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* We had half of a fantastic vacation! We want to move to Portland so badly. It is lovely and progressive and beautiful.
* We went to Multnomah Falls and Powell's bookstore with Denise's cousin and his wife, who are lovely people.
* We had ALL the great food
* We took an Amtrak to Tacoma which was also very cool. We plan to take the train as often as possible
* The weather was so fo fantastic it was unreal. We had two days of sunny perfection, and then it got a little overcast and drizzly and Brenda, Denise's cousin's wife goes, 'Oh! The weather got yucky.' We were both, '...no? What is this yucky you speak of?' It was still cool and brisk and fabulous.
* It is 95 degrees in Houston right now with 79% humidity and I am dying.
* Sadly, I could not connect with Dine, but I have hope next time!


* D didn't tell me she had been feeling increasingly worse pretty much since we began the trip. She said she thought she could 'power through' the trip. ( facepalm )
* We got to Tacom and the morning we were to go whale watching she woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me she felt sick. An hour and three projectile sick bombs later my friend Shelby drove us to the ER in Puyallup, WA
* D was released after three days because she had a 22000 count of white blood cells when the normal amount is 8000 and her heart rate was elevated. This is always what they find when she goes to the ER.
* It COULD have been worse. She could have cratered on the Clipper ship. Or on the plane. Or in some city where we knew no one. Our friends were just the best the whole time and I can't believe we are lucky enough to have them in our lives.
* We changed our flight and finally got home and I took two extra days off because I needed a vacation from my vacation

So! That part is a do-over whenever we get the money again.


* Just started binging Zoo. Not bad. I have Zenyatta/Jackson FEELINGS
* Got three eps into The Handmaid's Tale and kind of stalled. I know I'll go back to it but it feels too close to reality for me right now. Especially in Texas
* Shadowhunters is back!!! I loves me some Magnus Bane.


* The Pens won The Cup. While I'm not surprised because really, it's the Pens, I so wanted the Preds to win for PK. Still, Phil Kessel has a Cup win now, along with Trevor Daley, an ex-Dallas Star, and one of my favorites, so that is happy-making
* Now the long, dry, empty months until next season. May they pass quickly


*26 years together, 24 married. :-) Felicidades to us!

OK gente!

Must go work, so talk at y'all later!
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* Tomorrow D and I will go on our vacation to Portland and Seattle.

* I am never, never going to be any good at packing EVER ugh I hate it so much. Why can't I have magical packing elves that psychically know what I need to take for Portland and Seattle in June

* I hope to meet with with Dine (HI DINE!) for foodstuff or at least coffee!

* The cough D got when she had ConCrud a MONTH ago is still hanging on so we should be a ton of fun on the flight. She has a ton of meds including an inhalter, cough medicine, nasal spray and OTC stuff and it is still barely helping. Sigh.

* I have a bad feeling it is actually our lack of commitment to dusting and the truly staggering amount of pet hair that is not helping her, but that is a battle for a time when we are not just about to leave


* Is going crazy it seems. I feel horrible for the UK and all the attacks and, horribly, that number of truly horrific acts of gun violence and crazy shit are starting to spike here like they do every summer

* I hate our SCROTUS so much it cannot even be BORNE. There are not enough words to apologize to THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD for the ridiculous, sophomoric, ignorant, petty, stupid, greedy amount of SHIT my government is pulling right now and the fact that I did NOT vote for any of them is not helping anything.

* If it weren't for my senior age parents and my dream job I really would look at moving, at least to a more progressive state, but it's just not tenable

* D has finally eased off on badgering me to quit my job and hitting the road with our pets and whatever we can stuff in the car. You think she was kidding but she was not.


* IT'S THE CUP!!!! While I would ordinarily not support the Preds I DO support PK Subban, whom I thought was vastly underappreciated by his previous team and their coach. I really REALLY want them to win, so we shall see.


* D and I binge-watched Riverdale and it is the best kind of crack. The actor who plays Betty looks for all the world like Brittany Murphy in the right light and it freaked me out all through the series

* Just started Black Sails and wow.


So I'm still packing so I'ma go, okay gente!

Wish us luck for good health and fairly good weather and I'll talk at y'all when I get back!
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+ Turns out when I go balls out two weeks with nearly no break I don't do well. I do really, really badly.
I had two meetings, a workshop, and so. much. work. Coupled with my increasing realization that I just did not have the $ to do everything we had planned to do on our trip because I'd had to buy a car, our insurance payment went up AND our mortgage payment went up, all at once, I rather short circuited.

