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+ So I am a Starbucks addict. )

I looked up how to make my own at home and. Well. Considering it's all I can do to get upright and dressed each day at 6:45 a.m. thinking I can actually whip up a coffee drink from scratch is somewhat optimistic. So I'm probably going to have to 'budget' for it, or cut back, or something.



+ I am really over summer. It happens every summer around this time. Patrons get snarkier and we see more entitlement jerks. Kids become more obnoxious. The weather starts getting that really toasty outer circle of hell with a side of swamp humidity going. If one more candy ass special snowflake rude shitty I pay your salary fuckwad whines the phrase 'It wasn't like this BEFORE' I am going to slap a bitch.

+ The instances of parent/adult fail have gotten especially mind-boggling lately. No, you cannot leave you kids here while you go the unemployment office. I commend you for your initiative, but no. No you may not leave your four year old by himself while you go to a different floor and look for books. No you may not leave you nine year old in CHARGE of the four year old. No you may not have a computer card to check your email because you are a TEACHER taking care of a GROUP of kids and that is what we expect you to do. I realize you have two other people here. They can't have cards, either. No no no. *headesk*


+ Trueblood. ***SPOILERS*** )

+ Leverage )


+ The more I listen to Recovery the more I love it. I just read scans of the SPIN article and I fall more in love with him each day. (He's a DALLAS COWBOYS FAN WHUT?!?! He won't discuss his daughters but he didn't get all ignorant with the reporter, just calmly requested he move on to a different question. Ten years ago he would have gone off. He drives by his childhood homes regularly, just to look at them. I'M NOT MADE OF STONE PEOPLE.) Which is why it makes me crazy when I read in another journal, which shall remain nameless, about how Marshall is getting OLD and BORING. So because he doesn't act like an unreasonable ASSHOLE he's old and boring? Shut the fuck up.


+ I had a whole bunch more but I am having a day, gente. )

There's a small chance we will be road tripping this weekend to see both our sisters, their families, and the wee nephew in Austin. I'll let ya'll know if we do.

Otherwise everyone stay cool and dry and I'll talk at ya later.
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Title: Nearer to Thee 10/?
Author: Ahestele
Pairing: Eminem/Taylor Hanson
Rating: R
Feedback: Of course.
Warning: Harsh language, some description of gore. You are forewarned.
Notes: I did some research on police procedure, but only as it applies to the Houston PD and I did use some artistic license. Any discrepencies are mine alone.
Large parts of this are inspired by every police drama I love and the excellent X-Files fic 'Wind River' by Cathleen Faye. Riffed humbly and gratefully from a premise put forth in [personal profile] zillahseye's amazing EmTay fic 'Fifteen Minutes.'
Disclaimer: This is completely and categorically a work of fiction. No infringement of any sort is intended.
Dedication: Every time this story would get too far from me I would recieve feedback from a new reader and it would bring my boys back to me. For [profile] hybridhotshit and [profile] psychoknot and [profile] maddiegirle. For [personal profile] reet, who keeps beta-ing over years and different fandoms and life, and demands the best of me in the most constructive, kindest way. I loves you, chica. And, lastly, though they will never read this, for April and Dee, my cop friends who listened patiently while I asked about police procedure and protocol and answered all my silly civilian questions and never once laughed or asked, in consternation, 'You're writing what, now?' You are wonderful, ladies.

Now, before the dedications get longer than the damn fic, here 'tis.

Other parts in under the 'nearer to thee' tag in my lj

12:30 a.m. )
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Observations this week at work:

+ A four year old picking his nose, touching one of our DSis and HANDING IT BACK TO ME

+ Two kids chowing down on enormous bags of potato chips, which they then dropped on the floor

+ A mom sending her four year old to the desk for a wipe because 'momma drop some soda.' 'Momma' was not supposed to be drinking soda at the computers. When I informed momma of this she wasn't even mad. She just gave me this blank stare and went back to the hypnotizing Youtube on the screen. There was blue soda all over the place.

+ Today, before 1 pm, we suspended a patron for being ugly to Coworker L, which included telling her 'You can stop talking now' in front of her daughter, who giggled beside mom in amusement. Classy, ma'am, really. That was an ugly showdown that included her demanding her rights, saying this wasn't 'justice', and flat out calling Coworker L a liar. She finally got up and left, shouting the whole time, but for a minute I thought they were gonna have to physically escort her.

