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Most everyone knows now, those to whom it matters anyway, that MCR is no more.

Okay, that got long. )


+ Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear arguments for and against gay marriage. Think good thought and send positive vibes to those fighting for my right to legally get married and go into debt like any hard working heterosexual person. :-)

+ Saga just gets better and better I LOVE it. Brian K. Vaughan might just be the most talented luddite living right now for he is forbidding fans to email him questions about the series and is making them write letters. With STAMPS. That are delivered by A MAILPERSON. WHO EVEN IS THIS MAN I MIGHT LUV HIM.

+ LOST GIRL! I love it so. I know the US is one season behind Canada so I have been REALLY CAREFUL about spoilers. No one ever talks about it here and it is so awesome, really! Dyson and Laurie are coming to Comicpalooza in Houston in May and I am EXCITE!


+ So my Mary Kay toner and moisturizer are just about finished and I thought I would just switch to another one since they are kind of expensive and I was really only using them to help my sister because she promised me a ride in the pink Cadillac if she got it. However, a week after running out and using OTC stuff (Oil of Olay right now) my chin has broken out which it had not done in forever. DO NOT WANT.

So tell me, gente, what is your skin regimen? Do you HAVE a skin regimen? What do you use? What have you used that sucked? My skin runs from combination to shiny happy people. PLEASE HALP. I'm going to have to find a Mary Kay person to bring me the damned product if I can't find something else that works and that is really damned inconvenient.

Thoughts? Recs? Warnings? I'd appreciate it!

Okay, gente. I gots to go.

I have an hour of passport tomorrow which I HATE LIKE BURNING SO MUCH HATE and I really want to be in denial as much as I can 'till then.

I am going to go read all my favorite MCR fics and look at pix. Aresenic! Harriet Vane! Stela3! Wow that fandom has some amazing writers in it.

Also, listening to Once More With Feeling is helping. How's that for symmetry?

Cuidense, gente. I'll talk at you later.
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Day 2- Favorite song off of Three Cheers

Helena, hands down. It's special to me because it's the first video of theirs I saw, late one night on one of the few video shows that was still on (I think the show has since ceased to exist). I had started hearing and reading about this whole BANDOM thing and was pretty much skeptical despite the face that so many awesome writers had started to do bandfic. Hey, that didn't work for SGA. Then, I saw the video. And then, I saw Frankie. And I was all O.O, because Three Cheers Frankie is MY FAVORITEST EVAR, with the hair and the guyliner SO DARLING. And then I read some [personal profile] waxjism and [personal profile] arsenicjade, and then I was lost. :-)

Day 3- Favorite song off of The Black Parade

There's always this point with New Shiny, usually at the start of a latest album, when I need to decide if this latest effort speaks to me as strongly as all the efforts before, or whether I'll become an I LIKED THEM UNTIL HERE. Because, for me, it's sometimes like that (see: Indigo Girls. I love all their stuff until about the fourth album, and then it all started to sound the same. Sad but true). I heard Famous Last Words and I KNEW this was my band. I knew the same way I knew Marshall would be my forever sekrit bf when I heard My Name Is.
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+ Apparently, according to yestserday's dr. visit, the generic dr. in Florida a)didn't give me a strong enough antibiotic, b) prescribed useless OTC meds and c) generally failed at life. Hence, my ears refuse to pop becuase they are still in pretty bad shape from the infection and if I remain this way when I fly to Spain I will pretty much be beggging to die at lift-off.

Round two of meds: Stronger antibiotic Lavinquin, or something like that, every day. An OMG NASTY nasal spray at bedtime, a Zyrtec a day (those fuckers are EXPENSIVE), and a 25 mil OTC Benadryl allergy at bedtime. Dr. said our goal was to get rid of as much 'snot' in ten days as possible, and I'd have to continue the course of meds while in Spain.

