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How kickass is Heroes I ask you? )

Also, extended applause and warm feelings to the fair [livejournal.com profile] lucylooo for at long last enjoying a show that is NOT going to be axed in six weeks! *knocks wood* *claps in lucy's direction* :-D

In other news....

Had Monday off since loftier personnel than I get dibs on Fridays off.

Mostly read 'Salem's Lot for my Fiction genres class; I'm going old school Stephen King, baby.

Began to clean bedroom. Became tharn. Stopped cleaning bedroom. Because holy fuck there were always MORE BOXES. Boxes I hadn't looked at in four years since I moved in. Boxes with paperwork and books and paperwork and books and who REALLY needs an electricity bill from 2001??? Anyone? Would there be any REASON for me to have kept that shit?!?!?! Will there be an old electricity bill EMERGENCY?!?!?!

And am I really going to read those lesbian novels again with the same glee and enjoyment? And why do I feel like I'll be further tarnishing my pitiful dyke cred if I want to pass them on to others who will enjoy them? The hangups; they die hard.

In amusing and rather perturbing news... )

In not so happy news the car is deader than a dead thing. D-E-D dead. D and I will not be able to see each other until some other form of vehicular transportation can be obtained as she is forty-five minutes away taking care of her mom.

Coming on the heels of multiple drs. appts., work trip to Guadalajara, course work, parent's arriving at disastrous apartment, needing to pay tuition, and the surgery, really, I could have done without this particular wrinkle, universe, thanx a lot.

And Christ knows when I will be seeing my gf next. *le sigh*

But, still, Heroes!!

And good friends who invite me to their home late Saturday evenig to have roast pork loin and pumpkin pie and care not a bit that I am vastly unavailable most of the time due to school, work, and basic misanthropy.

And D, who loves me, from afar as up close.

And The Boy who makes me laugh like hell on a regular basis and is very sweet.

And I've already voted. Good on me!

And I've boring training in a few so I'll bid you all bye for now!

Have a great martes and I'll talk to you later!

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Things I have done before noon today: )

I need a nap now.

However I am glad that it is over. My doctor is a rumpled, sleepy, absolutely non-threatening guy who didn't blink an inch to my snark after he apologized for making me gag with the tongue depressor. "There's a reason I'm a lesbian."

Him: *blandly* Would you like a flu shot?

Sure. What's one more needle today. Motherufucker HURT, too.

In other news....



I do things besides watch TV. Really.


Sometimes. :-)

I'm sure there's more but whoo wow am I crashing. *shakes head* Five more hours. No crashing allowed.

In closing I'd like to encourage everyone out there to vote. Just do it. At the risk of sounding hokey I believe it is one of the most important things we can do. For that matter I think we should fine people for not voting. I'm totally serious. $1 for every apathetic can't-be-bothered they're-all-the-same I-don't-make-a-difference head in the sand American citizen. Do you KNOW the kind of revenue that would generate? Just one dollar?

I think the $ could go to education or libraries or pediatric AIDS research or literacy programs.

Women have only been able to vote since 1920. That's not even a hundred years. Many women risked ridicule, prison, poverty, and injury to win this right. I will be damned if I sit on my fat arse and not take advantage of it. The voting system in Mexico is still suspect. In earlier times campesinos, humble farmers and mestizos, those of mixed blood, would be threatened and and even killed if they tried.

I'm not saying the system here is flawless. But apathy does not make it better.

See you at the polls.

That concludes our Civic Lesson for today. Thank you for listening.


Cuidense gente!

Talk at ya'll later.
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Work suckage. Feel free to not click. No, really. )

There are silver lingings. I am home by six thirty most days which is a full hour before I used be home. Uhm......Okay, that is the only one I can think of right now, but it is a big one. That hour makes a lot of difference.

Oh! And better dining options. *hugs One Allen Center Food Court*

I know I will assmilate. I always do. I'm just really disheartened right now and my legs are KILLING me.

In other news.....

Saw Man of the Year. )

Lost continues to be kind of eh. Still Watching.

Missed finale of Project Runway. Missed House of Carters. Missed Heroes. I swear I need a huge wall map so I won't miss shows I want to see!!! And I am missing ER tonight because I have a class chat. With the romance writer Jayne Anne Krentz, or however her name is spelled. Bugger.

Have scheduled Clear for Surgery drs. visit. Have scheduled final ultrasound. Have not scheduled freak out but I'm sure it will work it's way in.

There is more but I should away and check when I will next be dragging my fat fanny up/down numerous flights of stairs.

