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+ See, ma'am, **work kvetching. Move on if you have enough of your own*** )

Well, then. There was that.


That ever happen to ya'll?

Somehow D and I have ended up with no friends that are gainfully employed or even a little bit liberal. S, our ex-housemate, has decided to remain in a relationship with her middle-aged slacker, stoner boyfriend who is not gainfully employed but does small engine repair when he feels like it. He spends all his time smoking pot, drinking beer, and hosting all his friends who also smoke pot and drink beer. I refuse to to over anymore because the pot smoke gets so thick you can cut it and I don't care how nerdy I sound; my job drug tests regularly. I've been called twice since out of the clear blue since I began to work for the city and I've KNOWN people who have been let go because of the results. So D went for an overnight stay and while everyone watched The Boondock Saints, one of my favorite cult films, people proceeded to disparage gay people in front of her. I mean, she WAS RIGHT THERE. They KNOW she's gay. She didn't call them on it because she said they were drunk and high and it would have been an exercise is futility.

I mean, we've met these people before at Superbowl parties and pool parties. They KNOW us. They KNOW our relationship.

Another of our friends, one of D's childhood pals, is a frothing at the mouth Teabagger. She is absolutely obnoxious with it; it is all she wants to talk about. She actually sat in our living room and told us we wanted LESS freedom and she wanted more because we voted for the Democratic Party. This heterosexual woman who has every right one can have simply because she is straight actually told us we wanted LESS freedom. When we pointed out the record all her Teabagger congress people have on gay rights she then said, 'If you would just put that aside...' O.O

I don't know how we even GOT to this place.

I have never been the kind of person to go 'find' friends, you know? Friendships have happened pretty organically. However if *this* is what I get from letting friendships develop organically I think maybe it is time we tried to find people we have a LITLE more in common with. Like an education. And political awareness. Or SOMETHING jfc.

This happened to anyone? What did you do?


This weekend I spent a lot of time watching the World Figure Skating Championships... )


READING- SAGA by Brian K. Vauaghan

OMG THE LOVE I CANNOT. It's like I've had graphic novel crack and must have more! I love this story SO MUCH. It's got strong females, an awesome feline, a baby, the mercenary, the ghost, the royal prince, it is AWESOME. The art is amazing; I love Fiona Staples' work. I cannot recommend it enough.

Somewhat large Saga pix. )

How can that NOT make you want to go out and read ALL THE STORY?? *LUV*

Between Comixology and the trades and single issues I am all caught up. I cannot wait for more!

Unfortunately this has momentarily ruined me for, like, any other books or graphic novels right now. This too shall pass. Any minute...;-}


- Elementary - I love Joan like CAKE. I love how she is growing and learning and how unsure and flawed they both are and how amazing they are together. So much love!

- The Vampire Diaries- I was not this eps biggest fan.

- Rachel Maddow- I found out when Rachel Maddow is not hosting I have a harder time sitting through the whole show. It's like Rachel Lite with those cute, nerdy anchors taking her place. Close but no cigar...


- Still a lot of Mumford and Sons. Read their interview in Rolling Stone and they all seem like such down to earth, truly sweet fellows. Kudos for Marcus Mumford flat out refusing to discuss or talk to his wife of 11 months Carey Mulligan during the interview. That is a man that values his relationship enough not to trot it out in the glare of the limelight; not even for RS.

In closing, the high today is 87 degrees. 87 degrees, gente! Bye-bye winter. Sorry you left so soon. To all my friends in the snowy north: I would switch places if I could.
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+ I have also gotten very smitten with Lost Girl on Syfy. I'm all late to the party with this, as Canadians know, but I LOVE this show! I love the strong female leads, the hilarity, the cheesy special effects, the the snark and Kenzi is my FAVORITEST.

+ Have also developed a fondness for Breakout Kings on the strength of one line, "Good god woman you smell like cake!" LOL. How can I not like a show that manages to fit that in a script?

+ Other teevee happy places for me are The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Justified, and Mike and Molly because I've discovered I will watch Melissa McCarthy in just about anything.
And Swoosie Kurtz is hilarious. :-)


+ SO MANY BOOKS WHY must I work? Lately, everything I start is part of a huge series and I am juggling all these storylines in my stressed, frazzled little mind.

* The Dresden Files- I'm on Changes OMG. *bites fingernails* NO ONE TELL ME.

* The Codex Alera- I was honestly surprised at how much I'm really loving this. I thought I would prefer Jim Butcher's modern supernatural writing, but you can tell this is his bliss. Just fantastic.