The thing about melting down is that if you do it very rarely, when you do, it does mean something. D talked me down and agreed that we'd just do what we could on our trip, it would be fine.

+ Part of it is that she has macular degeneration that is not going to get better; it will just get worse. And she's just never, you know. Seen stuff. Like Redwoods. And the view from a train. Or gotten a stamp on her passport. I realize this shouldn't ALL BE UP TO ME, but it feels like it is.

+ Instead of Canada I am possibly planning on taking her to Mexico when I go. Might be a tricky since I didn't say I would on the pre-registration but I think it's doable.

+ Basically I want to rock in a corner and eat my hair.


+ D got me a Hamilton Zoodle thingy that I can't get to work WORTH A DAMN. I've tried twice and just ended getting an eensy amount of zucchini noodles and a cut on my finger when I tried to use it again. It's frustrating since D and I have begun a 30 day food challenge because neither of us can fit in our clothes and we are both tired feeling this way. This is day one. Wish us luck!


+ We ended up going to an Indivisible Houston meeting yesterday because both of us do better with the current clusterfuck of a political situation when we actively do something in protest of it. When we got there I recognized one of the librarians from work, a quiet girl who'd been temporarily deployed at Central while her branch underwent roof repair. I waved and after she recognized me (I think it took a bit; we'd only met in passing) she moved over with her stuff and we talked liberal local stuff. And I introduced her to D AND SHE SAID SHE'D INTRODUCE HER PARTNER AMELIA ONE DAY, ONLY SHE WAS SHY AND DIDN'T COME TO THESE THINGS!!!! OMG!!!! A LESBIAN, EXTREMELY LIBERAL CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN IN MY SYSTEM OMG!!!!! My ex-co-workers in KIDS are ALL FIRED!!! If I can't count on system gossip for these things WHAT GOOD IS IT?? So we gave her a ride home and she added me on FB and that made the weekend all kind of better. :-)


+ One thing that helped me this morning when I realized I had ALSO not only, since the trip to San Antonio, misplaced my bag of earrings AND the pocket folder where I keep Important Things so they don't rattle around my tote bag, was music. The Lord Huron Love continues, and I found this old-timey almost Stagger Lee sounding song from Nathaniel Ratefliff.

Okay gente, I've got two PP presentations, a song from Hamilton to re-write, and a shit-ton of ordering, so Ima jet!

Talk at you later!
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+ You know when you here something and it is PERFECT, so perfect you simultaneously are envious you did not string that bit of phrase together and want to listen to it over and over. The refrain of Lord Huron's TAKE ME BACK TO THE NIGHT WE MET is that phrase. I'd HEARD the song, but not really listened to the actual words, as I sometimes don't when the melody is so lovely. Then I read the words on tumblr and they said:

I had all and then most of you
some and now none of you

And, gente, I was SLAYED. How beautiful is that? It captures absolutely every sad song, every loss, all the angst with none of the treacly bits. Just amazing. Listening highly recommended

+ Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats- Pure energy and delight described as 'folk, Americana and vintage rhythm & blues.' Whatever it is, it will get you up and dancing! Wonderfully diverse band in the video and a vocalist that is consummately at ease with himself and his music


+ Lover and I are taking a trip to Portland in June and I've realized I did not plan enough time to do what we planned on doing. It costs $490 to change the flight. :-( I'm not sure what to do.

+ If I can just make it to July I will be past a couple of time-suck projects and can return to buying kid books for the system, which gives me life.

+ Reading Embers through has gotten me thinking of the fic again. I do still love those boys very much. I'm thinking of maybe just a few vignettes or something, of fics that have been rattling around in my head all this time? No promises.

Got another meeting, gente. I'm hoping to post more this weekend.
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Back! Hola! SO glad to be back. *smushes you all*

The trip was tiring and fun and crazy, like always. Bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ Four star hotel rooms in Spain are fond of their full length mirrors. I have no full length mirrors in my apartment. Now I remember why. :-/ Wow. There's a reality check.

+ We had 1/2 a day of play so coworker K and I went to La Villa EspaƱola and shopped and saw Spanish architecture. It was lovely.

+ Then I had flight drama for THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW WHAT?!?! )

Quite the epiphany, I must say.

+ So, so tired. *faceplant*

+ Think I am facing working three Saturdays in a row. I know I probably don't have room to bitch since, well, Barcelona, but still. That would suck.

