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There Is No Easter Bunny. )

For real, ya'll, I am so stressed out about this.

I couldn't sleep at ALL last night and feel all zombified today.


Right, then.

In other news...





+ Went to see John Carter (which I figured out was not about my favorite cute doctor from ER...)
and it was wonderfully done and there is no way US audiences would have the patience and wherewithal to appreciate this thoughtful, skillfully scripted and shot film. Which is just sad because Taylor Kitsch is very, very pretty in face and a very decent action hero and there deserve to be FIVE MORE FILMS in this franchise and there will not be.

If you have a chance, to see it, do so. It is really well done.


+ Started reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera fantasy series and it is FANTASTIC.

+ We bought a new computer because my darling laptop Frankie is on his last legs, pobrecito. You know you are getting older when you realize the size of the screen is one the major factors in choosing a laptop. *sigh*


+ Sundays have become Slow Cooker Sundays where I try different slow cooker recipes. This weekend we tried Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken and it was YUMMY. Next time I'm going to add all the yogurt, even though it seems like a lot, and probably mix the yogurt with the broth before-hand since it didn't dissolve to my satisfaction. Really great flavor, though. We are having leftovers over noodles tonight.

Okay, gente. I'm going to go limp through the rest of the day. Wish me luck.

Talk at ya'll later. Cuidense.
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+ Just had barbeque grilled by D and she totally outdid herself. I also managed to stop before I injured myself, which is always a victory. Marinated T-Bones and chicken and homemade 'tater salad. NOM. Also had dim sum yesterday at our favorite place Yum Yum Cha in Rice Village. We like it better than the huge Asian restaurants with the carts in the Bellaire area because you can order all at once and we know everything comes to our table freshly made.

Right now the cake on the counter is eye-balling me and I am resisting admirably. It helps that I have a warm, sleeping puppy on my lap. Good resistance. :-)

+ I have watched more basketball since the Pet Teenager has lived with us than in all the rest of my LIFE. We just don't have the heart to say no when he asks all hopeful. He's really a good kid. I'm starting to recognize players, for Christ's sake.

+ Watched Terminator:Salvation and, of course, I have thots. Also ***SPOILERS*** )

And that is what I have to say about that.

+ I'm sure everyone already knows but, just in case you read bandom and have been under a rock, bexless posted the third segment of her amazing ="Unholyverse fic and it is absolutely and completely AMAZING. She took her original premise, a remix of the movie 'Stigmata' starring MCR, and unraveled it like wool from a loom: careful, detailed, complete, and beautiful. I love her Frank, and Mickey, and Gerard. I love Ray and Bob and Brian. It's wonderful. If you have not read it....what the hell are you waiting for? GO GO GO!!!!

+ I am really considering going to DragonCon. D's nephew has a house in Atlanta, so we have a place to stay. I am just all *FLAIL!* and indecisive, because D and I want to take a real vacation someplace, too. I'm not sure I could swing DragonCon AND a vacation elsewhere, too...but iamthecosmos is in Atlanta and I didn't get a chance to see her before and I've never been to a Con and....and....*FLAIL!!!!*

Thoughts? Whatnot? Halp?

+ Has anyone noticed my beautiful Strangers in Paradise mood theme!!!!! Thanks to mpoetess, who created it, I changed it for the first time since I got my LJ and it is so fantastic! I keep wanting to post more just to see the different pix for it!

+ In closing I leave you MARSHALL MORE MARSHALL YAY!!!!

He looks so serious and earnest but it's incredible how, to me,
his eyes are still sparking, unblinking, and amazing. The more I see his hair the more I love it. I missed him SO much!

Okay, gente!

I hope everyone stateside has had a wonderful holiday weekend! I'll talk at ya'll later!
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+ Not get Swine Flu. Apparently there is some kind of imminent pandemic or something else equally scary sounding from the World Health Organization. I do think it's kind of creepy but, then, I have read The Stand sixty times. I'm following hygiene guidelines, especially since I work with the public, but there is only so much I can do. If I run every time a kid sniffles I will not get any work done.

