friend Renee called a little while ago and asked, "Are you up yet?" I told her yes, D and I were bonding over Farmtown on Facebook and getting ready to go buy stuff for our barbeque tomorrow. She then informed me she had called earlier but I don't even remember the phone ringing, which is unusual. She says she realized as soon as I spoke that I had been asleep and she said it was a wrong number so I'd hang up and not be mad at her.

When I told D she laughed and laughed and said Renee really did know me very well.

I believe there is amusement at my expense but I am at a loss to figure out how.


Okay gente! D and I are going grocery shopping (and possibly for ice cream).

Everyone stateside have a cool and safe Fourth of July and everyone else have a great weekend!

I'll talk at ya'll later!
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+ The weather has been crazy hot here. Over 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Good times! Leaving work is like walking into a sauna. I just want everyone in a milder or colder climate to know I am ENVIOUS AND FRIZZY.

+ Saga the Second on our car woes is that when D took the car in to fix the window she asked the dealeship to look at the AC because it was not cooling. *please reference above bullet point for seriousness of this situation* Turns out the compressor has gone out. On a car with 38,000 miles on it. Really? My parents got us the car, which we are paying for, and I am thankful every day for their help with our lousy (at the time) credit. D would not have been able to go back and forth to see her mom in her mom's last days without the car. But why do American vehicles have to be such CRAP?


+ I have been gorging on BBB fics and I would list my favorites if [profile] turloughishere and several others weren't doing such a fantastic job. I am going to have to go back through and read the ones I've missed because there is SO MUCH AWESOME YAY!!!

+ In other fic news I fiddle farted around too much and waited too long to sign up for Cliche Bingo. Sadness. :-( But I look forward tor reading all the fic! I am thinking of signing up for this ten recs thing, tho. That I can do. I can see no Eminem or Hanson rec lists up, either...

+ *whispers* I have twelve pages of The Copfic written. I don't know if anyone cares anymore but TWELVE PAGES!!! I'm so excited. Don't spook the muses.


+ I prefer warnings. I put warnings on my fic. I think it's just polite. I know others don't but there are readers who have a trigger or a squick or just plain don't like to READ some stuff, and I think they should be informed. I mean, with books there are reviews. There are reviews with fic, but a reader has to look for them, and the reviews don't always contain all the information. I'm willing to give up some suspense for the people that read my stuff. I personally don't consider this censorship, but I could see where others might.

It has been said but it bears repeating that arsenicjade has been unfailingly gracious and classy during this whole thing and if there were ever a primer on how to conduct oneself as a graceful, classy person during unexpected kerfuffleness it should have her name on it.


This is why I did not become a children's librarian/media specialist. In Texas you need to have a teaching certificate to be a school librarian and that makes it easier to justify shoving librarians into all kinds of situations that have nothing to do with their job description. I was in the classroom for five years. I choose not to be in the classroom. Fuck that noise.


My BFF Shelby sent me this and it cracked D and I up for DAYS. I share it for those who need a smile this fine Thursday. Proof of kindness in the world. )
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fromourruins bid and won my offer for RPS fic way back during the auction and this is about six months past due. She asked for Zac/Tay and sent me a, well, pretty intricate prompt (I LUV YOU LEIGH! :-) but it worked for me just fine. After a while of finding the voices I needed.

Here 'tis. )
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It's like speed-dating, only with fic. Pick a fandom and ten fic themes. Then write a micro-fic for each theme, using only ten words or less.
I chose EmTay. Because, why wouldn't I?


“Tell me.”

“Taylor fuck..”

“Say it.”

“L..lick me.”

Tay did.


"Bite me."

Marshall laughed harder.

Dildos shouldn't melt that easily.

Social Commentary

His new rainbow tattoo bled.

Marshall covered it up carefully.

Alternate Universe

The cute construction worker never noticed him.

“Hey,” he heard.


"He said Hailey's a slayer."

"Don't start with me, Tay."

First Time

“Table for two?”

“Yes.” Marshall’s hand was sweating in his.


The lights from the tree glittered brightly in his eyes.

"You ain't fat. That's our kid."

Marshall kissed his stomach.

Mary Sue

She stared at both of them.

“Did you say ‘threesome’?”

Song Fic

The Weakness in Me

Tay hesitated but opened the door.
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with MCR? COME ON!!!! Gerard as Giselle! Frank as Pip! Bob would be Robert, of course. After that I get kind of stuck but it's MADE FOR A REMIX!!!


