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+ I have signed up for [personal profile] svmadelyn's Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange *breathes into paper bag*

+ I found myself crying in the dark by myself while reading calliotrope's amazing hockey rpf Scattered Pieces of My Mind. I'm not talking the eye-burning, sniffling thing that sometimes happens. I mean that embarrassing, hitching, ugly sounds in your throat that get pulled out of your soul thing that you can't even help. Over a FUCKING FIC OMG FML. I came to the irrefutable conclusion that I might be crazypants in love with Kaner and Tazer and this crazy, improbable fandom. I think this is what's called 'doubling down.'

+ Listen to me: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. I want ALL THE FIC EVER about the boys in THIS VIDEO:


It's the Boston University men's hockey team called THE TERRIERS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Their team is LEGIT NAMED AFTER A TINY ADORABLE DOG??? Is there a DIFFERENT terrier I'm not aware of??? What does their mascot even LOOK LIKE??? At any rate, I didn't know it was possible to PERISH FROM CUTE but, apparently, that is not so, because they killed me DEAD. Eskimo kisses??? One pair calls each other PARTNER WHUT?? I CAN'T WITH THESE CHILDREN OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE

+ I am actively working on the Kaner/Tazer/Tyler Seguin OT3 and the Kazer AU. I think of posting, then I get afeared and tweak some more, than I write some more, then I think of posting, then I get afeared, lather, rinse, repeat

+ This sport is ruining my life, by which I mean, I'm so glad I listened to people and discovered it. :-)


+ The time I am spending on Tumblr is approaching maximum density. I am phig67 on there if anyone is interested. Unless you are all about hockey all the time with flashes of lgbtq posts, nudes, and manga/comics posts, maybe not for you. I'm not hurt. I sat here aaaaaaaaaaallll through when most of fandom fucked off to SG1. Then Sherlock. Then One Direction. I understand.

+ We are apparently hosting Thanksgiving? What? In two weeks? ...okay?

+ I am going to miss one of the THREE Blackhawks games televised in my area while I am in Guadalajara. ARRGGGH. D is taping it for me.

+ We have hardly any $, still, because home ownership is hard. I'm actually not sure HOW we're doing Thanksgiving but, there we are. I'm hoping things are a bit better in the new year when we are cancelling our useless, ridiculously unhelpful home warranty service, have a homestead tax break, and.... well, that's it, really, but I hope it helps. The thought if having no money for the next 29 years isn't very appealing....



dream thieves
Follow up to The Raven Boys it is amazing. I'd pay a lot of money to see this on film.


+ Sleepy Hollow- Between Orlando Jones ninja kicking through The Fourth Wall, Nicole Beharie being a kickass hot SHORT woman of color, and the completely self-deprecating charm of Tom Mison I am all in for this.

+ I DVRed and watched The NHK Trophy figure Skating competition mostly because Johnny Weir was the commentator and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to someone who was actually knowledgeable about the sport, it's history, and the point system. In fact, his explanation is the clearest I've ever been on how things are scored. I mean, I don't agree with it, but I understand it now, sort of. I'm worried the US is going to have a gap in the ladies FS area. And I was so upset that they didn't even show ice dancing where US skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White AND the Shibutanis came in first and third respectively. So frustrating. It was also wistful to see the crowd of thirteen THOUSAND in the stands whereas, in the US, the popularity is going in the opposite direction.


Vienna Teng, one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated, female vocalists out there, doing vocal percussion and singing to an Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone/Lose Yourself mashup that is UNBELIEVABLE.

Okay, gente! I'm off to write more, watch more hockey vids, and do that work thing. ;-)

Talk at ya'll later! To my freinds in The North, stay warm! We are still @ balmy 72 degrees, though a 'cold front' is rumored to be arriving tonight. I'm ready to snuggle so we'll see!
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So, yeah. The house we were having built is not going to happen. The builder kept missing paperwork deadlines and not cashing the earnest money check and basically we got a bad feeling about going forward.

So. That's NOT happening.

We are looking again and actually have some prospects. However, we keep coming down to the burbs or the hood. )

These questions and more will be answered in the next installment of THE BURBS REALLY? As the HouseHunt Continues.


I have been watching Teen Wolf online to see what the fuss is about and I must say I do get it. I loves me some Stiles, the spastic freak lol, and I like Allison and the Vet, and I think Danny might be the best gay teen character written right now because it is just NO BIG DEAL.