* 11/22/63 by Stephen King- I love Stephen King. I don't care how many haters denigrate his writing or poke holes in his stories, I will always love Stephen King. I always felt reflected in his writing, even if his characters were all Yankees from Maine.

And then I kind lost him there around Pet Semetary and Christine. Come to find out he'd been doing massive amounts of cocaine.

It took me long time to find the author I loved in his books and for a long time I just wouldn't read them.

He's all the way back now, and has been for a bit. I can tell in the first paragraph how good a SK book is going to be and this one is fantastic so far.

* Game of Thrones- I have the book on hold but I'm wondering if it will be too dense. I kind of petered out on The Wheel of Time at book 5...

+ World Figure Skating Championships )

The season is over CRY. *counts days until next year* :-)


+ We are in a holding pattern with the house since then numbers they showed us were SO BEYOND what we could afford as a monthly payment it was ridiculous. We shall see.

+ I really hate any Dawn dishwashing liquid except the blue one. D bought the orange one and every time I drink coffee from my thermal cup the SMELL of the fake orange potpourri-like shit hovers in the background. DO NOT WANT.

+ Summer is here. Highs in the mid-eighties and humidity. *le sigh* I never even got to wear most of my winter clothes.

+ I want Worlds fanfic. Why I has no Worlds fanfic? I want Hanyu and Javier kissing.

+ I have moved from Words with Friends to Bubble games on Facebook. So much for my vast intellectualism. lol.

Okay gente! I will talk at you all later!

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Observations this week at work:

+ A four year old picking his nose, touching one of our DSis and HANDING IT BACK TO ME

+ Two kids chowing down on enormous bags of potato chips, which they then dropped on the floor

+ A mom sending her four year old to the desk for a wipe because 'momma drop some soda.' 'Momma' was not supposed to be drinking soda at the computers. When I informed momma of this she wasn't even mad. She just gave me this blank stare and went back to the hypnotizing Youtube on the screen. There was blue soda all over the place.

+ Today, before 1 pm, we suspended a patron for being ugly to Coworker L, which included telling her 'You can stop talking now' in front of her daughter, who giggled beside mom in amusement. Classy, ma'am, really. That was an ugly showdown that included her demanding her rights, saying this wasn't 'justice', and flat out calling Coworker L a liar. She finally got up and left, shouting the whole time, but for a minute I thought they were gonna have to physically escort her.

+ Me wanting to slap Problem Child Co-worker several times over for sheer arguementative snark. )

It is not even JULY GENTE OMG. Six more weeks of this. A WORLD OF DO NOT WANT.


+ So everyone heard about the J2 Big Bang slash story that takes place in Haiti after the earthquake, right? Yeah. Probably not the wisest choice of setting. I've been keeping the hell away from THAT giant unfortunate mess.

I really miss [profile] lucylooo right now. Her tag 'unpopular opinions' has some of the most honest discussions around and I'd really like to know her take on this. Sometimes her opinions are eons away from mine and sometimes she is the only person with the balls to say exactly what I'm feeling.

I miss you, lucy. I'm thinking of you.


+ D scared the everloving CRAP out of me day before yesterday when she felt nauseas, severely dizzy, and had a blinding headache. The nurse on the phone said she might be having a STROKE and we needed to go to the ER. D refused because she didn't want to spend the money and because last time they took blood from her hand to get a blood oxygen level and it hurt like a motherfucker. So we argued and bitched and argued yadda yadda yadda, we never got IN to see a dr. becuase we left after four hours and she saw her dr. yesterday.

Diagnosis: Vertigo.

D says no. She took her pain meds when she got home and the symptoms returned a bit, so she thinks it is a meds allergy. I dunno.

I am happy with 'not a stroke.'

+ I have an ache... )

In Happier News:

+ This Marshall Interview

He has THREE DAUGHTERS! Three! He does not think he is book smart! He saves his money because it might the last time he is going to make it!!! Every time I don't think I can love him more I DO. Seriously, the HEARTEYES I CAN'T EVEN.

+ This song

Even if you don't watch Trueblood you will, as ethrosdemon says, die. DIIIIIEEEEEE LOL OMG. I love you Snoop Dogg!