Alrighty, then. *takes pile of pills*


+ You guys!!!! YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I know everyone has seen it by now but YOU GUYS NEW MUSIC OMG!!!!! How awesome is this going to BE??? I really was worried about my ability to listen to them without Bob. I love me some Bob. He just seemed like the best foil to the band; the solid, grounded base upon which everything could settle. It was devastating when he left. It's also hard because he's so BOB; it's not like there's lots of news on how he is, or what's he's doing. I mean, we at least know Brian is going to stuntman school (oh, Brian.) I just think the true MCR will always have Bob in it, for me.

But I CAN'T not care about this! It sounds amazing, the guys LOOK amazing (FRANK YOUR STUPID FACE ILU), and they look like they're having so much FUN.

I cannot wait I am EXCITE!!!! *claps hands*


+ Dudes, I have tried to write my post for days, and there is just no way to summarize 'Not what I expected from a trip' for THAT trip in 25 words or less. OR paragraphs. Or PAGES.

So, let's do this:


* MEETING [personal profile] i_amthecosmos and her husband, Evan!!! She was just everything I imagined, ever! Funny and kind and striking! Amusingly, she is exactly the type that D would chase after before she landed with a short Latina woman. Needless to say, D found her a gorgeous and lovely person, as did I. I hope to see you again soon, Zillah!

* Cast of TrueBlood Panel! - Pam, Lafayette, and Sam could not have been more open, funny, and amazing! I will say I was a bit taken aback by how- SHY- Nelsan Elllis was. Of the three he seemed to be the most befuddled by the whole Con thing, and all the cheers when he spoke of how he made out with his 'dude.'*lol* He did the whole panel behind a pair of dark glasses and low cap, but Kristin Bauer and Sam Rockwell reallly seemed to enjoy picking at him for his reserve.

Favorite question and answer from Ms. Bauer, who looked so approachable and pretty out of character; she had a full, soft mouth and shimmering, kind of frizzy brown hair:

Q: What's been your favorite part of working on the series so far?
A: Seeing Eric naked. *exploding laughter from all sides. She looked around innocently* Did I say that out loud?

* The Parade! - FAntastic seats were had and it was just an amazing spectacle. Everyone should see it at least once in their lives.

Low Points

* Decision to take our temporary house-mate with us to help with driving. *sigh* Because really, she is not a bad person. She is just at some mid-life crisis crossroads of her life so it feels like living with/travellign with a teen ager. She spent the whole trip talking about sex, smoking, and snarking with D since they are the two more butch personalities, and my god, I was ready to stab myself around one hour in. Not to mention between D's propensity for losing important things on a regular basis, like her KEYS, and her MEDS, S lost her ID at one point. Scratch four hours locating it. Then she lost her badge. Scratch four hours and another panel I wanted to go to locating IT. I also found out she refused to go anywhere on her own giving D and I NO alone time at all. I mean, some stuff I researched for her to attend weren't things D and I would go to anyway. But, no. She wouldn't read the schedule to find other things. She moped in the room, instead.

It was just that kind of trip, man.

* I forgot the camera. It seems like a small thing, but it wasn't.

* I got a raging sinus infecton RIGHT after D*C so I was incredibly sick the whole Florida leg of the trip. D's childhood friend was wonderful, though. I felt so bad for laying in bed holding my ears in pain while everyone else tried to have a good time. *sigh*

So, yeah. That was an adventure! I've decided we are going to D*C every other year. EVery year taps out our resources. All we'd DO every year was save for that trip only, and I'd like to take my lover other places, too. Preferably ALONE.

Okay, gente.

I have more, but D and I are going to the library because Houston Public Central is having a graphic novelday and TERRY MOORE is going to be there! Terry Moore omg!!! I am excite.

In closing, I realize what i want to do is get a degree in graphic novels. Not making them; studying them. Discussing them. Writing dissertations on them. It does not exist. Someone get on that right away.

Cuidense! I'll talk at you later.
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with MCR? COME ON!!!! Gerard as Giselle! Frank as Pip! Bob would be Robert, of course. After that I get kind of stuck but it's MADE FOR A REMIX!!!


