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This month, man. It's like Sybil, even for Texas. We had balmy Spring-like weather and then BAM, cold front, freezing wind and snow in Dallas. Wtf.
I froze my tookis off at the bus stop this morning and had to break out my heavier coat for the occasion. Damn.

All day meeting all day and another evening with what has become our perpetual house guest. )

Also, one of my newbies has taken to talking to me in the morning while I try to update LJ and she is very sweet but it is driving me batfuck.

So now I go sit in a room all day and do review for books and try not to think of the 3543545535736 things I could be doing in the meantime.

Yes, I know. My LJ, how so mundane.

YOu all cuidense and I'll holler at you later.

On a teeny plus note the copfic muse bit me on the ass after a prolonged Sleeping Beauty period and wrote two paragraphs. I'm not thinking of it too much in hopes she will stay. :-)

Later, gente!

Stay safe and warm!
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This morning I got really enraged because the dog peed on my bedroom rug.

And, you know, she's dog. Dog's pee.

HOWEVER, ever since she lost her eyesight D has let her get away with absolute murder! Because before, most of the time, Sweet Pea would hit the pads on the floor or wait until we took her outside. And she KNOWS where they are because the damn apartmen'ts not that small and she's almost stopped bumping into things completely. I've seen her go to them and use them.
NOW SUDDENLY she's decided she needs to cop a squat wherever the hell she wants??! The bathroom rug, my bedroom rug, the middle of the living room. And D will fuss at her for a few seconds then pick her up or cuddle her or give her a milkbone. Thanks.

And, yes I have tried to rectify this. SP rarely minds me. D is her human and we all know it. Besides, it's just futile when I try to show SP consequences and then the next time D just shrugs it off.

And, also, ok, I'm not the world's most organized person. But to me, there is a difference between having books and papers and clothes everywhere AND having rampant dog pee everywhere!!

I'm just getting really tired of it. And the possibility that my gf likes the dog better.



In other news...

I need to cut my hair in the worst way. It is nothing right now but a shapeless mass of frizz and curls. It's longer than I've had it in a long time, down past my shoulder blades; longer than I thought it would get. It is driving me crazy. This weekend there will be haircutting or I'm taking the scissors and hacking it off myself.

To make today even better our department has The Bad Desk ALL DAY LONG. *headesk*

The library downtown has gone to a different scheduling format where a certain department takes a different desk each day. Today is Youth Services' turn for The Bad Desk, or, as My Favorite Cuban calls it, Laptop Heaven. Words cannot express how much I loathe and despise this desk. It's where the computers are, it's where stinky people go hang out, it's where the crazy end up confronting you. Just a plethora of joy and happiness.

Yes, I am taking my grumpy as self away soon.

Still, on a brighter note, I finished
A Companion to Wolves
, and loved it SO MUCH, there are no words. I cried. I wanted it to never end. If I could pay these authors to write more in this 'verse I would.

I also finally, finally finished the final volume of Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore and cried some more. I'm so sad that series ended but there's a man who knows how to conclude a fantastic story. Just wonderful. Read them all if you can, they are brilliant.

I want a Kachoo of my very own. :-)

OK, gente. I'ma go see when I have to preside over the Internet gulag.

Sorry for the not-cut-tagging but I can't be arsed this morning.

ps. on another bright note I listened to Helena by MCR in the car this morning. I love that song.
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D and I braved the holiday crowds to get some xmas shopping done yesterday, which turned out to be not as bad as we thought, tho also not as productive.

We had to get her a nice shirt for the staff xmas party this Friday which I will be going to and wearing my grad dress. I kept looking around for another nice outfit but couldn't find anything I really liked and finally just decided to hell with it and went into the Frederick's of Hollywood store looking for some garters and stockings. )

I have a feeling the reason the mall was quite manageable is that the high temp yesterday was something like 83 degrees and humid. We forgot where we left the car and ended up walking around the parking lot for twenty minutes sweating and panting. Not in the good way.

It's just not RIGHT. *sigh*

There was not much writing done but I did adress many holiday cards. They will go out v.v. soon.

We ate alltogether too much takout but we have discovered a new Chinese place, Empire Seafood, that delivers to our apartment complex, and they are yummy.

