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*Everyone's all GoT OMGGGGGGGGG but I no longer have HBO so I'm reading spoilers on eveyrone's posts.

* Began binge-watching THE NIGHT WATCH on Netflix and LOVE IT. While I don't think it has the depth of ER, my standard bearer for fantastic medical dramas, I like the energy of the writing.It's set in San Antonio, someone has actually put in some time to get cultural and geographical references correct, and the staff is wonderfully representational. ALL the pretty people! There's a CANON GAY COUPLE WOOOOOOOOOO! Jennifer Beals played a medic!! I am enjoying it thoroughly.

* SHADOWHUNTERS is back as is my jam, Izzie Lightwood (see icon pic). Emeraude Toubia, the actor, is SO STUNNING and she's A TEXAN and she SINGS and just yes. Magnus and Alex are still my favorite TV couple. While I eschewed everything Cassandra Claire for years, and with good reason, this is removed enough from the books that I began watching. You can't just give me Mike Chang from GLEE as a bisexual, kickass warlock and expect me to pass that up. I am not made of stone.

* Rachel Maddow- always and forever. Her ratings are now apparently higher than her competitors? SO PROUD OF HER. Most trustworthy lesbian in news. Everyone says, now officially. :-)

* We also binge-watched ZOO, which ended up being really great, but the current season is leaving me kind of meh. They did away with my favorite het OTP, and now Bella Swan's Dad Billy Burke can't call them hilarious things like 'Danny and Sandy' or 'Ken and Barbie', which they really looked like, and that makes me sad.


* BUTTER/Netflix- Jennifer Garner's turn as a shallow, driven Repub wife of a butter sculptor is SUPERIOR and FANTASTICALLY FUNNY. The cast on this is perfect, including a surprise cameo by Hugh Jackman as a Stetson wearing hapless car salesman.

*THEY CALL ME JEEG/Netflix- Italian Foreign film that will twist your heart all inside out in the best way. Just watch it.

* AFTERNOON DELIGHT/Crackle- I didn't know I had a Juno Temple thing until this film. Funny, true, sad and angry look at a Thirtysomething Crisis and what Kathryn Hahn's Rachel does to find meaning in her measured, suburbia paradise world. Jane Lynch as a self-absorbed therapist is worth the price of admission.




* Despite the start of fiscal year rollover clusterfuck, I still love what I'm doing a real lot. :-)

* Went to San Antonio for the Texas Library Association Annual Assembly Conference which was great,except we got a crack in our new car windshield before the vehicle even had it's first oil change. *sigh* D got it 'glazed' for about $40 which was preferable to the $400 to replace the whole thing. You can still totally see it, but maybe it will act as an urban theft deterrent. Poor Pearl, already banged up!


*Ugh it just won't stop being embarrassing and awful and cringe-worthy. I don't think I've ever, ever, in all my 50 years, been as horrified to be an American, let alone a Texan. As much as I love my job, and I really love my job, y'all, I would leave for up North if I had any way to make a living. At least we'd be in a more progressive state where I would not be worried about putting a rainbow flag on my door or a Democratic Party sign on my lawn for fear of being liberal-bashed.

So these are turning out to be mostly what TV I'm watching but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

I leave you with a song I heard on NIGHT SHIFT, which, apart from being wonderful, has a music department that has some serious chops. I have had this on repeat for days because it is just that fantastic. The Van Morrison original is luminous, but I just love Otto's voice on this. The horns are EVERYTHING.

Have a great week, gente.

Talk at you soon.

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+ Turns out when I go balls out two weeks with nearly no break I don't do well. I do really, really badly.
I had two meetings, a workshop, and so. much. work. Coupled with my increasing realization that I just did not have the $ to do everything we had planned to do on our trip because I'd had to buy a car, our insurance payment went up AND our mortgage payment went up, all at once, I rather short circuited.

The thing about melting down is that if you do it very rarely, when you do, it does mean something. D talked me down and agreed that we'd just do what we could on our trip, it would be fine.

+ Part of it is that she has macular degeneration that is not going to get better; it will just get worse. And she's just never, you know. Seen stuff. Like Redwoods. And the view from a train. Or gotten a stamp on her passport. I realize this shouldn't ALL BE UP TO ME, but it feels like it is.

+ Instead of Canada I am possibly planning on taking her to Mexico when I go. Might be a tricky since I didn't say I would on the pre-registration but I think it's doable.