Don't make me try to write this! *cries*
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Can someone tell me how to subscribe my LJ to Frank's Twitter! Well, all of them really. I love Bob and he's the only one have because I think all I had to do was click. But I NEED THEM ALL!!!

Frank is at The Happiest Place On Earth wearing mouse ears and smoking and being ADORABLE I AM NOT MADE OF STONE HAAAAALP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have tried to start a review of Twilight and New Moon three times and it all ends up sounding horribly elitist.

Yeah, I caved after deciding, grudgingly, that I could not, as a professional in the business of what kids/teens read, categorically ignore a pop phenomenon such as this. No matter HOW MANY neurons I lost. So I took a breath and dug in.

And, so. )

And because if I'm gonna dive in I don't wuss around, I then saw Twilight. )

In other non-sparkly-vampire news....

+ They are developing a Fables TV series. Oy vey. *sigh* Man, I really don't want this screwed up and sanitized for the small screen, so I'm very apprehensive, but we'll see. I hope Willingham didn't sign his soul away and keeps a hand in.

+ In the 'life-sucky' department things with D are not that great. It's pretty much my fault but it's not the best thing during the holiday season, which I dearly love. I hope it gets better soon.

+ I am toying with making a different cookie for the cookie Xchange. Something mocha. Or both kinds. Right now I have all of THREE participants counting myself, but hopefully there will be more.

+ Oh, I also finished Swallowing Darkness by Hamilton. )

+ Lastly, under the heading of DEFINITELY NON-SUCKY THINGS, [livejournal.com profile] kita0106 has discovered MCR FIC!! KITA IN BANDSLASH OMG! I can't think of anything more awesome. :-)

I have been meandering around this post all morning so Ima go now.

Tonight is BIG BANG THEORY and holiday card making. Should be a good evening.


You all cuidense! Gente in the North stay WARM! *gazes at our 70-something weather and sighs*

Talk at ya'll later!
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How awesome is that?!? A little Gerard or Lyn-Z! Awesome! Because, reallly, if any two people should procreate, should it not be these?


Felicades to them both!

In other news...

+ I have two potlucks at work in as many weeks and the thought of cooking for that many people is overwhelming so I'm bringing....rolls. Hey, they're necessary!

+ However, the thought of baking for that many people isn't overwhelming so I think I'm doing two cookie exchanges: one at work and one at the apartment complex. I might branch out from my tried and true Milky Way Peanut Butter Cookies but why mess with tradition.

+ D cannot abide turkey in any way ever since her mother died so we are looking at alternative entrees for Turkey Day. We will either have prime rib roast or ham with the gay guys across the way. Or both. We shall see.

+ My love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just grows and grows! I luv them so!

And in the only bit of sucks-out-loud news:

+ Figure skating season has begun apace but I will see barely ANY OF IT because Icenetwork.com has contracted 3/4 of the Grand Prix. I need to pay for a season pass if I want to see anything except gudamned skating spectaculars with no competitions and US and Worlds. Great, granted, but I'd like to see how people GOT THERE DAMMIT. *hmph* Not fair.

Okay, gente. It is late and I must away.

You all take care and I'll talk at you mañana.

PS: WOW Paul Simon is hobbit sized!
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I am not the world's most graceful person, to be sure, but sometimes I have these little runs of complete klutziness and one happened yesterday at around 1 pm.

I was watching the last of the Olympics and eating some chips and salsa, yum, and I must have been overly invested on the TV screen because when I got up to take the chips back to the kitchen I WHACKED MY KNEE on the corner of the coffee table REALLY HARD. Like, hard enough to drop said chips (though thankfully not the salsa) and crumple to the floor.

Motherfucking OW.

If that were not enough I proceeded to whack the SAME KNEE on the SAME COFFEE TABLE two more times. Of course. I now have a knot the size of a golfball on my knee and it hurts. Ow.

