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Can someone tell me how to subscribe my LJ to Frank's Twitter! Well, all of them really. I love Bob and he's the only one have because I think all I had to do was click. But I NEED THEM ALL!!!

Frank is at The Happiest Place On Earth wearing mouse ears and smoking and being ADORABLE I AM NOT MADE OF STONE HAAAAALP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You beautiful wiseass little fucker. :-D

When they took Frankie the Laptop's old hard drive all my favorite Frankie pix were on there, but I've gathered a few.

Because, really, what is Halloween without the birthday boy. )

Happy Birthday, Frank!
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Do you know what is meep-making? When I thought I was leaving for Spain on MONDAY and I am leaving on SUNDAY. MEEP. Before then I have to: )

And I work tomorrow MEEP. And...and...I know there's more! *faceplant x eleventybillion*

In other news...

+ Watched the VP debate. )

We all know I don't like to say something if somene else says it better and [livejournal.com profile] winterlive pretty much nailed that:

(I)n summation: if you vote for mccain, you deserve what you get, you poor sad bastards.

Well said, well spoken, and very true.

+ I wanted to comment on the whole Frankie Iero was an asshat in college thing because, seriously? I just laughed and laughed and LAUGHED omg Frank. Really, if anyone were to hold up how I was at eighteen as a judgment for THE REST OF MY LIFE, dudes. I would be so screwed. My snotty, self-important, annoying self was at tiny community college when I was espousing tripe pretty to the style that he does, and I thank the lord and sonny Jesus that's where the tripe will stay. Someone just happened to dig up his 18 year-old asshattery, which I did read. And. Well. Am I missing something? Because OMG FRANK ILU *LOL*. He is so FLAWED AND STUPID AND PRECIOUS. I just. *hands* I can't EVEN.

+ Why don't I know anyone in Spain that I could go have lunch with?

+ I stumbled along a link to that song 'Never Ever' by All Saints on YouTube and it is the cheesiest, over produced, late nineties fluff I have ever heard and I have had it on repeat for the last half hour. Don't judge me!!

I know there is more but I don't even know what it is. I have so, so much to do I am tharn.

However, Barcelona in two days! So, you know. I'll take the trade off. :-)

Take care, gente! I'll be running like crazy until I leave Sunday but I'll talk at ya'll later.
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Frankie tonight at....oh, damn I don't know when the show starts. I don't get off work until six, and we have to scarf something for dinner so there won't be two middle-aged lesbians passed out next to the mosh pit.Six-thirty?

Lord help me, ya'll. That's all I'm saying.

+ COOL LINK OF THE DAY: What To Do With Your Online Photos- DUDES! I found this through Librarian in Black, a site for the emerging techie librarian. 17 Things To Do With Your Online Photos. I've already tried a few and they are way cool! I made a wee video of Frankie and Gerard in Animoto here and even tho the song is cheese-ass (not a great variety of music, let me tell you) I luvs it with all my heart. BOYS! Bless. :-) Check the list out. It's pretty awesome.

+ I want to send out my heartfelt condolences to everyone on my FL that's in the SGA fandom. That's sucks really hard. As anyone who went through Buffy, then Angel's demise can tell you, there is NOTHING quite as heartbreaking as letting your love go before you are ready. I'm sorry, guys.

+ Did eveyrone see the picture of the ENORMOUS new species of fish found in the ocean?!? Now THAT'S a fish! It looks like a dinosaur! How cool is that?

+ I had nothing to read and then I went to the Teen Room. And now, of course,I have too much to read: The Summoning, a teen novel by Kelley Armstrong YAY, The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante, The Market by J.M. Steele, and, of course, Blood Noir by Ms. Hamilton. Not sucking quite as much but still not great so far. *sigh*

+ Michael Phelps turned down the Wheaties spokesperson job in favor of Frosted Flakes because he didn't want to advertise something he didn't really eat. If I didn't love this boy before I do now. He had me at 'Frosted Flakes.' ILU Michael you precious darling.

I had more, and will maybe have more later, but I'm up at the desk first and must fly.

You all have a good day if I don't talk at you later!
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I might have possibly bought tickets to see Frankie and his v.v. srs side project Leathermouth and three other bands I don't care about at Warehouse Live on August 22nd.

