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No, really, really. There is an academic library sorority called Beta Phi Mu that only chooses members in a students final year of class and I have been selected.

I believe my first thought was.....BWA-HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA closely followed by O.O *lol*

For serious, though? I think it's actually pretty fucking cool.

In other news....

D's mom is still in the hospital but getting better. However, she is officially unable to care for herself because of diminished lung capacity, a mild case of food poisoning, and severe back issues. Nursing homes are being looked at. She really doesn't want this but there isn't much choice? It's hard for D, too....

There is a chance we might actually get to live together in the same city soon. We've been dong the distance thing so long I think I've forgotten how to do that.

I have gone site crazy. I now have a myspace, a Library Thing account, a last.fm account, and am considereing deli.cio.ous our however that is divided.

For RIGHT NOW though, I have the final Final. That's surreal, too.

The Frankfurt Fringe dress has been ordered. Here's hoping it fits!

Dinner with Luvs tomorrow. Yay!

It is late but I had to share my sorority-news. Hee. That will never stop being bizarre.

Good night, gente!

Talk at you soon!
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Well. Not really lost. More like muddled?

D's mom went in the hospital Friday night. She has a myriad of problems, most to do with basic old age and the fact that she will not listen to anyone who even suggests she might need to change her habits. So she has a bacterial infection, probably from a mild case of food poisoning, poor kidney function, lung problems, and blocked arteries in her neck which will need angioplasty and which she refuses to give consent for. *sigh*

Tummy problems )

In other news.....

I have decided the writer Kim Harrison is Laurell K. Hamilton without the conceit or sex issues. )

The results of The Prettyful Dress Poll are in! The winner by a landslide is The Frankfurt Fringe dress from alight.com. I must admit I thought the other dress would get more votes but a co-worker said the Jocelyn dress looked too 'busy.' Apparently, most people agreed. So I will be ordering the fringey dress and researchign the most painless way to wear hose. *grumble*

Thanks everyone who participated!

I have my final Final on Wed. It is due a week later, and then I am DONE BABY!! Wooooooooo!!!

I'ma go, gente!

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later.
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May everyone have a Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to all who sent me Valentinr love! I know it threw it up there at the last minute but beso beso beso to everyone!

T-minus eleven hours and counting until my Capstone Comprehensive Essay Exit Test. O.O )

In other news....

* I think I offended people on [livejournal.com profile] belladonalin's LJ when I contributed to a discussion on butch/femme identity. I certainly did not mean to and I'm pretty sure it is due to how butch/femme plays out in different regions and ethnic cultures. But I have been femme for seventeen years. That's just been my experience thus far. The person expressing such disbelief lives in NY and I have heard from people who used to live in NY comment that the lesbian scene there is quite different.

* I have seen such myriad stuff on the news that I want to link to and commment on if I were not tharn. For example:

* That evangelical preacher being CURED (CURED PRAISE GOD AND HOLY JESUS!!!) of that pesky homosexuality in nine weeks through the power of CHRIST HIS PERSONAL SAVIOR!!!........oh, please, girlfriend. Like you wouldn't do dick again if you thought you could get away with it.

* Someone in Congress is trying to limit marriage only to couples that can have children. I mean. Que? So kiss off all older couples, couples where one partner is sterile, and would that make lesbian marriage okay since lesbians can HAVE children if they choose to? The stupid. It burns.

* The clusterfuck that James Brown's and Anna Nicole Smith's affairs are in due to them dying intestate makes me want to go right to Gale Legal Forms and dl a will to fill out RIGHT NOW. I mean, I may not have much but I'm pretty sure my mama, bless her heart, neither wants nor needs custody of my collection of circa 1990's lesbian romances, the shelf of erotica, my huge female nude painting in the living room, or the computer with all the slash and prOn on it. It just makes me really sad they can't even DIE in peace.

* Marshall is apparently marrying Kim. Again. O.O. What the hell are you DOING Marshall?!?!? Just. I mean. *hands* He's doing this to personally hurt me. [livejournal.com profile] alexandriabrown said so and I agree.