+ The news that Stephane Lambiel will be choreographing Daisuke Takahashi's Short program and it will go something like this )

Oh, Stephane. We love you. How is this man REAL? :-D

Wow. This week kicked my ass, people. Work today and then Sunday off thank God

Everyone have a great rest of your weekend and I'll talk at you later!
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+ I shall lead with the last because we are GOING TO GREEN DAY on August 8th!! I came late to Green Day because they alway seemed so much like the band I was supposed to like. All punk-y and intense and whatnot. When D finally got me to listen to their American Idiot album I was converted. I think Billy Joe Armstrong has a painting somewhere, for real. How many men that age can pull off eyeliner and not look like a total git?

+ My back is fucking killing me. I'm pretty sure it's because I spent yesterday laying in bed because my legs and feet were fucking killing me due to some soiree at the library everybody had to help get ready for Saturday night. I was a the end of a seven day work stretch and I don't think my body appreciated spending two more hours on my feet running between three floors getting Wiis ready so the rich and intellectual would give the library money.

+ Which leads to the partyfail since I was supposed to go to my friend K's grad party and just could not manage to get upright enough to do so. It's like my body QUIT and refused to entertain the thought of primping, driving, and small talk. I have not flaked on a get together I've committed to in a long time.

Writing, Fic, Fandom

+ I have decided I am going to sign up for this:

And if you write any RPF you should, too! It's multi-fandom and slash, femmeslash and het and gen friendly, so what more could you ask?

I'm still not sure of the pairing. Might be EmTay, or I've been toying with Stephene/Johnny because that video of them practicing, man, it has eated my brain. I caught myself looking for Stephane interviews and knew I was in trouble.

I have decided, for real now, that I'd rather write something that sucks than write nothing that doesn't even have the opportunity to suck.

So, go! Sign up! Figure skating, sports, football, celebrity, it's all good!

+ More Marshall! I am all n_n because there's so much of him all at once and it can never be enough! Here he is on Jonathan Ross.

He looks amazing, a bit more relaxed than on Jimmy Kimmel. I can't get over how fit he looks, how much I love his dark hair with the brilliant blue of his eyes, a striking combination, and how he seems to have just grown into himself in some fundamental way.

Many gracias to queeniegalore for the link!


+ Have begun reading the latest Charlaine Harris Dead and Gone and I'm liking it so far. The reviews have been kind of mixed but it still reads like good, clean vamp fun to me.

+ Am also reading the YA novel The Fold by An Na, and I really like it so far. Great frenetic teen voice from a teen of color who just wants the guy of her dreams to give her the time of day. Strong social commentary on Asian identity and the pros and cons of surgically adding a fold to the eye to appear more Western. Did anyone know Jackie Chan did this? I didn't know that.

+ Have the YA book Cycler by Lauren Mclaughlin on the burner to read next. Hermaphroditic teen and the angst that goes with that. That's one I haven't read before...


+ I have had that Korean pop song from The Stephane/Johnny Video That Ate My Brain in my head forever so here is a link: hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/ul7t8p (change to ts) so you too can SHARE IN MY EARWORM!

+ Just in case you need more enticement I give you the YouTube of this infectious ditty because these kids are some of the gayest things that ever gayed and they are PRECIOUS.

Okay, gente. My job is done.

I need to go get ready to read to mommies and babies!

Take care and I'll talk at ya'll later!
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I have all these little fires to put out at work and I have almost two days to go before a day off but THIS makes things so much better. :-D

How beautiful is that?

Just a warning: the Korean pop song will burrow in your mind and make a home there; worst earworm EVER, but BOYS!!!!! *HEARTS THEM!!!*
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I meant to post yesterday but did not so this is catch up from the weekend. Bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ First and foremost, Feliz Cinco de Mayoto everyone! I have linked to a brief explanation of this commemorative day in Mexican history, for your Mexican History 101 lesson. Now everyone go have a Margarita in celebration! :-D

+ This weekend there were movies and teevee. I saw some. :-)

We all saw Wolverine and I liked it. )

+ Then there was the kickass amazingness that was Dollhouse. )

And also The Number One Ladies Detective Agency )

+ I am tripping right along on all the new material from Marshall! 3 a.m. is, well, twisted. But it's Marshall, what do you want? The hook sounds a lot like the bootleg '4 in the morning,' which I loved, but I could be making that up. VMA's on May 31st and I can't wait.

+ We have a pet teenager. Russell's uncles moved to that mecca of metropolitan savoire faire Beaumont, TX and Russell will graduate in three weeks and no one saw the sense in transferring him at this point. He has his own room, along with a whole crapload of our stuff, and he is SUCH a good boy, really. He is exceedingly neat and tidy, respectful, smart and funny, and really does not seem to mind hanging out with two middle-aged lesbians.

