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Today the high is 43 degrees. Tomorrow it is 70. By Friday it is 79. 79 degrees people! In December! I know people in the north are wishing evil shit on me but that is one degree from 80!!! 80 DEGREES!!! Really?? *sigh*

Of course by Friday I will be Laredo where the high for that day will be 83 degrees. Because it is the desert.

I just want to wear my new coat one solid week! Why is that bad???

In other news...

+ I had more cookie fail last night. I'm thinking the universe is telling me to ixnay the baking for this year or something. I tried to make simple mocha cookies and the recipe said 'small cup of instant coffee' so I measured a cup, right? WRONG. Immediately I realized it was too soupy. So I added more flour. A lot. Then they didn't taste like anything so I added Heath Bar crunch. Then they tasted like nothing with Heath Bar Crunch.

I mean, the cookies LOOK pretty, but they are almost tasteless. Delightful.

So, yeah, might be done. I was gonna bake some cookies for the gay guys and teens across the way but we might just have to buy the roll of Toll House and call it a day. I know, shameful.

+ I am on the last Twilight installment I've been kind of spoiled but we'll see how this turns out.

+ Went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still and the brief synopsis I read on someone's LJ is still the best one. )

No, but really, it was not bad. Keanu was amazing because Keanu is amazing, Jennifer Connelly still has one of the loveliest faces in the business, and, bonus John Cleese made of total win. Also, wow, that is Will Smith's son! Hi, Will Smith's son! Aren't you going to be a handsome young man?

Not bad. Certainly worth a matinee.

+ Only one more xmas present to buy! Well, basically. I might buy earrings for all my sisters since it's a thing I've done the last four years or so, but we'll see. Everyone, including myself, is pretty tight this season.

Okay, gente.

I'm on the desk again since we are one person short but you all stay warm and safe!

I should talk at ya'll at least one more time before we hit the road, Jack, for points south.

Till' then, cuidense!
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I have tried to start a review of Twilight and New Moon three times and it all ends up sounding horribly elitist.

Yeah, I caved after deciding, grudgingly, that I could not, as a professional in the business of what kids/teens read, categorically ignore a pop phenomenon such as this. No matter HOW MANY neurons I lost. So I took a breath and dug in.

And, so. )

And because if I'm gonna dive in I don't wuss around, I then saw Twilight. )

In other non-sparkly-vampire news....

+ They are developing a Fables TV series. Oy vey. *sigh* Man, I really don't want this screwed up and sanitized for the small screen, so I'm very apprehensive, but we'll see. I hope Willingham didn't sign his soul away and keeps a hand in.

+ In the 'life-sucky' department things with D are not that great. It's pretty much my fault but it's not the best thing during the holiday season, which I dearly love. I hope it gets better soon.

+ I am toying with making a different cookie for the cookie Xchange. Something mocha. Or both kinds. Right now I have all of THREE participants counting myself, but hopefully there will be more.

+ Oh, I also finished Swallowing Darkness by Hamilton. )

+ Lastly, under the heading of DEFINITELY NON-SUCKY THINGS, [livejournal.com profile] kita0106 has discovered MCR FIC!! KITA IN BANDSLASH OMG! I can't think of anything more awesome. :-)

I have been meandering around this post all morning so Ima go now.

Tonight is BIG BANG THEORY and holiday card making. Should be a good evening.


You all cuidense! Gente in the North stay WARM! *gazes at our 70-something weather and sighs*

Talk at ya'll later!
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I just woke up and D is still sleeping so I am grabbing what alone time I can and fiddle-farting around on LJ. What is better I ask you? ;-)

Yesterday was the day of awesomeness!! Comicpalooza! Terry Moore! Dark Knight! Made of WIN! )

And of course Dark Knight was absolutely brilliant.***POSSIBLE SPOILERS*** )

I might write or read fic and enjoy my alone-time. I will not go walking because the sun becomes unbearable by ten-thirty and it is twelve-thirty now.

Hope you alls weekend is going well and I'll talk at you later!
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Pretty OK, yeah? The lovely [livejournal.com profile] fromourruins bought the fic for $10, for which I am muy excited and a bit nervous about. :-> And The final bid for the cards went to $28.00.

I tried and TRIED to bid on some correspondence or cookies (WHAT) but, alas, they got too rich for my blood. So to speak. So I'm baking cookies this weekend, by god. I can bake my OWN damn cookies, thank you! I could probably also send myself a letter but that's somehow not as exciting.

For real, though, I know they must have raised over $8000 at least on [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry and I am so proud of fandom. *beam* MY PEOPLE LET ME SHOW YOU THEM!!! /is proud/


I have actually been up for a while because D took our cat Talullah to get The Snip very, very early in the morning. That way Talullah can go live outside and be an outside cat and we can have one less living entity in the apartment again. She was an outside cat from the beginning but we've been keeping her inside because that animal breeds like nothing I've ever seen and if we had to keep kittens in the apartment, too, I was going to run amok.

Not to mention how very, very much I am over the smell of litter box and cat shit you have no IDEA. >.<

OH! And this past weekend we saw Hellboy! ***SPOILERS** )

I am also excited this weekend because we are seeing Dark Knight with the comic book group, or trying to, and it is Comicpalooza this weekend! Terry Moore is the only name I recognize but I care not because he is who I'm going to see. So it is a fandom weekend! With cookies.

Of course next week I have the schedule from hell because I work Saturday AND Sunday. Bleah. Still, that is next week.

I have just finished my first employee evaluation (late. mergh) and just need to get it back frmo my boss, make the adjustments she requests, meet with the person and have her sign it, and send it to Clueless Fairyland The Marston Admin Building. So maybe 'finished' was a bit of an overstatement, but I'm closer!

I have also been working diligently on the copfic. Going is slow, but it is going.

In closing: The Black Parade Dead = still fabulous. :-)

I go now, gente!

You all have a good day and I'll talk at you later!
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Am at work and much better. Definitely no longer begging to die. Of the good.

In other of the good news, D is finally home! She is a few pounds lighter and several shades of freckles darker.

I ended up staying home for another day and the weekend to get well. Saw eve more serial killer TV as well three documentaries.

By yesterday I was getting some major cabin fever so D and I went to see Doomsday )

Meep! Gotta run!

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later.
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The high today is 47 degrees but the wind chill is colder, gusts are at 20 mph or something and there is freezing drizzle. Hai winter! Hai! I know it's gray and damp outside but sweet lord it's at least COLD. We are going to jack back up to the mid 70s by the weekend they tell me so I'm enjoying this.

Of course my co-worker M, who apparently thinks we are in the Bahamas, showed up in a thin knit summer dress, her coat, and sneakers. I love her, but she is gonna freeze her butt off. I wore one of my comfy sweaters and, tho it is stuffy because the heat is on too high in here, I think my choice was wiser.

Hola, gente! How's your day?

In other news...

* This reopening is gonna kill me... )

* Heath Ledger's initial autopsy was 'inconclusive.' I think they can vague that up for everybody if they tried. Inconclusive? What the hell does that mean?

* Wrote a bit; not a lot.

* Was off yesterday and mostly did laundry and housework which was really badly needed. Now I have clean undies, always good! Was supposed to go do errands but the day was cold and drizzly and D and I fussed for half of it, which kind of curtailed any outings. Maybe this weekend.


OK, gente.

Since Outlook is being a h0r and I can't access my work mail I'ma have an early lunch and come back and work a bit before my desk shift.

You all stay warm and safe and I'll talk at you later!


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