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I meant to post yesterday but did not so this is catch up from the weekend. Bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ First and foremost, Feliz Cinco de Mayoto everyone! I have linked to a brief explanation of this commemorative day in Mexican history, for your Mexican History 101 lesson. Now everyone go have a Margarita in celebration! :-D

+ This weekend there were movies and teevee. I saw some. :-)

We all saw Wolverine and I liked it. )

+ Then there was the kickass amazingness that was Dollhouse. )

And also The Number One Ladies Detective Agency )

+ I am tripping right along on all the new material from Marshall! 3 a.m. is, well, twisted. But it's Marshall, what do you want? The hook sounds a lot like the bootleg '4 in the morning,' which I loved, but I could be making that up. VMA's on May 31st and I can't wait.

+ We have a pet teenager. Russell's uncles moved to that mecca of metropolitan savoire faire Beaumont, TX and Russell will graduate in three weeks and no one saw the sense in transferring him at this point. He has his own room, along with a whole crapload of our stuff, and he is SUCH a good boy, really. He is exceedingly neat and tidy, respectful, smart and funny, and really does not seem to mind hanging out with two middle-aged lesbians.

We think we'll keep him. :-)

+ Summer has arrived with a vengeance and my new hair is now a nimbus of frizz. *sigh* I am gong to spend all day trying not to be stuffy, I can feel it. I did not miss you, verano, not one bit. *sticks out tongue*

+ I am waiting in antici.........PATION for [community profile] bandombigbang!!! I was going to sign up as an artist then totally chickened out. I seem to have lost all my courage in the fandom arena, so sad. However, I do have BIG plans for next year! (So easy to say as we are still in this year. :- I have been re-reading [personal profile] arsenicjade's Wednesday Night Boys and Home is a Name and the sheer quality and easy lyricism of her writing just blows me the fuck away. So wonderful.

+ Apparently two of my favorite figure skaters decided to make my dreams come true. )
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+ Not get Swine Flu. Apparently there is some kind of imminent pandemic or something else equally scary sounding from the World Health Organization. I do think it's kind of creepy but, then, I have read The Stand sixty times. I'm following hygiene guidelines, especially since I work with the public, but there is only so much I can do. If I run every time a kid sniffles I will not get any work done.

+ Finish employee evaluation. We had a couple days leeway because the system kept going down, then up, then down, but today is the deadline. I don't think I'll meet the deadline because my manager, who needs to sign off on this, is off 'till tomorrow, but I do want to have the eval itself ready to go.

+ Make sure there is a stage ready to be set up for the Ballet Folklorico program this Saturday. It is a rescheduled program from the Hurricane Ike fiasco.

+ Confirm with the Ballet Folklorico

+ Make sure Harry Potter Exhibit Application reaches judging panel by May 1st. It looks like a really cool exhibit and, tho we are up against the M.D. Anderson Medical Library, who is a partner with one of the sponsoring entities, for it, I think we have a chance. Mostly because the M.D. Anderson Library is a research library used mostly by doctors, grad students, and patients looking for info on their disease. It is not a kid-friendly place. Everyone cross their fingers for me!

+ Send list of programs to Pissy Queen #1 at Diva Central Marson Admin building to go up on Plasma Screens.

Surely I can get these done. I work a seven day stretch this week. It's not like I won't have enough time.

In other news....

+ Cut my hair! It's shorter than I've had it in a long time but I wanted to do something different. I had reached that fuzzy, enormous Ray Toro/Angela Davis/Rosann Rosannadanna/Cousin It stage. When three people look at you when your hair is not in a ponytail and go, 'What did you do to your hair?,' and not in the good way, it is time for a change.
Possible pix later.

+ Continue to adore The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, tho I had a few issues with this episode. )
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+ Finished application to try to get Harry Potter exhibit for the library. Despite pissy queens and obscure questions I didn't know the answer to have zipped it off to the lion's den Admin building to be reviewed. *faceplant*

+ Employee evaluation has been moved back due to site inconsistency. Yay!

+ Have fallen off my diet like a fallen thing (still fallen? continued to fall?), but hope to get back on (up?) soon.

+ I talked D into watching The Unusuals on the strength of Amber Tamblyn and the guy that played Penn on Angel and it was really good! )

Also, you know. Amber Tamblyn. I was very upset when they canceled Joan of Arcadia.

+ Deadliest Catch was kind of sad yesterday but still awesome.

+ Have realized our pets run the house. Has anyone else realized their pets run the house? It is a sobering realization.

+ I would like to tell the whiny entitlement trollop who threatened to delete her LJ and all her fic because she 'ONLY' got 60 comments on it, and then was nasty to all her apparently vastly dysfunctional friends who wrote her three pages of posts pleading with her not to go, before FINALLY deleting her LJ: fanfic fandom friendship life. ur doin it wrong.