We think we'll keep him. :-)

+ Summer has arrived with a vengeance and my new hair is now a nimbus of frizz. *sigh* I am gong to spend all day trying not to be stuffy, I can feel it. I did not miss you, verano, not one bit. *sticks out tongue*

+ I am waiting in antici.........PATION for [community profile] bandombigbang!!! I was going to sign up as an artist then totally chickened out. I seem to have lost all my courage in the fandom arena, so sad. However, I do have BIG plans for next year! (So easy to say as we are still in this year. :- I have been re-reading [personal profile] arsenicjade's Wednesday Night Boys and Home is a Name and the sheer quality and easy lyricism of her writing just blows me the fuck away. So wonderful.

+ Apparently two of my favorite figure skaters decided to make my dreams come true. )
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How awesome is that?!? A little Gerard or Lyn-Z! Awesome! Because, reallly, if any two people should procreate, should it not be these?


Felicades to them both!

In other news...

+ I have two potlucks at work in as many weeks and the thought of cooking for that many people is overwhelming so I'm bringing....rolls. Hey, they're necessary!

+ However, the thought of baking for that many people isn't overwhelming so I think I'm doing two cookie exchanges: one at work and one at the apartment complex. I might branch out from my tried and true Milky Way Peanut Butter Cookies but why mess with tradition.

+ D cannot abide turkey in any way ever since her mother died so we are looking at alternative entrees for Turkey Day. We will either have prime rib roast or ham with the gay guys across the way. Or both. We shall see.

+ My love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just grows and grows! I luv them so!

And in the only bit of sucks-out-loud news:

+ Figure skating season has begun apace but I will see barely ANY OF IT because Icenetwork.com has contracted 3/4 of the Grand Prix. I need to pay for a season pass if I want to see anything except gudamned skating spectaculars with no competitions and US and Worlds. Great, granted, but I'd like to see how people GOT THERE DAMMIT. *hmph* Not fair.

Okay, gente. It is late and I must away.

You all take care and I'll talk at you maƱana.

PS: WOW Paul Simon is hobbit sized!
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D is still in McAllen and I'm beginning to think I'm never getting her back. )

Which means I am alone on Bunny Day.

My friend Renee asked if I wanted to go to her family's for Easter, and that was very sweet, but I seem to be in a more intense hermit stage. If that is possible.

I've been watching LOGO and actually writing on the copfic (WRITING WRITING OMG) and catching up on some work from work because I just canNOT seem to meet a deadline to save my life these days.

Yesterday I woke up wanting pancakes, which I actually had the ingredients for, so I whipped some up, and they looked so pretty and I had my sugar-free syrup and I sat to have them with much pleasure.

And they tasted salty and WRONG and I was all 'EW'! Because I had a recipe from the 'Net and, really, it's pancakes. How hard is that? I glanced at the kitchen wondering how much salt I had added and....there sat an egg, whole and intact.

Classic. *lol*

This morning I'd vowed to try again but eggs were easier. Perhaps for dinner.

I'm pretty ok with futzing around here with Sweet Pea at my feet (the longer D is away the more clingy she gets). I have been watching Figure Skating Worlds and SPOILERS )

So I am writing, surfing the 'Net, watching TV, and snacking. What else is there? :-)

My life, how so exciting. *lol*

I hope those who celebrate have a great Easter and I'll talk ya later.
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And, dudes. Did anyone see that interview with whatserface where they were side by side and didn't even look at each other? Meep.

I am not getting over this anytime soon. And probably not even then.
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But I am really REALLY annoyed at D right now because she ate my cookies. No, for real! We SPECFICALLY bought two boxes of Pepperidge Farm cookies (which we aren't supposed to eat anyhow, but they are kind of expensive and I only eat a couple at at time to make them last) because she has gotten to where she will just inhale any sweets at all and won't leave me any. As long as I can have a taste I feel better but she will devour EVERYTHING. Hence, two separate boxes.

This morning I woke up to her munching on her cookies in bed and thought 'Yay! I forgot I have cookies!' because I had only eaten, like, four out of the box...and there are two left. So she ATE MINE BEFORE HERS and, ok, I know this reads really funny, and I will laugh later, but SHE HAD HER OWN COOKIES!!!

You can dick around with many things but NOT my fucking cookies.

