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Apparently there is a movement to call scoring four goals in one game a 'dicktrick' LOL. This sport, man.


This is the team that they had to get ahead of AND THEY DID! It went into overtime and down to a shoot out which WHAT THE HELL EVEN IS THAT??? Could something be ANY MORE NERVE WRACKING OMG. It's a fucking game of CHICKEN at that point, is what it is, jfc. Field goals have NOTHING on this level of HOLY SHIT.

They are now number ONE in that conference YAY!!!


+ Because that is my life now: hockey and Other Stuff. D is not dealing that well but she is trying, bless her. Every time I find a new fandom (which hasn't happened in a major way since MCR, and not one I wrote in since 2002. I'm a one-fandom- writing-chick. No way around it) I'm sure she thinks it can't get more bizarre, and then it does. 'Eminem and Taylor Hanson...The kid from Hanson? Ok, baby. As long as you're happy.' 'My Chemical Romance?..Is that a band? Ok, baby, as long as you're happy...' 'Hockey slash. Hockey...SLASH? You're watching HOCKEY now? Ok, baby....YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.' LOL

+ Our garage is broken again. *sigh*

+ The small wisp of cold weather has gone and it is muggy and mid-late seventies again. Nooooooooooooo! I'm so ready for winter I can't tell you.

+ I have my Hockey RPF Fic Exchange assignment. I think it will be okay...

+ No money. That is not even news at this point.

+ I am singularly uninspired at work. I don't quite know why...This is the longest I've ever been at one job. Eleven years is EONS for me. I'm going to try some new things because I love my coworkers, and still love what I do. I mean, it's not sitting at Starbuck's writing slash for a living, but it's still pretty cool.

+ Day four of ten day work stretch. Arrggh. These don't get any easier.


Because I just didn't think I was going to be this way about a fandom again. I was Marshall focused, writing-wise, for years. YEARS. And he will always be my love. And I will always read the articles, buy his albums, and cheer him on.

I just haven't felt *THIS* in a long time. It is kind of great. :-) )

In closing, apparently, when Google added the 's' to httpS on their site it hosed our entire system of access at work. I have been unable to access Googledrive AND Youtube for three days I am going batfuck. THREE DAYS. Apparently IT didn't know we used Googledrive for absolutely EVERYTHING from sign up sheets to ordering to document delivery. I don't know how a failure of communication that large happened but the consequences are not good. *sigh* I am going through major Youtube hockey vid withdrawl and we can't access anything we need to do practically any of our work.

Okay, gente, you all take care and I'll shout at you later!
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20 Favorite Female Fictional Characters (In no particular order): )

+ We went to see HAIR at the East End Theatre Company in Galveston and it was great! I knew that it was a Broadway show first, but didn't realize how much the film had reworked it for the screen. Informal review and thots. )

+ House, Wedding, and DragonCon Weekend Drama AKA AAARRRGGGHHHHHKILLMENOWAAARRGGGH. )

I need a drink.

In closing, I have discovered Words with Friends on FB, am finally finishing up the Dresden Files books, and cannot believe I have to wait another month for Game of Thrones.

Okay, gente. I am gonna go and continue working on the presentation from hell.

You all take care and those of you on Spring Break, have a good one!
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+ The weather has been crazy hot here. Over 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Good times! Leaving work is like walking into a sauna. I just want everyone in a milder or colder climate to know I am ENVIOUS AND FRIZZY.

+ Saga the Second on our car woes is that when D took the car in to fix the window she asked the dealeship to look at the AC because it was not cooling. *please reference above bullet point for seriousness of this situation* Turns out the compressor has gone out. On a car with 38,000 miles on it. Really? My parents got us the car, which we are paying for, and I am thankful every day for their help with our lousy (at the time) credit. D would not have been able to go back and forth to see her mom in her mom's last days without the car. But why do American vehicles have to be such CRAP?


+ I have been gorging on BBB fics and I would list my favorites if [profile] turloughishere and several others weren't doing such a fantastic job. I am going to have to go back through and read the ones I've missed because there is SO MUCH AWESOME YAY!!!

+ In other fic news I fiddle farted around too much and waited too long to sign up for Cliche Bingo. Sadness. :-( But I look forward tor reading all the fic! I am thinking of signing up for this ten recs thing, tho. That I can do. I can see no Eminem or Hanson rec lists up, either...

+ *whispers* I have twelve pages of The Copfic written. I don't know if anyone cares anymore but TWELVE PAGES!!! I'm so excited. Don't spook the muses.


+ I prefer warnings. I put warnings on my fic. I think it's just polite. I know others don't but there are readers who have a trigger or a squick or just plain don't like to READ some stuff, and I think they should be informed. I mean, with books there are reviews. There are reviews with fic, but a reader has to look for them, and the reviews don't always contain all the information. I'm willing to give up some suspense for the people that read my stuff. I personally don't consider this censorship, but I could see where others might.

It has been said but it bears repeating that arsenicjade has been unfailingly gracious and classy during this whole thing and if there were ever a primer on how to conduct oneself as a graceful, classy person during unexpected kerfuffleness it should have her name on it.


This is why I did not become a children's librarian/media specialist. In Texas you need to have a teaching certificate to be a school librarian and that makes it easier to justify shoving librarians into all kinds of situations that have nothing to do with their job description. I was in the classroom for five years. I choose not to be in the classroom. Fuck that noise.