+ Happy Earth Day! compliments of the lovely [profile] ginnytonnick. Pity lots of the stuff is just as expensive as it is cool. Saving the planet ain't cheap.

+ I am mostly succeeding in bi-posting. I don't have a lot to read on the Dreamwidth account yet, but I'm sure it will get better. Probably after open beta. I have not tried the doohicky that is supposed to let you cross post but I have managed to change my journal style so I can read it. Go me!

+ I've been listening to 'The Wrestler' by Bruce Springsteen on YouTube. I really love the way that man paints a story with so few words.

Okay, gente.

I need to go tell the one family on the Wii that we are closing soon.

Cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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+ The AC at Central is broken. We were stuffy and hot all day Saturday. The AC at my apartment is broken and it was 80 degrees all night. We live in a dungeon cave because our bedroom has no windows at all. Great if you're a dominatrix; not so great if your air conditioning craps out in Texas. I feel like I have been trying to not be hot for three days now. *fans self*

+ Because we spent the night having the fan blow in our face and trying not stick to each other and the three pets also in bed with us, I feel fuzzy and out of sorts. *blinks blearily* Babies and mommies this morning, oh god.

+ However, in an attempt to go sit in AC we did see Fast & Furious or, as it is known 'round these parts, the big GAY CHRISTMAS CARD!***Spoilers*** )

I need to go hunt up [personal profile] petslife's list of fics. And I have like, five xovers in my head already.

Because those boys are like a good pair of black pants; no matter who you pair them with they're going to look good. :-)

+ The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency continues to be made of total and complete WIN!

Have I mentioned how amazing and ridiculously talented Jill Scott is? I can't believe she's not actually from Africa, her accent and mannerisms and essence are so perfect. And it made me CRY and it is funny and wonderful and she and her secretery are so amazing together!

I love how their relationshop grows and opens up like origami flowers and how the show manages to not be didactic or preachy but humane and real.

Shows like this give me hope for the whole medium of television. If we could get anything this good on the major channels it would be even better.

+ I have also finished reading Unclean Sprits on reccomendation from [personal profile] zillahseye and it was fantastic! A strong female protagonist, an alternate reality that didnt' take half the book to explain because the author really does know how to show and not tell, and a style that flows well but is not simplistic make this a wonderful read. I can't wait for the next part!

Okay, gente.

I have two deadlines this week to try to meet so Ima go now.

Ya'll cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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+ While I think most reality TV is puerile and damaging and I was just bitching about it and I want to rip Simon Cowell's entrails out with my teeth I do cop to being a TOTAL AND COMPLETE DEADLIEST CATCH FANGIRL!! **Spoilers** )

I reccommend the show for the amazing shots of fishing the Bering Sea and the truly fascinating men that man these ships.

+ Do you know what sadness is? Sadness is buying an apple at the convenience store on the way to work, having it fall out of your bag before you get out of the car, then, upon discovering this, ingesting a mini moonpie in a fit of pique. It is sitting in my tummy like a useless lump of complex sugars.


Food. It is my crack cocaine.

+ Well, my really healthy tax refund was deposited in my account about two weeks ago and it is melting away, as those things do. I've caught up on some bills, we've taken the pets to the vet, I've paid the car note, but I'd like to buy one thing I really want , or do one thing I really want, before it is all gone.

I think I will do a poll sometime today on this subject.

+ Work has me tharn. I have a grant deadline and I feel really out of my depth with what I am trying to do. I have an employee evaluation deadline. I am trying to get all the summer print materials in gear. And I still feel like my public service shelf life is ticking down.

Yesterday I had not one but TWO crazy people be crazy near me. GO AWAY. )

So, slightly overwhelmed.

+ However, Marshall to perform at the VMAS!!!! YAY!!!!

I had more, and I might remember later, but I must away!

We have a class of 75 kids that will be returning after lunch, so I need to make sure the hatches are battened down.

You all cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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May everyone in the Western hemisphere that celebrates Easter have a fabulous Bunny Day!

I am sitting here finishing the latest Kim Harrison and watching Jax worry a chew bone within an inch of its life. :-) D has decided she is not ready to be up and is watching TV in bed.

We plan to go to a movie sometime today and also go grocery shopping so I can get more diet stuff. My calorie counting was blown like a blown thing this week with D's nephew visiting but I plan to get right back on that wagon tomorrow. I really did feel better eating less.

Now, before I go points? Points.

