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+ Finished application to try to get Harry Potter exhibit for the library. Despite pissy queens and obscure questions I didn't know the answer to have zipped it off to the lion's den Admin building to be reviewed. *faceplant*

+ Employee evaluation has been moved back due to site inconsistency. Yay!

+ Have fallen off my diet like a fallen thing (still fallen? continued to fall?), but hope to get back on (up?) soon.

+ I talked D into watching The Unusuals on the strength of Amber Tamblyn and the guy that played Penn on Angel and it was really good! )

Also, you know. Amber Tamblyn. I was very upset when they canceled Joan of Arcadia.

+ Deadliest Catch was kind of sad yesterday but still awesome.

+ Have realized our pets run the house. Has anyone else realized their pets run the house? It is a sobering realization.

+ I would like to tell the whiny entitlement trollop who threatened to delete her LJ and all her fic because she 'ONLY' got 60 comments on it, and then was nasty to all her apparently vastly dysfunctional friends who wrote her three pages of posts pleading with her not to go, before FINALLY deleting her LJ: fanfic fandom friendship life. ur doin it wrong.

+ Happy Earth Day! compliments of the lovely [profile] ginnytonnick. Pity lots of the stuff is just as expensive as it is cool. Saving the planet ain't cheap.

+ I am mostly succeeding in bi-posting. I don't have a lot to read on the Dreamwidth account yet, but I'm sure it will get better. Probably after open beta. I have not tried the doohicky that is supposed to let you cross post but I have managed to change my journal style so I can read it. Go me!

+ I've been listening to 'The Wrestler' by Bruce Springsteen on YouTube. I really love the way that man paints a story with so few words.

Okay, gente.

I need to go tell the one family on the Wii that we are closing soon.

Cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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A virtual cookie for thems that can name that song/band.

Points because I am too exhausted for anything else.

+ You know what you should NEVER do? You should NEVER give two smallish dogs corn cobs to chew. NEVER EVER. Except we used to give them to our first Toy Fox Terrier Hunie and she loved them and was fine. She'd chew them down to the spiny core then leave them alone. Never affected her badly. These two? ATE the whole thing. Like, everything.

+ Which, of course cued puking on both their parts. ALL NIGHT LONG.

+ Partially on my pillow while my head was still on it.

+ And the couch, where I had moved to avoid changing the sheets at 2:45 a.m.

+ Causing me to move back to the bed, adding fresh sheets, and leaving both dogs on the floor on their blankets where they whined and cried amidst bouts of puking until about 4 a.m. when they drifted off.

+ At which point I could not sleep, too worried about the perils of dehydration in small dogs, how little time I actually HAD to sleep, and deep resentment for D who was not here to stop me from giving them the guddamn corn cobs in the first place.

+ I know it was my fault. I just didn't care at ass o'clock in the morning.

+ This morning both are bright eyed and wiggly, if a bit glassy eyed and when I left they didn't even bark, both of them curled up on fresh blankets dozing off. Must be nice.

+ Oh, my god I am tired.

+ I am having a skim milk white chocolate mocha because I NEED CAFFEINE, MAN. Screw the calorie count today

+ And, to make it more fabulous, I actually have to stay late again today because I booked the GLBT speaker for tonight's program and I'm the contact. Attorney Debra Hunt from the Houston law firm Moore & Hunt is going to discuss legal options for gay and lesbian couples involving living wills, power of attorney, and directive of physician. FREE! She is here for Women's History Month.

If I didn't feel like pan fried poo I'd be excited.

+ Randomly, I have discovered I cannot come across the movie 'Enchanted' without watching the whole thing. It is apparently my new Steel Magnolias/Grease/Original Hairspray. I think Amy Adams is purty.

OK, gente. I gotta go.

I have two days off after this, then Sunday, but that is only four hours with bonus overtime.