I swear this week has lasted ten years.

Oh, yeah. I also told my folks about the surgery but that is a post for another time. Wasn't as bad as I thought but could have been better.

Take care, gente, and I'll kvetch talk at ya'll later. :-]
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Final countown as in three more days in this work week and five until I go downtown and not as in that really sucky song by that crappy Eighties hair band, anyone remember that? Woo. That was a SUCKY song.

Also, how do people drink 6-8 glasses of water a day?!?! Good lord I feel like I'm drowning, literally, all the time and I have to pee ALL the time. My tummy is all sloshy. However, I think it is worth it since yesterday I was on my third bottle of water and managed to resist the last peanut butter chocolate chip cookie in the lounge shaking it's slutty cookie hips at me like the dance of the seven veils and calling my name. I persevered! *eyes mini-Snickers* *takes a swig*

Oh! Oh! Without further ado BESOS AND MIL GRACIAS to everyone who posted Nickfic links.
Nick and House of Carters blather. )

And also, Heroes!***SPOILERS*** )

I was supposed to be reading my Multicultural Genre selection or working on my course work but I forgot to email myself the files this morning, woe.

It rained like gangbusters a while ago and now the sun is out and welcome to the Texas sauna.

I go now, gente!

Have a good day! Talk at ya'll later.
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Yes, it is me. Deal. After next week I will be lost in the bowels of the Downtown library where my computer and interwebz access is uknown and you all will miss me when I'm gone!!! *lol*

Also, I had a really long post about more work kvetching (yes, I know you all wait with baited breath) and House of Carter squeeing and that 'restore from draft?' or whatever little button that comes up? Ate it all. Bastard.

So, now, lists are our friends!

* A patron with hellspawn a rambunctious two year old wrote a letter of complaint saying she did not feel 'welcome' at my Babytime storytime, which is for babies 6 to 18 months old. Because if you insist in sitting in on a storytime for babies with your larger physically agressive toddler I reserve the right to tell you to supervise him as often as is necessary. That I had to tell you several times to watch him because he was getting in the younger kid's faces, taking away toys, and pushing on them speaks to your cluelessness regarding your child's behavior and not my rudeness. I was firm with you, something you are obviously unfamiliar with. Take your physically bigger, running amok 2 yr. old to the all-ages storytyime where the kids are big enough to push back when he runs pell mell into them. That's why it is there.


* At the other end of the spectrum last Wed. a four year old started wandering the department calling out plaintively: "I HAVE TO POO!!! I HAVE TO POO!!!! MOMMY! I HAVE TO POO!!!" Mom had been giving baby brother a drink of water at the fountain and she hurried back red-faced, smiling, and apologetic. "But I have to POO mommy!" "We're going right now honey, but let's use our inside voice, okay?" *LOL*

My co-worker and I laughed so hard.

* Do you know how hard it is to flip between channels and try to watch two shows at one? HARD. I tried to keep track of SPN and CSI but I think SPN won.... Thank god I'm all 'meh' about Grey's Anatomy or I would really be in trouble

* I am blatantly betraying my anti-reality show stance (except for Project Runway, Miami Ink, and What Not To Wear, of course) and embracing House of Carters. I was TOTALLY unprepared for how much I feel for Nick Carter. He is so sweet and TALL and he tries so HARD and his siblings are so broken and he's trying his best and his mom is a fuckup and [livejournal.com profile] beckynicky and I want to tuck him in bed and bring him soup and pet him a lot. I will admit I actually had to mute parts of it because my GOD those girls can bitch and yell like nobody's business and it got painful watching Nick try to mollify yet another drunk/angry/weepy female OR Aaron again and again and AGAIN pobrecito. I am unprepared for how much I adore him UNPREPARED! *flaily!!!*

Does anyone out there have any Nick Carter slash recs? Links? Archives? I have only read BSB fic peripherally, and then mostly AJ, and I am not equipped!!! I'll love you all more than yesterday for any help!

* The weather is brisk and breezy and wonderful and my darlin' is taking me to the Greek Festival at Annunciation Orthodox Church tonight where there will be Greek food, dancing, and grown men yelling 'OPA!!!' Good times. :-)

* New shows I am watching this TV season so far:

- Heroes
- Kidnapped
- House of Carters

I keep meaning to catch Two A Days because [livejournal.com profile] amandazillah says it is awesome but I know not when it's on....

Alright gente.

I'm at work for another seven hours so off I go.

Cuidense and have a good weekend!

(I will probably post again since we can't seem to shut me up....)

