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When your dog starts to act weird after his walk and begins to wheeze and make random yipping noises and you are convinced he is OMG DYING (because you both just lost a dog earlier this month and are just not up for another loss kaythanx) and your lover drives like a banshee across town to the all night pet ER and you explain to the the (quite cute)ER vet tech that your dog was wheezing violently and made a yipping sound like he was in PAIN and the dr. finally gets there and by now the dog is sleeping and hasn't wheezed in twenty minutes and he examines your dog and takes its temperature and has it walk across the room to you and tells you he thinks the dog probably just pulled a muscle and really the only thing he can otherwise think to do is a blood test, maybe and YOU TELL HIM OMG YES PLEASE BECAUSE WE HAVE TO BE SURE and they take your dog who looks at you like, 'Mom? Can we go home pleez??' and you wait forty minutes and buy overpriced M&Ms and the doctor finally comes back and says, 'Everything's clear' and you pay $300 for that peace of mind?

That's how you know you're a lesbian. *sigh*
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He knows how cute he is. )

Now, my new hair! )

Ignore the incorrect year on the pix. It serves no purpose other than to confuse you and annoy us since we can't figure out how to change it.
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Today started out pretty okay, actually. It is kind of nice to wake up with all the pets in bed with me, and the way Jax yawns and makes little puppy-yawn sounds, and flails his little legs in the air in greeting is just made of darling.

I even actually cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher so I won't come home at 9:30 pm tonight to a dirty kitchen from making soup last night.

However, once I started getting ready for work, since I go in at noon, it's like the collective pet psyche mind could sense it and conspired to thwart my progress! )

I need a nap. I am so burned out on single pet-motherhood. I am so glad I never had kids because I WOULD FAIL UTTERLY.

I had all kinds of thinky thoughts on KINGS, and Supernatural, and Saving Grace, and The President (okay, that consisted mostly of Presidential Squee), but now all I can think of is whether or not Jax is okay and if the crap smell is totally gone from my shoes.
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I am in bed with one grumpy blind sleepy Toy Fox Terrier, one arrogant cat, and a hyperactive tiny Chihuahua who is playing with a pink hippo dog toy. Jax, the Chihuahua, has tried to bury it in the blankets quite earnestly and is now studiously chewing it's tail. Occasionally he will abandon it in favor of hopping all over the bed like a bunny, and will then run back to the hippo once he has annoyed Sweet Pea and gotten in Talullah, our long suffering fluffy gray tabby's, face. Sweet Pea will growl when Jax hops near her and the cat keeps staring at them both and then looking at me like, 'REALLY?'

This bed is not big enough.

Ah, put Jax on floor where he is crazily digging in his dog bed.

He makes me need a nap
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Two more behind the cut. )

Oh, god. I'm one of those people that post multiple pictures of their pets.

But PUPPEEE SO CUTE! *dies of cute!*
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Jax and I. Our first pix as a couple. :-)

More Jax cuteness beneath cut. )

Three more weeks and he will be ours!


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