We also went to the annual Light in the Heights event, where certain streets in my neighborhood are blocked off and people decorate their houses with many sparkly lights and there are singing choirs and rock bands and people hand you hot chocolate adn cookies. An all around cool thing that D and I go to every year.

On Saturday we picked up Justin, the older of the two teen brothers that live across the way with their uncles, after he took his ACT test. D and I are both so in like with those boys, really. They are both very sweet, intelligent boys who have come through some very bad family shit in Arizona and I can't believe, even after that, they are this open and polite and kind. They have been helping us rearrange our living room because D and I are old and decrepit ;-) and the younger one is raising money to go to Europe with The People to People Student Ambassador Program. D and I are seriously considering trying to help him raise what he needs because at this point he's not gonna make the amount and he really REALLY wants to go.

My Boss is on vacation this week and we are heading towards the lassitude of the holidays so staff is getting that almost-here look. We have another potluck on Wednesday (or is it Tue? Meep.) and the staff xmas party on Friday. I need to finish shopping, too.

*****THIS IS MY LAST OFFICAL CALL FOR SNAILMAIL ADDRESSES! Please email me or go to this post to leave your info even if you think I have your address because I would hate to miss anyone. You know I'm talking about you. :-)********

Things what make me happy right now:

* Presidential candidates doing Q & A on LOGO. Outstanding.
* [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's fic. Still amazing.
* New story by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane!!! *dances*
* Vacation from 23-27 of Dec.!!! Woohoo!!!
* Two new tops bought on sale. :-)

Alright, gente! I'ma go work now.

In closing I am considering posting a song a day for the 12 days of xmas.Hm.
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All I did was choose a different one from the S2 compatible options but pretty, si?

And also, why do the cool things never happen when I am at work? )

In other news...

I'M WRITING!!! OMG YAY!!! I'm so excited! *hops!!!* I have eight pages of the next skaterfic. I don't care if by the time I finish this Taylor Hanson will be ready for social security and the no one is reading. Goddamnit I love this fic and I am continuing. Writing! Yay!!!

Holiday cards are progressing apace and I plan to start addressing tonight. I am up to three designs and D up to two. It's weirdly addictive.

In the same vein, I have had a compulsive urge to hear holiday songs for a week now. My favorite is 'Baby, Please Come Home' as sung by the incredibly amazing Darlene Love followed by 'Oh, Holy Night' sung by anyone that doesn't suck. I love that carol.

[livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's fic continues to knock my socks off. I am unable to read any installment without getting all teary. It's so wonderful. I have provided a handy link to her fic on my sidebar so you all can experience the wonderfulness.

In other fandom news I only have this ) to say about the Heroes finale.

Work is. Work is here. The Committee To End All Committees is in a strange holding pattern since we are at the point where contracts for performers and stuff need to be signed off on by those on high and those on high just don't seem to share any of the urgency we on the TCTEAC do. So here we are, waiting. Bureacracy. Gotta love it.

My pants are still tight.

The weather is still unseasonably warm. Sometimes living in the South has it's rewards.

In closing, LJ was sold. Something about Russia? I dunno. It went on and on. Alls I know is I'd rather not give them any more money. So I'm not. We'll see how the chips fall this time. *is not too incredibly cynical*

Alright, gente. I must away!

Ya'll take care, stay warm and dry, and I'll talk at you later!
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Because they are so handy, yeah? I promise to return to a more literary format soon. No, really.


* After looking and looking and LOOKING for decent furniture D got frustrated and went to...The Salvation Army. Bought a beautiful cherrywood dresser, an all wood enterainment Center with glass doors, the kind where the TV just sits on top, and a corner table, all beautiful. Our deal is that she could pick the furniture if I did the decor in the bedroom/living room. It works for me.

* Yummy food box from Angel Food Ministries.

* Went to see RENT! It was awesome. I love that musical

* Have begun making holiday cards yay! I actually like D's design more than mine. I am making another one. It is such fun.

* Have YOU left me your snailmail address? Yes YOU! Don't make me hunt you down...