Apart from that the weekend went as follows:

+ Worked Saturday. Pretty steady. The kids go back to school today and we were all doing the happy dance of joy, you know, DEEP INSIDE OUR HEARTS. :-)

+ D has jacked her back up really, really badly. I believe it began when she decided she was going to pretend to be young folk and resurface tennis courts all of April and May. That was a brutally physical job and most of the people doing it were younger guys. She stopped but apparently not soon enough. *sigh* Now she can't sit up for very long and bending over for any amount of time is impossible.

+ The Olympics are over. *sniff* I am verklempt. It is OVER A YEAR until the Winter Olympics WHAT. Now to rediscover all the channels I've ignored for two weeks. :-)

+ Finished Blood Noir by Ms. Hamilton. )

+ Apparently, there is a strong chance that Gerard Way is driving from Jersey to Atlanta, GA for Dragoncon 08. Conjencture, sure, but why else does one drive down South in late August/early September? The blistering heat?? If so, he will not come through Texas, alas, but all you other Southern people keep your eyes open!!

LASTLY, if you have not seen my Hallmark post, which is the one prior to this one, go read and email Hallmark good things for providing same-sex greeting cards! It's a good thing!

Must go people!

I know there is more but I can't remember.

I need to go read to babies soon but you all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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Am flaily from so. Much. LOVE!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!


I love this band so much.

I have a program for 70 kids but I don't care!! I am basking in the MCR love!

Oh, boys. How so beautiful.
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Who's made of win? Who bought a cream cheese coffee cake for breakfast and then forgot ALL HER MEDS today? Why, that would be me!

Ah, fuck.

It's a salad day. I don't mind salad days if it's my choosing but hate them if it's not.

However, in positive news..

+ THREE DAY WEEKEND WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances* We have nothing more major planned than renting movies (yes, some of us still do that) and going to Office Depot to buy supplies for my still-quite-new cubicle. What? I LIKE that! Oh, and some cooking out. Mmm. BBQ.

Each holiday was marked by massive cooking out in my family growing up. No occasion was too small. Xmas? COOK OUT! Mother's Day? COOK OUT! Dallas is in the playoffs? COOK OUT! Tax refund in the mail? COOK OUT! This, more than anything, means I will never be a vegetarian. D got a used/new to us barbeque grill and it works great and I am muy excited.

For this weekend I erase the Grand ReOpening. I ERASE YOU!!!! *MINDSWIPE* :-D

+ I have 20 pages of the skaterboi fic written. Twenty! *tries not to scare writing muses* It's all [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's fault. Her wonderful continuation of her bandom story just shook loose all the cobwebs in my mind re: the fic. Good writing does that.

I can hear them in my head again. I missed them so. :-)

+ BIG PIMPING!!!!!!- Because if you have not read [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's latest part of her bandom epic...what is wrong with you? Are you headless? Have you no SOUL?!?!

Granted, you really have to read it from the very beginning but DO SO! The wonderfullness defies description. I don't care if you don't like MCR, or Panic, or FOB, or kid!fic (I KNOW! KIDFIC!!!) but this is brilliant and funny and happy and sad and amazing.

Linkage for your convenience:

Forever Now, the start of the saga. Gerard and Mikey as kids and Brian Schecter as their savior. What more wonderfullness can there be?

Star Shaped Brendon's story, complete with aloof Ryan and snarky Spencer. I'm not even that big a Panic fan and I loved this.

The Lines You Amend starts here and there's links to the next one at the bottom, just one perk Rachel offers you.
There are just not enough words for how much I love this series and how much it draws you in right away, immediately. I defy you to react otherwise, no matter who you are.

So thank you, Ms. Vane, for all you do.

And now I go.