However, much as the werewolves are lovely and entertaining finding good TW fic has been a bust. Maybe because I'm not quite sure who I 'ship. Scott/Stile makes the most sense to me but EVERYTHING is Derek/Stile, like, EVERYTHING I find! So cough up the recs if you've got them.

However, obviously this is not about the baby werewolves that have taken my FL by storm. Oh noooo.

Because I had devoured all the Cap/Tony fic I could find and found precious little Clint/Bruce, which I quite liked, and then I idly read a Clint/Coulson, and OMG THIS PAIRING!!! All the lovely rec lists and the quality of the fic is stellar, really fantastic and THIS PAIRING OMG. I love Hawkeye because, well, Jeremy Renner IDK okay. I think this might go back to PENN on Angel or something but I lUV HIM. I will watch him in anything and one read and the pairing made so much SENSE! Of course it helped that the read was Launch Your Assault by [personal profile] foxxcub because, really, what more is there to say?

So basically yes, Clint/Coulson I LOVE. *hearteyes*

I have not read actual books for two weeks because I am inhaling ALL THE CLINT/COULSON.


- It is getting harder for me to get into GLEE this season. I miss Santana and Mercedes and there is not enough Sue.

- THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS BACK AND I HAVE ALL THE FEELS. I was going to write about the ep but all I have is AW DAMON ILU over and over. Not very expositional.

- I miss Prentiss on Criminal Minds. :-/ But my other ladies are there and Morgan and Reid are there and I love this show. So in I hang.

- I cannot express how annoyed I am that they are heteronormativing up Nolan on Revenge. Besides that I still love Emily's crazy broken reasoning and malicious streak and I still have hope for Jack.


+ I miss and am worried about [personal profile] zillahseye
+ I miss and am worried about [profile] apetslife
+ self indulgent whinging about selfish crap )

Okay, gente.

I have to get up tomorrow and one person is on vacation and one person is off so it should be an interesting day.

Talk at ya'll later! Have a great week!
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In other news....

You, sir, are made of epic fucking fail. Thank you. Thanks a lot for making Republicans the country over sneer in glee you greedy, duplicitous asshole.

And today he returned to work 'upbeat' because he doesn't think he did anything wrong oh you ASSHOLE.


Okay. Moving on.

+ Got holiday cards from [livejournal.com profile] beckynicky, [livejournal.com profile] thebratqueen, and [livejournal.com profile] lucylooo! Yay! So lovely!

+ My crafty is broken. *sadface* My attempt to make cards was roundly thwarted becasue I bought the less expensive stamp/collage cards and not the more flexible, higher quality watercolor cards enabling me to draw the cards when the linoleum print wasn't working out. And they looked like arse. *headdesk* I am so behind I'm getting all O.O However, we went out and bought blank watercolor cards and all was right with the world. Much better.

+ D took a mini-roadtrip giving me some alone time and, after I got totally frustrated with the cards, I read [livejournal.com profile] bexless's fic Staring Through the Demons her follow up to the luminous, amazing I Have Been All Things Unholy and YOU GUYS IT IS BRILLIANT!!! This one has bonus FOB and she destroyed me utterly UTTERLY with the hurty and the amazing writing and characterizations and, really, it is just fantastic. I cannot wait for the next installment CANNOT WAIT. *luvs it*

+ I have so much fic to catch up on, too. [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade has a new one I have not even looked at.

+ It is D-E-D dead in here. People are probably at home freaking because of the weather. I wish I were home painting cards and having Mexican hot chocolate. Eh, maybe later. :-)

+ ZOMG TWO MORE HOURS! *faceplant* Want to go hoooooooooooooooome.

Okay, one tiny family has shown up. Maybe they want to play Wii or something.

You all keep warm! I'll talk at you later!

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+ Grumpus with the gf. Check.
+ Pain the ass unpleasant surprise at work to be dealt with. Check.
+ SIX MORE DAYS of work before day off. CHECK.


HOWEVER,I have a new Happy!Frank icon. Seem my Happy!Frank icon? *luvs it* He's such a goober. But you can ALMOST see the amazing peat-moss-brown-green of his eyes and his lip ring is showing and just *heart*. LOOK at that face! How can I stay grumpy with that face?

I think I might make it a project to find Happy!Frank icons. Or maybe just Happy!MCR icons and add them. It brightens up my whole day.

