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So that happened.

That having been said, I know this is a little late but-

,b>WE WON WE WON OMG YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I was seriously freaking out at the sea of red on the map. Come to find out from this article that Obama's people were all 'confident' in their strategy and watched an ANTM marathon to decompress.


Seriously, the article is a little long but it is fascinating to read the different takes on the electorate and how hugely Romney's camp misfired on, like, EVERYTHING.

I gave more money to this election than ever before. Not much by other pple's standards, probably, but every time I'd see another disparaging ad or see another troubling poll I did more because it made me feel better. Best investment I have EVER made.

Now I hope our president naps for four days because he looked EXHAUSTED giving the victory speech.


+ Arrrgh this has been a roller coaster of ridiculous proportions. We have signed no less than SIX contracts on different properties. We have been approved by three different lenders. The last builder flaked out on us and failed to meet deadlines so that went pear-shaped as well.

We have now put in a bid on a house in THE BURBS OMG that I really like. It needs some work and updating but structurally is fine, the inspector said. Everyone cross their fingers because I am so beyond done with this crap by now it is not funny.


+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Criminal Minds )

+ Big Bang Theory )

+ Boardwalk Empire )

+ H5O )

So, yeah. I watch a lot of teevee LOL.


For awhile I had gone through this thing where I read no fanfic because nothing appealed to me and lately ALL I have been reading is fic. I have not held a real book in my hand for two months! It began with Clint/Coulson and all the fantastic fic in that pairing, and then I rediscovered Frank/Gerard and then Frank/Mikey/Gerard, and then accidentally began a Waycest story that was wonderful, then THAT list of recs. At this point I am having trouble reading real books.

However I am starting Let Me In by John Ajvid Lindoqvist because I didn't even KNOW it was a book first (LIBRARIAN FAIL) and I love that story.


+ I went to see my parents, which I have been trying to do more regularly since their health really is not that great, and it was pretty good visit. D and I had planned to go but the whole home buying excursion is eating my lunch, so Greyhound it was.

Had dinner with my best friend from high school, which turned out surprisingly well. I've been avoiding her for years because we did not have the most functional friendship in high school, coupled with the fact that she was both my first female lover AND messed around with my boyfriend when I was away at college.

Twenty years, a divorce, and a kid later, she seems to have mellowed. I'm still on my gaurd but iit really does feel familiar, in a good way. So we'll see.

The delight of the trip was my niece Cass, who is an absolutely beautiful kid and in drill team, part of those 'popular kids' cliques NONE of my sisters nor I ever even got within spitting distance of. She is on the honor roll, has tons of friends, all that jazz. However, the common sense genie has not visited her quite yet and she is SO HILARIOUS without meaning to!

Example my sister gave:

CASS, with SERIOUS FACE on: Lance Armstrong had the worst week! First he gets busted for doping and then his father died.

My Sister: *blank face* His father didn't die. What?

CASS, very put upon: MOM. His father NEIL ARMSTRONG. DUH.


You can imagine the scene when my sister Nana had to explain, that, no, Billy Joe Armstrong was not Lance Armstrong's brother, either. LOL.

She really is a good kid. I'm sure that common sense gene is going to kick in ANY MINUTE NOW.

Okay, gente. I'ma go and read more fic before my lunch hour is up because I am on solidly all afternoon and will not have time to spit or go sailing.

Cuidense, gente! Till next time!
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I think this is called America?"

Gracias to [livejournal.com profile] reannon for the link.

I think I love that man. I really do.

Right now this my favorite fandom. How freaky is that? *boggles*
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+ Firstly, Fox News, how you bring the giggles. No, really. This is right up there with the Regis and Kelly show where they asked one of the Prison Break actors what his name on the show, T-BAG, meant. He really did try to answer, bless his heart.

BECAUSE I DO NOT THINK THAT WORD MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEAN, MA'AM!!! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] regala_electra for the link. It kept me snurfling all day. :-D

+ I expected to have some kind of time off/Inauguration hangover but 'twas not to be. Maybe it will kick in at the end of my nine-day work stretch. Woo! Awesome. Think of how much I'll appreciate sleeping late after that.

+ Really, and I know this is probably trite and fleeting, but mostly I am...inspired? Like, to do things and help people. D and I have talked for years about volunteering together at the GLBT Switchboard or The Pride Committee. Something to do together. I think we are ready to act on that now. I wonder how many people feel the same way. :-)

+ [livejournal.com profile] obama_daily is the best comms for eye candy heartwarming pix of the first couple.

+ I had jury duty most of last week and it was a horrible, soul killing case. I have never been so glad to see children's books again in my life.

Okay, gente.

I am going to start to clean up and go home.

You all take care and I'll talk at y'all later. Y
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+ I'm thinking 'At Last' is their song? :-)

+ I don't care what the detractors say: I LOVE Michelle Obama's dress. It's young and ethereal and looks fantastic against her skin.

+ It feels kind of strange to realize our president is, well. Hot. :->

+ A consensus I DO agree with is that the benediction beat the hell out of the invocation.

