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So that happened.

That having been said, I know this is a little late but-

,b>WE WON WE WON OMG YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I was seriously freaking out at the sea of red on the map. Come to find out from this article that Obama's people were all 'confident' in their strategy and watched an ANTM marathon to decompress.


Seriously, the article is a little long but it is fascinating to read the different takes on the electorate and how hugely Romney's camp misfired on, like, EVERYTHING.

I gave more money to this election than ever before. Not much by other pple's standards, probably, but every time I'd see another disparaging ad or see another troubling poll I did more because it made me feel better. Best investment I have EVER made.

Now I hope our president naps for four days because he looked EXHAUSTED giving the victory speech.


+ Arrrgh this has been a roller coaster of ridiculous proportions. We have signed no less than SIX contracts on different properties. We have been approved by three different lenders. The last builder flaked out on us and failed to meet deadlines so that went pear-shaped as well.

We have now put in a bid on a house in THE BURBS OMG that I really like. It needs some work and updating but structurally is fine, the inspector said. Everyone cross their fingers because I am so beyond done with this crap by now it is not funny.


+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Criminal Minds )

+ Big Bang Theory )

+ Boardwalk Empire )

+ H5O )

So, yeah. I watch a lot of teevee LOL.


For awhile I had gone through this thing where I read no fanfic because nothing appealed to me and lately ALL I have been reading is fic. I have not held a real book in my hand for two months! It began with Clint/Coulson and all the fantastic fic in that pairing, and then I rediscovered Frank/Gerard and then Frank/Mikey/Gerard, and then accidentally began a Waycest story that was wonderful, then THAT list of recs. At this point I am having trouble reading real books.

However I am starting Let Me In by John Ajvid Lindoqvist because I didn't even KNOW it was a book first (LIBRARIAN FAIL) and I love that story.


+ I went to see my parents, which I have been trying to do more regularly since their health really is not that great, and it was pretty good visit. D and I had planned to go but the whole home buying excursion is eating my lunch, so Greyhound it was.

Had dinner with my best friend from high school, which turned out surprisingly well. I've been avoiding her for years because we did not have the most functional friendship in high school, coupled with the fact that she was both my first female lover AND messed around with my boyfriend when I was away at college.

Twenty years, a divorce, and a kid later, she seems to have mellowed. I'm still on my gaurd but iit really does feel familiar, in a good way. So we'll see.

The delight of the trip was my niece Cass, who is an absolutely beautiful kid and in drill team, part of those 'popular kids' cliques NONE of my sisters nor I ever even got within spitting distance of. She is on the honor roll, has tons of friends, all that jazz. However, the common sense genie has not visited her quite yet and she is SO HILARIOUS without meaning to!

Example my sister gave:

CASS, with SERIOUS FACE on: Lance Armstrong had the worst week! First he gets busted for doping and then his father died.

My Sister: *blank face* His father didn't die. What?

CASS, very put upon: MOM. His father NEIL ARMSTRONG. DUH.


You can imagine the scene when my sister Nana had to explain, that, no, Billy Joe Armstrong was not Lance Armstrong's brother, either. LOL.

She really is a good kid. I'm sure that common sense gene is going to kick in ANY MINUTE NOW.

Okay, gente. I'ma go and read more fic before my lunch hour is up because I am on solidly all afternoon and will not have time to spit or go sailing.

Cuidense, gente! Till next time!
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+ Went to Beloved Nephew's wedding in Atlanta and D drove through Hurricane Isaac to get there. 'Let's do that again!' said I, never. The wedding was lovely, though meeting her traditionally Korean family which contains about twelve pastors, was interesting.

How 'bout those Falcons? )

We only got to spend one day at DragonCon but that was okay because the wedding was really the focus of the trip.

Then we got back and turned around for the hill country for three days but that is another post with more pictures. :-)

+ We are JUST getting the gears turning on the house due to so many roadblocks I'm wondering if The Force is trying to tell me to bypass home ownership for now. Not to mention D kept having these enormous cold-feet meltdowns where she was convinced were paying too much, the neighborhood was awful, we couldn't afford it, we hadn't gotten anything we wanted, lalala stabmyselfcakes. URGH. I know that is just how she processes stuff and how she but she is KILLING ME.