Twelve more hours. Pray for me.
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But I'm not. I ended up taking today off work and accompanying D to Ben Taub to have a medical procedure. It was one of those that needs all this preparation before it's done and we stayed up all night doing it and I had about two hours sleep. By the time we got home later I was so, so tired we took a long nap.

Of course, that totally jacked up my sleep routine, as napping in the daytime will do, and my inner clock feels oddly turned around. Crap.

Other things what I am thinking/doing/feeling

+ No Watchmen for me tonight because I work tomorrow. Sadness. :-( Hopefully I can squeeze it in next week when I'm on vacation

+ We had a pet teen-ager in the apartment for almost a week because he was kicked out of his uncles apartment. However, he is now in his first apartment and very excited. Now the apartment smells faintly of BOY (there really is a scent, you know, pheromone laded and unmistakable) and I am not used to it. He was tidy and everything; it is just, well, BOY. I need to do laundry anyhow.

+ The apartment also smells fainly of dog pee since Jax, who is just made of darling, only hits the pee pad about half the time. We have a whole pile of stuff that needs to be washed with vinegar and strong detergent. *sigh*

+ Considering that I am going on vacation next week and D is still resting from her procedure the pile of stuff will probably not get washed soon unless I wash it.

+ I have all manner of stuff due, like, MONDAY, and Saturdays are not known for being productive day. Procrastination, how I've not missed you.

+ I think the chilly blast we had for the Rodeo parade last week was Winter's last hurrah. The high for the next three days is around 80 degrees and the weather is wonderfully spring-like, really lovely. Still, winter! It seems to hang around less and less each year and this time I never really put away my summer clothes. So not fair.

+ Still feeling meh and uninspired at work mostly because Administration keeps coming up with new and interesting ways to invalidate the Staff's worth. )

Bite me, Administration.

+ We still do not have final work on the Budget. All Summer programming is in limbo until we get a more definitive answer than, 'You have some money, but you might not have all the money, so you might need to scale back some programs. But we don't know which ones, or how much, or when, and really, we could get the whole amount. Perhaps! But probably not. We'll have more info soon!'

Please see above bullet point for sentiment.

+ Wached Dollhouse. It is not what Joss Whedon first intended, but it is still Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku on my TV and I will take what I can get.

I'll talk at ya'll later, gente. Cuidense.
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It feels like forever since I've posted a real entry so- bullet points, si? Si!

+ Went on a spur of the moment road trip to Austin to see my sister Ara, BiL, and the wee nephew. It was great! We saw The Eggmen, a Beatles tribute band who were AWESOME, hung out with Benji, my nephew, and had good food. 'Twas fabulous.


+ We are getting a new puppy. It is a boy puppy, which is different for us since I tend to prefer female pets. However, there was only one girl and he was so cute! He is a teeny Chihuahua named Jax and he will live with us in about three weeks.

+ Man, just when I think the CSI:Miami ship has sailed it PULLS ME BACK IN.***SPOILERS*** )

+ And there is Heroes. )

+ I am on a strange Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks 'Tusk' period right now. This was preceded by a two week long Juno Soundtrack period. My head, so random.

+ I want to go to DC in March except I'm finding out I think EVERYONE goes to DC in March because I can't find any decent hotel rooms that aren't in, you know, Virginia.

+ I want to see so many films I am so behind! Taken, Rise of the Lycans, Milk, The Wrestler. I will never catch up!

+ I know everyone hates Jenny Schecter on The 'L' Word but Mia Kirschner has the most amazingly luminous eyes it is unreal.

And, in closing, I was so enthralled with Youtube that I forgot to turn off the spaghetti sauce we had for dinner so I sprayed air freshener everywhere. And now the apartment smells someone burnt tomatoes in a field of gardenias.


Okay, it is late, so I sleep.
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I had jury duty yesterday and, after a whole day of sitting on a back breaking wooden bench and answering questions, I was chosen.

Apparently this was astonishing only to me?

The trial is supposed to last ALL week and 'should' wrap up on Friday. *crosses fingers*

Off I go to do my civic duty!