+ Basically I want to rock in a corner and eat my hair.


+ D got me a Hamilton Zoodle thingy that I can't get to work WORTH A DAMN. I've tried twice and just ended getting an eensy amount of zucchini noodles and a cut on my finger when I tried to use it again. It's frustrating since D and I have begun a 30 day food challenge because neither of us can fit in our clothes and we are both tired feeling this way. This is day one. Wish us luck!


+ We ended up going to an Indivisible Houston meeting yesterday because both of us do better with the current clusterfuck of a political situation when we actively do something in protest of it. When we got there I recognized one of the librarians from work, a quiet girl who'd been temporarily deployed at Central while her branch underwent roof repair. I waved and after she recognized me (I think it took a bit; we'd only met in passing) she moved over with her stuff and we talked liberal local stuff. And I introduced her to D AND SHE SAID SHE'D INTRODUCE HER PARTNER AMELIA ONE DAY, ONLY SHE WAS SHY AND DIDN'T COME TO THESE THINGS!!!! OMG!!!! A LESBIAN, EXTREMELY LIBERAL CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN IN MY SYSTEM OMG!!!!! My ex-co-workers in KIDS are ALL FIRED!!! If I can't count on system gossip for these things WHAT GOOD IS IT?? So we gave her a ride home and she added me on FB and that made the weekend all kind of better. :-)


+ One thing that helped me this morning when I realized I had ALSO not only, since the trip to San Antonio, misplaced my bag of earrings AND the pocket folder where I keep Important Things so they don't rattle around my tote bag, was music. The Lord Huron Love continues, and I found this old-timey almost Stagger Lee sounding song from Nathaniel Ratefliff.

Okay gente, I've got two PP presentations, a song from Hamilton to re-write, and a shit-ton of ordering, so Ima jet!

Talk at you later!
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+ You know when you here something and it is PERFECT, so perfect you simultaneously are envious you did not string that bit of phrase together and want to listen to it over and over. The refrain of Lord Huron's TAKE ME BACK TO THE NIGHT WE MET is that phrase. I'd HEARD the song, but not really listened to the actual words, as I sometimes don't when the melody is so lovely. Then I read the words on tumblr and they said:

I had all and then most of you
some and now none of you

And, gente, I was SLAYED. How beautiful is that? It captures absolutely every sad song, every loss, all the angst with none of the treacly bits. Just amazing. Listening highly recommended

+ Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats- Pure energy and delight described as 'folk, Americana and vintage rhythm & blues.' Whatever it is, it will get you up and dancing! Wonderfully diverse band in the video and a vocalist that is consummately at ease with himself and his music


+ Lover and I are taking a trip to Portland in June and I've realized I did not plan enough time to do what we planned on doing. It costs $490 to change the flight. :-( I'm not sure what to do.

+ If I can just make it to July I will be past a couple of time-suck projects and can return to buying kid books for the system, which gives me life.

+ Reading Embers through has gotten me thinking of the fic again. I do still love those boys very much. I'm thinking of maybe just a few vignettes or something, of fics that have been rattling around in my head all this time? No promises.

Got another meeting, gente. I'm hoping to post more this weekend.
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We have a new car. We also have the higher payment and raised insurance to go with it, but we got it. I think what dealerships do is just keep you there so long you finally just get the damn thing so you can go home lol.

I'm really getting tharn about $ since, as of now, the car payment, the insurance, and our house payment, have all gone up. *facepalm*

But I do feel more secure in the new car.

And it is a pretty blue...:-)

I can't even stay awake. We didn't leave the dealership until 11PM last night! I was such a zombie today.

Before I go, though, we finished watching 13 Reasons Why and I thought it was really good. I understand there is some snootiness about those who have read the book, since the tv series is very different. However, after stuff like True Blood, and Game of Thrones, I no longer expect perfect faithfulness to the written text when something moves medias.

Also, I possibly wasn't as invested in this story as some others?

Still, I highly recommend it.

One of the reasons it is so amazing, though, is the truly fantastic soundtrack. A great, eclectic combination of old-school 80s-90s pop music and current artists, it lends amazing texture to the story.

My favorite, besides the theme song, is this one by Lord Huron

Absolutely haunting, beautiful song.

Okay, gente. I'm beat, so Ima go to sleep.