She seem sto have calmed down momentarily so we will see.



If you have not read this series by Lish McBride DO IT NOW. It is FANTASTIC and she deserves all the accolades ever!

+ 200px-Captains_fury

+ I finished the fourth book in Buther's Codex Alera series and have to wait for the next one because the library doesn't have it! ARRGGGH! Really loving Butcher's world-building and all the strong female characters. I know I love this because I keep casting it in my head. Who's your Kitai? Weigh in! I think Saoirsie Reardon would be perfect.

+ Webcomic BATTLEPUG!!! You MUST listen to me: this comic will brighten your day like nothing else in the world. GIANT PUGS! In BATTLE! Sexy naked narrator chick with tattoos! What's not to love??? Click the link. It is EXACTLY as awesome as it sounds!


+ The two shows D and I love a lot right are mostly on SyFy! Face Off, Lost Girl, and Warehouse 13 are our go-to shows during the long summer hiatus. We are both fascinated by Face Off and all the processes and creativity. Plus, it just feels so much less mean than, say, Project Runway right now.

We LOVELOVELOVE Lost Girl aka Sex on a Stick and I am most envious of everyone in Canada who gets to see the present season!!! FEEL MY ENVY.

Incidentally, am I crazy or did tv seasons used to be longer when we were kids? What is the ten episodes-and-then-a-year-off crap?? Teen Wolf will be gone almost a fullYEAR what the hell? When did this happen? Get off my lawn!

In all seriousness I am looking forward to Revenge, Criminal minds, CSI-NY and the original CSI, which I've rediscovered in reruns (and I've had an Elisabeth Shue thing since Adventures in Babysitting), and The Vampire Diaries. Big Bang is on, like THREE channels constantly so I don't feel like it ever left...


+ I continue to find songs I love on commercials and TV shows. On the Criminal Minds season finale I remember hearing this lovely song and I finally tracked it down.

How luminous is that? The child doesn't even have a full album out but I snapped this up on iTunes the minute I found it. It made me cry during the season finale both times I watched it. I could not even help it. I was going to link to the song with the CM vid but I didn't want to spoil anyone. You never know!!

And, wow, I know I had more, but it is late and I must away.

Really do want to post pix of Weimar, TX where I met cows, rode on four wheelers (scary fuckers let me tell you), and gazed at the stars a lot.

Good night, gente. I've missed you!

Till soon!
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+ Apparently, according to yestserday's dr. visit, the generic dr. in Florida a)didn't give me a strong enough antibiotic, b) prescribed useless OTC meds and c) generally failed at life. Hence, my ears refuse to pop becuase they are still in pretty bad shape from the infection and if I remain this way when I fly to Spain I will pretty much be beggging to die at lift-off.

Round two of meds: Stronger antibiotic Lavinquin, or something like that, every day. An OMG NASTY nasal spray at bedtime, a Zyrtec a day (those fuckers are EXPENSIVE), and a 25 mil OTC Benadryl allergy at bedtime. Dr. said our goal was to get rid of as much 'snot' in ten days as possible, and I'd have to continue the course of meds while in Spain.

Alrighty, then. *takes pile of pills*


+ You guys!!!! YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I know everyone has seen it by now but YOU GUYS NEW MUSIC OMG!!!!! How awesome is this going to BE??? I really was worried about my ability to listen to them without Bob. I love me some Bob. He just seemed like the best foil to the band; the solid, grounded base upon which everything could settle. It was devastating when he left. It's also hard because he's so BOB; it's not like there's lots of news on how he is, or what's he's doing. I mean, we at least know Brian is going to stuntman school (oh, Brian.) I just think the true MCR will always have Bob in it, for me.

But I CAN'T not care about this! It sounds amazing, the guys LOOK amazing (FRANK YOUR STUPID FACE ILU), and they look like they're having so much FUN.