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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The Good- We are moving into a two bedroom
The Bad- We have to be moved in a week. Meep.

The Good- Nice time off
The Bad- Did not sleep AT ALL last night due to the bass-ackwards schedule my body gets into when I go more than three days without having to wake up early. Like not AT ALL. My eyes have that scratchy feel and everything looks fuzzy. Awesome.

The Good- It is actually like for real Winter, yay!
The Bad- It will warm up to 70 by afternoon. Boo!

The Good- I got $ for xmas
The Bad- It will probably go to pay movers if we are to make the deadline

The Good- Look forward to white chocolate mocha to wake up
The Bad- ..... no, I can't find much bad in White Chocolate Mocha from STarbucks

The Good- Ride to work!
The Bad- D didn't sleep either. Slightly dangerous to drive. She will also probably be useless today due to lack of sleep. Her body really does not deal well at all with that.

Might cointinue my list later. Must get dressed now.
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*drumroll* Buttery Toffee Cookies!

After a frustrated evening during which I wasted at least two hours and a whole bowlful of batter trying to make these cookies and failing spectacularly I switched to the Buttery Toffee ones and they came out FABULOUS.

I was all set to post about NEVER NEVER using that recipe because it was MADE OF FAIL ARRGH ARRGH....and then I realized I had set the oven to 350 instead of 375. Uhm, yeah. That might be a problem. *headslap*

Oh, well. I have no idea what to do with a pile of undercooked cookies and once-gooey-now-hard candy, but I'm sure I'll think of something. That is what [livejournal.com profile] trashy_eats is for. ;-)

I plan on baking at least one more Buttery Toffee batch and then try the Mocha Truffles once, more, sans extra chocolate chips, and see what happens. I realize I get out at nine and this might be tall order, but we'll see how far i get before faceplanting from fatigue.

In other news...

+ We might have a two bedroom. Meep! We really really NEED a two bedroom, not only because D has accumulated some really nice antiques from her parents house that we have nowhere to put, but, for my sanity, and hers, if she is honest, we just NEED more room. However the rent is. *sigh* It's higher. Quite a bit. I think I can swing it but we'd have to cut down on some stuff or something. We suck at that. The new owner, who has fixed the a couple of machines in the laundry room and seems like a pretty together guy, is going to get back with us after the make-ready is done on the unit we want. I guess we'll see.

+ We had our White Elephant Exchange and Holiday Dessert-A-Rama for our library and I ended up with three pairs of lovely Avon pearl hoop earrings in white, gold, and gray faux pearls. I think the reason so many people order Avon jewelery and end up not wearing it is that the items, for some reason, have really long posts that jabs into the back of your earlobe when worn. And forget talking on the phone with them on! They are way uncomfortable. However, they go with the dress I'm wearing to the System Xmas party tomorrow and I can take them for a few hours. I think I made out ok.

+ I only have about half my xmas presents bought! I still need my mom's, my sister, whose name I got in my family gift exchange, my BiL and my niece. Ergh. I think I'll just give my niece Cass $. She's 14; she won't care. However, I traditionally get my BiL a cool T-shirt and I've not even had time to look. In the past I've gotten him one with Che Guevara, The Clash, and Tony Montana as Scarface.

Alright, gente. It is deadly still here but I've an in-house grant application to finish and a bit of shelving to do.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S. The high tomorrow is near 80. Of course.
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In other news....

You, sir, are made of epic fucking fail. Thank you. Thanks a lot for making Republicans the country over sneer in glee you greedy, duplicitous asshole.

And today he returned to work 'upbeat' because he doesn't think he did anything wrong oh you ASSHOLE.


Okay. Moving on.

+ Got holiday cards from [livejournal.com profile] beckynicky, [livejournal.com profile] thebratqueen, and [livejournal.com profile] lucylooo! Yay! So lovely!