I hope to keep posting, but in case I forget, have a great weekend and wonderful bunny day
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+ I am am fascinated by Tony in this series. Here is a character of color (with amazing eyes) that drives a cherry red Mustang, is generally accepted as being a badass, is well-spoken, gets along with grownups, AND IS GAY. I'm not sure I've seen this in any YA novel, let alone adult fiction. Apparently the ending of the tv series and the book is different? We are really hooked and the cast just keeps turning in strong, amazing performances.


+ I first saw Peter Gallagher on this gratuitous bit of fluff called SUMMER LOVERS, which I watched for the hot French Girl and Peter Gallagher's eyes (yes, I do have an eye thing). The film was set in Santorini Greece and one of the first depictions of polyamory I remember viewing on film.

I didn't actually see THE IDOLMAKER until after and was blown away by Peter Gallagher's voice! His broadway chops are showcased in this film that earned Ray Sharkey a Golden Globe and for playing rock and roll talent promoter Bob Marcucci.

Here is a young Peter Gallagher with However Dark the Night:

Now I go because I have a metric ton of work and not a lot of time to do it.

Have a good one, gente!
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Media I'm Consuming

13 Reasons Why- I haven't read the YA novel but D and I are both hooked on the Netflix series. The teen male protagonist is obviously Logan Lerman lite (for a second I thought it WAS him), but it's a strong cast. Kate Walsh as the aggrieved, angry mom and the young actor that plays Hannah especially outstanding. I also like the energy of Tony in this 'verse. He seems almost pansexual, which is odd.

Call the Midwife- This series just keeps hitting it out of the park. Such amazing performances and story each week. I wonder, does Harriet Walker mind being cast as the mean person all the time? Ever since Fanny Dashwood on Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility, it seems she's often those types of characters...I can't wait for Trixie to get back from South Africa. I don't see her and Sister Ursula hitting it off at all!

The Rachel Maddow Show - Sekrit!Intellectual GF. What can I say? :-) Seriously, she has away of framing complex political situations in a way that anyone can understand. I think this is why her ratings keep going up since the election. Also, how cute is that woman? It is not even fair.


Labyrinth Lost by Zenaida Cordova- Really accessible read about a Latina teenager who comes from a long line of brujas, Mexican witches, and really just wants to have a normal high school life. When she tries to do spell extricating herself from her powers on the eve of her magical coming-out everything goes balls up. I'll admit I like relating to so many of the small details that speak to my childhood, but the writing is really good. I look forward to reading more of her stuff.

Dorothoy Must Die- I began this because D and I are super into the tv show Emerald City, and it's supposed to be based ont this series by Angie Thomas. The show is very different from the books already, but I didn't expect to be as taken in as quickly. Especially when I read the book summaries which are SUPER DARK. Apparently there are a metric ton of books and side stories, but I look forward to the journey. :-)

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron - Meh. Really struggling to get invested in this. Perhaps three at once is too many....


The Warriors (1979)- We are trying to curtail the movie-going and save a little $ since we have two road trips planned, so I found this on Netflix, and it is MY FAVORITE FOREVER. The great tragedy of my life is that there is no Swan/Rembrandt slash. Why does this not exist? The world has failed me utterly.

Here is the iconic street chase between The Warriors and The Baseball Furies, a gang that wears baseball uniforms and fights in full quasi-mime face makeup. I shit you not.


A while ago I discovered Playing for Change, this movement of musicians from across the world that collaborates on covers as a way of bridging cultures. Almost every song I've heard I've just loved, and I love seeing where each musician is from. The song below is CLANDESTINO, a traditional song that represents the hearts and spirits of all those in search of a better world. I had forgotten what a truly beautiful language Spanish can be.

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+ I have signed up for [personal profile] svmadelyn's Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange *breathes into paper bag*

+ I found myself crying in the dark by myself while reading calliotrope's amazing hockey rpf Scattered Pieces of My Mind. I'm not talking the eye-burning, sniffling thing that sometimes happens. I mean that embarrassing, hitching, ugly sounds in your throat that get pulled out of your soul thing that you can't even help. Over a FUCKING FIC OMG FML. I came to the irrefutable conclusion that I might be crazypants in love with Kaner and Tazer and this crazy, improbable fandom. I think this is what's called 'doubling down.'