Yeah, yeah, ya'll can laugh now.

So. How's your day?

I just woke up which is ridiculous and I never do, but I was pretty beat yesterday. )

In other news..

* I found out late Friday that I had left my memory stick in telephone reference when I plugged it in to find a Harris County Library for a patron; I made up a list according to zip code that I keep on there. Of course the latest version of Embers 28 is on there. HOWEVER! My favorite Cuban has it in his posession and will return it Monday, but still. Made of fail. *sigh* I could always work on the Copfic, which has the latest version on my desktop. It's an option.

* I know there is skating going on and I've been a teeny bit spoiled but I am still so excited that it is on today at 4 YAY!!! I do have Icenetworks but I also prefer a bigger, more detailed Johnny. I'm so excited for him!

* I just finished reading The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen, one of my favorite mystery authors. Her protagonists are always female and strong and the writing is good, skillful and intelligent.

Next I am going to try to read 'The Ordinary' by Jim Grimsley, one of my favorite gay authors. I usually don't read SciFi but I loved the other SciFi book of his I read, so I'm giving it a go.

* Might do a meme later, too. There is a book one going around that sounds interesting.

OK, gente.

It is still damp here, but the temp should be going up a bit today. We have spent way WAY too much lately, and I have co-worker M's b-day pub event to go to later (DON'T WANT TO WANT TO WATCH SKATING but I suppose we can DVR it. *grumble*) so until then I think we'll be staying in. Maybe shampoo the rug.

Oh, yes, you all envy me! I can FEEL your covetousness. :-D

Cuidense, gente, and I'll talk at you later.

p.s. I've had this song from the seventies 'Spending the Night Together' in my head for DAYS OMG GET IT OUT!!!
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Because they are so handy, yeah? I promise to return to a more literary format soon. No, really.


* After looking and looking and LOOKING for decent furniture D got frustrated and went to...The Salvation Army. Bought a beautiful cherrywood dresser, an all wood enterainment Center with glass doors, the kind where the TV just sits on top, and a corner table, all beautiful. Our deal is that she could pick the furniture if I did the decor in the bedroom/living room. It works for me.

* Yummy food box from Angel Food Ministries.

* Went to see RENT! It was awesome. I love that musical

* Have begun making holiday cards yay! I actually like D's design more than mine. I am making another one. It is such fun.

* Have YOU left me your snailmail address? Yes YOU! Don't make me hunt you down...

* Kid Rock's Rock and Roll Jesus. It is AWESOME. Yeah, he's an aging hell raising manwhore with a penchant for blonds and weed. Who's perfect? He is also a guy that loves his kid, respects his momma, and knows his music history. He has really embraced his love of Southern Rock and Roll and classic country in this along with the hip hop influences. I love this CD.

* [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's MCR prison!AU. I am going to rec her until the whole world knows of her amazingness.

* Heroes tonight yay!!!

* SKATING SKATING SKATING!!! Belated Cup of China squee and spoilers!!!!  )


* All my pants are tight. :-(

* I am still behind on work. :-(

* I have not even BEGUN my xmas shopping. Why do I do this every year?

* I need to cut my hair. It is starting to resemble Cousin It's

I know there was more but I must away!

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at ya tomorrow!
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However, first and foremost let me congratulate anyone on my FL that happens to be from Boston way. Your boys brought it home! May your joy be infectious and your satisfaction well felt. :-)

I had two days off this weekend which began with a Friday tour of Haunted Houston )

We returned home to find out that D's SISTER had unexpectedly shown up. And by 'unexpectedly' I mean that she actually kept her word and showed up when she said she would. I would have bet money that she would blow D off like usual. I mean, I didn't even CLEAN I was so sure she would be a no-show.
We had planned to go to a Halloween party and everything Saturday night but instead spent it with her. She is here until about Tuesday since she and D are going over some of D's mom's stuff in the old house in LaPorte.

Rambling about D's sister's emotional unavailability )

Still, on Saturday night we attended a cookout in the courtyard of our apartment complex and it was nice. It was given by the gay couple that moved in across from us, incredibly sweet men, and their two teen-age sons, who are the sweetest boys I have ever met. It was a safe, close thing for D and J to do and the barbeque was killer.

However, above and beyond family drama and haunted tours everything is wonderful with the world. Do ya'll know why?

That's right.