If I don't holler at you all this weekend (tho I totally hope to) have a great holiday and cuidense!
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We have gotten two new people in three weeks and Awesome Coworker M, who was supposed to divvy up training duties with me, has been out ALL WEEK with a sick kid. )

However, in other news~

+ I VOTED! Have you? How I voted is none of anyone's beeswax but you all NEED TO VOTE NOW! Or on March 4th. This is a close one, gente, and I really think the margin will be very slim, both for the primaries and the final election. Early voting is going on now for those in TX and on March 4th for those who didn't before, so don't put it off!

+ I am reading Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear. It is a story about faeries and so far really good! Puts Hamilton to shame with the consistency and syntax I'll tell you that. Good read.

+ This story about Anne Frank's 'one true love' nearly made me cry. Such wonder.

+ Still no MCR tix. I've about given up but info to sales on other dates is trickling in so we shall see.

+ I have been put in charge of an online newsletter for graphic novels for our system and I am so PSYCHED!!! I'm not really sure I should have taken somethign else on when I'm this overwhelmed but I really, really want to do it and it so muy exciting! Now to find time...

I had more, gente, but newbies call.

I'll holler at ya'll later if I can, si?

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The Austin show has sold out and I STILL can't find a link to the Houston show anywhere.

So I figure:

a) It is already sold out and I just missed it
b) It has not been posted yet (I dont't know why)
c) It is posted somewhere super sekrit and I can't find it

I don't know whether to try to find tix somewhere else or wait and see if the Houston venue shows up somewhere sometime. The last time I bought tix to a show because I thought it would be the only venue the HOuston one showed up later. *frets*

However, dilemma number two is that these look like TEENY venues. Stubbs is, like, TEENY. And general admission.

Did I mention my dislike of general admission shows? Granted, not all fans are of the crazy that Hanson fans are, but still.

Should I not bother?

But but FRANK!!!!!

See, and now I have to go to bed because I need to get up at the asscrack of dawn to take the bus to work.

*le sigh*

Will try tomorrow.

*crosses fingers anew*
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I have been obsessivley checking Ticketbastard all day to see when the MCR tix go on sale and it is pissing me off that they jump from DETROIT on 4/19 to PHILADELPHIA on 5/6!!!!



*refreshes page*
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Because you need to. I go on a soapbox schpiel every year about our civil duty and how long it took minorities and women to get to vote, yadda yadda, but, basically, I take this seriously and so should you. Don't be an apathetic slacker. Yeah, I said it.

This is your country. This is your government. The only way to change it is to be heard.

Now before Lee Greenwood's 'Proud to be an American' cues, I move on. :-)

This weekend in bullet points:


* Gone Baby Gone. That is one kickass, well done movie. I think I am a little in like with Casey Affleck. I love how he looks twelve but curses like a sailor. I love the moral issues this film brought forth; the IMDB message board rife with debate and opinions. Morgan Freeman, Amy Madigan, and Ed Harris all so brilliant, as was the rest of the crew. Highly recced.

* Lazy Sunday mornings

* Last season of The L Word. I really love this series. I love Shane but I found myself really drawn to the FTM character Max. Daniela Sea has teh most amazing eyes. The whole show is a smorgasord of eye candy. Such fun!

* [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's MCR prison!AU. The wonderfullness. *sighs happily*

* MCR in general and Frankie Iero in particular. Because really, the mere thought of that boy brightens my whole day. :-)


* I forgot to replenish my Metformin in my pill box thingy. Dammit.

* What is up with the steroidal furniture in this town? D and I have been looking for some decent furniture to purchase since she got a little money from her mom's estate. However, most of what we can find, except for Ikea, is this HUGE furniture made for giants or something. We are both about 5'1. Our feet can't even touch THE FLOOR. I mean, tall, bulky couches, big giant sized thrones for chairs and heavy tables wtf? I feel like goddamned Goldilocks. It's ridiculous.

* Female Type TMI )

* Writer's Strike. Just when Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku are teaming up for a series. Man, that SUCKS.

