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+ Pretty good conference! The presentation I had was basically myself and the other new members being introduced and CAPED! I get to wear a CAPE as part of the Little Maverick Reading List Commitee! How cool is that??

+ The hotel was CRAZY expensive and very nice, except they kept not giving me the reciept for meals so I could get reimbursed. And then getting it was apparently TOO MUCH.

+ Fiesta was going on at the same time and it was a little kray with all the people and traffic. It's like Mardi Gras with a Mexican theme


+ I have so SO much to do at work I am not even thinking of it right now

+ I am going to faceplant in bed because I am so glad to be home with my puppies and kitteh
+ For a really upsetting thirty minutes I thought my phone had died, but then I used the laptop to look up stuff on the Interwebz on what to do and it turned on again. I don't know what happened.

OK, gente. I am beat. I'll talk at y'all on the morrow.

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Because I get emails from some guy that looks like Huggy Bear. What is that about? SURELY he knows only homless Latino guys and older Indian men proposition me. Get with the program.

Points? Points.

+ Going to Texas Library Association Conference tomorrow to look at exhibits, on the cheap. I don't really mind.I really only care about the free stuff and authors. I mean, how many times do I have to listen to the same early literacy/books for boys/bilingual storytime workshops? I think I am good on that front.

+ D's brother died Tuesday. )

+ This is the second week I am watching my calories. Yesterday I had no time to fix lunch so I had a Hot Pocket from the coffee shop and WOW, I crashed so hard that afternoon! I felt like poo. Back to celery and carrots for lunch. Hm. Eat poo=feel like poo. What a concept.

+ Still burned out on pet single mom-hood. Right now I am trying to write with the cat on my chest, Jax asleep between my knees, and Sweet Pea pushed against my side. *sigh*

+ I have not watched Fast and Furious BUT my sekrit gf Michelle Rodriguez has posted new pix and wow she is BEYOOTIFULd. Don't take my word. See? )

Thus concludes you picspam for the day

I had more but I need to go to sleep, gente

I was going to bitch about work stuff but, eh. Some other time.

Cuidense and I'll talk at ya'll later; probably closer to Friday.
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Always wait for the end of the day with me?

Telephone Reference call:

Me: ThankyouforcallingTheHoustonLibraryReferenceServicemynameisAlmahowmayIhelpyou?
Patron: Can you give me number to citibank on Fannin near the Medical Center?
Me: Yes, I can. *does so*
Crazy Patron: Hey, can I sing you a song?
Crazy Patron: I just wanna sing you a song..
Me: No, that's ok.
Crazy patron: *sings* I just caaaaalled to saaaaaaaaaaaaay I LOVE yooouuu!!!
Me: *click*
*hang up phone*

Me: ThankyouforcallingTheHoustonLibraryReferenceServicemynameisAlmahowmayIhelpyou?
Patron: Hi there, I'm going to need some information on a business.
Me: Sure. Do you know the city and state?
Patron: Cumming.
Me:....I'm sorry?
Patron: Cumming, Georgia
Me: Ok.
*looks up*
*There is a Cumming, Georgia*
Patron: Can you spell the city?
Me: *headesk*

I want to go home, please.


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