I cannot wait I am EXCITE!!!! *claps hands*


+ Dudes, I have tried to write my post for days, and there is just no way to summarize 'Not what I expected from a trip' for THAT trip in 25 words or less. OR paragraphs. Or PAGES.

So, let's do this:


* MEETING [personal profile] i_amthecosmos and her husband, Evan!!! She was just everything I imagined, ever! Funny and kind and striking! Amusingly, she is exactly the type that D would chase after before she landed with a short Latina woman. Needless to say, D found her a gorgeous and lovely person, as did I. I hope to see you again soon, Zillah!

* Cast of TrueBlood Panel! - Pam, Lafayette, and Sam could not have been more open, funny, and amazing! I will say I was a bit taken aback by how- SHY- Nelsan Elllis was. Of the three he seemed to be the most befuddled by the whole Con thing, and all the cheers when he spoke of how he made out with his 'dude.'*lol* He did the whole panel behind a pair of dark glasses and low cap, but Kristin Bauer and Sam Rockwell reallly seemed to enjoy picking at him for his reserve.

Favorite question and answer from Ms. Bauer, who looked so approachable and pretty out of character; she had a full, soft mouth and shimmering, kind of frizzy brown hair:

Q: What's been your favorite part of working on the series so far?
A: Seeing Eric naked. *exploding laughter from all sides. She looked around innocently* Did I say that out loud?

* The Parade! - FAntastic seats were had and it was just an amazing spectacle. Everyone should see it at least once in their lives.

Low Points

* Decision to take our temporary house-mate with us to help with driving. *sigh* Because really, she is not a bad person. She is just at some mid-life crisis crossroads of her life so it feels like living with/travellign with a teen ager. She spent the whole trip talking about sex, smoking, and snarking with D since they are the two more butch personalities, and my god, I was ready to stab myself around one hour in. Not to mention between D's propensity for losing important things on a regular basis, like her KEYS, and her MEDS, S lost her ID at one point. Scratch four hours locating it. Then she lost her badge. Scratch four hours and another panel I wanted to go to locating IT. I also found out she refused to go anywhere on her own giving D and I NO alone time at all. I mean, some stuff I researched for her to attend weren't things D and I would go to anyway. But, no. She wouldn't read the schedule to find other things. She moped in the room, instead.

It was just that kind of trip, man.

* I forgot the camera. It seems like a small thing, but it wasn't.

* I got a raging sinus infecton RIGHT after D*C so I was incredibly sick the whole Florida leg of the trip. D's childhood friend was wonderful, though. I felt so bad for laying in bed holding my ears in pain while everyone else tried to have a good time. *sigh*

So, yeah. That was an adventure! I've decided we are going to D*C every other year. EVery year taps out our resources. All we'd DO every year was save for that trip only, and I'd like to take my lover other places, too. Preferably ALONE.

Okay, gente.

I have more, but D and I are going to the library because Houston Public Central is having a graphic novelday and TERRY MOORE is going to be there! Terry Moore omg!!! I am excite.

In closing, I realize what i want to do is get a degree in graphic novels. Not making them; studying them. Discussing them. Writing dissertations on them. It does not exist. Someone get on that right away.

Cuidense! I'll talk at you later.
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Finally FINALLY reached the end of an eleven day work stretch on Thursday. I felt like a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed past emptiness. Work inanity. Is that a word? To be inane? )

+ Even tho I was pan fried on people and public service D and I did manage to go see HBP. ***SPOILERS*** )

Go see it! You won't be sorry!

+ Also. Uhm. ImighthavewrittenDeadliestCatchslash. That is all. *runs*

The roadtrip was good. D and I visited my sis and BiL in Austin and D and I babysat the Wee Nephew while my sister Ara and her husband had a date night. Because we are awesome tias and that is what awesome tias DO.

We also had Amy's Ice Cream, lunch at Chuy's and finally got the pw to the internet at D's sister's house so I was even able to check FarmTown Yay!

I know. My life, so hard.