* There was not very much of the writing this weekend (because I had no time alone...) but I hope to do some this week. Whenever I look at when I actually began these fics my mind just flips right out. Holy shit. I feel like the crackfic! slash version of Sagrada Familia.

OK, gente. I think that's all I got for now because WOW this has gotten really long with not nearly enough cut-tags so bye! Besos! Bye!

I'll talk at ya'll later!

p.s.: I forgot to dl my 'I voted!' icon. Frak. ;-)

*if your state does not vote today ignore first part of post and proceed to minutiae. Gracias. :-}
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Things one CAN buy at the Dollar Store:

* Q tips
* makeup sponges
* cheap Pine Sol
* liquid dish detergent (Dawn for cheap)
* dog chews
* air freshner thingies that go in plastic doohickey (though the apple cinnamin scent is a bit overwhelming)
* Microwave popcorn

Things one CANNOT buy at the Dollar Store

* trash bags
* automatic dishwashing detergent (took 3 tries and they look like arse)
* good Tupperware (it warps)
* toilet tissue (don't get me started)
* most food

When I taught Kindergarten $ Stores saved my ass. I don't know how one can even be an elementary school teacher without the benefit of a dollar store. However, having my trash spill right out of a bag on the first try is not what I call fun.

I really hope my promotion shows up on my check soon.

In other news...


It was pretty good the compression mammogram and ultrasound notwithstanding. Possible TMI. Just saying. )

I'm supposed to hear from my dr. in two -three days. It's about the same time I'm supposed to hear from Human Resource about the 'salary offer.' Intersting dichotomy, that.

In other news...

* I've begun working on the copfic again. *shhhhh...be vewwy vewwy quiet. Don't scare the muses....:-)*

* I have re-read the Anita Blake book Narcissus in Chains and have decided I really really love Micah and Nathaniel and really really don't love Anita. I also want to know why all AB slash is so much unmitigated crap. Why is that? ONE decent fic, that's all I ask! ONE example of good characterization and a bit of plot and sex that doesn't involve characters in actual werewolf or wereleopard form copulating good god. If you're into that go find a furrie community like a normal person!

It is to cry.

* I am so smitten with MCR that I am thisfar from reading mpreg.

That is also to cry.

* But not as much as not being able to find my umbrella with thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow. Crap.

I think that is it.

'Tis late so I shall away.

I'll holler at ya'll soon and cuidense!
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* I am having my first bosom squshing tomorrow at 3 p.m. )

Anyone have any experience with this? I'd appreciate any input.

* We saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. And it was good.SPOILERS. )

* Also, Frankie Iero is trying to kills me.

He's letting his hair grow and he's tiny and adorable and splashed with ink and, really, I luvs him. *luvs* :-)

In other news....

* Work is making me crazy because they keep changing the focus of the library reopening weekend and we have gone from a four-day celebration highlighting all the new services to a weekend with the focus on children's and teens to a two-day weekend with the focus on EVERYBODY and my damn committee only has four people in it.

I don't know how I ended up being a fucking co-chair when I have NEVER EVER planned anything of this magnitude before and I am very worried about screwing it up. *sigh*

* I'm not sure what to make of the latest LJ kerfuffle. People on my FL range from enraged and leaving to philosphical and staying to supportive and staying. I dunno. I have begun a greatestjournal and insanejournal account just in case, and also, for namesquatting purposes. Not that I think there will be a great run on 'ahestele' but one can never tell. So if you go over yonder add me and I'll add you and we'll see where the chips land.

I will say that, though I will miss all my icons, I am not giving LJ/Six Apart any more of my money, not as much because I agree with the issue in question, but because I feel, and continue to feel, that they treat, and have treated, their customers poorly and they assume we are stupid. And I don't hold with that.

* My weekly musical discovery is called Nuttin but Stringz, a duo of two brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar, from New York's inner city who play- wait for it- hip hop violins. I saw them on some BET program about up and coming talent and they are AMAZING! Their CD 'Struggle From The Subway To The Charts' came out in October of 06 and they are just cute as buttons, I have to say. Here's some music because it's better than any description I could write.