My BFF Shelby sent me this and it cracked D and I up for DAYS. I share it for those who need a smile this fine Thursday. Proof of kindness in the world. )
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It's been a meh day already and its only 3 pm.

Work venting. Feel free to pass. )

Also, there are money problems. The rest of the world is right there with me, but still. Meh.

Hence, kinda low.

I am off Friday and it is payday.

I can make it.
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+ So apparently we were almost evicted. )

+ I am going to Vermont this Sunday for three days for a library conference thing. Anybody near Vermont? *crickets* After a whole day with children's librarians, some which I can only support in small doses at the best of times, I am going to need some away time.

Anyone know the weather in Vermont? I mean, besides cold? I'm assuming? I'm not at all sure I have the right gear and any input would be helpful.

+ I was SUPPOSED to have a day off tomorrow but one of the Deputy Directors (who refers herself in the third person like Mr. T) called a committee meeting I can't miss so I will be off after noon tomorrow. *grrrr* In exchange I am going to a drs. appt. today at 2 and will be home after that. I just hope the rain holds off until I get to the apartment, tho I have my umbrella...

+ My BFF Shelby has been in New Zealand and I miss her. *sadface*

+ Hearing 'President Elect Obama' just never, never gets old. :-D

+ Payday tomorrow, thank god.

I think that's all I've got, gente!

Take care and I'll talk ya'll later!
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I forgot to mention in my wee post of woe yesterday that we now, apparently, have a cat. )

So, in, conclusion, cat. *sigh*

And, also...

+ Female type TMI. Click at own risk. )

In better news...

+ I wrote more on the copfic, trying to re-write what I stupidly sent into the ether the other night. It's slow going but it's going. I'm happy about that.

+ They have begun re-airing 'The Closer' in preparation for the season opener on July 7th! Yay! I loves me some Kyra Sedgewick. I think it is awesome how she and Kevin Bacon are still married and how her Southern accent is spot on and how her character is flawed and pushy and funny and pretty all at once. 'Saving Grace' should be back soon, too. Way to go TNT with the strong female characters! Who knew?

+ Hummus is the food of the gods. It has low carbs, almost no fat (at least the one I buy in the store) and I can have half a container and keep in my 'diet limitations.' Mmm hummus. If I could live on that, watermelon, and avocado I would.

+ I have been working my way through some [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang fics and, lo, they are wonderful. I didn't realize one could make a drawing or a fanmix to go with a fic. I could totally do that. I wonder if I could offer my services next time. So much good fic and so little time! The stories are fabulous.

+ I am re-falling in love with Joan Osborne's voice. How so beautiful.

OK, gente. I go now.

D is still asleep and I was going to go back and doze some but I'm enjoying the silence and quiet and think I might write. Or cruise Etsy for [livejournal.com profile] apetslife's Etsy meme. Or, I think it's a meme. It's a great idea.

Cuidense, gente.

I'll talk at you later.
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I just had kind of small meltdown at home.

I'm not sure why.

Maybe because I've just realized I will not have two days off in a row next week either because I have a myriad of meetings, obligations, and programs on Friday.

Maybe because for the first time since I started this gig I'm not really liking my job. We are so understaffed. I've ended up doing most of the programming just by default and because teh way the schedule ended up falling there isn't anyone else.

Maybe because I miss ice cream.

I just know I had a brief crying jag and blew my diet for dinner. *sigh*

I'm either burned out, too tired, or. Or. Meh.

And for reasons unknown to me we are watching 'House'. Aack.

Day off tomorrow.

I think I want a movie.
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D slept until almost noon so she just left for the store. We were supposed to get BBQ stuff last night but we met a friend for dinner, D forgot her diabetes meds, and we had to come straight home before she faceplanted. *sigh*

So now who knows when we'll actually start the cook out. Ah, well. We brought home a few leftovers from the restaurant which should hold us over.

Also, to add to the festivities, our dishwasher stopped working Thursday evening. Of COURSE it did. So it's old skool dishwashing until maintnance gets that fixed. Naturally we didn't get a response to our call because it is a holiday weekend. Feh.

In other news...

+ Instead of going to a movie, or renting movies, D and I went house window shopping yesterday. It's fun tho we are at least a year out of actually buying anything, if we do. The prospect still scares me a lot but not having to move ever again sounds pretty attractive. We shall see.

+ At this time next week the insanity of Grand ReOpening will be over. Please, god, help me just get to that point. If my boss stick me in another one of these committees my ass will QUIT. I'm not even kidding.

+ I have spent some time this weekend finding dance music on YouTube to go with a scene for the fic. I am now playing Don't Leave Me This Way by The Communards on repeat. I hated the 80's but I love this song. And Jimmy Sommerville in general. His voice, how so beautiful. I'm convinced the man never went through puberty.

+ I am maybe two pages from finishing this Embers segment holy shit.

+ D and I have argued some this weekend; mostly about $. *sigh*
I don't know anymore, gente. I just don't know.

However, I am watching the Beach Rescue reality show or something on TV and I've just had yummy crabmeat, cheese, and artichoke dip for brunch and there will be BBQ later.

Things are not bad.

Hope ya'll's holiday is going well!


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