Cuidense, gente! Stay cool Southern folks! H-town got rain and we weren't even here to see it!
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Got in this morning at 4 a.m., unloaded rental car (I'll tell ya'll later; it's made of fail) and napped for three hours before getting up, going to turn in rental car with D, and waiting while she talked to the mechanic about the vibration in the Focus' steering wheel.

Apparently, it is the design, which is what I told her, but ah, well. Hear it from the Master Mechanic, that's fine.

Had IHOP and am now in bed, where I should be sleeping, but am now awake next to D, Tallulah our cat, Sweet Pea, and Jax, who grew twice as big in one week! It's like a different dog! He is still a wee darling, but I don't worry about squishing him in bed anymore.

Points? Points.

+ Jax sleeps on his back with his little legs in the air. It is SO CUTE OMG. :-D

+ I need to wash my hair but I am so tired. I should probably sink down and nap but I'm worried about not sleeping tomorrow night and going to work on Monday.

+ Do you know what awesome is? Awesome is waking up during your vacation and realizing you flaked on a deadline at work. That is awesome. *sigh*

+ D's brother is in pretty bad shape. )

+ We went to the CNN Center in GA and I failed to kidnap Anderson Cooper. However, the tour was quite fascinating and I'm glad to have gone.

+ Texas? Is one big-ass state.

+ Great trip, but now? So broke. *sigh* If I could move my tailfeather and get my taxes done it would probably help things, tho...

+ I missed this last Thursday's Supernatural because her nephew doesn't have a TV to speak of. The boy, who is actually in the army, lives the most spartan existence I can't tell you. I hope to see it soon, or does anyone have a dl? Anyone? I'm scared to click links!!!!

+ As much as I loved Watchmen, and I did LOVE Watchmen, why must everying be de-gay-ified? Ozymandias, Rorschach, and two other Watchmen all had obvious and inferred references to their orientation in the graphic novel and zilch in the film. Really? Because that is disappointing and sad making in an otherwise fantasic piece of work.

Okay, gente. I'm sure there is more but I am fading.

+ In closing, I am aware that I have not checked in on Racefail 09. I will, because I do ultimately believe that silence means consent, but I'm not ready to. I have read dozens of links and threads and blogs and meta, but as a whitebread Latina lesbian with a butch white lover, I need to think some more.

I'll probably write again later or tomorrow, si?

Thanks for keeping the Interwebz safe for me, gente. Till later.
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And it was AWESOME!!! )

So far in Georgia I have:

+ Slept on an army cot. No, really. My back will never be the same.

+ Had the best barbeque at The Shack on Main which is. Well. A shack. On Main.

+ Made plans to go to either The Margaret Mitchell House, CNN, or The Jimmy Carter Museum tomorrow.

I go sleep now becuase I am tired.

Cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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It feels like forever since I've posted a real entry so- bullet points, si? Si!

+ Went on a spur of the moment road trip to Austin to see my sister Ara, BiL, and the wee nephew. It was great! We saw The Eggmen, a Beatles tribute band who were AWESOME, hung out with Benji, my nephew, and had good food. 'Twas fabulous.


+ We are getting a new puppy. It is a boy puppy, which is different for us since I tend to prefer female pets. However, there was only one girl and he was so cute! He is a teeny Chihuahua named Jax and he will live with us in about three weeks.

+ Man, just when I think the CSI:Miami ship has sailed it PULLS ME BACK IN.***SPOILERS*** )

+ And there is Heroes. )

+ I am on a strange Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks 'Tusk' period right now. This was preceded by a two week long Juno Soundtrack period. My head, so random.

+ I want to go to DC in March except I'm finding out I think EVERYONE goes to DC in March because I can't find any decent hotel rooms that aren't in, you know, Virginia.

+ I want to see so many films I am so behind! Taken, Rise of the Lycans, Milk, The Wrestler. I will never catch up!

+ I know everyone hates Jenny Schecter on The 'L' Word but Mia Kirschner has the most amazingly luminous eyes it is unreal.