+ Listen to me: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. I want ALL THE FIC EVER about the boys in THIS VIDEO:


It's the Boston University men's hockey team called THE TERRIERS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Their team is LEGIT NAMED AFTER A TINY ADORABLE DOG??? Is there a DIFFERENT terrier I'm not aware of??? What does their mascot even LOOK LIKE??? At any rate, I didn't know it was possible to PERISH FROM CUTE but, apparently, that is not so, because they killed me DEAD. Eskimo kisses??? One pair calls each other PARTNER WHUT?? I CAN'T WITH THESE CHILDREN OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE

+ I am actively working on the Kaner/Tazer/Tyler Seguin OT3 and the Kazer AU. I think of posting, then I get afeared and tweak some more, than I write some more, then I think of posting, then I get afeared, lather, rinse, repeat

+ This sport is ruining my life, by which I mean, I'm so glad I listened to people and discovered it. :-)


+ The time I am spending on Tumblr is approaching maximum density. I am phig67 on there if anyone is interested. Unless you are all about hockey all the time with flashes of lgbtq posts, nudes, and manga/comics posts, maybe not for you. I'm not hurt. I sat here aaaaaaaaaaallll through when most of fandom fucked off to SG1. Then Sherlock. Then One Direction. I understand.

+ We are apparently hosting Thanksgiving? What? In two weeks? ...okay?

+ I am going to miss one of the THREE Blackhawks games televised in my area while I am in Guadalajara. ARRGGGH. D is taping it for me.

+ We have hardly any $, still, because home ownership is hard. I'm actually not sure HOW we're doing Thanksgiving but, there we are. I'm hoping things are a bit better in the new year when we are cancelling our useless, ridiculously unhelpful home warranty service, have a homestead tax break, and.... well, that's it, really, but I hope it helps. The thought if having no money for the next 29 years isn't very appealing....



dream thieves
Follow up to The Raven Boys it is amazing. I'd pay a lot of money to see this on film.


+ Sleepy Hollow- Between Orlando Jones ninja kicking through The Fourth Wall, Nicole Beharie being a kickass hot SHORT woman of color, and the completely self-deprecating charm of Tom Mison I am all in for this.

+ I DVRed and watched The NHK Trophy figure Skating competition mostly because Johnny Weir was the commentator and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to someone who was actually knowledgeable about the sport, it's history, and the point system. In fact, his explanation is the clearest I've ever been on how things are scored. I mean, I don't agree with it, but I understand it now, sort of. I'm worried the US is going to have a gap in the ladies FS area. And I was so upset that they didn't even show ice dancing where US skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White AND the Shibutanis came in first and third respectively. So frustrating. It was also wistful to see the crowd of thirteen THOUSAND in the stands whereas, in the US, the popularity is going in the opposite direction.


Vienna Teng, one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated, female vocalists out there, doing vocal percussion and singing to an Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone/Lose Yourself mashup that is UNBELIEVABLE.

Okay, gente! I'm off to write more, watch more hockey vids, and do that work thing. ;-)

Talk at ya'll later! To my freinds in The North, stay warm! We are still @ balmy 72 degrees, though a 'cold front' is rumored to be arriving tonight. I'm ready to snuggle so we'll see!
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These boys. I cannot. )

Okay, wow, I have to stop.

Also, for no reasons that I can't even figure OUT I have been reading Sidney/Geno. IDEK. However, so far I've read four pretty good fics about Sidney and Geno's First Time. Uh. There seem to be a LOT of Sid/Geno first time fics. With Geno always the more loving until Sid gets a clue. Like I said, I have no idea except their personalities seem to be very distinct and intriguing together and the Youtube vids and interviews I've seen of Geno are SO GREAT! He is so funny!

In related nows, I am about 10000 words into a Kazer AU and 2000 into a Kane/Toews/Seguin OT3 PWP. I could probably post the AU but I am kind of nervous. There are a lot of good writers in this fandom, people I recognize from other fandoms, and it's kinda nervous making.


+ I woke up too late to straighten my hair and it is all frizzoo. Just the professional appearance I strive to cultivate.

+ So far at the house the garage door is broken, the washer stopped working, and the bottom lock to the front door refused to accept the key. This led to D being locked out, not once, but TWICE. We have finally gotten the washer fixed. I am sure I will, at some point, stop feeling overwhelmed by home ownership.


If anyone would have told me this song could be a visceral stomping warrior queen anthem I would have thought they were on crack. BESTEST cover!