It is possibly a general admission show. I've possibly bought tickets to a general admission show WHAT.



GA, omg.
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For at least almost a week. :-D

We were going to leave for Austin last night but it got late and we got tired and my sis doesn't get out of her Vice Principal job until 1 (HORRORS omg she's already working. I'm so glad to be a librarianz)so we're leaving when D gets up.

This is probably going to be a drive-by post of random so bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ Found this cool website called Librarian In Black which is a kinda-techie-cool-info type place that tells us technology challenged how to do things on the Internetz. And also has fun stuff. Like how to get your own Soundbadge Check it out.

+ Frankie Iero is touring to MY TOWN with is v.v. srs band Leathermouth. VERY SERIOUS DO YOU HEAR ME. *blink* BWHAHAHAHAHAohFRANKiluvu. I swear, gente, he's going at this as his total take-it-to-the-people-keep-it-real-project and all we can do is SQUEE at the DARLINGNESS and, like [livejournal.com profile] bexless says, make pictures where he's a butterfly. HIS LIFE SO HARD. Oh, Frank, I LOVE YOU NEVER CHANGE.

Now the questions is: Do I go to the show at Warehouse Live and pretend like I'm youngfolk and have good sense? The tix are more affordable than anything I've wanted to go to lately, I'l tell you that.

Whadja think?

+ Dear anonymous sender: If you are trying to get me to buy Acai Berry to lose weight by your Internet spamming it would behoove you to know that 'elimite' is not a word. MORON.

Ack!I had more, really, but I must away.

I will be on sporadically (I know, you all MUST survive) but should I take my laptop? Could I still get reception? Yes I am the clueless shut up. I've never had a laptop before. LEARN ME, FL!

I will talk at you later, gente! Why?

Because I have SIX WHOLE DAYS OFF!
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+ Grumpus with the gf. Check.
+ Pain the ass unpleasant surprise at work to be dealt with. Check.
+ SIX MORE DAYS of work before day off. CHECK.


HOWEVER,I have a new Happy!Frank icon. Seem my Happy!Frank icon? *luvs it* He's such a goober. But you can ALMOST see the amazing peat-moss-brown-green of his eyes and his lip ring is showing and just *heart*. LOOK at that face! How can I stay grumpy with that face?

I think I might make it a project to find Happy!Frank icons. Or maybe just Happy!MCR icons and add them. It brightens up my whole day.

In other news....

+ Will be going to Laredo to see the old folks on August 1st. Was going to Austin to see the Favorite Sis and Wee Nephew but when I called my mom I realized my dad is now unable to drive long distances, and by 'long distances' I mean a few blocks. This is a real shame since I know few people that just LOVE driving as much as my dad. I obviously did not get his driving gene. So I added a couple more days of vacation and down to the border we go. I was really looking forward to Austin and hanging out with Fav Sis, but oh well. Maybe we'll just do two legs of the roadtrip and see her, then head out there. We'll see. And gas, yeah. Six hour trip. That should be tons of fun to pay for.

+ FIC PIMPING!!!!! There was such a dearth of amazing [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang fic, really. I have been parcelling it out like expensive candy you don't want to gorge on all at once. I have just made my way to [livejournal.com profile] woebetidesweets wonderful apocalypatific Pennies and Colder Fountains and oh. My heart. *clutches bosom* Frank and Mikeyway, zombies, and a bigass gun. Mikey fuckin' Way, man. It's BRILLIANT. Go! Read! Feed the author!

I had more but I must away!

You all take care and I'll talk at you later. :-)

See? Frank Iero-good for what ails you.
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But I have my cough syrup my cold medicine and my Ricola Sugar-Free throat lozanges. And also some antiseptic wipes with which to swab my work area when I'm done. I'm loaded for bear.

Things I found out while spending two days home sick:

+ I CAN watch a whole season of Top Chef back to back without a qualm

+ I watch entirely too much ID TV. That is the cable channel where they only show, like, investigations on murders and serial killers. I used to tell myself it was research for the copfic but, really, I think I am just morbid or something. Blame my dad, who left his crime novels laying about for me to read.

I am going home at five, having arrived at 7:30. I can make it until then.

In other news....