+ I have been watching all day and I still want to hang on to watch Kid Rock at the Youth Ball with Fall Out Boy. Whom the announcer, incidentally, called Fall Out BOYS causing me to yell at the screen and consequently startling the dog. Oh, damn, he already performed...I might take a bath in the meantime.

+ I'm so glad it looks like Senator Kennedy is going to be OK.

+ I also loved his speech no matter what the detractors say. My favorite line among many: 'We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.' So amazing.

I realize how high the public that elected him has raised him and I realize there will be stumbles and falls as the presidency begins, which I think are inevitable. However, I have faith in him. It's just that simple.

Back to work tomorrow for me, gente.

Cuidense, and I'll talk at ya'll tomorrow.


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I'm watching the Inauguration with my lover and our pets and I'm so glad I chose to be home on this momentous day.

Finally, the time has come.

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I am so in love with the First Couple.

He lived in a dump! Twice! His car had a hole on the floorboards! And she still married him!




I need a Barack/Michelle icon...
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Firstly- I MISSED YOU ALL!!! *smush* :-D

SEcondly, I am watching 20/20 and feeling pretty unoffended by the pregnant man story. Because let's see: we, as women, are always saying men lack empathy because they don't know the pain and experience and responsibility of childbirth- and now ONE DOES- and this is now horrifying and disgusting? *hands*

The look like a loving, stable couple and thier daughter seems to be healthy and happy. I fail to see the problem.

There is just no pleasing people.


In other news:

+ My momma sent me a pretty coat, scarf, hat, and mittens for winter.. It is loverly. I will have a wonderful time wearing it for the two weeks that it gets really cold here. :-)

+ My co-worker, her husband, and our teen guru were just on Don't Forget the Lyrics. I know celebrities! Score!

+ I am becoming an Obama fangirl. IT'S ALL RUBY'S PICSPAM'S FAULT!!!! I worry that he is being lifted so high so fast the only way to go is down. I worry about the unreal expectations placed on his administration and how fast this country turns on those who deign to be just human when they've been so idealized. But he's. You know. HIM. I have a lot faith. I figure Rahm Emanuel will just melt people's faces off with his mind if anyone acts the fool. ;-)

+ That Jason Mraz song is growing on me.

+ Oh, yay it's supposed to get colder this weekend!

+ If you have not sent me your snailmail address to get a snazzy holiday cared do so HERE!"

+ I work tomorrow and I have a program AND I will probably be in a tiny room since the big room will have a Gaming Tournament in it. Bleah. I just hope the day goes fast.

I swear I had more but now I can't remember.

You all have a good weekend and talk at ya later!
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+ So apparently we were almost evicted. )

+ I am going to Vermont this Sunday for three days for a library conference thing. Anybody near Vermont? *crickets* After a whole day with children's librarians, some which I can only support in small doses at the best of times, I am going to need some away time.

Anyone know the weather in Vermont? I mean, besides cold? I'm assuming? I'm not at all sure I have the right gear and any input would be helpful.

+ I was SUPPOSED to have a day off tomorrow but one of the Deputy Directors (who refers herself in the third person like Mr. T) called a committee meeting I can't miss so I will be off after noon tomorrow. *grrrr* In exchange I am going to a drs. appt. today at 2 and will be home after that. I just hope the rain holds off until I get to the apartment, tho I have my umbrella...

+ My BFF Shelby has been in New Zealand and I miss her. *sadface*

+ Hearing 'President Elect Obama' just never, never gets old. :-D

+ Payday tomorrow, thank god.

I think that's all I've got, gente!

Take care and I'll talk ya'll later!
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There is a large probability that Prop 8 is going to pass. Gay men and women who last week could marry their partners now will not be able to. Again.

So as a response, and as the late non-political post that I was GOING to make before CNN called it for Obama, I give you some T and A for what ails us.

Come on. You know you wanna.:- )

I am disappointed by Prop 8 but I can't help feel that, with this election, change is on the horizon. The die is cast, the glass ceiling cracked. If I can live to see a Black president I can live to see gay marriage stay legal.

Because I have hope.
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Someone [livejournal.com profile] whimseywisp did this on my FL and I liked it!

Seriously, just comment! Even if you voted for the other guy! Even if you write, 'OMG SHUT SHUT UP SHUT UP I VOTED'!

Comment if you voted!

Happy election day!

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If you don't I wouldn't tell me. I am not even kidding. I will be THAT disgusted and flabbergasted at your flagrant disregard of your civil duty, your rights, and your enormous propensity for being made of UTTER FAIL.


So. How's tricks? Have some bullet points. They are our friends.

+ I am so anxious and excited about this election I don't know how I'll sleep tonight. I maybe should have waited to watch 'Uncounted' until AFTER. That way I would have been either relieved or pissed off but not incredibly nervous and apprehensive.

+ I go to Vermont this Sunday with various children's librarians. I don't know whether or not to take my laptop. I will say that if I am made to forcefully socialize with people I can barely stand and/or people from another state I will never meet again there is a possibility I will not be sweet. Imagine that, if you will.

+ The Notebook is possibly the most flagrantly sappy, trite, warm, fuzzy chick movie of all time and I NEVER MISS A SHOWING.