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Hence I will not be posting the gay rights affirmation meme. I do think it could have been worded better and to post I am FOR gay rights when I am a LESBIAN is redundant, si? Si.

And OMG SO MUCH HERO LOVE OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Hero squeeing and fangirling to follow. :- )

In other news....

The world is officially insane as crazy fuckers are now shooting at Amish kids. AMISH KIDS. WTF???

LJ floated the idea of sponsored communities and everyone went all 'splodey. On principle I say, yes, beware the slippery slope for your shoes are flimsy and the terrain steep, and I said as much on my first reactionary post. In practice, however. Well. The different accounts they began have had minimal effect on me, quite honestly. As a paid user I think the annoyance to me, personally, is small, and that's pretty much all I care about.

There are, however, some really pissed off people over there. Poor [livejournal.com profile] bradfitz. He cannot win for losing on this one.

On a total complete whim I bought Christina Aguilera's 'Back to Basics' and John Mayer's 'Continuum'. )

So that Foley guy was sending innappropriate flirty messages to pages and now he is in rehab. Huh. I thought you actually had to have a substance abuse problem to go to rehab but live and learn, eh?

In closing, courtesy of the wonderful amandazillah LJ Youtube, since [livejournal.com profile] amandazillah's journal is flocked, I leave you with possibly the most AWESOME remake of Outkast's 'Hey Ya' that you will ever hear. The dude can SING and I just know that Big Boi and Andre 3000 are mighty pleased to know that their funkafied hit can also cut it as a folk song. Begging Obadiah's pardon but I have yet to master the art of embedding videos. Rock on dude! :-D


Back to work!

Talk at ya'll later and have a great day!

P.S. Isn't my pup in a cup icon CUTE!!!
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Do you know how you KNOW you are a doofus? )

In other news....


I was going to to the Fiestas Patrias Parade but rain was forecast, so no. Instead, like a good white bread Latina, I celebrated by waking up late, watching infomercials, and making watermelon drink from a watermelon that turned out to be a bit lackluster for pure consumption, but makes a wonderful agua fresca Which I made with my blender. Using Splenda. I am SO hardcore. *LOL*

D was here last night and is supposed to be here this evenings. Visits bisected by her work schedule. We plan to go see The Black Dahlia because we saw the program about the real murder on A&E. Or was it Bravo? Who knows, it sounded intriguing. Also, Scarlett Johanssen's breasts. There's just no wrong in that, my friends.

See how I am not obssessing about the Embers beta? See? Actually, the luminous and talented [livejournal.com profile] reet has zipped hers over and I'm awaiting word from the rest of my lovely ladies. [livejournal.com profile] amourality had some family stuff, so she might or might not manage, and I'm giving Saba some time. Because I am CALM. I am PATIENT. Yes.

Also, as of Monday I will have only two weeks left at Exile Branch after which I will return downtown. )

The new TV season is upon us and I am squeeing with glee over my SHOWS MY SHOWS BEING BACK!

Major Squee-age

- Prison Break- Hello, Wentworth! Good to see you!
- Supernatural- ALMOST HERE!!!!
- CSI- Nicky!!!!!!!!! Greg!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I have scrubbed the final scene out of my brain, why do you ask?
- ER- omg did she lose the baby? DID SHE???? *bites nails*
- Lost- I can't even remember but more of Sawyer is always a good thing. Is Kate gone yet?

Moderate Squee-age

- Grey's Anatomy- jury's still out. I didn't like the McDreamy ending or the Denny ending so I guess we'll see.
- Gilmour Girls- I had lost interest, then got sucked in over Summer reruns, and Jess's brief reappearance, and now I don't know. Ever since [livejournal.com profile] mustangsally78 said they all talk like they are on meth I've realized it is absolutely true....
- Smallville- it's all the Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling/Paddywhack slash that I keep stumbling over, man. wtf? And Lex and Lana is just so, so utterly, creepily, yummily wrong.

Unfortunately I don't seem to intersted in any new shows. Tried Vanished and. Yeah. My Gale Harold love just did NOT overcome that short sleeves/tie combo. So, so sorry. Also, no sit coms. I truly fear that proclivity is irretrievably broken. Hm.

Aaaaaaaaaand is anyone else having trouble highlighting stuff when they write a post? Like to delete and edit? Or am I the only special snowflake on that front? The cursor won't drag a highlight across the screen. How annoying is that?

All right, gente.

That's all the news that's fit to print from my end! Don't know if I'll talk at ya later but have a great weekend if I don't.

Cuidense and bye for now!


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