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*hugs electricity* Never leave me again.
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We saw CenterPoint Energy trucks a block over last night. We can but hope. I'm kinda worried because one can't see our transformer from the street, but the fancy brick house behind us is without power, too, so I'm hoping they notice the pole then.

The night was so, so stifling and incomfortable.


As someone on my FL asked, how does Monday keep happening? Someone should get on that.

Do not have lunch for today. :-(

Still inundated with librarians from branches that are not open. We know how that goes: some are willing and flexible and will find work to do and others hide and dodge as much as they can. *sigh*

I miss reading fic.

I am going to miss the HEROES season premier tonight. :-(

I miss laying in bed with the sheet on.

I am kvetching.

OH, but I did see Jumper yesterday at my friend Kitty's house. Why did that get sucky reviews? I liked it! Samuel L. Jackson is THE MAN. And is there any slash? Because Hayden Christaianson/Billy Elliot guy= much chemistry.

So I'ma go since I am not fit company for anyone right now.

I'm also going to go listen to the Barack Obama 'Yes We Can' song to get me through today. I have five minutes left on break. I can just make it.

You all have a good start to your week and I'll talk at you later.
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I know I am so boring on this but the status is the same: no electricity. Don't know when we'll have some. *sigh*

The pleasant weather went bye and it is now hotter and more humid. SUCH JOY. *fans*

I know. It could be much, much worse. HOwever, everyone at the complex is getting more snarly and less chipper and the situation is grating on everyone.

On the plus side,I'm at my friend Kitty's doing laundry instead of finding laundramat, so that's good! She's awesome.

Also awesome is the article [livejournal.com profile] ninamonkey linked to on her lj here. I might get flack for thinking this, just like the author did, but I think it's incisive and true.

I'm going to go check laundry to see if we can leave my generous friend Kitty to her Sunday.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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So The Mayor, in his infinite wisdom, has decided we need to open a daycare for all the city employee's children so said employees go back to work.

A noble gesture, to be sure, however, *I* am not comfortable with the free-and -easy way this is going down, and I'm not going to be liable for not knowing these children's medical history, their allergies, their temperment, and who has clearance to pick them up after the day is done. I'm sure I sound negative but if you just think of all the things that occur when someone signs their kid up for school or childcare and think of how many of those things we are *not* doing, it is nervous making.

Oh, and we can't call it a 'daycare' since we don't have any licensure of the kind for such things. We are offering 'employee relief services.' Sure.

Thankfully, the KIDS room staff is staying at our regular department doing regular things, thank god.

I need to go out front soon but, to sum up:

+ Still no power.

+ The communal good will is cracking just a bit, only because everyone is SO over not being able to be in our apartments with our stuff because it is stuffy and dark.

+ Still better than people who lost everything. Every time I get growly I remember that.

+ All programming is apparently cancelled for this week. I need to call the Ballet Folkorico people and tell them it's not a go this Saturday. I don't even know how their offices faired.

+ I am a bit better now that I can at least check the Internetz at work. I missed you all!! *smushes*

Ok, gente! Onward to another day!

Will talk at you later!
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I had power! Yes, I HAD power. My complex had power for 40 minutes. Then a tree, which did not deign to fall DURING the 60-80 mph windsm and torrential rain- fell AFTER. On a main line, which took out the electrity to our complex and the two house behind us only. So we are the only ones on our block without power. It sucks.

However, if anyone has seen the devastation on Galveston, Port Bolivar, where D and I actually lived for year and a half, and all the cities along the coast- I think we're pretty lucky.

We never lost water service. Our complex had 3/4 of the units take in water but mine and the one next to me did not, miraculously. The gay guys across the way have an enormous propane grill and have been feeding everyone every day; we all pooled our resources and no one is alone.

The heat, the boredom, and frustration have caused a few conflicts but not too bad.

I'm at work because they called today and at least this place has power and a potty I can see before I sit down in it.

I'm so so sorry for scaring everybody by not leaving!

But we are fine.

They are saying it will be as long as two weeks for power to come back up. Mergh.

But still. Blessings.

*hugs you all*

I miss you all so much! I am suffering severe internetz withdrawl and I'm never catching up on my FL but I'm ok!

Will write again tomorrow!
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At least as long as it lasts! *crosses fingers*

We're ok! Power went out at 3 a.m. last night and is trying to come on intermittently. It's on now and we're all hoping.

Gonna go see if we have anything that can be grilled for real food before it goes bad. The fridge has been out over twelve hours.

*hugs you all*

Will update as much as I can!
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In Galveston.

We have the tub full of water, candles in candle holders, all our supplies, clean clothes, lots of books and board games, and lots of bottled water.

My family has been calling really worried because I know my dad and he has been watching The Weather Channel and the Texas 24 hour Channel and making himself crazy.

I know some people think we ARE crazy not to have left, but the roads are grid-locked for 80 miles out of town by now, even if we wanted to go.

I have emailed them a list of helpful links like the link to this journal, though I've sent it to them numerous times throughout the years, two local news channel links, my Myspace, My Facebook, and the red cross registery Safe and Well where people log in to tell their friends and loved ones they are ok. The link is here.

I urge anyone going through this to register and update regularly so your gente can search and find out if you are OK.

People, I know you all are worried and I love you all so much for your concern. *smushes* But we'll be ok. Our apartment has a group of people that have stayed including the gay guys and their nephews, the old couple down the way, some other single people and a single mom and her daughter, and we are watching out for each other so we are not alone.

I'll update as long as I have Interwebz.

In random news, the author of Strangers in Paradise Terry Moore also lives in Houston and he did not evacuate either. He is also blogging. Us Texans, we crazy, we know.

I'll keep you all posted.
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So there is a hurricane in the gulf ushering in another hurricane season. We are up to 'Dolly' tho when I heard it my mind heard 'Dali' and I thought 'How so awesome! They have moved on to famous artist names!' Heh. NO. Dolly as in 'Hello,' not Dali as in 'Crazy Surrealist Painter Circus Freak.' Check.

How cool would that be, tho? 'Monet has moved into the gulf and is churning up that warm surface water but Pisarro is still in the Atlantic and we have what might be the beginnings of Rembrandt near the Yucatan peninsula.' *ponders*

In other news...

+ I am enjoying my first day of alone time at home since D left last night at eight for LaPorte for a couple of days. Bliss. I love D, really I do. And I love Sweet Pea, the little shit. However, last night I stayed up too late surfing the 'Net, watched what I wanted on the little bedside TV, and took up the WHOLE bed when I slept. I was afeared I wouldn't sleep well because I have gotten used to sharing but I drifted right off. My alarm didn't go off but I woke up early enough for the early bus to work. I didn't have to change out pee pads or wait for the bathroom. Good times.

+ Despite best intentions cookies were not made last night. Trying again tonight.

+ Saw The Closer and Saving Grace. Still fantastic. D DVRed them for later.

+ Right before we left there was Work Drama and I must state again for the record I. HATE. ADULT. PATRONS. )

+ It is becoming more and more apparent to me how much I love Teen Lit yet really dislike Teen Agers. *sigh* I mean, not on an individual basis. For example, Russel, one half of the brothers that are being raised by the gay guys across the way, came over night before last to show off his new laptop he'd bought after saving $ from work and stayed for an hour chatting while he and I played with all the features. He's sixteen. Yet get him in a group of all his friends and it's Instant Asshole. So sad.

+ I am wearing the sensible ponytail today because when I woke up I looked like I'd stuck my finger in a light socket. For serious. I am the sexass! Don't lie. ;-)

I thought I had more but I must away to work.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!


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