1/2 White Stripes + 1/2 Eurythmics= ALL AWESOME

In closing, we FINALLY got a loaner from Fry's Electronics and I am LEGIT WATCHING A LIVESTREAM OF HOCKEY OMG!!!!!

Ok, gente! Talk at ya'll later or when my bursting need to share more hockey boys overwhelms me LOL!

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Ruby was one of the first LJ friends I ever made when I was sitting in my Galveston, TX walk up spending all my evening reading and writing Buffy Spike/Xander slash. She left feedback on one of my first fics and I have had the good fortune of meeting her IRL as well as her two awesome kids.

I know you don't mosey 'round these parts too much nowadays and we miss you, ruby! Hope you had a great day and we miss yoooouuuuu! :-)


+ Our new person began last week. No one from our staff or even from any juvenile staff was asked/allowed to sit on on this interview process. What happens when no juvenile services staff is in on the hiring process is you get a new employee with no library experience, no early childhood experience, and that uses the poke and peck method of typing.

She is nice as she could be but WOW that is a lot of inexperience for someone coming in as a Senior Library Service Specialist. Her defense mechanism is to chat. A LOT. Hence, unless I obviously turn away or make a point of saying that I have a lot of work to do she will chatter and talk NON-STOP. *headdesk*

What really frustrates me is that I know there were no juvenile services people in the interview in general, and none of our managerial staff in particular, because our director has decided she hates all of our department at CEN-KIDS and uses any petty way she can to let us know.

It will be months and months before we can leave our new person alone at a desk and at least that long before she will be an asset rather than a hindrance we need to lead around by the hand.

ALSO, we are opening to the public on Fridays on April 19th and open on Sunday June 2nd starting a seven-day-a-week schedule for the first time since I began around 2003. *sigh* This is great for the public but sucky for us, especially during summer, when that one Friday closed to the public allows you to take a deep breath and decompress before doing it all again.

Yippy-ki-yay, motherfucker.


+ I know I am all late but I have gotten fascinated with Tom Morello since I saw that performance of him with Bruce Springsteen at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary. Here 'tis:

I LOVE this version. It has been on a loop on YouTube.


+ GAME OF THRONES!!!!!! D is reading the books but is now caught up and I have no idea if Brienne and Jamie are going to be A Thing. I kind of hope not. She is so kickass I luv her. Realized that, for some reason, there is a dearth of Daenerys hate in the teevee fandom, as opposed to the book fandom, maybe? I don't know why. I loves me some Daenerys, though she did have me at DRAGONS. I'm looking forward to seeing what Margaery does with Jofferey's sadistic crazy. AND BRAN! Right now he is my favorite male character since Jon Snow is with the Wildings and that chick with the red hair that gets on my nerves.

+ LOST GIRL!!!!- I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can't believe it is not HUGE EVERYWHERE! Though Kenzi seems to get thinner and thinner with each season; it is worry-making. I know she's an ex-ballerina but wow, she is very slight. Laurie and Dyson are going to be at this year's Comicpalooza and I am EXCITE!!! :-DDDD

+ Rachel Maddow- RachelRachelRachel! I love that woman. She was on Bill Maher last month and it was SO AWESOME. She had on her SUPRSRIUS black frame glasses and the steady WTF look she gave to the senator next to her as he rambled on about marriage equality, obviously losing the thread of his point somewhere along the way, was SO HILARIOUS I LUV HER.


Below is a message from one of our new people that was hired from another branch in our system. This is why you don't let guys respond to baby shower questions:

Honestly, we are open to getting pretty much anything. Gift cards would be nice, but please none to Wal-Mart we just don’t shop there. Also, baby clothes, new or used, are great. But, please try to limit the amount of pink. We already have a lot of pink clothes and getting other colors, or gender neutral baby clothes would be really nice. After all, this might not be our last kid and it would be nice to reuse some of this stuff if the next one is a boy. So, to recap here is a, brief, list.

1. Gift cards, but not to Wal-Mart. We tend to shop at Target, Babies R Us, or Amazon for kids things.

2. Clothes, used or new. Please try to limit the amount of pink items, or get a gender neutral baby outfit.

3. Really ANYTHING is fine. For that matter, if people don’t want to buy things that is still fine.

Sir, *this* is not an example of 'ANYTHING if fine.' O.o

And THIS Is an example of an exchange on the forum for my HOA. )

Good to know that hundreds of dollars in HOA fees ensures mature, upstanding, genteel neighbors! Boy howdy! LOL omg.