+ Finish employee evaluation. We had a couple days leeway because the system kept going down, then up, then down, but today is the deadline. I don't think I'll meet the deadline because my manager, who needs to sign off on this, is off 'till tomorrow, but I do want to have the eval itself ready to go.

+ Make sure there is a stage ready to be set up for the Ballet Folklorico program this Saturday. It is a rescheduled program from the Hurricane Ike fiasco.

+ Confirm with the Ballet Folklorico

+ Make sure Harry Potter Exhibit Application reaches judging panel by May 1st. It looks like a really cool exhibit and, tho we are up against the M.D. Anderson Medical Library, who is a partner with one of the sponsoring entities, for it, I think we have a chance. Mostly because the M.D. Anderson Library is a research library used mostly by doctors, grad students, and patients looking for info on their disease. It is not a kid-friendly place. Everyone cross their fingers for me!

+ Send list of programs to Pissy Queen #1 at Diva Central Marson Admin building to go up on Plasma Screens.

Surely I can get these done. I work a seven day stretch this week. It's not like I won't have enough time.

In other news....

+ Cut my hair! It's shorter than I've had it in a long time but I wanted to do something different. I had reached that fuzzy, enormous Ray Toro/Angela Davis/Rosann Rosannadanna/Cousin It stage. When three people look at you when your hair is not in a ponytail and go, 'What did you do to your hair?,' and not in the good way, it is time for a change.
Possible pix later.

+ Continue to adore The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, tho I had a few issues with this episode. )
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An insane craving for Cheetos and Kentucky Fried Chicken were not what I was expecting to bring back from Laredo....
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Breakfast: two slices of wheat toast with butter and sugar free Smuckers fruit spread.



bowl of ice cream with fixins'.

Maybe this is why I don't lose weight.

But it was all left OVER from the sundae bar yesterday! Waste not!


It's yummy. :-)

In other news...

+ There is a strange electrical burning smell on the floor. You know, like when you first turn on your heater after it's been off all summer and spring? Like that. It's been called in but it's making me a little nauseas. Bleah. :-X

+ Hurricane Gustav might be headed towards the Gulf and also, here. We were going to see my sis in Austin this weekend but I don't know if that's going to happen.

+ Talked to my BFF Shelby last night for a while, which was also a great birthday present. I will never not miss being near that woman. She is my true North on so many things.

+ I am going to kill my cat. In less than 12 hours the little motherfucker chewed through the good earphones that came with my laptop AND the phone cord. THE PHONE CORD WHAT. D had to go out and buy another phone cord and earphones. I mean, who has ever had a cat that chewed stuff? Anyone?

OK, gente. I have paperwork to wrap up, stats to figure, form letter for tours to write, LJ to surf so I will away.

I have a four day weekend coming up so talk to ya'll later!

Cuidensen until then!
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Milky Way Peanut Butter Cookies )

I have personally tried this recipe and I love it! The candy melts in the middle and it really is like a better Caramello candy bar. So good!

xposted to icanhazrecipes
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I need to read a 'thriller' for my next adult fiction genre. Thriller as in an action packed book, a la Clear and Present Danger, not Thriller as in the ethnically confused boundary challenged Mr. Jackson.

Do you read action novels? Anybody? If so, which ones do you like/have you read/have you enjoyed? Also for to have them not be huge long manifestos as time is always of the essence.

You all are my only hope. I haven't read a thriller since last summer, not really, and my attempts to find the author I liked, whose name escapse me, have been for naught.

In other news...

I had Chinese for lunch: wonton soup, spring roles and FIVE yummy steamed dumplings. I could not finish them all as they were fat and quite filling.

My copfic!muses are talking to me....!

That is all.

Have a good Friday, gente!

Talk at ya later!

p.s. I so need a wonton icon....


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