* Kid Rock's Rock and Roll Jesus. It is AWESOME. Yeah, he's an aging hell raising manwhore with a penchant for blonds and weed. Who's perfect? He is also a guy that loves his kid, respects his momma, and knows his music history. He has really embraced his love of Southern Rock and Roll and classic country in this along with the hip hop influences. I love this CD.

* [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's MCR prison!AU. I am going to rec her until the whole world knows of her amazingness.

* Heroes tonight yay!!!

* SKATING SKATING SKATING!!! Belated Cup of China squee and spoilers!!!!  )


* All my pants are tight. :-(

* I am still behind on work. :-(

* I have not even BEGUN my xmas shopping. Why do I do this every year?

* I need to cut my hair. It is starting to resemble Cousin It's

I know there was more but I must away!

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at ya tomorrow!
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D had stomach problems late last night so it feels like I only slept fitfully, tho I know that is wrong. And now there is TMI cut )

Also, I lost my black suitjacket at work yesterday. An ENTIRE suitjacket! Who does that? It's not like a flash drive or a purse! I had it when I went to get a smoothie, tucked through the handles of my tote, then I did not have it in TR. I did not feel it fall; it's a bit bulky. I kept it with me because this place is on frostbite 99% of the time. I don't know. I swear, I am going crazy.

This evening I am going to storytell at an elementary school. I don't particularly want to but it counts as comp time and we can use the outreach numbers. A bunch of other people will be storytelling, including S, one of my favorite people ever, so it should be ok.

I am over 3873687 deadlines at work.

I am a bit tharn.

I have not written and it is really upsetting me. )

However, so I don't seem like a TOTALLY whingy person- we've begun our holiday cards! Yay!

The print did indeed not turn out perfectly, but I am liking the imperfections. D is now doing one on her own, because the rubber blocks we got are really easy to carve, even with her recovering-from-surgery-hand, and I am loving this medium a lot. The cards may not be beautiful and they may not be right good, but I'm enjoying the creative process since I can't fill it with writing these days.

Sometime soon I am going to do an address post for those what want holiday cards from me! As soon as I figure how to do that thing where people can't see the posts. Every year I forget how....

[livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade is still a genius.

I miss my best friend.

I have to go act like I have a purpose now.

I have decided to put up writing icons and book icons in support of the Writer's Strike. I wish them well.

You all have a good day, yeah?

In closing, the high is 87 today. 87!!!! IN NOVEMBER!!! FTW, world?
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Despite the wonderful Autumn like weather that came in overnight. I am in my courduroy sage green jacket and sweater and it is comfy.

There was just some relationship drama last night and I am sad.

Also, I cut my finger while carving out the print for this year's holiday card. I've wanted to do a print for a long time; ever since my list got really, really long and it got challenging to get to everyone. I don't think the print will be that great but I'm having lots of fun doing it.

But now my thumb is hurty. Luckily it is not on my right hand but still. You have no idea how much you use your thumb until you can't. And I don't have a bandaid. :-(

In other news...

* Did anyone see what went down on Capital Hill yesterday? The Democratic Party is embarassing me. I am this far from writing in Stephen Colbert's name for president. I'm not even kidding. *sigh*

* Overdrawn. The checks I gave to the co-worker I was in Spain with, that I asked her NOT to deposit on a Rent Check Week and NOT to deposit at the same time...were deposited. I'm sure she forgot but ouch.

* Still behind on work.

* Still not writing

However, in an attempt to not whinge endlessly and have people go, "Is she the one who went to Spain and is STILL bitching?" I list things that make me happy. :-)

* My friend Shelby. I miss her.

* Frankie Iero.

* White Chocolate Mocha from Starbuck's. So bad for me but SO wonderful on a breezy morning.

* [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's MCR fic. Utterly brilliant.

* Nuttin' But Stringz composition 'Thunder', Gym Class Heroes' 'Cupid's Chokehold,' and Hanson's 'Blue Sky' in my head on a loop. The soundtrack of my day.

* The return of co-worker M who had been out on maternity leave. Not only did I miss her, but I could use the help across the board. She also happens to be awesome. :-)

OK, gente.

I go and act like I've got a purpose.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later.
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What I saw as I waited for the bus in the still dark pre-dawn morning:

Dad Across the Street, tinnily: Look both ways before crossing the street, Justin!