Okay, gente! I must away.

Take care and I'll talk at you later!
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+ See, ma'am, **work kvetching. Move on if you have enough of your own*** )

Well, then. There was that.


That ever happen to ya'll?

Somehow D and I have ended up with no friends that are gainfully employed or even a little bit liberal. S, our ex-housemate, has decided to remain in a relationship with her middle-aged slacker, stoner boyfriend who is not gainfully employed but does small engine repair when he feels like it. He spends all his time smoking pot, drinking beer, and hosting all his friends who also smoke pot and drink beer. I refuse to to over anymore because the pot smoke gets so thick you can cut it and I don't care how nerdy I sound; my job drug tests regularly. I've been called twice since out of the clear blue since I began to work for the city and I've KNOWN people who have been let go because of the results. So D went for an overnight stay and while everyone watched The Boondock Saints, one of my favorite cult films, people proceeded to disparage gay people in front of her. I mean, she WAS RIGHT THERE. They KNOW she's gay. She didn't call them on it because she said they were drunk and high and it would have been an exercise is futility.

I mean, we've met these people before at Superbowl parties and pool parties. They KNOW us. They KNOW our relationship.

Another of our friends, one of D's childhood pals, is a frothing at the mouth Teabagger. She is absolutely obnoxious with it; it is all she wants to talk about. She actually sat in our living room and told us we wanted LESS freedom and she wanted more because we voted for the Democratic Party. This heterosexual woman who has every right one can have simply because she is straight actually told us we wanted LESS freedom. When we pointed out the record all her Teabagger congress people have on gay rights she then said, 'If you would just put that aside...' O.O

I don't know how we even GOT to this place.

I have never been the kind of person to go 'find' friends, you know? Friendships have happened pretty organically. However if *this* is what I get from letting friendships develop organically I think maybe it is time we tried to find people we have a LITLE more in common with. Like an education. And political awareness. Or SOMETHING jfc.

This happened to anyone? What did you do?


This weekend I spent a lot of time watching the World Figure Skating Championships... )


READING- SAGA by Brian K. Vauaghan

OMG THE LOVE I CANNOT. It's like I've had graphic novel crack and must have more! I love this story SO MUCH. It's got strong females, an awesome feline, a baby, the mercenary, the ghost, the royal prince, it is AWESOME. The art is amazing; I love Fiona Staples' work. I cannot recommend it enough.

Somewhat large Saga pix. )

How can that NOT make you want to go out and read ALL THE STORY?? *LUV*

Between Comixology and the trades and single issues I am all caught up. I cannot wait for more!

Unfortunately this has momentarily ruined me for, like, any other books or graphic novels right now. This too shall pass. Any minute...;-}


- Elementary - I love Joan like CAKE. I love how she is growing and learning and how unsure and flawed they both are and how amazing they are together. So much love!

- The Vampire Diaries- I was not this eps biggest fan.

- Rachel Maddow- I found out when Rachel Maddow is not hosting I have a harder time sitting through the whole show. It's like Rachel Lite with those cute, nerdy anchors taking her place. Close but no cigar...


- Still a lot of Mumford and Sons. Read their interview in Rolling Stone and they all seem like such down to earth, truly sweet fellows. Kudos for Marcus Mumford flat out refusing to discuss or talk to his wife of 11 months Carey Mulligan during the interview. That is a man that values his relationship enough not to trot it out in the glare of the limelight; not even for RS.

In closing, the high today is 87 degrees. 87 degrees, gente! Bye-bye winter. Sorry you left so soon. To all my friends in the snowy north: I would switch places if I could.
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Which I didn't plan but I am happy with. I know many people have moved on to DW and I have an account, and I check it regularly, and try to cross-post, since the xpost was broken for a bit, but this is where I first discovered fandom, where I posted my first fic, where I found people I've known since 2002. I love this place.