And, in closing, I was so enthralled with Youtube that I forgot to turn off the spaghetti sauce we had for dinner so I sprayed air freshener everywhere. And now the apartment smells someone burnt tomatoes in a field of gardenias.


Okay, it is late, so I sleep.
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We got in last night at around midnight very, very tired, but happy to be home. I love my family but three days is about the shelf life to a good visit.

My sisters were great, even the one that just broke up with her long-time bf. (incidentally, I don't think one ever stops wanting to rip out the entrails of someone that hurts one's little sister), and the wee nephew was wonderful. My niece Cass and I bonded over Twilight and she has the BIGGEST fangirl crush on Robert Pattinson. HUGE! Robert Pattinson and the Jonas Brothers. There's something wrong about that....

Alltogether a good Xmas except for that fact that my parents just keep getting older, as parents do, and more unahappy, as. Well. I don't think most parents do? I dunno? They seem to like each other less as time goes on. My mom complains about my dad. He complains about my mom. They ignore each other or snark. It's kinda sad-making.

Still, everyone was there, which rarely happens, and good times were had.

I got this! )

Pretty good if I say so myself. :-)

My mom also brought me a pair of work pants which almost had to go up a size due to the size of my arse.

No, seriously. I always tend to gorge at my mom's house but this year was really in a league of it's own. Check out a list of the sweets, for real. )

So, obviously, there was no hope.

I think I gained at least ten lbs. while I was there. X-p

D is now pretty much accepted which is still kind of strange. We were even able to hold hands, sleep in the same bed, and peck each other on the cheek with no scandal ensuing. It's the small steps. She was kind of sick when we got there but got better and the rest of the visit went okay, health wise.

In other news...

+ We saw Doubt. )

+ D has discovered texting and keeps up a constant click of conversation every few minutes. I have said not much but I notice she is much less growly about my checking LJ. :-)

+ I am watching the NFL playoffs. The Texans won! The Cowboys lost so spectacularly I could hear my dad curse from 300 miles away.

And, wow, Faith Hill. Not who I think of when I think of football but, hey. I hope the good woman got lots of money for it.

+ Btw, I also finished up Breaking Dawn. )

Am now reading Duma Key by Stephen King. It's great so far.

In closing, and the only down side to our trip/vacation we returned to an absolutely FOUL smelling apartment! At first I thought Russell had neglected to change out the cat litter like he said he'd do, and for which we left him a copy of the house key, but no. We had not emptied the trash can. After cleanign out the ice box. :-( The stench was VILE. After opening windows, doors, turning on the fan, and spraying air freshner it is better today. But MAN, that was one of our more spectacular oversights.

Okay, gente. I work tomorrow and this upcoming year promises to be full of ridiculousness and tomfoolery at Chez HPL, but we shall see.

I hope you all had a Feliz Navidad and I'll talk at you later. :-)

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+ Pretty country. Pretty, pretty country. All the different leaves in Fall color. I forget that other places really do have seasons.

+ I appreciate that the people that paid for our trip are also feeding us. However, gracious Vermont hosts, please not to be asking the hotel to cook Mexican food for a buffet. Because that was SAD AND DISTURBING.

+ Today one of our group wanted to check out an upscale gallery she read about where one could watch hand blown glass be made.

US: 'Must be over 18 to enter' How odd! *enter*
Cue intense incense smoke, Led Zeppellin and many pix of pot plants and psychodelic art. Sign says 'LEARN HOW TO GLASS BLOW YOUR OWN BONG!'

ME: It's a head shop.
GIRL FROM OUR GROUP: What's a head shop?
ME: It's sexual.
ME: No!

Omg we laughed FOR DAYS *LOL*

There is more but it is late and I am tired. My continuing quest to find the best maple syrup for purchase was tiring.

However, I have bought a bag of Lindt chocolates from the Lindt store and colorful socks on sale. Because what does one need in Vermont but Lindt chocolate and colorful socks on sale, I ask you? ;-)

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later. Going home on Wednesday, back to work on Saturday.