+ My crafty is broken. *sadface* My attempt to make cards was roundly thwarted becasue I bought the less expensive stamp/collage cards and not the more flexible, higher quality watercolor cards enabling me to draw the cards when the linoleum print wasn't working out. And they looked like arse. *headdesk* I am so behind I'm getting all O.O However, we went out and bought blank watercolor cards and all was right with the world. Much better.

+ D took a mini-roadtrip giving me some alone time and, after I got totally frustrated with the cards, I read [livejournal.com profile] bexless's fic Staring Through the Demons her follow up to the luminous, amazing I Have Been All Things Unholy and YOU GUYS IT IS BRILLIANT!!! This one has bonus FOB and she destroyed me utterly UTTERLY with the hurty and the amazing writing and characterizations and, really, it is just fantastic. I cannot wait for the next installment CANNOT WAIT. *luvs it*

+ I have so much fic to catch up on, too. [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade has a new one I have not even looked at.

+ It is D-E-D dead in here. People are probably at home freaking because of the weather. I wish I were home painting cards and having Mexican hot chocolate. Eh, maybe later. :-)

+ ZOMG TWO MORE HOURS! *faceplant* Want to go hoooooooooooooooome.

Okay, one tiny family has shown up. Maybe they want to play Wii or something.

You all keep warm! I'll talk at you later!

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How awesome is that?!? A little Gerard or Lyn-Z! Awesome! Because, reallly, if any two people should procreate, should it not be these?


Felicades to them both!

In other news...

+ I have two potlucks at work in as many weeks and the thought of cooking for that many people is overwhelming so I'm bringing....rolls. Hey, they're necessary!

+ However, the thought of baking for that many people isn't overwhelming so I think I'm doing two cookie exchanges: one at work and one at the apartment complex. I might branch out from my tried and true Milky Way Peanut Butter Cookies but why mess with tradition.

+ D cannot abide turkey in any way ever since her mother died so we are looking at alternative entrees for Turkey Day. We will either have prime rib roast or ham with the gay guys across the way. Or both. We shall see.

+ My love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just grows and grows! I luv them so!

And in the only bit of sucks-out-loud news:

+ Figure skating season has begun apace but I will see barely ANY OF IT because Icenetwork.com has contracted 3/4 of the Grand Prix. I need to pay for a season pass if I want to see anything except gudamned skating spectaculars with no competitions and US and Worlds. Great, granted, but I'd like to see how people GOT THERE DAMMIT. *hmph* Not fair.

Okay, gente. It is late and I must away.

You all take care and I'll talk at you maƱana.

PS: WOW Paul Simon is hobbit sized!
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Seriously, is there ANYONE Sarah Palin hasn't spoken to? Jesus Christ.

Still and all, these are heady political times after being removed completely from politics for the last eight years.

One election and I am fangirling the President Elect and his Chief of Staff and trolling the Interwebz for more Cabinet position news. It's AWESOME. :-D

In other news:

+ I work today. Bollocks. And I stood around outside for twenty minutes because there were no security gaurds to let me in. I don't think one hour before opening is too early to have someone at the security guard post, Sir. And I am not even going to ASK why it was you and Ms. Security Guard came up at the same time. Because I am a nice person anxious to get to my LJ.

+ That Jason Mraz song is now an earworm of profound proportions. Noooooooooooo.....

+ I have been quietly and steadily working on the skaterboi fic. ssshhhhh. Don't tell anyone. :-)

+ D and I have disavowed buying produce at the local grocery chain because it always, always looks like arse and it is crazy expensive. We have re-discovered The Farmers Market at 2520 Airline. )

I had more but we are getting swamped so hasta luego!
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Firstly- I MISSED YOU ALL!!! *smush* :-D

SEcondly, I am watching 20/20 and feeling pretty unoffended by the pregnant man story. Because let's see: we, as women, are always saying men lack empathy because they don't know the pain and experience and responsibility of childbirth- and now ONE DOES- and this is now horrifying and disgusting? *hands*

The look like a loving, stable couple and thier daughter seems to be healthy and happy. I fail to see the problem.