+ Oh, and THEN. THEN. I came home to find my laptop is deader than a really dead thing. *sigh* D says it started acting freaky the Wednesday I was gone. She called Dell, I called Dell, I spent six hours on the phone with Dell (when I was so exhausted from fatigue I almost burst into tears on the Indian tech guy). I bought better virus protection. It didn't work the next day again and I called them AGAIN, really pissed. They finally decided it was a hardware error and, since I apparently have more insurance on Frankie the Laptop than I do on myself, they are sending someone over to install a new hard drive. So I'm on the slower, old computer. *sigh*

+ So tired.

There is more, I'm sure, but I just had a long, mind-numbing day of training and my brain, it is mush.

Three days off for workign seven days in a row in Spain, tho, woo! I have SO MUCH work to catch up on we'll see how relaxing it is.

I'm so glad to be home and I missed you all and I am never catching up since I was sans Interwebz in Spain, which is apparently still in the dark ages.

Did anything happen while I was away besides the global markets going to hell in a hand basket? Anything? Let me know. I'll never find it in the posts.

Later, gente!
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Hola, gente!

I'm so tired because work kicked my ass BUT I am leaving on a jetplane for Barcelona tomorrow at 4pm. I don't know what last minute stuff will occur to me before I go so I wanted to post now.

I'll miss you all! *smushes* I'll try to post from there!

You all take care and I'll talk to you in a week! Don't break the Interwebz in my absence! :-D
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Do you know what is meep-making? When I thought I was leaving for Spain on MONDAY and I am leaving on SUNDAY. MEEP. Before then I have to: )

And I work tomorrow MEEP. And...and...I know there's more! *faceplant x eleventybillion*

In other news...

+ Watched the VP debate. )

We all know I don't like to say something if somene else says it better and [livejournal.com profile] winterlive pretty much nailed that:

(I)n summation: if you vote for mccain, you deserve what you get, you poor sad bastards.

Well said, well spoken, and very true.

+ I wanted to comment on the whole Frankie Iero was an asshat in college thing because, seriously? I just laughed and laughed and LAUGHED omg Frank. Really, if anyone were to hold up how I was at eighteen as a judgment for THE REST OF MY LIFE, dudes. I would be so screwed. My snotty, self-important, annoying self was at tiny community college when I was espousing tripe pretty to the style that he does, and I thank the lord and sonny Jesus that's where the tripe will stay. Someone just happened to dig up his 18 year-old asshattery, which I did read. And. Well. Am I missing something? Because OMG FRANK ILU *LOL*. He is so FLAWED AND STUPID AND PRECIOUS. I just. *hands* I can't EVEN.

+ Why don't I know anyone in Spain that I could go have lunch with?

+ I stumbled along a link to that song 'Never Ever' by All Saints on YouTube and it is the cheesiest, over produced, late nineties fluff I have ever heard and I have had it on repeat for the last half hour. Don't judge me!!

I know there is more but I don't even know what it is. I have so, so much to do I am tharn.

However, Barcelona in two days! So, you know. I'll take the trade off. :-)

Take care, gente! I'll be running like crazy until I leave Sunday but I'll talk at ya'll later.
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I realize I have not posted at all since I got back from Spain but, as I suspected, I arrived ass-deep in work and it has remained so.

However, I will say that Barcelona is beautiful and expensive and I almost got stuck there when my return ticket got completely FUBAR! )

However, the city really is amazing.

We spent four hours at La Sagrada Familia, the gothic cathedreal by Anton Gaudi that's been under construction for seventy years and still have about that long to go and it was beyond description. Just absolutely stunning. I plan to post some pix to flickr so we can all see the majesty.

I even have one half-way decent picture of myself where I don't look short and tubby. :-}

All in all a great trip tho I was so glad to get home and getting back on track after the time change was a bitch.

In other news...

I have actually started the next Embers segment. *crickets* No, for real! I have. It's going slow but [livejournal.com profile] lannamichaels helped me with some Junior skating info and I feel more confident in proceeding.

The amount of people on my FL that are actually skating fans- sincere, knowledagable skating fans- when compred with when I started the story, oh god, too long ago, has grown quite a bit. The last thing I wnat to do is get something really wrong in that respect!

Speaking of- anyone know when figure skating starts again? I am Jonesin' bigtime...

There is more but it is late and it seems I no longer have time to update at work since I am perpetually swamped with crap from star to finish there.

I missed you all because OMG CRAPPY INTERNETZ AT THE HOTEL IN BARCELONA WHAT?!?! For what the rates were I at least expected a business center with a few desktops but noooo. One. Computer. I've just been lurking and enjoying having access again.

Must go now! It is getting late and I need to wash my hair, always a tedious job.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!


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