+ I did not officially join National Novel Writing Month but I AM writing a bit each night. Sometimes it is just a bit. Sometimes it is more. I have about 500 words of the next installment to my skaterboi fic written so far. Not a lot I know BUT STILL.

+ My Day of the Dead program was a success, tho I was bone tired after the two programs, twelve kids, and lots of paint. Omg the unholy MESS. My altar looks awesome, too! Next year I am going to send out an email to the whole building and have people bring pix and momentos by for the ofrenda.

+ The MECA Day of the Dead festival was also great. Free admissions, cheap festival food, and good music. What more do you need? :-) I saw this guy with a McCain/Palin cap on and I think I showed admirable restraint at not glaring and snarling. Did I mention I am ANXIOUS?

+ We got a new sweet young librarian today. Manager is at a conference and Asst. manager is with her sick child. So who shows her around, and gives her a tour of the building, and starts to show her the circ system and the catalog and gets her started on the system's policy's and procedures? *sigh* She is nice girl but I have, like, shit to do and I got done none of it. Asst. manager's child is sick and I feel for her. It is just getting so hard to not COUNT on her, like, ever. For anything in any way. I am not getting paid as an Asst. manager because I didn't apply for the job. Because I don't WANT the job. The pinch-hitting is just getting kinda tired.

+ I seem to be abusing caps tonite. It's the election's fault.So, I'ma go before any more innocent upper case letters are harmed in the writing of this post.

You all take care and, if you have not done so, vote. People fought hard to get you that right. The least you could do is use it.
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I would hope I am preaching to the choir, but one never knows.

The election is tomorrow.

If you have not already done so, please, please vote.
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Do you know what is meep-making? When I thought I was leaving for Spain on MONDAY and I am leaving on SUNDAY. MEEP. Before then I have to: )

And I work tomorrow MEEP. And...and...I know there's more! *faceplant x eleventybillion*

In other news...

+ Watched the VP debate. )

We all know I don't like to say something if somene else says it better and [livejournal.com profile] winterlive pretty much nailed that:

(I)n summation: if you vote for mccain, you deserve what you get, you poor sad bastards.

Well said, well spoken, and very true.

+ I wanted to comment on the whole Frankie Iero was an asshat in college thing because, seriously? I just laughed and laughed and LAUGHED omg Frank. Really, if anyone were to hold up how I was at eighteen as a judgment for THE REST OF MY LIFE, dudes. I would be so screwed. My snotty, self-important, annoying self was at tiny community college when I was espousing tripe pretty to the style that he does, and I thank the lord and sonny Jesus that's where the tripe will stay. Someone just happened to dig up his 18 year-old asshattery, which I did read. And. Well. Am I missing something? Because OMG FRANK ILU *LOL*. He is so FLAWED AND STUPID AND PRECIOUS. I just. *hands* I can't EVEN.

+ Why don't I know anyone in Spain that I could go have lunch with?

+ I stumbled along a link to that song 'Never Ever' by All Saints on YouTube and it is the cheesiest, over produced, late nineties fluff I have ever heard and I have had it on repeat for the last half hour. Don't judge me!!

I know there is more but I don't even know what it is. I have so, so much to do I am tharn.

However, Barcelona in two days! So, you know. I'll take the trade off. :-)

Take care, gente! I'll be running like crazy until I leave Sunday but I'll talk at ya'll later.
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This is not usually a very political journal. )

As always, someone has compiled and said it better than I and today that person is [livejournal.com profile] penknife, whom I found through [livejournal.com profile] beanside's journal.

This is what she says and what she's found.

So, yeah. That's what I know.

Back to work, gente.

Oh, BTW, the guys at the complex talked to CenterPoint Energy. Might have no electricity for two. More. Weeks. Aces.

Adios for now!
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American Politics )

Show it to the world. Keep the faith.
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D and I Watched Fringe last night. )

In other news....

+ Someone on my FL linked to an Educators for Obama t-shirt and I searched and found a Librarians for Obama t-shirt!! WANT!!

+ I'm watching this pretty good gay movie I didn't know exsisted called Strange Fuit." The title is from a Billie Holiday song about lynchings and the story follows a gay lawyer that goes home to Lousiana after a gay high school friend is hung. I had lots of issues with the movie, including the ending, but it has strong performances from all the main characters, including 'Jenny' from The Jefferson's fame as the lead protagonist's mother. The many sub-plots kind of get muddled but it's a good story. Worth watching.

+ The hurricane in the Gulf is headed close enough to here for us to need to buy at least a few supplies. *sigh*

+ I am on vacation until this Monday but it looks like most of it will be spent watiting to see what the storm will do.. It is still nice to wake up in a liesurely fashion and not have to hurry to get somewhere.

+ I've gotten to where I can't watch any election coverage at all, I am so apprehensive. I want my country back. The further deterioration that will occur if McCain wins frightens me to a point of blank, utter despair. The Indigo Girls have a line in one of their early songs that says, "No one can convince me we aren't gluttons for our doom." I feel like that.

Now D and I have to go buy duct tape to tape the windows in the LaPorte house. Fun times.

You all take care, yeah? I'll talk at you later.
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And he makes me believe.


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