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Because you need to. I go on a soapbox schpiel every year about our civil duty and how long it took minorities and women to get to vote, yadda yadda, but, basically, I take this seriously and so should you. Don't be an apathetic slacker. Yeah, I said it.

This is your country. This is your government. The only way to change it is to be heard.

Now before Lee Greenwood's 'Proud to be an American' cues, I move on. :-)

This weekend in bullet points:


* Gone Baby Gone. That is one kickass, well done movie. I think I am a little in like with Casey Affleck. I love how he looks twelve but curses like a sailor. I love the moral issues this film brought forth; the IMDB message board rife with debate and opinions. Morgan Freeman, Amy Madigan, and Ed Harris all so brilliant, as was the rest of the crew. Highly recced.

* Lazy Sunday mornings

* Last season of The L Word. I really love this series. I love Shane but I found myself really drawn to the FTM character Max. Daniela Sea has teh most amazing eyes. The whole show is a smorgasord of eye candy. Such fun!

* [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's MCR prison!AU. The wonderfullness. *sighs happily*

* MCR in general and Frankie Iero in particular. Because really, the mere thought of that boy brightens my whole day. :-)


* I forgot to replenish my Metformin in my pill box thingy. Dammit.

* What is up with the steroidal furniture in this town? D and I have been looking for some decent furniture to purchase since she got a little money from her mom's estate. However, most of what we can find, except for Ikea, is this HUGE furniture made for giants or something. We are both about 5'1. Our feet can't even touch THE FLOOR. I mean, tall, bulky couches, big giant sized thrones for chairs and heavy tables wtf? I feel like goddamned Goldilocks. It's ridiculous.

* Female Type TMI )

* Writer's Strike. Just when Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku are teaming up for a series. Man, that SUCKS.

* There was not very much of the writing this weekend (because I had no time alone...) but I hope to do some this week. Whenever I look at when I actually began these fics my mind just flips right out. Holy shit. I feel like the crackfic! slash version of Sagrada Familia.

OK, gente. I think that's all I got for now because WOW this has gotten really long with not nearly enough cut-tags so bye! Besos! Bye!

I'll talk at ya'll later!

p.s.: I forgot to dl my 'I voted!' icon. Frak. ;-)

*if your state does not vote today ignore first part of post and proceed to minutiae. Gracias. :-}
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* I am having my first bosom squshing tomorrow at 3 p.m. )

Anyone have any experience with this? I'd appreciate any input.

* We saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. And it was good.SPOILERS. )

* Also, Frankie Iero is trying to kills me.

He's letting his hair grow and he's tiny and adorable and splashed with ink and, really, I luvs him. *luvs* :-)

In other news....

* Work is making me crazy because they keep changing the focus of the library reopening weekend and we have gone from a four-day celebration highlighting all the new services to a weekend with the focus on children's and teens to a two-day weekend with the focus on EVERYBODY and my damn committee only has four people in it.

I don't know how I ended up being a fucking co-chair when I have NEVER EVER planned anything of this magnitude before and I am very worried about screwing it up. *sigh*

* I'm not sure what to make of the latest LJ kerfuffle. People on my FL range from enraged and leaving to philosphical and staying to supportive and staying. I dunno. I have begun a greatestjournal and insanejournal account just in case, and also, for namesquatting purposes. Not that I think there will be a great run on 'ahestele' but one can never tell. So if you go over yonder add me and I'll add you and we'll see where the chips land.

I will say that, though I will miss all my icons, I am not giving LJ/Six Apart any more of my money, not as much because I agree with the issue in question, but because I feel, and continue to feel, that they treat, and have treated, their customers poorly and they assume we are stupid. And I don't hold with that.

* My weekly musical discovery is called Nuttin but Stringz, a duo of two brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar, from New York's inner city who play- wait for it- hip hop violins. I saw them on some BET program about up and coming talent and they are AMAZING! Their CD 'Struggle From The Subway To The Charts' came out in October of 06 and they are just cute as buttons, I have to say. Here's some music because it's better than any description I could write.


For real. They are awesome.

* When I am alone I tend to marathon watch either E!, Court TV, or A&E. It is an A&E kind of weekend and I've watched three American Justices and one program on the execution of an Oklahoma lesbian for shooting her lover. It was sad.

I plan to write tonight, read some fic, and write.

Talk to ya'll later, maybe, and hope your weekends are going well.
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I spent most of the weekend finishing my Hanson quasi SF fic and trying to clean my apartment. This was not totally voluntary as I had all kinds of plans to go shopping on the bus and use the gift cards I'd gotten for grad. However, we had rain off and on, mostly on, the whole time and as I'm trying NOT to get sick before DC, no traveling for me.

But I did manage to have lunch and a movie with my twelve step friend Renee. We saw Knocked Up. )

D and I also saw 28 Weeks Later a couple of weeks ago. SPOILERS. )

In other news...

This is Leave For DC Week so I will be running around like a crazy person as I have TWO outreaches to go read to kids, a baby shower, packing, and I need to buy at least one pair of decent shoes.

I have also looked at the itinerary for DC that our facilitator has sketched out and I think the woman is trying to kill us. 7 AM MEETINGS ALMOST EVERY DAY?!?! BLOCKS OF SESSONS EVERY AFTERNOON?!?! Ftw?!?!? I don't know when I am supposed to even see the exhibits or meet my ex co-worker for lunch if I am supposed to network and attend all these friggin' sessions. I know her organization is footing the bill but Jesus H. Christ.

I might have to sneak away.

You all take care and wish me luck since I am supposed to drag my little cart full of books six city blocks to go to a daycare and afternoon thunderstorms are imminent. Good times.