In other news....

+ Will be going to Laredo to see the old folks on August 1st. Was going to Austin to see the Favorite Sis and Wee Nephew but when I called my mom I realized my dad is now unable to drive long distances, and by 'long distances' I mean a few blocks. This is a real shame since I know few people that just LOVE driving as much as my dad. I obviously did not get his driving gene. So I added a couple more days of vacation and down to the border we go. I was really looking forward to Austin and hanging out with Fav Sis, but oh well. Maybe we'll just do two legs of the roadtrip and see her, then head out there. We'll see. And gas, yeah. Six hour trip. That should be tons of fun to pay for.

+ FIC PIMPING!!!!! There was such a dearth of amazing [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang fic, really. I have been parcelling it out like expensive candy you don't want to gorge on all at once. I have just made my way to [livejournal.com profile] woebetidesweets wonderful apocalypatific Pennies and Colder Fountains and oh. My heart. *clutches bosom* Frank and Mikeyway, zombies, and a bigass gun. Mikey fuckin' Way, man. It's BRILLIANT. Go! Read! Feed the author!

I had more but I must away!

You all take care and I'll talk at you later. :-)

See? Frank Iero-good for what ails you.
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I know I am late, late with this but sometimes something is so amazing, so brilliant and wonderful in its amazingness that all you can do is post for people who actually get what the fuck you are talking about.

I am referring, of course, to Ms.[livejournal.com profile] wax_jism and her awesome fics Everyday Mysteries in the Summertime and A Little Nightswimming.

It is bandslash at its absolute best and I love Wax because she does not write and does not write like I do not write, and for some of the same reasons: life, whatnot. And then she puts out these fantastic crystalline jewels of stories and it's like my world's axis shifts and settles and all is right and good. :-)

A quasi-teen-age AU her Gerard and Mikey are so real, so spot-on and perfect I can hear their voices in my head. I love her Frank so much, and the way she fleshes out all the supporting characters so that they are as integral to the fic as those you know is wonderful. It starts out like a whisper, an echo of familiarity and ease of prose so I had to work a little, you know? Dig a bit to get into the thick of the work, and then WHAM, you are drowning in greatness. So very yes.

*hugs fic to myself very hard*

Must read if you have not! Must!

Go right now!

You will be glad you did.:-)
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The perfect lunch right now, according to me:

* cup of chicken and sausage jambalaya from Treabeards. Hot, tomatoey, and just spicy enough to burn slightly without killing your taste buds.

* cup of fruit including yummy fat grapes, passion fruit, mango, and pineapple

* bottled water

Such bliss on this blustery day.

Hello, gente. What're ya'll's weekend plans?

D and I plan to go to a hockey game tonight with our policewomen friends. They have an extra ticket and buying one is no big deal. It's no big deal anyhow because hockey hasn't really taken off in a huge way in this town, what with the church of football holding ubiquitous and never ending sway; the tix are really reasonable.

This means we will have to leave Sweet Pea alone at home but it had to happen sooner or later. )

In other news...

Yesterday I spent ALL DAY at a meeting and had work drama. Don't click if you have enough of your own. )

But in happier thoughts, I might have lunch Saturday evening with whom I have termed 'the ladies', two co-workers that are going thru the library Masters program I completed last May. It will be nice to meet without the spectre of homework hovering over our time. :-)

And in the big pimping department we have the literature stylings of Ms.[livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane and her wonderful Panic!/MCR Kid AU sequel to Forever, Now, a wonderful fic titled Star Shaped. It can be found at her LJ [livejournal.com profile] passe_simple and is made of so much win. Really, there are no words for how charming and funny and amazing these fics are. Strictly rated G-Gen and I love every single word. Go read even if you don't like bandom or kidfic or Gen. It's worth the chance.

I know this has been linked everywhere but might I say there is a special place in hell for someone who lifts a person's ENTIRE LJ including posts, fic, and comments, and claim it as their own but that place is even MORE SPECIAL if the person whose work being plagiarized is deceased. You, Sir, are made of fail and I hope you spend eternity reliving the worst parts of your middle school years. And also that your extremities shrivel up and fall off you total and complete fucktard.

In closing, wow. Britney. *shakes head* Sadness.

Ok, gente, I need to head on out soon to watch grown men beat the crap out of each other for a little piece of plastic. Good times. :-)

You all take care, keep warm, and I'll talk at ya later.


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