There is just no pleasing people.


In other news:

+ My momma sent me a pretty coat, scarf, hat, and mittens for winter.. It is loverly. I will have a wonderful time wearing it for the two weeks that it gets really cold here. :-)

+ My co-worker, her husband, and our teen guru were just on Don't Forget the Lyrics. I know celebrities! Score!

+ I am becoming an Obama fangirl. IT'S ALL RUBY'S PICSPAM'S FAULT!!!! I worry that he is being lifted so high so fast the only way to go is down. I worry about the unreal expectations placed on his administration and how fast this country turns on those who deign to be just human when they've been so idealized. But he's. You know. HIM. I have a lot faith. I figure Rahm Emanuel will just melt people's faces off with his mind if anyone acts the fool. ;-)

+ That Jason Mraz song is growing on me.

+ Oh, yay it's supposed to get colder this weekend!

+ If you have not sent me your snailmail address to get a snazzy holiday cared do so HERE!"

+ I work tomorrow and I have a program AND I will probably be in a tiny room since the big room will have a Gaming Tournament in it. Bleah. I just hope the day goes fast.

I swear I had more but now I can't remember.

You all have a good weekend and talk at ya later!
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Paul Newman died. He is one of only two celebrities that could reduce my mom to utter fangirl joy. He was a big supporter of gay rights, a longtime philanthropist, and an all-around amazing, talented man.

Rest in peace, kind sir.

In other news....

+ Sweet Pea got out when we mistakenly shut the door behind her. Ten minutes later one of our neighbors knocked on the door and told us she was loose. I pulled on some clothes (because, no, I don't wear a lot when I'm at home) and ran out to find her. She was totally freaked out huddled against a wall. My mistake was I picked her up around her middle and she FREAKED THE FUCK OUT on me. Snarling and biting and going utterly Cujo. Before I knew it she'd bitten my hand and my finger and sank a puncture into the meat of my right palm. I finally manged to talk her down and scoop her up but I was pretty shaken.

I know she didn't mean it but that hurt like a motherfucker.

+ We did a small grocery run but our fridge is still very bare. This is a rent check cycle so not a lot to spare but it's a start.

+ Work is slowly getting back to normal thank god. Daycare HPL's last day was Friday, also thank god. the hours are still 10-7 for this week, tho. That should be back to normal in short order, too.

+ Work tomorrow. Boo.

+ I have jury duty on Monday, which I forgot. Crap. I have a shitload of work to do before I leave for Barcelona.

+ I didn't watch the debate because I am SO SO ANXIOUS OMG, but I had D DVR it. I might get brave later.

+ I watched the first ep of SPN online. Dean: Really? Oh, boys. *LOL!!!!* Heroes is next. I WILL catch up.

For now there is a A Hard Day's Night on the Independent Film Channel, a roast chicken for dinner, and privacy. I'll take it.
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Is that I can't re-sub-title my journal 'What's Gay About Blowjobs?' much as I really, really want to. It just looks....wrong. *lol*

Hai, gente!

It is just past 1:30 a.m. and I wide effing awake thanks to the sips of Dr. Pepper I've had from D's glass. Or, you know. That whole waking-up-at-11 thing. :->

So we are watching Trauma:Life in the ER, which we are both shamelessly addicted to.

Bullet Points, yes? Yes.

+ We are eyeing Gustav nervously. The main path takes it to the border of Texas and Louisiana which is still very, very close. Meep. You all think good thoughts.

+ Went grocery shopping today to stock up on stuff like water and non-perishables, just in case.

+ Macaroni Grill and possibly movie/museum tomorrow.

+ Burned my finger taking nachos out of the oven. OW.

+ stele3's Two Knights and A Pawn: So. Much. LOVE. I didn't even know I wanted Frank/Gerard/Bob. And I DO! I really DO!!!

+ Apartment is a pit. Must do laundry tomorrow.