Don't make me try to write this! *cries*
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Considering the spectacular disaster that has been my week the fact that today is Friday the 13th seems almost anti-climactic.

I still have today and tomorrow before I have a day of reprieve.

I am also looking at some long weeks to come because it has been decided that we will be doing tours during the Summer. *faceplant* We dont' usually because we have so much other programming and so we save that for the school year. Well, what with the new shiny building the requests have become too numerous to ignore.

I think this will just burn us all out faster before we ever get to the Fall but no one asked me.

Oh, and I'm apparently doing a damned Saturday Outreach at St. JOhn's the v.v. expensive private school downtown on my Saturday OFF because that's the only time their catechism groups meets and they want me to do cards.

I am considering taking those anti-depressants the dr. gave me a while back. Or kite some off D. One of the two.

However, in better news...

+ If you have not read [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's awesome OTHER kidfic, The Negotiation Limerick File followed by The Grasshopper Unit you MUST! MUST! Because unless you do you cannot fully appreciate the to-die-for-cuteness of THESE DRAWINGS!!! They are MADE OF WONDERFUL! The artist's style has a bit of a Maurice Sendak feel. There are also handy icons for your pleasure. I plan to take a bunch. Go see and fanperson the [livejournal.com profile] _kiden! Ms. Vane's fic: the gift that keeps on giving. :-D

+ D rearranged the apartment as my anniversary gift and it feel 100% better in there. It's not finished; it's still kind of a disaster but the old dresser was finally changed out for the new dresser and I no longer whack my knee on the coffee table every time I walk from the living room to the bedroom. It's a great gift.

+ I have had a shiny new laptop for a few weeks but have been too exhausted to do much with it until recently. I'm not a Vista fan but it's not as bad as people say. At least not yet?
Shiny! *pets it* I think I will name it Frankie. ;-)

+ Have answered almost all the Embers fb comments. Such love! The next one is percolating in my had waiting for a week when I don't want to jump off a tall bridge.

I had more but I need to go turn stuff on. Everyone is on a 9-6 schedule on Fridays but it's getting close.

Ya'll take care and have a good weekend if I don't talk at you till later!
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I swear I never thought it would be this long a wait. All I can do is promise it will not be so next time.

The bois are back in town. )
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Embers beta sent to Saba and Reet! Meep! *bites nails*

Three days till Armageddon The Grand ReOpening Celebration. Shit.

Ate too much all weekend. Blergh. x.x

Over and out.
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D slept until almost noon so she just left for the store. We were supposed to get BBQ stuff last night but we met a friend for dinner, D forgot her diabetes meds, and we had to come straight home before she faceplanted. *sigh*

So now who knows when we'll actually start the cook out. Ah, well. We brought home a few leftovers from the restaurant which should hold us over.

Also, to add to the festivities, our dishwasher stopped working Thursday evening. Of COURSE it did. So it's old skool dishwashing until maintnance gets that fixed. Naturally we didn't get a response to our call because it is a holiday weekend. Feh.

In other news...

+ Instead of going to a movie, or renting movies, D and I went house window shopping yesterday. It's fun tho we are at least a year out of actually buying anything, if we do. The prospect still scares me a lot but not having to move ever again sounds pretty attractive. We shall see.

+ At this time next week the insanity of Grand ReOpening will be over. Please, god, help me just get to that point. If my boss stick me in another one of these committees my ass will QUIT. I'm not even kidding.

+ I have spent some time this weekend finding dance music on YouTube to go with a scene for the fic. I am now playing Don't Leave Me This Way by The Communards on repeat. I hated the 80's but I love this song. And Jimmy Sommerville in general. His voice, how so beautiful. I'm convinced the man never went through puberty.

+ I am maybe two pages from finishing this Embers segment holy shit.

+ D and I have argued some this weekend; mostly about $. *sigh*
I don't know anymore, gente. I just don't know.

However, I am watching the Beach Rescue reality show or something on TV and I've just had yummy crabmeat, cheese, and artichoke dip for brunch and there will be BBQ later.

Things are not bad.

Hope ya'll's holiday is going well!
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I've been trying to shake my muses loose ever since I finished classes and a passing comment on the Hanson LJ about everyone needing their own personal Taylor triggered this.

As I told [livejournal.com profile] reet, it's a strange thing, but I kind of like it.

And now for something completely different. )


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