Cuidense and I'll talk at you later.
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Do you know what is meep-making? When I thought I was leaving for Spain on MONDAY and I am leaving on SUNDAY. MEEP. Before then I have to: )

And I work tomorrow MEEP. And...and...I know there's more! *faceplant x eleventybillion*

In other news...

+ Watched the VP debate. )

We all know I don't like to say something if somene else says it better and [livejournal.com profile] winterlive pretty much nailed that:

(I)n summation: if you vote for mccain, you deserve what you get, you poor sad bastards.

Well said, well spoken, and very true.

+ I wanted to comment on the whole Frankie Iero was an asshat in college thing because, seriously? I just laughed and laughed and LAUGHED omg Frank. Really, if anyone were to hold up how I was at eighteen as a judgment for THE REST OF MY LIFE, dudes. I would be so screwed. My snotty, self-important, annoying self was at tiny community college when I was espousing tripe pretty to the style that he does, and I thank the lord and sonny Jesus that's where the tripe will stay. Someone just happened to dig up his 18 year-old asshattery, which I did read. And. Well. Am I missing something? Because OMG FRANK ILU *LOL*. He is so FLAWED AND STUPID AND PRECIOUS. I just. *hands* I can't EVEN.

+ Why don't I know anyone in Spain that I could go have lunch with?

+ I stumbled along a link to that song 'Never Ever' by All Saints on YouTube and it is the cheesiest, over produced, late nineties fluff I have ever heard and I have had it on repeat for the last half hour. Don't judge me!!

I know there is more but I don't even know what it is. I have so, so much to do I am tharn.

However, Barcelona in two days! So, you know. I'll take the trade off. :-)

Take care, gente! I'll be running like crazy until I leave Sunday but I'll talk at ya'll later.
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For at least almost a week. :-D

We were going to leave for Austin last night but it got late and we got tired and my sis doesn't get out of her Vice Principal job until 1 (HORRORS omg she's already working. I'm so glad to be a librarianz)so we're leaving when D gets up.

This is probably going to be a drive-by post of random so bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ Found this cool website called Librarian In Black which is a kinda-techie-cool-info type place that tells us technology challenged how to do things on the Internetz. And also has fun stuff. Like how to get your own Soundbadge Check it out.

+ Frankie Iero is touring to MY TOWN with is v.v. srs band Leathermouth. VERY SERIOUS DO YOU HEAR ME. *blink* BWHAHAHAHAHAohFRANKiluvu. I swear, gente, he's going at this as his total take-it-to-the-people-keep-it-real-project and all we can do is SQUEE at the DARLINGNESS and, like [livejournal.com profile] bexless says, make pictures where he's a butterfly. HIS LIFE SO HARD. Oh, Frank, I LOVE YOU NEVER CHANGE.

Now the questions is: Do I go to the show at Warehouse Live and pretend like I'm youngfolk and have good sense? The tix are more affordable than anything I've wanted to go to lately, I'l tell you that.

Whadja think?

+ Dear anonymous sender: If you are trying to get me to buy Acai Berry to lose weight by your Internet spamming it would behoove you to know that 'elimite' is not a word. MORON.

Ack!I had more, really, but I must away.

I will be on sporadically (I know, you all MUST survive) but should I take my laptop? Could I still get reception? Yes I am the clueless shut up. I've never had a laptop before. LEARN ME, FL!

I will talk at you later, gente! Why?

Because I have SIX WHOLE DAYS OFF!
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+ Grumpus with the gf. Check.
+ Pain the ass unpleasant surprise at work to be dealt with. Check.
+ SIX MORE DAYS of work before day off. CHECK.


HOWEVER,I have a new Happy!Frank icon. Seem my Happy!Frank icon? *luvs it* He's such a goober. But you can ALMOST see the amazing peat-moss-brown-green of his eyes and his lip ring is showing and just *heart*. LOOK at that face! How can I stay grumpy with that face?

I think I might make it a project to find Happy!Frank icons. Or maybe just Happy!MCR icons and add them. It brightens up my whole day.

In other news....