Justin, a squat, ungainly kid with a huge backpack and a big smile: OK, dad!

Justin pauses in teh middle of the street to look up at the sky: Cool!

Car pauses.

Dad: Get out of the street, Justin!

Justin: OK!

Ambles along humming something.

Dad: Bye!

Justin: Bye, dad! *amble, amble*

When he's half a block past me on the other side I see him reach down then the arc of pee as he walks and pees and hums.

Me, loudly: I CAN SEE YOU, DUDE.

Justin: Huh? *turns as pee makes a half circle in the glow of the streetlight* Sorry! *tucks himself in, continues to walk, humming*

Me: It's too damn early for this.

Actually, I was cracking right up.

Such is the preamble to my Halloween. :-}

Also, Thoughts on last night's Bones )

I am, unfortunately sans costume today except for a bright orange/melon shirt and black pants and fairly dramamtic eye and lip makeup. And my hair, which is in it's fluffy, curly, slightly frizzy glory. If anyone asks me I have answers ranging from 'functional lesbian', 'vampire librarian', and 'serial killer. Because they look like everyone else.' Virtual brownies for whomever can name that paraphrased movie line!

Alright, gente! Ima go and act like I have a purpose.

BUT OH! OH!!! I HAVE A REC!!!! Because sometimes something is so amazing and raw and hurty and perfect and over-the-top-in-the-best-way that you HAVE TO REC RIGHT NOW and this is that fic:

Discipline and Punish by [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade

Gracias to [livejournal.com profile] queeniegalore for the linkage.

Ya'll have a happy and safe Ieroween Halloween, Samhain, or whatever makes you happy!

And watch our for the wee goblins tonight. It takes a village and all that.


***Apparently I am in a fairly spammy state of mind lately. It goes in shifts. Bear with me. :-)
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...Sometime this weekend I lost my flash drive. I've had the same dinky flash drive for a year and a half and I don't know what happened. I suspect it dropped out of my purse while we were ghost busting.

The only thing I backed up? The start of Embers 28.

My priorities, let me show you them. *LOL*

In other news...

*It is wonderfully crisp and breezy here. Our one week of Autumn is kickass!

* We have a new bookcase.

* How hot was HEROES last night, omg!!! HEROES squee and reflections. )

* I had molè from The Spanish Flower for dinner last night and it was good.

Ok, gente.

Ima go! Ya'll stay warm and safe and I'll talk at you later!
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Things one CAN buy at the Dollar Store:

* Q tips
* makeup sponges
* cheap Pine Sol
* liquid dish detergent (Dawn for cheap)
* dog chews
* air freshner thingies that go in plastic doohickey (though the apple cinnamin scent is a bit overwhelming)
* Microwave popcorn

Things one CANNOT buy at the Dollar Store

* trash bags
* automatic dishwashing detergent (took 3 tries and they look like arse)
* good Tupperware (it warps)
* toilet tissue (don't get me started)
* most food

When I taught Kindergarten $ Stores saved my ass. I don't know how one can even be an elementary school teacher without the benefit of a dollar store. However, having my trash spill right out of a bag on the first try is not what I call fun.

I really hope my promotion shows up on my check soon.

In other news...


It was pretty good the compression mammogram and ultrasound notwithstanding. Possible TMI. Just saying. )

I'm supposed to hear from my dr. in two -three days. It's about the same time I'm supposed to hear from Human Resource about the 'salary offer.' Intersting dichotomy, that.

In other news...

* I've begun working on the copfic again. *shhhhh...be vewwy vewwy quiet. Don't scare the muses....:-)*

* I have re-read the Anita Blake book Narcissus in Chains and have decided I really really love Micah and Nathaniel and really really don't love Anita. I also want to know why all AB slash is so much unmitigated crap. Why is that? ONE decent fic, that's all I ask! ONE example of good characterization and a bit of plot and sex that doesn't involve characters in actual werewolf or wereleopard form copulating good god. If you're into that go find a furrie community like a normal person!

It is to cry.

* I am so smitten with MCR that I am thisfar from reading mpreg.

That is also to cry.

* But not as much as not being able to find my umbrella with thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow. Crap.

I think that is it.

'Tis late so I shall away.