+ Me wanting to slap Problem Child Co-worker several times over for sheer arguementative snark. )

It is not even JULY GENTE OMG. Six more weeks of this. A WORLD OF DO NOT WANT.


+ So everyone heard about the J2 Big Bang slash story that takes place in Haiti after the earthquake, right? Yeah. Probably not the wisest choice of setting. I've been keeping the hell away from THAT giant unfortunate mess.

I really miss [profile] lucylooo right now. Her tag 'unpopular opinions' has some of the most honest discussions around and I'd really like to know her take on this. Sometimes her opinions are eons away from mine and sometimes she is the only person with the balls to say exactly what I'm feeling.

I miss you, lucy. I'm thinking of you.


+ D scared the everloving CRAP out of me day before yesterday when she felt nauseas, severely dizzy, and had a blinding headache. The nurse on the phone said she might be having a STROKE and we needed to go to the ER. D refused because she didn't want to spend the money and because last time they took blood from her hand to get a blood oxygen level and it hurt like a motherfucker. So we argued and bitched and argued yadda yadda yadda, we never got IN to see a dr. becuase we left after four hours and she saw her dr. yesterday.

Diagnosis: Vertigo.

D says no. She took her pain meds when she got home and the symptoms returned a bit, so she thinks it is a meds allergy. I dunno.

I am happy with 'not a stroke.'

+ I have an ache... )

In Happier News:

+ This Marshall Interview

He has THREE DAUGHTERS! Three! He does not think he is book smart! He saves his money because it might the last time he is going to make it!!! Every time I don't think I can love him more I DO. Seriously, the HEARTEYES I CAN'T EVEN.

+ This song

Even if you don't watch Trueblood you will, as ethrosdemon says, die. DIIIIIEEEEEE LOL OMG. I love you Snoop Dogg!

+ The news that Stephane Lambiel will be choreographing Daisuke Takahashi's Short program and it will go something like this )

Oh, Stephane. We love you. How is this man REAL? :-D

Wow. This week kicked my ass, people. Work today and then Sunday off thank God

Everyone have a great rest of your weekend and I'll talk at you later!
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I'm trying to get better about updating here AND LJ, so let's see how that goes, yes?

There are bad, ugly, and good things to be had. Hence:



So I've spoken of how relieved I am that D is now seeing real drs. who don't just throw meds at her and how this is good because she would probably be dead if she hadn't switched over. I am very, very grateful she now has real drs because they found stuff the public health system never did, like the disc degeration in her spine, and the lack of vitamin D in her system. HOWEVER, it is taking all her social security to pay for this. I'm not kidding; basically all her check is going to pay for her meds, drs. visits, and procedures. Do you know WHY? Because they are counting MY income. We are not legally married (not in TX, baby), I can't leave her my worldly possessions without a lot of paperwork, I can't make medical decisions without a Directive of Physician and Power of Attorney, drs can REFUSE TO DEAL WITH ME in a medical crisis even WITH said paperwork (I have seen it happen many, many times), but by god my income can be used to deny her benefits! Hells, yeah, because in that instance we are PARTNERS, we are COHABITATING, and her co-pay for drs visits and meds just went up. Again.

You know, I want to be legally married. I want to go into debt and buy a house I can't afford as much as the next straight couple. But I can't. Why am I, then, being given none of the benefits but all of the consequences? Can anyone tell me?

Because this really PISSES ME OFF.

If anyone would like to calmly and rationally explain to me how this is okay, feel free. However, I do not promise to respond, and myself and my bouncing checking account most certainly do not promise to agree with you.

+ The gulf is dying. I can't even watch footage of the poor dying pelicans and suffocated marshes anymore because there are only so many ways to say, and show, that WE ARE FUCKED.

+ Why are all the world cup soccer games held during the day WHY?!? I can't watch any of them that way! :-( Anyone got a live feed link I can view on my lunch hour?


+ What fresh hell is THIS?!? Did people all get high and vote for this individual? Is HE high? I watched the CNN interview with him and, wow. That was some painful shit right there. IDEFK.