+ Will be going to Laredo to see the old folks on August 1st. Was going to Austin to see the Favorite Sis and Wee Nephew but when I called my mom I realized my dad is now unable to drive long distances, and by 'long distances' I mean a few blocks. This is a real shame since I know few people that just LOVE driving as much as my dad. I obviously did not get his driving gene. So I added a couple more days of vacation and down to the border we go. I was really looking forward to Austin and hanging out with Fav Sis, but oh well. Maybe we'll just do two legs of the roadtrip and see her, then head out there. We'll see. And gas, yeah. Six hour trip. That should be tons of fun to pay for.

+ FIC PIMPING!!!!! There was such a dearth of amazing [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang fic, really. I have been parcelling it out like expensive candy you don't want to gorge on all at once. I have just made my way to [livejournal.com profile] woebetidesweets wonderful apocalypatific Pennies and Colder Fountains and oh. My heart. *clutches bosom* Frank and Mikeyway, zombies, and a bigass gun. Mikey fuckin' Way, man. It's BRILLIANT. Go! Read! Feed the author!

I had more but I must away!

You all take care and I'll talk at you later. :-)

See? Frank Iero-good for what ails you.
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I think-I am fairly certain-that I'm going to Spain in October! Going BACK to Spain in October!

Damn I wish I had known that so I could have saved more money. But still, Barcelona! *dances*


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I will be in the fine, fine city of Dallas until Friday at the Texas Library Association Conference.

I got no advance because I applied too late so it will be a frugal excursion but ROAD TRIP YAY!!!

Anyone here in Dallas? I'm at the Embassy Suites at the Dallas Market or something like that. Alma Chavarria. Holler if you wanna hang sometime this week.

Ya'll cuidense and don't be too fabulous whilst I'm gone, yeah?

*hugs everyone*

For now, too beds.

See you on the flip side!


P.S. I miss my friend Shelby. I need a Shelby rejuvenation.
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Working on Saturday with the Children's Festival all around me. I can hear that kid from High School Musical singing and dancing and the screams of all the tweenies. Ah, me.

Of course I use the term 'working' loosely, since my inner dialogue has gone something like this )

So, yeah. Not so much with the productivity.

News of the Bad....

+ First and foremost is that every time I turn around I am putting out another little fire to do with the Grand Reopening and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH FOREVER KTHANXBAI. O.O

+ I have not done my taxes and now I have, like, Monday and next Saturday ONLY to get them done. Procrastination thy name is moi.

+ Every other time I turn around someone is saying, "OH! We have Opening Day $! Send me a list!" Yeah, see. I can't just 'SEND YOU A LIST.' I do not have a random list of titles we need to replace/order shoved down my bosom in case of a list emergency. I need to look at the collection, check to see if it is in print, check Best Books for Kids, see if a copy is in Stacks, check the condition of said copy in Stacks, check to see if copy EXISTS in Stacks since the last check out date is in 2001. I'm happy you have $ for opening day but GIVE ME A BREAK.

News of the Good....

+ I have been reading teen graphic novels too fast to add them to Goodreads, all so awesome. Most notably 'Re-Gifter' and 'Thessaly.' Currently reading 'Swamp Thing.'

+ I can hear the Children's Festival from here. So very loud. So very glad I'm glad I'm not there.

+ Frank is tiny and adorable....what?? That's SO of the good!

On the 'surprise road-trip' front-

+ I am going to TLA!!!! Yay! I was not going to go ANYWHERE since I've got all this shit to get done but awesoem co-worker M had some fairly major family stuff that came up and they'd already paid for her and my boss has gone to too many Texas Librarian Association Conferences to be bothered so...ME! :-D I mean, it's only in Dallas, but who cares. Free road trip! Newbie N is going to drive, thank god.

So, that's me.

Ima go back to trying to work and revving up my inner mental clock, which is in a stubborn: Saturday=/ Work pattern. Wish me luck.
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Thank Jesus Christ and all the saints. *hugs cluttered apartment and Queen sized bed to bosom* Home! Mmmm. So happy.