I'm actually not sure which is more amusing: that we have discovered our neighbors are a Baptist minister, his wife, and three little girls on one side and a retired Mormon couple on the other whose sons just got back from Mission on the other OR..

that last night a cricket found it's way in the house, amusing Talullah the cat and Henry our Maltese mix (Jax is too mature to run around chasing crickets), and, when I was trying to sleep, it began to trill deafeningly. D went to find it and put it outside because she is Butch and that is her JOB thank you, and when she finally had it esconced in a towel and opened the sliding glass door the insect hatched a mad plan for re-entry and clung to her hand trilling causing her to shreik (most un-Butch ;-D) and wave her hand to flick it away.

I'm sure our Baptist neighbor is now scandalized at the naked lesbians having pagan dances in the pale moonlight or something LOL.

In closing, I have had Closer by Tegan and Sara as an earworm for DAYS and I LUV IT. I'm probably all late to their cuteness but, seriously, how earnest and darling are these babydykes??

Cute bite-sized lesbians for everyone! You are welcome!

Have a great day, gente! Talk at ya'll later.
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It feels like forever since I've posted a real entry so- bullet points, si? Si!

+ Went on a spur of the moment road trip to Austin to see my sister Ara, BiL, and the wee nephew. It was great! We saw The Eggmen, a Beatles tribute band who were AWESOME, hung out with Benji, my nephew, and had good food. 'Twas fabulous.


+ We are getting a new puppy. It is a boy puppy, which is different for us since I tend to prefer female pets. However, there was only one girl and he was so cute! He is a teeny Chihuahua named Jax and he will live with us in about three weeks.

+ Man, just when I think the CSI:Miami ship has sailed it PULLS ME BACK IN.***SPOILERS*** )

+ And there is Heroes. )

+ I am on a strange Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks 'Tusk' period right now. This was preceded by a two week long Juno Soundtrack period. My head, so random.

+ I want to go to DC in March except I'm finding out I think EVERYONE goes to DC in March because I can't find any decent hotel rooms that aren't in, you know, Virginia.

+ I want to see so many films I am so behind! Taken, Rise of the Lycans, Milk, The Wrestler. I will never catch up!

+ I know everyone hates Jenny Schecter on The 'L' Word but Mia Kirschner has the most amazingly luminous eyes it is unreal.

And, in closing, I was so enthralled with Youtube that I forgot to turn off the spaghetti sauce we had for dinner so I sprayed air freshener everywhere. And now the apartment smells someone burnt tomatoes in a field of gardenias.


Okay, it is late, so I sleep.
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* I am having my first bosom squshing tomorrow at 3 p.m. )

Anyone have any experience with this? I'd appreciate any input.

* We saw The Bourne Ultimatum yesterday. And it was good.SPOILERS. )

* Also, Frankie Iero is trying to kills me.

He's letting his hair grow and he's tiny and adorable and splashed with ink and, really, I luvs him. *luvs* :-)

In other news....

* Work is making me crazy because they keep changing the focus of the library reopening weekend and we have gone from a four-day celebration highlighting all the new services to a weekend with the focus on children's and teens to a two-day weekend with the focus on EVERYBODY and my damn committee only has four people in it.

I don't know how I ended up being a fucking co-chair when I have NEVER EVER planned anything of this magnitude before and I am very worried about screwing it up. *sigh*

* I'm not sure what to make of the latest LJ kerfuffle. People on my FL range from enraged and leaving to philosphical and staying to supportive and staying. I dunno. I have begun a greatestjournal and insanejournal account just in case, and also, for namesquatting purposes. Not that I think there will be a great run on 'ahestele' but one can never tell. So if you go over yonder add me and I'll add you and we'll see where the chips land.

I will say that, though I will miss all my icons, I am not giving LJ/Six Apart any more of my money, not as much because I agree with the issue in question, but because I feel, and continue to feel, that they treat, and have treated, their customers poorly and they assume we are stupid. And I don't hold with that.

* My weekly musical discovery is called Nuttin but Stringz, a duo of two brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar, from New York's inner city who play- wait for it- hip hop violins. I saw them on some BET program about up and coming talent and they are AMAZING! Their CD 'Struggle From The Subway To The Charts' came out in October of 06 and they are just cute as buttons, I have to say. Here's some music because it's better than any description I could write.


For real. They are awesome.

* When I am alone I tend to marathon watch either E!, Court TV, or A&E. It is an A&E kind of weekend and I've watched three American Justices and one program on the execution of an Oklahoma lesbian for shooting her lover. It was sad.

I plan to write tonight, read some fic, and write.

Talk to ya'll later, maybe, and hope your weekends are going well.


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