For real. They are awesome.

* When I am alone I tend to marathon watch either E!, Court TV, or A&E. It is an A&E kind of weekend and I've watched three American Justices and one program on the execution of an Oklahoma lesbian for shooting her lover. It was sad.

I plan to write tonight, read some fic, and write.

Talk to ya'll later, maybe, and hope your weekends are going well.
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Alright, niños y niñas. This will be the final convalescing post before I embark back into the gripping, exciting world of books, 'puters, and telephone reference. The week will be a short one but I'm sure it will feel long as I have the body clock of a bloodsucker and was up last night till three.

That's right, friends and neighbors, I am unequivocally screwed in that respect. However! I feel almost okay, save for the huge lack of stamina, and I am ALMOST ALMOST finished with a post-Embers longish ficlet (eyes [livejournal.com profile] reet) so huzzah.

And speaking of bloodsuckers....


OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!! Much fangirl squeeling and rampant babbling in joy. Non-Buffy fen feel free to walk on by. :- )

Also, and I beg pardon from the untarnished, squeamish, naiive, and optimistic, but for anyone that has not been exposed to the awesome cracktasticness that is the Horse wank here it is in all it's jaw dropping, need-for-brain-bleach-ing glory.

Because, come on.

Sometimes there is one perfect, affirming moment when you realize, "Well, I might be fucked up. But I ain't doing THAT." And that moment would be this one.

Really gente, I laughed so long I thought I'd hurt something from the surgery. I kid you not. Just. Yeah. Trust me. Don't drink anything while reading, and leave your indignation at the door.

The Interwebz, man. *shakes head*

In other news...

Whaaaaaaaaaat???? Frankie left the Japan tour? Because he's ill????What's going on? Anyone? Anyone at all??? Nico?

In relation, I still have The Black Parade pretty much on constant repeat. I keep discovering differnet songs that speak to me. Now it's "I Don't Love You" and "Sharpest Lives". Oh, hell, the entire thing is bloody amazing. I put it all on my MP3 player because I cannot conceive of one whole eight hour section of the day without my baby Emo boys.

But I did take a small break to Youtube the Gorillaz/Madonna opening performance of Feel Good/Hung Up from last year's VMAs and it is made of AWESOME. Bone has been singing Gorillaz praises since Xmas and before and I caved. I would give someone a body part or possibly a prostitute if I could have that peformance on MP3 because I LUV IT. I've heard the songs separately, too, but I really love this.

I think I've found my next CD buy.

This is an almost exclusive fangirl post because RL has just decided to dump a whole truckload of the suck on my lap at once. To wit:

* Car died. Again. Quite badly.
* We need to pay a huge ticket we got on New Year's Day because the car needs to be fixed to pass inspection, whitch it will now not do.
* I thought we had paid to FIX the car so it WOULD pass inspection, but apparently NOT
* I just paid the second half of my tuition, rent, and two utilities and...
* *headesk*

So, of course, in conclusion- Frankie left the TOUR?!?!?


Anyways, gente.

Wish me luck tomorrow for I will be one tired camper.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at ya soon.
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My sweetie got me My Chemical Romance's THE BLACK PARADE when we went into Hot Topic to wait for our movie to start, as we do. I got her a Green Day T-shirt on sale.


She's tried to find it for Xmas but every place she went to was sold out. After the Wal Mart Eminem debacle when she got Curtain Call without realizing it was edited (hee. gotta love her) she is extremely cognizant of wherefor she buys this strange music I listen to.

Oh, my god, this band. )

Also, we saw Children of Men and it is was very, very good. Politically, ass-kickingly good.****SPOILERS*** )

Well, gente. Here I am.

Ima listen to more MCR, watch some NLF playoffs, and, hopefully, write. I need to tidy the apartment, but, hell. Where's the fun in that?

Also, food.


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