I'll holler at ya'll soon and cuidense!
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* I am having my first bosom squshing tomorrow at 3 p.m. )

Anyone have any experience with this? I'd appreciate any input.

* We saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. And it was good.SPOILERS. )

* Also, Frankie Iero is trying to kills me.

He's letting his hair grow and he's tiny and adorable and splashed with ink and, really, I luvs him. *luvs* :-)

In other news....

* Work is making me crazy because they keep changing the focus of the library reopening weekend and we have gone from a four-day celebration highlighting all the new services to a weekend with the focus on children's and teens to a two-day weekend with the focus on EVERYBODY and my damn committee only has four people in it.

I don't know how I ended up being a fucking co-chair when I have NEVER EVER planned anything of this magnitude before and I am very worried about screwing it up. *sigh*

* I'm not sure what to make of the latest LJ kerfuffle. People on my FL range from enraged and leaving to philosphical and staying to supportive and staying. I dunno. I have begun a greatestjournal and insanejournal account just in case, and also, for namesquatting purposes. Not that I think there will be a great run on 'ahestele' but one can never tell. So if you go over yonder add me and I'll add you and we'll see where the chips land.

I will say that, though I will miss all my icons, I am not giving LJ/Six Apart any more of my money, not as much because I agree with the issue in question, but because I feel, and continue to feel, that they treat, and have treated, their customers poorly and they assume we are stupid. And I don't hold with that.

* My weekly musical discovery is called Nuttin but Stringz, a duo of two brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar, from New York's inner city who play- wait for it- hip hop violins. I saw them on some BET program about up and coming talent and they are AMAZING! Their CD 'Struggle From The Subway To The Charts' came out in October of 06 and they are just cute as buttons, I have to say. Here's some music because it's better than any description I could write.


For real. They are awesome.

* When I am alone I tend to marathon watch either E!, Court TV, or A&E. It is an A&E kind of weekend and I've watched three American Justices and one program on the execution of an Oklahoma lesbian for shooting her lover. It was sad.

I plan to write tonight, read some fic, and write.

Talk to ya'll later, maybe, and hope your weekends are going well.
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My mother in law is not dying. Well. I mean, obviously she IS dying because she is 83 and has a myriad of conditions because of old age including disintegrating vertebraes, poor lung capacity, and the complete inability to move on her own. And she's now had a stroke, which is very bad. But the doctor has recommended her for hospice care so he feels she is at least three to six months out, he estimates.

This is not what D's sister said. She said, "Mom is dying. You need to get to Austin." D was crying so hard for a while I couldn't understand her when she called and told me and I rushed from work and we drove like bats out of hell all the way to Austin.

You'd think she would tell us, even on the way, no, mom's had a stroke but she's not going right this minute. If only to assuage D's worry.

But, no.

Coincidentally, since we'd already driven there, D's sister took the opportunity to leave us on hospital watch and go car shopping with her kind-of-separated-but-not-really-they-sometimes-have-sex husband.

I swear to fucking god it took all I had not to rip that woman's face off with my teeth.

And you know, if she was going to be this innattentive, I do not understand why she made us move D's mom 200 miles away from Houston to Austin, so D's sister can pop in, make sure D's mom is still breathing, and then flit away to do god knows what. She is not worknig. Her only kid is in college in Florida. You'd think she could sit with her mother for longer than an hour, but NO.

And then she is doing petty shit like demanding D keep reciepts of all the things she buys with 'mom's money' and going on a FUCKING CRUISE this week to the damn BAHAMAS even though, ostensibly, D's mom is so sick D had to drop everything and drive right over.

D asked me not to go off on her and I didn't. Go me.

But I'm telling you all. If that woman says one disparaging thing about D in front of me she will not know what hit her bony ass.

So that was my weekend. *faceplant*

However, on teh plus side I did get to visit with my sister and BIL and the wee nephew who is getting bigger, though not taller (we are short people, and, though BIL's family has some height, he didn't get any) and he is a whirling dervish of a two-year old.

Gracias to everyone for their kind words of support. They really meant a lot.

The next couple of weeks are gonna be lively as D is leaving for Austin AGAIN on June 14th to watch her mom while her sister trips the light fantastic on her cruise, I am leaving for DC on June 22nd, and the expense of this impromptu road trip is not leaving me a lot to to DC on.