+ Saw movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and it was surprisingly good! How precious is Topher Grace in that film, I ask you? And Kate Bosworth before she became a stick and that really good chick from the Johnny Cash movie and other good people. All around a pretty enjoyable film.

In closing:

+ Sarah Palin: Really, John McCain?

This is mostly filler, so I go 'night. Si?

You all have a good weekend! I'll talk at you sometime soon!
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And somewhere I'm sure an an old man is snoring...

Things what are annoying me this fine, stormy morning:

+ I cut my finger last night right on the fleshy curve of the pad. I have a bandaid on that is making it wierd to type. Fail.

+ I keep doing something to my computer that keeps hosing my ability to acess YouTube videos. This is very upsetting as I use YouTube as a stereo when I have the odd, strange compulsion to hear a song I don't have on my MP3 player. This morning my brain has a deep, aching need for The Ting Tings' 'That's Not My Name' (THANKS A LOT [livejournal.com profile] queeniegalore)
and Tracy Chapman's (or is it Joan Armatrading's....?) 'Baby Can I Hold You'. FAIL.

+ I CANNOT seem to find an LJ layout that I really like that lists my tags in a neat column on the left (or right; I don't care). I don't WANT them all jumbled up like they are in 3/4 of the options for this style. FAIL. The one I have is OK but it's a bit...bland...for my liking. Meh.

So, yes. Bit of annoyance to start the day, there.

However, in the interest of balance, a few things what make me happy in my heart right now.

+ The Ting Tings' 'That's Not My Name.' Pure pop techno and the most infectious, get-off-your-ass-and-dance thing I've heard in a while. Made of WIN!

+ Laurell K. Hamilton's Blood Noir on the hold shelf for me me me! Of course this is a double-edged sword as I then actually started to read it.

Wow. It kind of SUCKS. *sigh* I don't know why she not will just let these poor character be and milk her cash cow another way. Merch! People would buy it!! Appearances, small vignettes starring the more popular secondary characters. But WOW Ms.Hamilton is just gonna ride that pony till it falls over, and let me tell you, it doesn't have far to go.

One of the things I hate the most is the unfulfilled, or ruined, promise of good plot and good characters.

So maybe this should have gone on the first list. Hm.

+ The totally awesome group of people I am on the GLBT Programming Committee with. I found out one of the women is actually on Torquere Press! We are brain storming ideas for programs, fund raising, having a presence at next year's Pride, and I am v.v. excited.

+ FRANKIE IERO'S STUPID FACE OMG!!! :-D I will actually be seeing his stupid face tomorrow at the Leathermouth show, god help me. Meep. But FRANKIE!!! *luvs him*

+ Hummus for lunch. Yummy.

Okay, gente. I must away.

I really need to finally clean my cubicle and corner from all the Summer Reading detritus that has accumulated the last two months. Good morning project.

You all stay dry and I'll talk at you later!

Have a good day!
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I leave the area and *BAM* Tropical Storm/Possible Hurricane heading that way!

Of course.

The library is closed tomorrow, helping me not at all since I'm on vacation ANYWAY, and instead of driving back tomorrow like we'd planned we will be driving back on Wed. This will not leave me a day to lounge around before returning to work but oh well. Driving back tomorrow would just place us right in the middle of that fucker. DO NOT WANT.

Visit highlight in bullet points, yes?

+ New-to-me clothes from my sis and my mom. Yay! I don't use them for work anymore but, hey! Doesnt' take a lot ot make me happy.

+ Went to a place called, I shit you not, MR. CORN today with my niece Cass to have corn in a cup and just realized what a veritable smorgasbord of trashy eats it offers. Aside from the corn, which is served in a styrofoam container with mayonnaise and queso blanco, there are frito pies, DORITO pies, snow cones, snow cones with a scoop of ice cream on top (yeah, I don't know), and something called Flmaing Hots w/Cheese, which my niece ordered, and I realized was the most NUCLEARLY TOXIC concoction of Flaming Hot Chee-tos and melted processed cheese. O.O The colors those things make are not found anywhere in nature, I'm sure. These delicacies are offered next to genuinely healthy fair such as fresh fruit cups, fruit drinks, and fresh coconut wedges with chili powder on the side. It was awesome.