Before I go...I heard the most beautiful song on a rerun of Bones. 'Bring on the Wonder' by Susan Enan. Absolutely lovely. Check it out. There are several vids to it on YouTube.

Alrighty, gente.

Time to vamoose.

Cuidense and those in East Texas stay dry!

p.s. See my Frankie tattoo icon? *luvs it*
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*bites nails* Will Nathan die? Will Peter go'splodey? Will CLAIRE go 'splodey?!?! Can Hiro save the day?!?! WHERE'S ANDO!!?!? Tune in tonight for the Heroes Season Finale!!! *counts hours*

Hola, people. How was your weekend. Mine was wonderfully laid back and rather non-productive. That still has not gotten old. :-)

I did, however go to the movies with my 12-Step Friend Renee, so named because the woman used to join 12-Step groups like other people joined listeserves (oh? just me?). She took me out to lunch and a movie for my grad treat. However, she does not like horror, or violence, or mysoginy, or scary suspense, or slapstick. So we ended up at Shrek the third. )

We had lunch at my favorite Italian place The Macaroni Grill and I had to-die-for Chicken Marsala Ravioli. Mmmm.

In other news....

* Real life has been throwing me some major curve balls which will be discussed later when I am not tharn. Right now denial seems to be working for me....

* I have been gorging on [livejournal.com profile] beanside's fic and might possibly have read Chad Michael Murray slash oh the horror. *headesk* That alone will tell you how skilled that woman is. If you have not checked out her stuff do so. You won't be sorry. Her J3 OT3 with [livejournal.com profile] nilchance is excellent as well.

* I now have a delicious account. OK, two: one for work-safe links and one for slash links. It is pretty cool.

* I am thinking of doing a photo meme now that we have a shiny new digital camera I actually kind of know how to work.

* I have had 'Carry On My Wayward Son' in my head all morning. Wtf? *lol* SPN season finale already passed!! It's all that fic.....

* Anyone worked with Aggregators before? Anyone know what I'm talking about....? They sound cool...

* There is stuff at work but that, too, shall keep for a later date as I need to vamoose. Meeting this morning with my sub-committee on our tentaive plans for the Grand Opening of the renovated building on....WHO KNOWS! No one will give us a date! No one will even give us a ballpark date! But we are to start planning regardless. Christ's sake.

And I'm gone!

Cuidense, gente! I'll holla at ya'll later, maybe. Why? Becaus I CAN.

Otherwise, have a good day!
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I have just walked fourteen blocks round trip in downtown Houston all before breakfast. I have been out of Metformin, my diabetes med, since last Thursday and the dr. did not call in a renewal before the weekend and it STILL was not renewed this morning. So my trip to CVS bright and early got me Crestor. This is good, but will not keep me from forgetting things and going on crying jags, which is what happens if I go much longer without Metformin.

Luckily, the pharmacist guy, who moved like HE didn't have any pressing business at sevent fifteen in the morning, floated me enough for today and I called the drs. office and the nurse said she'd be sure the dr. called it in.

But grrrr.

Hello. Hola. How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was a bit different than I anticipated as we had D's mom in the apartment when I had counted on some private time, but, oh well. She's getting to where she can't even
really move on her own and its dangerous to leave her unattended for long. However, for all the frailty she can be a crochety old firecracker and D and I tend to snipe over her before too long because of the friction. So. Yeah. *sigh*

And I'm getting a cold guddammit.

In other news....

Saw 'Zodiac' yesterday. SPOILERS! )

I have been wanting to write again and have been looking at the post-Embers fic I'm almost done with. I've begun the next installment of both Embers and the copfic but it's like after the grueling, mind-wrenching ordeal of my comprehensive essays my brain has to collect itself from a sort of literary panic and realize it can actually do fun stuff again. It takes a while.

People have been weighing in on the SPN kerfuffle and I thought of it and this is my small, not entirely applicable take. Feel free to click on by the navel gazing. :- )


I must go and do some work and continue to try to NOT get this cold. I don't even know how I began to get it and I'm afeared to take my Coricidin because I don't want to be sleepy.

Take care ya'll and I'll talk at you later!

Also, I have decided I am going to make a concerted effort to switch out my default userpic because I have over one hundred and I don't even use them and that is wrong.

Isn't my wolf pretty? I love wolves.

Adios for now!
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I am wearing this semi-lowcut shirt that shows off my bosoms in a nicely demure but still attractive way. I think it is unfair that I get bosoms when the rest of my body gets heavier and I had almost no bosoms in high school when I was skinnier. Isn't that always the way.

Hola! Hello!

It has already been an odd week in that D and I took The Busride From Hell down to Laredo to get the car my parent's got for us (but which I'm making the payments on) and I took Monday off to recover. I so needed that because I'm beginning to think I did some irreparable damage to my back during my essay comprehensives. It hurts ALL the time. My breasts are not that big so it isn't that.

Since I spent yesterday recovering D and I went to the movies. SPOILERS for GHOST RIDER! )

I had more stuff, I swear I did.

However, I have to get books together to go read to kids and I have to complete timesheets.

Ya'll have a good day!
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My sweetie got me My Chemical Romance's THE BLACK PARADE when we went into Hot Topic to wait for our movie to start, as we do. I got her a Green Day T-shirt on sale.


She's tried to find it for Xmas but every place she went to was sold out. After the Wal Mart Eminem debacle when she got Curtain Call without realizing it was edited (hee. gotta love her) she is extremely cognizant of wherefor she buys this strange music I listen to.

Oh, my god, this band. )

Also, we saw Children of Men and it is was very, very good. Politically, ass-kickingly good.****SPOILERS*** )

Well, gente. Here I am.

Ima listen to more MCR, watch some NLF playoffs, and, hopefully, write. I need to tidy the apartment, but, hell. Where's the fun in that?

Also, food.


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