+ Reports say this might a really lively hurrican season. Do you know what's going to happen to all that oil in the gulf if we have a decent sized hurricane? I'll leave ya'll with that mental image.


+ Celebrated 19 years with D this weekend! We went to a party for my cop friend April's lover and had a truly sinful lunch at Laurenzo's. We also watched world cup soccer and Trueblood. We are so exciting! You all envy us, we know. :-)

+ The cover pix for RECOVERY, Marshall's new CD, are out and they are BEAUTIFUL. )

The rest are here and they are AMAZING! Eight days! I can't wait! :-DDDDDDDDDDDDD

+ How awesome was Sean Hayes on the Tony Awards? I didn't know he had piano chops that way! I also really love Kristin Chenoweth a lot. I had to leave to go watch the vampire show, but what I saw was awesome.


+ Hung will be back at the end of June. That is happy-making.

+ Does anyone else think the new Rhona Mitra show 'The Gates' is going to suck (haha. No, seriously...)? I loves me some Rhona Mitra; she's how I'd look if I had a choice and a magical genie. However, the previews look kind of cheestastic. Thots?

+ I am going to Barcelona for work, again. I am also, somehow, going to Guadalajara for work. And also DragonCon. I'm not sure how this all happened, but that is three major trips in a three month period. I am glad to be going, but somewhat afeared...

+ I have fifteen pages of the copfic I sent to beta...I am now rewriting the last half because that is what a good beta does for you. So it will be a bit longer till posting, but I'm excited about the fic like I haven't been in a long time. :-)

Okay, gente. I'm sure there's more, but I have work on my perky if I'm going to read to babies and mommies in half an hour.

You all have a good day and I'll talk at you later.
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+ Just had barbeque grilled by D and she totally outdid herself. I also managed to stop before I injured myself, which is always a victory. Marinated T-Bones and chicken and homemade 'tater salad. NOM. Also had dim sum yesterday at our favorite place Yum Yum Cha in Rice Village. We like it better than the huge Asian restaurants with the carts in the Bellaire area because you can order all at once and we know everything comes to our table freshly made.

Right now the cake on the counter is eye-balling me and I am resisting admirably. It helps that I have a warm, sleeping puppy on my lap. Good resistance. :-)

+ I have watched more basketball since the Pet Teenager has lived with us than in all the rest of my LIFE. We just don't have the heart to say no when he asks all hopeful. He's really a good kid. I'm starting to recognize players, for Christ's sake.

+ Watched Terminator:Salvation and, of course, I have thots. Also ***SPOILERS*** )

And that is what I have to say about that.

+ I'm sure everyone already knows but, just in case you read bandom and have been under a rock, bexless posted the third segment of her amazing ="Unholyverse fic and it is absolutely and completely AMAZING. She took her original premise, a remix of the movie 'Stigmata' starring MCR, and unraveled it like wool from a loom: careful, detailed, complete, and beautiful. I love her Frank, and Mickey, and Gerard. I love Ray and Bob and Brian. It's wonderful. If you have not read it....what the hell are you waiting for? GO GO GO!!!!

+ I am really considering going to DragonCon. D's nephew has a house in Atlanta, so we have a place to stay. I am just all *FLAIL!* and indecisive, because D and I want to take a real vacation someplace, too. I'm not sure I could swing DragonCon AND a vacation elsewhere, too...but iamthecosmos is in Atlanta and I didn't get a chance to see her before and I've never been to a Con and....and....*FLAIL!!!!*

Thoughts? Whatnot? Halp?

+ Has anyone noticed my beautiful Strangers in Paradise mood theme!!!!! Thanks to mpoetess, who created it, I changed it for the first time since I got my LJ and it is so fantastic! I keep wanting to post more just to see the different pix for it!

+ In closing I leave you MARSHALL MORE MARSHALL YAY!!!!

He looks so serious and earnest but it's incredible how, to me,
his eyes are still sparking, unblinking, and amazing. The more I see his hair the more I love it. I missed him SO much!

Okay, gente!

I hope everyone stateside has had a wonderful holiday weekend! I'll talk at ya'll later!
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+ Well, the lover is going to be BE back sometime this morning. They lit out of GA yesterday and their ETA is sometime this morning. I am so, so ready to see her, and hug her, and be with her, and have her stick her fingers down the dog's throat to give the dog her pills.