+ D is really, really freaking out at the storm heading towards the Houston Ship Channel. Her mom's house is right in the path. Please send positive thoughts if you could.

+ Shopping tomorrow with mom.

There is more but I must away. D is yelling at 'The Closer' on the TV and that is never a good sign.

Talk at ya'll soon!
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How long will it take for someone to slash the guys on Flashpoint? Anyone?

Hai Veronica Mars' dad hai!
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+ I have two more days off IN A ROW this weekend WIN!!
+ Comicpalooza is tomorrow! I hope to meet my sekrit bf Terry Moore and decree him an honorary woman.
+ Dark Knight tomorrow in IMAX with a few members of the Comic Meetup Group
+ Card craftiness for [livejournal.com profile] utterfrivolity who won the bid for our homemade Xmas cards.
+ The Closer and Saving Grace to look forward to on Monday nights. For some reason people seem to like The Closer more than Saving Grace but I like them both. I'm a Holly Hunter fan from way, way back. At least Broadcast News if not before. She is Southern and tiny and smart and absolutely does not blink when she chooses her roles. I luvs her.

All bullet points made of definite win!

Under the 'YAY BUT MEEP' category we have my travel and vacation schedule for the next few months:

Sep.- VAC
Oct.- Spain
Nov. - Vermont

I didn't know I was gonna get the OK to go to both of those conferences and, well. Rather severe with the not-saving.

Stupid not being independently wealthy.

Under the 'Hm' category there is Have you ever had a friend that you respect and admire on several levels but would never, never, not even upon pain of death, work under? Work quasi-rant. Feel free to skip. )

I am off an hour early today because I had to come in early for a meeting on Wed.

And next week will, of course be, The Week of Sucktasticness and BOO because I work a six day stretch. Ah, well.

Hopefully good weekend first. :-)

YOu all take care because I have a Graphic Novel Acquisition Team (GNATS) meeting to go to right now.

Have a good weekend and I'll talk to ya'll later!
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Bullet Points Are our Friends, yes? Yes.

+ I think Someone bought my auction fic. Someone whose writing I adore and respect and love. I think the word I'm lookng for is O.O I'm pretty excited and a little MEEP, but in a good way. Wow! I made some money for the cause YAY! :-D

+ The cards seem to be selling, too. I am keeping myself from putting something else up before the 14th. Apparently this crap is addicting. Who knew?

+ Last night D and I went to the second meeting of a Comic Book Meetup Group. )

+ I have bought tix to see Hellboy: The Golden Army today. Yay!! The graphic novel didn't speak to me exactly. I think Mignola's work is a bit minimalist for my taste, but I love the movie. I've decided I heart Selma Blair because she is boo-tiful and she has not, to date, dyed her hair blond.:-) And Del Toro is directing! I love him!!!

+ I have two days off IN A ROW. The mind, it boggles.

+ I spent all day in Preselection yesterday. Preselection is an all day meeting where we review books and decide whether to buy them, how many, and where. Hence, I did not finish my online employee evaluation that was due, uh, yesterday. Lots of people turn those in late but it would have been nice to finish. Oh, well. Will have to wait for Monday, then Tuesday for my manager's signature.

+ I'm not loving my hair as much as I did. I've realized unless I fuss with it I get this semi-Bozo look because he didn't layer the sides as much as the back. Or something. Mergh. Still, it's shorter, which is a relief for the heat.

+ I fluctuate on my diet BUT I have been trying to walk every other day. I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm going to walk in a few minutes, actually.