I got no writing done.

The apartment looks like ground zero at Alamogordo.

But we slept in our own bed last night, ah bliss, and I had Starbuck's for breakfast. Good times.

Ima go now gente!

I'll talk at ya later. I missed you all this weekend!

*smooshes FL*

p.s.: Discoverd this drink called FUZE with NO sugar at all! Bit tart but quite nummy nontheless.

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Paris Hilton got out of jail. )

In other news ....

* Friday!! Yays!!! I have absolutely no plans for this weekend and it's FABULOUS.

* I have lost an almost brand new hair clip. I have the worst luck with those...

* Payday! Yay! Already spent! Boo! :-} Ah. Such is life.

* Last night laying in bed I had a brainstorm about how to wrap up the Hanson quasi SF AU. I usually get them as I go to sleep or as I'm waking up in that hazy twilight between slumber and consciousness. I can't wait to write. I didn't think getting my writing muses going after so long in academia would take as long as getting my academia mindset on after nothing but slash and fic writing for ten years. I was wrong. But it's progressing!

* I have once again gotten addicted to Starbucks for breakfast. Bad Ahestele. No cookie.

* The Adjustment is going as well as can be expected. So far. *crosses fingers*

* I might have exciting work news but I don't know for sure yet. *crosses finger more* I'll let ya'll know as soon as I do.

I think that's all, gente. I know I had more but it has vanished in the ether.

Ya'll have a great weekend and those in the South stay cool!
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Why Yesterday Was a Two Candy Bar Day. )

In other news... )


On the plus side, I had Starbuck's for breakfast. Mocha Frapuccino Light is LOVE.

I am getting to the meme! My goal is to finish it before next Wednesday before the next meme. :-)

The Hanson quasi Sci-fi (yes, laugh now. I undestand) has bullied itself into a longer story, and really, the nerve. But I am still almost done. I see lots of writing this weekend.

[livejournal.com profile] thephantomheart and [livejournal.com profile] thysanotus have posted more of their amazing fic Map the Ocean. It is a sequel to Look to the Stars, and just the most brilliant writing. Eech segment feels like a gift.

* Just when I thought I would not laugh last night [livejournal.com profile] mustangsally78 posted this toad link. Toad lovin'. You were warned. *lol*

My sweetie loves me. Not that I don't think I'm lovable, but the women in my family, we're no walk in the park. We can be moody and bitchy and have control issues and we are often difficult. I don't mention her on here very much but I'm damn lucky to have her. :-)

Ok, gente. I'ma go.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend, stay safe, and I'll probably holla at ya'll again soon. Because I can.

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*bites nails* Will Nathan die? Will Peter go'splodey? Will CLAIRE go 'splodey?!?! Can Hiro save the day?!?! WHERE'S ANDO!!?!? Tune in tonight for the Heroes Season Finale!!! *counts hours*

Hola, people. How was your weekend. Mine was wonderfully laid back and rather non-productive. That still has not gotten old. :-)

I did, however go to the movies with my 12-Step Friend Renee, so named because the woman used to join 12-Step groups like other people joined listeserves (oh? just me?). She took me out to lunch and a movie for my grad treat. However, she does not like horror, or violence, or mysoginy, or scary suspense, or slapstick. So we ended up at Shrek the third. )

We had lunch at my favorite Italian place The Macaroni Grill and I had to-die-for Chicken Marsala Ravioli. Mmmm.

In other news....

* Real life has been throwing me some major curve balls which will be discussed later when I am not tharn. Right now denial seems to be working for me....

* I have been gorging on [livejournal.com profile] beanside's fic and might possibly have read Chad Michael Murray slash oh the horror. *headesk* That alone will tell you how skilled that woman is. If you have not checked out her stuff do so. You won't be sorry. Her J3 OT3 with [livejournal.com profile] nilchance is excellent as well.

* I now have a delicious account. OK, two: one for work-safe links and one for slash links. It is pretty cool.

* I am thinking of doing a photo meme now that we have a shiny new digital camera I actually kind of know how to work.