+ Dreamwidth- I'd like a code like many other people, and, like many other people, I don't plan to abandon LJ alltogether. However, I like that DW is fan-friendly, understanding the particular fandom mindset because it was developed, in part, by a fanfic writer. If I don't get a code I believe I will purchase an account when they become available later, though it has become obvious that I fail in my attempt at being bi-journal. We shall see. I am excited at the prospect of a place that will not judge what I read or write. I think that is nothing but a good thing.

+ I am starting to spend a lot of time thinking of writing these days. I hope this is another step in beginning to write regularly once again. I miss that part of my life; I'm not even sure how or why it went away, not totally. Right now I think I want to try a small James Iha/Taylor Hanson ficlet. I don't have anything but the very strange, very intriguing thought of them together. I'm going to watch some Iha interviews on YouTube and see where it goes from there.

+ Kings is cancelled, goddamn it. I love that show. It's also disheartening. Is it true? Is all quality TV doomed to failure because it does not aim for the muddling middle ground? Why do quality things mostly need to be on cable to survive? This was a fantistically realized show. It had great actors, a thoughtful, intelligent script, and brave direction. Why must everything be fucking American Idol? *sigh*

+ D's nephew H left to go back to GA after a week of breavment leave. He will always be a kid to me, tho he is a thirty year old service man who has been to Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. He's also a good man, and there are not many of those. Fiercely smart, tall, dark, and handsome, and with an even-tempered kindness borne of balancing out his dad all these years, I really hope he finds someone worthy to live his life with. He has been alone with is dad's illness, mantal and physical, for so long, that he deserves some happiness and someone who knows how awesome he is. Anyone who knows a nice girl that won't fuck him over, hook me up.

+ Went to a cook-off at my Cop Friend April's last night and it was fun. We were one of only a handful of non-cop women there but the food was good and the conversation funny and interesteing. The funniest thing tho was that I had been told by co-workers that a cute young guy had been by to see me on Friday when I was off, tall, and wearing a cap, and I was at a loss as to whom it might have been because both Russell and Justin, the teen boys' from across the way, are both kind of short.

Found out that Megan, a lovely, androgynous girl I know through April, had come by to say 'Hi', as she had promised to do, while she was studying for her Sargeant's exam. She is fond of baseball caps over her really pretty face and buzz cut hair and she is given to t-shirts and jeans that hide what slim curves there are to her lanky body. She kind of resembles a palomino colt.

'A young guy.' Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-D

+ To wrap up, I have had the score from 'Once More With Feeling' in my head for DAYS. God, I miss my show.

Okay, gente. I am getting hungry so I am going to either scare up some food in ye olde kitchen, or go get D's arse in gear to go find some.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I'll talk at ya'll later.
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+ Well, the lover is going to be BE back sometime this morning. They lit out of GA yesterday and their ETA is sometime this morning. I am so, so ready to see her, and hug her, and be with her, and have her stick her fingers down the dog's throat to give the dog her pills.

I have cleaned the apartment to the best of my ability since we are going to have her nephew H, and D's sister Janet for an indeterminate amount of time. No one can tell me. Will probably be an adjustment, again, but I'm glad to no longer be a single pet-mom for much longer!

+ Do you know who is ACTUALLY back? Marshall! MY BLUE-EYED BOY!!!! *is v.v. excited!! *

Here is the Detroit PSA he made for the Final Four and here he is inducting Run DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

He looks confident and fit and fantastic and I have missed him SO much!

And a new album out in May! YAY!!!!

+ What is up with the weather this month? Even for April, even for HOUSTON, it is the crazy! Eighty degrees one day, thirty-seven the next, and today there are gale force winds so strong they almost lifted me off my feet and I ain't no petite flower. Wtf? Pick a climate and go with it! Everyone's spring gardens might perish because of the cold. Poor posies.

+ I watched teevee yesterday:

KINGS**Possible Spoilers** )

And I discovered The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and it is FABULOUS!! )

+ I am out of fresh celery and individual Ranch dipping cups. Also, I am pretty broke. Had to buy lunch from tunnel convenience store and that is never good for the calorie count. I found

* One apple
* One banana
* small bag of cashews
* Kellogg's Fruity Snacks
* Incredibly overpriced peanut butter to eat with apple

Not great but it will have to do.

+ Have begun reading the latest Kim Harrison White Witch, Black Curse, from The Hollows series. Okay so far. I have cast Michelle Rodriguez as Ivy in my head. I think she would make a KICK ASS bisexual vampire. :-) No casting for Rachel in my head yet.

+ Have been getting some fb for Embers that is truly inspiring. With Marshall being visible again I'm hoping my muses can rouse themselves from their sleep. Here's hoping. I keep wondering if maybe the long stretch means I need to move on, but this is still where my heart is, writing-wise. I love My Chem but I don't think writing them is going to happen. The depth and breadth of writers in that fandom is way to intimidating, and also, while I can tell when their voices are the right pitch in a fic, I can't find that pitch in my head.