First the Good:

*I got an embarrassment of riches, really, mostly from D. She doesn't have money every holiday and when she does she tends to overcompensate despite my asking her not to. Hard to complain when I'm sitting there so incredibly happy!

- Life on the Murder Scene! You can tell out of everything this made me squee and bounce and made my family glance at me quizzically. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *luvs it*

- Runaways, Pride and Joy, by Vaughn, Fables Vol. 1 by Willingham, and THREE Strangers in Paradise graphic novels by Terry Moore including the Treasury and numbers 3 and 5!!! My gf loves me. :-D

- This beautiful robe which is soft as a cloud and a pretty blue color to replace the raggedy one I've had for, literally, twelve years, and that has a hole on the side.

- The perenniel socks and underwear of which one can never have too many

- A travel alarm clock
- A travel pouch
- Money from my mom
- And a gorgeus diamond accented sapphire ring for EACH OF US GIRLS that made everyone's mouth drop. My mom has started buying us real matching jewelery every Christmas ever since my brother died but this was WOW. Apart from my wedding ring I don't have a lot of real jewelery so this was amazing.

* I also had a pretty good visit with the 'rents and the siblings.

* We drove my third sis and the wee nephew to Austin yesterday so I had an extra day of wee nephew goodness. I didn't even mind the four hour marathon of Finding Nemo/Lilo and Stitch/Lion King from the back seat.

* I saw my best friend from high school, her husband, and 'kid', who is now seventeen. It was a nice, brief visit, which was fine. We are not the same people, but it was good to see her.

It was pretty drama free. At least until Christmas Day.

The Bad

* The second sister's drama has reached critical mass, apparently. The person she's seeing is, well. Very broken. Because we are Chavarria women and that's what we do: show us a stable, well adjusted, emotionally functional person and we go BAH! Where's the fun in that? Show us a broken, emotionally fragile person with baggage galore and we go THAT'S THE ONE!!! ;-) Still, she threw a fit on Xmas day and took off for the whole day before my niece opened any of her presents, and stayed gone for the whole day in what is a huge bitch move, even for her. *sigh* She is very focused on this person, who I'm not saying is BAD, really, but does seem to need a lot of her undivided attention, and you know, my sister has a kid. But yeah.

* My elderly aunt fell and had to be taken to the hospital. We think this happened on Xmas eve but she was not found until the day after Xmas and that was a very big mess. She is recuperating and is going into a rehab facility today. However my mom wouldn't leave her alone at the hospital and my aunt doesn't have insurance so the last part of the visit was spotting my mom at the hospital so she could go home and take a bath and eat some because she was determined not to let us spend any of OUR vacation there.

* My dad, whom I love, and resemble both physically and in nature (unfortunately, somtimes) is living in his own private Idaho of snarking and opinionated comments which was driving everyone crazy.

* My puppy's eye is bothering her. The one she is NOT blind on. That is not a good sign.

So, yes. Par for the course.

It was still wonderful to have everyone there, which just does not happen that often anymore.

D and I have no plans at all for today except to lounge and enjoy our humble abode. We slept on my neice's little tiny single bed the whole time and my back is SO grateful to be home, too. :-)

I missed you all! I hope everyone had a good Xmas! I'm off until Jan. 2nd YAY! So I should be on and about.

Talk at ya'll later!
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Finally got here after D drove. I packed last night until 3 AMa because I had co-workers over to talk about the Class From Hell that I already took. We talked until 11 pm and I finally started doing laundry THEN.

We got here and went to my sister's birthday dinner at a really good barbeque place and I don't know when it will not be weird that my parents are actually ok with D being here and talking to her and everything. It's rather ovwerhelm-y. :-}

We are in my parents spare room with Sweet Pea, AC, and cable.

I tired now.

We leave Monday, hopefully early because HEROES SEASON PREMIERE OMG! *lol* So we should be back 7 AT THE LATEST.

Speaking of- just saw Bring It On All The Way, or whatever, with Hayden Pannettiere and Beyonce's sis and the movie? Actually not bad...

Take care ya'll!

Talk at ya later!


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