* I have had 'Carry On My Wayward Son' in my head all morning. Wtf? *lol* SPN season finale already passed!! It's all that fic.....

* Anyone worked with Aggregators before? Anyone know what I'm talking about....? They sound cool...

* There is stuff at work but that, too, shall keep for a later date as I need to vamoose. Meeting this morning with my sub-committee on our tentaive plans for the Grand Opening of the renovated building on....WHO KNOWS! No one will give us a date! No one will even give us a ballpark date! But we are to start planning regardless. Christ's sake.

And I'm gone!

Cuidense, gente! I'll holla at ya'll later, maybe. Why? Becaus I CAN.

Otherwise, have a good day!
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I hope you are as welcome in heaven as you've always thought. I really do.

I haven't posted much about Mr. Falwell's demise because I was trying to follow the Thumper philosophy: if you can't say nothing nice....come sit by me don't say anything at all.

Which means I should pretty much stop now on that subjec because that's all I got on the 'nice' front about him.

Hola! Hi!

Supernatural tonight, wooo!!!! *wrings hands* To tide me over I have read the next part of [livejournal.com profile] beanside and [livejournal.com profile] nilchance's excellent Deathknell!verse. If you are not reading this amazing OT3 AU- what are you waiting for? Really, really fantastic writing, tight plot, and hot sex. Pretty damn close to perfection. Go! Read! Fb!

Also, has anyone heard about the members of congress that are taking the challenge of surviving for a week on $21 for groceries? I think it is shameful and sadly typical that only four members of Congress took up the challenge, and two of those were the ones that ISSUED the challenge. None of our Texas folks are there, let me tell you. *sigh*

I think this is a masterful way of shedding light on how difficult it is to survive on what the average American on WIC gets in food aid.

I plan to write my Representatives and Senators and ask why the hell THEY aren't taking this challenge.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wesleysgirl, who appropriated this from [livejournal.com profile] theodosia, for the link.

And now, work is at hand.

I need to go, gente!

You all have a good day and I'll talk at you later!
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The high today is near ninety. The humidity is barely manageable but with rain predicted for later today I am not optimistic it will stay that way. Hi, Summer! Hi! Didn't miss you!

Hello, gente. I'm back!

The graduation trip was good once we moved past several moments of trauma that, for once, had nothing to do with my family. )

So back now!

And in time for Heroes which was MADE OF AWESOME!!!! I love that show so much.

I still can't wrap my mind around how much free time I now have. No homework. No classes. I can change my homepage to something fun. It's bizarre.

I've begun to write again, a one shot quasi SF Hanson fic. Uh. Yeah. It's about 3/4 done and is a strange little number but we'll see. It feels so good to just create again.

Hanson on Howard Stern= the most HILARIOUS thing in the world. Oh, Taylor. *LOL*

Blue Sky from The WALK = TEH SEX

Possibility I will go see Charlaine Harris at Murder By the Book today at six thirty. EEEEEEEEEE!!! Should work unless it rains. *crosses fingers.*

Ima go gente. I'm at work and I have DESK DUTY BLEAH in a few.

I missed you all!!!

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It is horrendously humid outside, the kind of humid that sprouts sweat on your skin the minute you step in it and that feels like walking through a damp, warm, cloth. Ew.

The humidity was exacerbated by the fact that I trekked six blocks to the CVS Pharmacy because of the dire absence of hair clips, and the fact that I really had to pee about halfway back and couldn't find a bathroom. Also, a drunk homeless person was sick as I as walking by the Metrorail. Good times. Oh, and also, the fact that the AC did not kick in this morning as early as it was supposed to and it is a sauna in here. See Ahestele glisten. Glisten, Ahestele, glisten!!! Errgh.

Hi! Hola! May it be cool and breezy where you are at!

This weekend had shopping and laziness. Two of my favorite things. :- )

In other news....

Supernatural ***tonight Thursday! Wooo!!!!!!! I am not even trying to watch CSI on that night anymore. I realize what an exemplary show it is, really, but there is never enough Greg or Nick for me and THE PURTY OMG and I'm not made of stone, people!