Things I have been thinking of:

* Enchanted redux with MCR. I wish someone would do this SO BAD. Please don't make me try this.
* Taylor Hanson/ James Iha. Idek. Something about that keeps nibbling at me
* Lesbian cover band original fic. Sort of. I've had this in my head for SO LONG. I've cast all the band and I actually outlined the fic to Alex one late night on Messenger. It keeps evolving but the band stays the same. This might be my NaNoWriMo project next year. How's that for planning ahead? *lol*

Okay, gente.

Need to go get ready for babies and mommies now!

Ya'll cuidense and I'll talk at you later.
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I just bit into my kolache and realized the lovely people at the library coffee shop had given me a jalapeƱo kolache instead of a regular one. My sinuses are running and half my tongue is burning. Gracias for the pick me up! Hopefully tomorrow I can scald my tongue on my hot chocolate! Look forward to it!

*grumble* I had HALF a kolache left, too! Suckage.

How are y'all? Isn' it better when I do bullet points? I think so.

Not Happy-Making Stuff

+ I have left the house with no hair accoutrements of any kind. This is probably due to the fact that I can't seem to get to sleep before 2 a.m. and I have a myriad of pet related chores to do before leaving the house. When I take the bus I have a routine down that takes me fifteen minutes from bed to door. It does not work with pets. Hence I am doomed to using nasty rubber bands or have hair in my face all day. *sigh*

My life, so hard.

+ I have been making small pain-in-the-ass mistakes at work. )

+ My pants are tight. No, not those. Those were already tight before. The OTHER pants, the ones that used to be loose on me, are now tight. I really have to get cracking on the 'lose weight' New Year's resolution I made.

It makes me want to try one of those Jenny Craig/Nutrisystem diets just to be thinner FOR A MOMENT. But I've heard that unless you are on that food, like, FOREVER, the weight comes back.

But this is really starting to affect me. *sigh*

Happy-Making Stuff

+ Saw the Oscars.. )

+ Are there a cooler couple of movies than Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2? I don't think so. I watched both of them from beginning to end and SO MUCH LOVE! I want to be a beautiful assassin. I want to cut someone's head off with a samurai sword when they are shitty. Why can't I do that?

More than anything they remind me of my brother, who was an insane Tarantino fan.

+ I am already so entranced with Dollhouse! )

+ I go through these obssessions with songs since I realized I can find them on Youtube to feed my inner ear worm. The ones I have on repeat right now are:
- After the Glitter Fades, Stevie Nicks
- Take Me Down, Kelly Willis
- Relapse, Eminem (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *so excited*)

In closing, and I'm probably going to get dinged something bad for this, but I've read this debate on a couple of journals lately: regarding the spelling of the word 'ya'll.' )

So, there you have it. For further explanations of this grammatical anomaly please refer to The Urban Dictionary, which also covers both terms extensively.

If you would like to see whereabouts the Mason-Dixon line you fall here is a handy quiz.

There might be a poll in this....

Now I must away towards my glamorous job but ya'll cuidense, now. Ya hear? ;-)

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It feels like forever since I've posted a real entry so- bullet points, si? Si!

+ Went on a spur of the moment road trip to Austin to see my sister Ara, BiL, and the wee nephew. It was great! We saw The Eggmen, a Beatles tribute band who were AWESOME, hung out with Benji, my nephew, and had good food. 'Twas fabulous.


+ We are getting a new puppy. It is a boy puppy, which is different for us since I tend to prefer female pets. However, there was only one girl and he was so cute! He is a teeny Chihuahua named Jax and he will live with us in about three weeks.

+ Man, just when I think the CSI:Miami ship has sailed it PULLS ME BACK IN.***SPOILERS*** )

+ And there is Heroes. )

+ I am on a strange Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks 'Tusk' period right now. This was preceded by a two week long Juno Soundtrack period. My head, so random.

+ I want to go to DC in March except I'm finding out I think EVERYONE goes to DC in March because I can't find any decent hotel rooms that aren't in, you know, Virginia.

+ I want to see so many films I am so behind! Taken, Rise of the Lycans, Milk, The Wrestler. I will never catch up!

+ I know everyone hates Jenny Schecter on The 'L' Word but Mia Kirschner has the most amazingly luminous eyes it is unreal.

And, in closing, I was so enthralled with Youtube that I forgot to turn off the spaghetti sauce we had for dinner so I sprayed air freshener everywhere. And now the apartment smells someone burnt tomatoes in a field of gardenias.


Okay, it is late, so I sleep.


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