I think those are the highlights, gente. My life, how so exciting, si? ;-]

One more pimp for [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry before I go. You have until JULY 14th TO PARTICIPATE! I know lots of you out there are arty/crafty/great writers. It takes minimal effort on your part to participate, either bidding or selling, and it's a great cause. I want to be able to marry whom I want, too, you know? I want to have and retain that right and I feel I deserve it. Stroll on over and take a look see.

OK, gente! I'm off! Have a great weekend and I'll talk at you later.
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I have Tuesday off because it is apparently impossible for me to have a Friday off whilst also having the weekend off. So here I am, with a day off at the beginning of the week, again. *le sigh* Still, sleeping late is still sleeping late.

I meant to go walking this morning, or at least before noon when the sun becomes a bald, stifling onion in the sky, but D was up half the night sick to her stomach. I don't know why but by the time she finally went down it was close to five a.m. and, yeah. I guess I should be grateful I DON'T have to go to work today and be all zombiefied.

I forgot to mention I finally got my hair cut! )

I'm enjoying the quiet and peace and solitude.

I have been writing away on the copfic and have six pages so far.

I have more Big Bang fic to read, how so awesome.

I have decided I am going to contribute something to [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry Probably a set of handmade holiday cards.

Ok, gente. I'm gonna look at the fic and think about breakfast lunch soon.

Cuidense and have a great martes!
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How was everyone's fourth? Good?

Yesterday we got up late, bought food, and barbequed outside with the old couple from a few apartments down, one half of the gay guys that live across the way, and my friend Renee who stopped by on her way back from her sisters. I ate too much (AGAIN) but it's a HOLIDAY and everything was soooo good! :-)

We also fed one of the teens that the gay guys are raising after he got off work (the Galleria was OPEN on the fourth, wtf?) and he ended up staying and talking for hours afterwards. He's thinking of joining the reserves and since D was in the army she did her best to scare him shitless answer all his questions.

I worked today, feh, but it's the first Saturday that work hasn't been swamped with people every second and I didn't feel like a hamster running on one of those little wire wheels and not getting anywhere.

So alltogether better than things have been going.

Things what make me happy in my heart:

+ Rediscovering 80's songs. Was True Blue by Madonna always that cool? How wonderful is Bronski Beat? God bless YouTube.

+ Ordering The Black Parade is Dead! YAY!!!!!!!! and fixing to order Echo #4 by Terry Moore. I know I have said it before but it will always bear repeating: if you have not read Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore get thee to your nearest library, check it out, and READ. There are no words for the wonder that is Mr. Moore. I am convinced he was a woman in another life.
Echo is fabluous so far. I can't wait to see him at Comicpalooza at The Alamo Draft House on July 19th!

+ Wall*E was made of darling. Highly reccommended.

+ MORE RECCING!!! I have seen some of [livejournal.com profile] blondiusmaximus' work through [livejournal.com profile] bexless and I've read [livejournal.com profile] stereomer's fic, as well. So when Bex recced 'The Adventures of Gerard the Boy Princess of the Ocean and Frank the Italian Gentleman's Son Who Loves Him' hand to god I thought it was a written fic. However, it is BETTER. It is the most brilliant, cool, funniest illustrated AU you will ever read. Octopus Pete!!! Rock Lobster Patrick!!! BFF Ryan! All I could do was *flail!!!* *flap!!* at the genius of ! Go READ!!! Prepare to be slayed!!!

+ Finally, because it is late and I must lay in bed, if you have not heard of [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry go and take a look see. It is an auction started by fandom folk to help keep the California Gay Marriage initiative alive and inteact. There is lots of fic for auction but there are all sorts of things to bid on including care packages from different states, beta services, knit wear, original art, and even letters. Yeah, as in someone will write you an honest to god old fashioned letter every day for a a month or something. It's stuff like this that makes me love fandom so much. I am considering offering something but I'm not sure what. I'm for sure going to bid. You have until July 15 to do both. Go see! It's a great cause. :-)

OK, gente. I gotta go!

You all have a great rest of your holiday weekend and I'll talk at you later!


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