+ I had a dream about Frank Iero. )

But waking up to Frankie's face in your mind? Not a bad thing. :-)

+ I actually thought I'd do some writing while I was home. HA. I could only sit at the 'puter for a short time before coughing doubled me over.

+ D is still not home. They are looking at Friday night or Saturday. The stolen truck was actually involved in a police chase, recovered, and is back in teh shop because the thieves ripped out the steering column, the locks, all kinds of stuff. Of course everything in it that wasnt' bolted down is long gone.

+ Yesterday when I got up to call in the dog puked on the bed. *sigh* Good times.

This is turning into a Twitter list or something.

I really, really have hope that the writing sitch gets better after this Grand Reopening thing is over.

In closing, the high today is 80. Like 8-0. Bye, bye, bye winter. We hardly knew, ye. No, REALLY.

OK, only....7 1/2 hours to go. Wish me luck.

That is all, gente.

Cuidense and I'll talk at you later.
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Still so busy it is insane. I am not caught up on anything BUT I had to write to wish Frankie and his sweetheart well! They look really happy in the pix and while I still get the ridiculous little twinge each time one of my boys jumps the broom (or Tay has yet ANOTHER kid) I am happy they are happy.

Because then I realize I really love FIC!Tay and FIC!Frankie and don't even KNOW these other people getting married and having lives, so really, I still have my boys.

My rambling. Let me show you it. *lol*

Brief bullet points and away I go:

+ Karazy schedule today. Two meetings and a desk shift. I'm never getting my work finished.

+ Worked on Copfic. SSSHH! Don't scare it!

+ Still readind Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear. Took me a while to get into it but it is very good. I really like her take on Faerie and I"m fascinated by how I recognize some of the same folk and fairytale terms and names from Laurel Hamilton's work, yet Bear makes them her own. Fascinating.

+ The weather, she is schizophrenic.

+ HOw sad that this is all I have!

Cuidense, gente!

Miss you all!

Till later!
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Because I realized there were actually people on my FL who had not discovered the incredible awesomeness of Frankie Iero.

And also, I needed a pick me up. :-)

Gratuitous Frankie Pixspam! Probably not dialup friendly! I guess. I don't actually know these things... )
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* I am having my first bosom squshing tomorrow at 3 p.m. )

Anyone have any experience with this? I'd appreciate any input.

* We saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. And it was good.SPOILERS. )

* Also, Frankie Iero is trying to kills me.

He's letting his hair grow and he's tiny and adorable and splashed with ink and, really, I luvs him. *luvs* :-)

In other news....

* Work is making me crazy because they keep changing the focus of the library reopening weekend and we have gone from a four-day celebration highlighting all the new services to a weekend with the focus on children's and teens to a two-day weekend with the focus on EVERYBODY and my damn committee only has four people in it.

I don't know how I ended up being a fucking co-chair when I have NEVER EVER planned anything of this magnitude before and I am very worried about screwing it up. *sigh*

* I'm not sure what to make of the latest LJ kerfuffle. People on my FL range from enraged and leaving to philosphical and staying to supportive and staying. I dunno. I have begun a greatestjournal and insanejournal account just in case, and also, for namesquatting purposes. Not that I think there will be a great run on 'ahestele' but one can never tell. So if you go over yonder add me and I'll add you and we'll see where the chips land.

I will say that, though I will miss all my icons, I am not giving LJ/Six Apart any more of my money, not as much because I agree with the issue in question, but because I feel, and continue to feel, that they treat, and have treated, their customers poorly and they assume we are stupid. And I don't hold with that.

* My weekly musical discovery is called Nuttin but Stringz, a duo of two brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar, from New York's inner city who play- wait for it- hip hop violins. I saw them on some BET program about up and coming talent and they are AMAZING! Their CD 'Struggle From The Subway To The Charts' came out in October of 06 and they are just cute as buttons, I have to say. Here's some music because it's better than any description I could write.


For real. They are awesome.

* When I am alone I tend to marathon watch either E!, Court TV, or A&E. It is an A&E kind of weekend and I've watched three American Justices and one program on the execution of an Oklahoma lesbian for shooting her lover. It was sad.

I plan to write tonight, read some fic, and write.

Talk to ya'll later, maybe, and hope your weekends are going well.


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