IT'S FIGURE SKATING SEASON, GENTE!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!Figure skating squee. Click at your own risk! )

In conclusion, SKATING YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


* I wrote some. Not a lot, but I got a couple of pages in. I'm very encouraged. I've missed my skaterbois. :-)

* REC: [livejournal.com profile] iphignia939 wrote a wonderful Frankie/Gerard in Japan at Christmas, circa 2005. It is brilliant. Highly reccommended.

OK, gente.

I am up to my arse in work, which I still have not caught up with from Barcelona, so I go now.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S.: The cutest thing I've read lately: IEROWEEN!!! Frankie's birthday is October 31st it's totally IEROWEEN!!!

Alright, alright, I'm fangirling, shoot me.

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I realize I have not posted at all since I got back from Spain but, as I suspected, I arrived ass-deep in work and it has remained so.

However, I will say that Barcelona is beautiful and expensive and I almost got stuck there when my return ticket got completely FUBAR! )

However, the city really is amazing.

We spent four hours at La Sagrada Familia, the gothic cathedreal by Anton Gaudi that's been under construction for seventy years and still have about that long to go and it was beyond description. Just absolutely stunning. I plan to post some pix to flickr so we can all see the majesty.

I even have one half-way decent picture of myself where I don't look short and tubby. :-}

All in all a great trip tho I was so glad to get home and getting back on track after the time change was a bitch.

In other news...

I have actually started the next Embers segment. *crickets* No, for real! I have. It's going slow but [livejournal.com profile] lannamichaels helped me with some Junior skating info and I feel more confident in proceeding.

The amount of people on my FL that are actually skating fans- sincere, knowledagable skating fans- when compred with when I started the story, oh god, too long ago, has grown quite a bit. The last thing I wnat to do is get something really wrong in that respect!

Speaking of- anyone know when figure skating starts again? I am Jonesin' bigtime...

There is more but it is late and it seems I no longer have time to update at work since I am perpetually swamped with crap from star to finish there.

I missed you all because OMG CRAPPY INTERNETZ AT THE HOTEL IN BARCELONA WHAT?!?! For what the rates were I at least expected a business center with a few desktops but noooo. One. Computer. I've just been lurking and enjoying having access again.

Must go now! It is getting late and I need to wash my hair, always a tedious job.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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I woke up convinced it was already Thursday. I had started my pre-Friday celebration and everything. I hate it when that happens.

Of course this could be due to the fact that a friend of ours passed away yesterday and we were kind of expecting it but not. Reflection on one's mortality and why, right now, I don't mind being unable to breed. )

She was a loud, brassy, woman with an affection for Beanie Babies, county music, and home cooking, and she had one of the deepest East Texas accents I've ever heard. She was also funny, scandalized D with her frank discussions about straight sex, and could sell more Girl Scout cookies than a whole troop of den mothers.

Rock on, Pam. We salute you. :-)

In other news....

* I spent all of Saturday looking for a graduation outfit. Everyhting makes me look short and fat. Of course I am short and fat. That might be the problem. < :-P I need [livejournal.com profile] beckynicky or [livejournal.com profile] lilysaid to come help me shop for clothes that don't make me look like a toadstool.

Does anyone have any places to reccomend for nice semi-formal clothes for curvy women that are also vertically challenged? I would be mostly grateful. [livejournal.com profile] eliade actually had a list going awhile back but I'm open to new suggestions!

* I am gorging and tripping on Brian K. VAughn graphic novels thanks to [livejournal.com profile] foxeddc's and Jays' awesome recs! This is AMAZING stuff people! It's AWESOME and I can't rec his work enough!

* WORLD FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS OMG!!!!!!!!!!! *covets my baby boy* God, I hope he does well. What is this March Madness you speak of? Are there pretty boys in fancy costumes? No? 'Nuff said. ;-D

* I have one more class to finish? Really?

I need to go to telephone reference, gente.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later. You know why?


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Hello, gente.

I have a meeting in twenty minutes so we're doing point form this moring, yes?

* Saw Figure Skating Nationals on TV this weekend. ***SPOILERS FOR NATIONALS COMPETITION**** )

* It was apparently a sports weekend because I also saw all of the X Games and it's become one of my favorite events. I don't know a 1080 from a Fakie but it those kids are insane an enthusiastic and so damned YOUNG and watching commentary from two dude that sounded like they were from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was priceless. Gnarly! *LOL*

* I read some of my course text. Bleah.

* My mother got us a car. No, for real. The mind boggles- and then implodes.

I have to go, gente.

Take care, stay warm, and I'll talk at ya'll later.


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