I have cleaned the apartment to the best of my ability since we are going to have her nephew H, and D's sister Janet for an indeterminate amount of time. No one can tell me. Will probably be an adjustment, again, but I'm glad to no longer be a single pet-mom for much longer!

+ Do you know who is ACTUALLY back? Marshall! MY BLUE-EYED BOY!!!! *is v.v. excited!! *

Here is the Detroit PSA he made for the Final Four and here he is inducting Run DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

He looks confident and fit and fantastic and I have missed him SO much!

And a new album out in May! YAY!!!!

+ What is up with the weather this month? Even for April, even for HOUSTON, it is the crazy! Eighty degrees one day, thirty-seven the next, and today there are gale force winds so strong they almost lifted me off my feet and I ain't no petite flower. Wtf? Pick a climate and go with it! Everyone's spring gardens might perish because of the cold. Poor posies.

+ I watched teevee yesterday:

KINGS**Possible Spoilers** )

And I discovered The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and it is FABULOUS!! )

+ I am out of fresh celery and individual Ranch dipping cups. Also, I am pretty broke. Had to buy lunch from tunnel convenience store and that is never good for the calorie count. I found

* One apple
* One banana
* small bag of cashews
* Kellogg's Fruity Snacks
* Incredibly overpriced peanut butter to eat with apple

Not great but it will have to do.

+ Have begun reading the latest Kim Harrison White Witch, Black Curse, from The Hollows series. Okay so far. I have cast Michelle Rodriguez as Ivy in my head. I think she would make a KICK ASS bisexual vampire. :-) No casting for Rachel in my head yet.

+ Have been getting some fb for Embers that is truly inspiring. With Marshall being visible again I'm hoping my muses can rouse themselves from their sleep. Here's hoping. I keep wondering if maybe the long stretch means I need to move on, but this is still where my heart is, writing-wise. I love My Chem but I don't think writing them is going to happen. The depth and breadth of writers in that fandom is way to intimidating, and also, while I can tell when their voices are the right pitch in a fic, I can't find that pitch in my head.

Things I have been thinking of:

* Enchanted redux with MCR. I wish someone would do this SO BAD. Please don't make me try this.
* Taylor Hanson/ James Iha. Idek. Something about that keeps nibbling at me
* Lesbian cover band original fic. Sort of. I've had this in my head for SO LONG. I've cast all the band and I actually outlined the fic to Alex one late night on Messenger. It keeps evolving but the band stays the same. This might be my NaNoWriMo project next year. How's that for planning ahead? *lol*

Okay, gente.

Need to go get ready for babies and mommies now!

Ya'll cuidense and I'll talk at you later.
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Can I be far behind?

D definitely has The Martian Death Flu. She has been running over 100 degree fever all last night and this morning and coughing up a lung. She slept on the couch becuase if I didn't get some sleep again tonight I was going to start seeing things.

She just got over having another cold last month, though. *sigh*

However, I did sleep and I feel so much better, omg.

Today should be. Well. A lot of grunt work since we apparently have to move several shelves on the fourth floor, our new space. I wish I had not worn my nice black sweater but I do have sneakers, so that's not bad.

Dammit forwhy is the schedule not up yet?!?! It's not like I haven't got things to do!!

In other news...

So I am attemping a ficlet. )

Also, holy shit, did anyone know Marshall was hospitalized in December for complications from pneumonia?!?! WTF?!?! The article says he is home resting comfortably now, but good god! Why didn't I hear of this? Can we count on NOTHING from E! anymore?!?!

BUT in very cool news there is a small chance that I will be taking over the graphic novels portion of this site the library participates in called NextReads. The person in charge of our particpations asked me and, while I am a bit surprised * eyes [livejournal.com profile] foxeddc * I am v. excited. I just have to get my boss to sign off on it, which hopefully she will. *crosses fingers*

I had some thinky thoughts on the primaries and shit but they will have to wait. I am being summoned to the fourth floor to lift and carry books. Ah, the glamour of professional librarianship, let me show you it.

In closing, my earworm has gone from that seventies song Spending the Night Together to a kid's ditty called 'Five Green and Speckled Frogs.' Just great.


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