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Frankie tonight at....oh, damn I don't know when the show starts. I don't get off work until six, and we have to scarf something for dinner so there won't be two middle-aged lesbians passed out next to the mosh pit.Six-thirty?

Lord help me, ya'll. That's all I'm saying.

+ COOL LINK OF THE DAY: What To Do With Your Online Photos- DUDES! I found this through Librarian in Black, a site for the emerging techie librarian. 17 Things To Do With Your Online Photos. I've already tried a few and they are way cool! I made a wee video of Frankie and Gerard in Animoto here and even tho the song is cheese-ass (not a great variety of music, let me tell you) I luvs it with all my heart. BOYS! Bless. :-) Check the list out. It's pretty awesome.

+ I want to send out my heartfelt condolences to everyone on my FL that's in the SGA fandom. That's sucks really hard. As anyone who went through Buffy, then Angel's demise can tell you, there is NOTHING quite as heartbreaking as letting your love go before you are ready. I'm sorry, guys.

+ Did eveyrone see the picture of the ENORMOUS new species of fish found in the ocean?!? Now THAT'S a fish! It looks like a dinosaur! How cool is that?

+ I had nothing to read and then I went to the Teen Room. And now, of course,I have too much to read: The Summoning, a teen novel by Kelley Armstrong YAY, The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante, The Market by J.M. Steele, and, of course, Blood Noir by Ms. Hamilton. Not sucking quite as much but still not great so far. *sigh*

+ Michael Phelps turned down the Wheaties spokesperson job in favor of Frosted Flakes because he didn't want to advertise something he didn't really eat. If I didn't love this boy before I do now. He had me at 'Frosted Flakes.' ILU Michael you precious darling.

I had more, and will maybe have more later, but I'm up at the desk first and must fly.

You all have a good day if I don't talk at you later!
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The skies have been gray and cloudy with intermitent showers for about four days and it's fine with me. The weather's supposed to clear tomorrow and we'll be back to blistering heat and suffocating humidity so I'm enjoying the rain. :-)

Bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ Still All Olympics All The Time. I don't know what I'll do when they are over, really. *clings to them* But in 2010 it's WINTER OLYMPICS so I can hold out 'till then. We have been enjoying Track & Field and Diving quite a bit. However, I am righteously OVER boxing and, I'm sorry [livejournal.com profile] beckynicky, beach volleyball. Volleyball of any sort, really. A whole list of Olympic sports and the only ones we seem to ALWAYS ALWAYS catch are beach volleyball and boxing. Why is there *always* more boxing??

Also, I think Jonathan Horton is part Latino if his grandmother is any indication. How cute is he? So darling.

And Dara Torres is kind of really amazingly hot for a mom. That is just WRONG.

+ Taylor Hanson and his wife continue their goal to solve the world's population problem by keeping her perpetually pregnant.

+ I am going to see Frankie's v.v. serious side-project band Leathermouth on Friday. I work on Saturday. Good times. For real, I am kind of apprehensive. I listened to some of their songs and. Uhm. O.O They sound pretty speedmetal. I think we're going to stand, like, way back. Or somehthing

If anyone goes before Friday can you give me an idea of what to expect?

+ *beats Phelps slash bunnies into submission with a wet noodle*

+ Heroes is starting soon. Now, to remember where we left off.

+ I have just finished the book 'Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet' and it was so, so amazing. The book even has it's own very cool web site and I highly, highly reccomend it. One of the best teen novels I've read lately it has a great, wiseassing, teen boy voice and will grab you from the first page. Highly recced.

+ I am very much in love with the show WEEDS. And also, Mary Louise Parker, who, as we all know, became a lesbian icon when she played 'Ruth' on Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. It is hilariously funny and is a wonderful example of how not taking yourself seriously can make for fantastic TV.

+ Unfortunately, I don't know how much longer I will be watching the show WEEDS because bills are kind of kicking my ass and something's going to have to give. *sigh* I really like having real cable.

OK gente. I need to eat something and work awaits soon.

YOu all have a good day and stay dry.

Talk at you later!
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Says someone has 'SETTLED' for the Silver Medal I'm going to reach in the TV and bitchslap them.
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The phone rang at 6 a.m. this morning. And rang and rang and rang. Then D's cell rang. So I nudged her because she's on that side of the bed and she stumbled over to answer it. I could hear her talking but was still in some denial that I was awake a full hour forty minutes before I had to be to go to work.

It was my friend Renee about a puppy. )

Am I being un unreasonable bitch? Because if I am please tell me. I probably won't believe you but I will revisit my overreaction reaction.


In other news...

+ OLYMPICS OLYMPICS OLYMPICS!!!!!- Who saw the relay race after the French team talked all that smack?!?!?!? Way to be AWESOME Michael Phelps!!!! And hai Cullen Jones, hai, aren't you cute as a button? That was an amazing race. Watching the women's gymnastics wasn't easy with all the falling and mistakes and I think Nastia Lukin was ROBBED on the balance beam score. They are hanging in there, tho. And I WILL say it: NO. WAY. are those girl on the Chinese team sixteen. NO fuckin' way.

It is All Olympics All The Time here at Chez Ahestele. :-D

+ Except when it is ALL MCR ALL THE TIME. *lol* At one point I was watching the Black Parade is Dead DVD on Frankie, the computer, and watching synchronized diving on TV. Good times!
Frankie Iero: still tiny and adorable. Just in case you all were wondering.

+ I have fallen off the wagon and down the hill on my diet AND the exercising. :-(

+ I am developing a penchant for Bob/anyone slash. I blame [livejournal.com profile] i_amthecosmos It's all your fault Zillah!!! Now where is the Bob slash? *looks around*

+ Can there BE more genderswapping fic in this fandom? Because I think not. Wow.

OK, gente.

I must away. I'm on the desk.

I'll talk at ya'll later!

Cuidense till then!
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Most Surreal TV Olympic Viewing Moment- listening to mariachi music being played in a loop every ten minutes or so through the parade of nations. I guess they picked, like, four pieces of music that didn't offend anyone and put them in a loop. There's also bagpipes.

The fact that they apparently spent TONS AND TONS of $ on the ceremony and didn't think to commission some music besides bagpipes, Mexican mariachis, and some generic Asian selection just boggles me. *boggles*

Way to Ftw the world, Beijing!

Seriously, though, the ceremonies were STUNNING. Truly, truly a spectacle.

Man, I thought they'd at least play the Chinese national anthem when the CHINESE delegation marched! Nope, mariachis.

You crack me up, China. :-)

IT'S THE OLYMPICS YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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