I do however, watch CSI:NY because the cast, including Mr.Sinise, are all top drawer and Lindsey/Danny are totally my het OPT. I also seem to be watching CSI: Miami despite David Caruso's increasingly annoying presence because I will watch Calleigh Duquene and her bosoms pretty face anywhere. Also, Eric is purty.

Heroes TONIGHT!!! That show is kicking ass like a kickass thing. I don't think I've seen a show, since possibly Buffy, that seems to be as aware of fandom and that really is working with the fandom mindset as opposed to viewing it as some incidental entity that should be indulged, but might bite. The comics version, the Vote Petrelli website, the pacing of the show, all absolutely brilliant. I can't wait for tonight! :-D

And how thrilled am I to be watching all my shows guilt free. You know why? BECAUSE I'M DONE I'M DONE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!


Alrighty, then.

I gotta go. Two desk shifts today, bastards. Ergh. I am also growing to truly loathe and despise adult patrons EVEN MORE. Last Saturday I helped a little boy retrieve a Where's Waldo book and I almost cried.

Graduation this weekend, gente! Meep!

You all take care, and I'll talk at you later!

****Yes, pardon me. I blame the heat and the earliness of the hour. Also, possibly a brunette airhead moment. :-}
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Why me, lord? Why? )


It's just not fair.

Also, the reason I needed to go to CVS Pharmacy is that my hair has, in the last month, broken all my hair clips. I am down to one pathetisad snaggle-toothed little clip and my hair is longer than it's ever been, past my shoulders down to my shoulder blades.

The high today is 85 with %100 humidity. No hairclips is not an option.


In other news.....

* I bought two different pairs of shoes to go with one of my graduation outfits with the idea of takign one back once I decided which one went better. Of course now I want to keep them both BAD AHESTELE. I can't; I still need black shoes for my grad dress, but they SO PURTY! *covets them both*

* I have a gyn exam this afternoon. >.< I'm hoping it's just routine but I have gained back most of the weight I lost after the surgery, though not all, and she is the only one that keeps mentioning that. I love her lots, and she is a fantastic dr. that accepted D and I without a blink, but I am never thin enough for her. My Gen practioner has never once mentioned weight! (of course he has trouble remembering who I am. At my last appt. he asked me if I had regular periods and I had to, once again, inform him that I no longer had an organ to make periods.)

* I will see the lover late tonight.

* I am writing on the SF quasi Hanson short story I started. It's a way to shake teh skaterboi muses loose, ok?

* Things what I am listening to that are FAB:

Timbaland's CD- Totally AWESOME and many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] up_your_peach for the rec

Streets of Fire Soundtrack on Youtube- WHAT? Diane Lane was THE HOTNESS. Diane Lane IS the hotness....

The Walk by Hanson- Yeah. I ignored this when it came out but I recently waded through it again and can't get Great Divide and Blue Sky out of my head. The luminous Mr. Taylor Hanson on those videos does not hurt. :-)

* It is muggy and sticky outside with a threat of rain and I fear we have seen the last of our lovely Spring weather until next year. Adios, breezy days, we hardly knew thee.


I think that's it, gente!

Ya'll take care, have a good weekend, adn I'll talk at you later.

There might also be spamming. BECAUSE I AM DONE WITH CLASSSES EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


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No, really, really. There is an academic library sorority called Beta Phi Mu that only chooses members in a students final year of class and I have been selected.

I believe my first thought was.....BWA-HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA closely followed by O.O *lol*

For serious, though? I think it's actually pretty fucking cool.

In other news....

D's mom is still in the hospital but getting better. However, she is officially unable to care for herself because of diminished lung capacity, a mild case of food poisoning, and severe back issues. Nursing homes are being looked at. She really doesn't want this but there isn't much choice? It's hard for D, too....

There is a chance we might actually get to live together in the same city soon. We've been dong the distance thing so long I think I've forgotten how to do that.

I have gone site crazy. I now have a myspace, a Library Thing account, a last.fm account, and am considereing deli.cio.ous our however that is divided.

For RIGHT NOW though, I have the final Final. That's surreal, too.

The Frankfurt Fringe dress has been ordered. Here's hoping it fits!

Dinner with Luvs tomorrow. Yay!

It is late but I had to share my sorority-news. Hee. That will never stop being bizarre.

Good night, gente!

Talk at you soon!


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