I might be babbling because tharn is giving way to frenetic and frightened.

I must away, gente.

Everyone have a Happy Heart Day! Wish me luck and send me positive vibes and I'll see ya'll on the flip side!!
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Hola, gente!

First and foremost I send warm thoughts and hot cocoa wishes to those on my FL dealing with the bitter cold. Here we have finally gone from so much rain the town was singing that ark- arky children's song to truly pretty weather. Mid fifties at mid-day, forties in the mornings and the possibility of sixty-five tomorrow. Hello, Tx.

Also, Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!***SPOILERS*** )

In other news....

* As I mentioned in passing, my mother seems to have bought us a car. By this I mean she obtained it and gave the down payment. WE will take posession of the car after my University comprehensives and after we have figured out the insurance. WE will also be making all subesequent payments. It is in my mother's name but will be driven by D, who is not only no relation, but lives in another city, which is not the same one I live in. If anyone has any input on how to make this the least expensive/complicated feel free to weigh in.

* Yes, comprehensives, known as 'Capstone' at The University of North Texas, will be from February 15-22. I am in some succesful denial but I fully expect to be insane and terrified in short order. I am taking the 19-22 off to work on the test but will be out of pocket since i intend to turn off my phone, lock my door, and turn off messenger from the 15th on. Just so ya'll know.

The end to all this is so close I can see it but I have to pass this test and it scares the everloving hell out of me. *clings to FL* Wish me luck.

* I miss writing. As usual, the closer I get to a major event the more I just want to hole up and write and forget everything. Just a few months and I will be done and I can write to my heart's content as long as I keep the lover happy. Just a few months, Lord. I can take it.

* Two weeks ago my 'puter was running veeeeeeeery veeeeeeeery slow. I called the Dell people who, after an interminable wait (their wait time has grown exponentially since I got the system), walked me through several processes to run only what I needed to and not every program I had, which helped move stuff along. The nice Indian guy, who I pretended looked like Mohinder SHUTUP was patient and very informative, told me all I had to do to get to a program again was find it on my 'start' button and 'click it back on'.

Well, I can't get Youtube to work now. It keeps telling me my Javascript is 'turned off' or not dled and I keep dling it succesfully (according to the screen) but it still won't play. I can't find Javascript or 'Macromedia' anywhere. I so don't want to call and wait AGAIN but it I needs me some MCR videos and the need is becoming dire. *sigh* I hate being this technoamish.

*I'm out of new books to read. The horror.

* BUT Leigh and Amy's brilliant sequel to their Hanfic 'Look to the Stars' , 'Map the Ocean' has another segment up and I am full from the joy of it. There is so little really, intensely good Hanfic out there these days that I hoard these brilliant jewels like the most precious gold.

Alight, gente.

I'ma go do some work since I have all these odds and ends to take care of and they are all thwarting me at every turn.

* deposit first scholarship check. Scholarship check yay! Must walk to bank to do so.

* Fax transcript request for other scholarship be mailed to REFORMA. Must find faxing place.

* Must mail graduation forms. Must find small manila envelope to mail forms in.

* Must mail copy of SS card and license to my parents for insurance purposes. Need D's copies which I forgot to remind her to leave for me. Crap.


It will work out.

Have a good day, gente. My darlings up North stay warm and I will talk at ya'll later!

P.S.: I will post the songs to my song meme tonight because Yousendit was being a twatwaffle last night. The only ones people missed were from Texas folkie chicks. :-)
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My next fiction genre assignment is Historical Fiction. Uhm. Yeah.

So- rec 'em if ya got em, gente!!! I read even less Historical Fiction than thrillers, which is to say not at all, and I have no idea where to start. Our catalog brought up 25436545534 records so no help there.

Prefereably not too long and if it's not recent that's okay; it's more likely we'll have one available.

*bows to power of FL*


Gracias with all my corazon, people! I shall invite everyone to my gradation for real! :-)

Now I get ready to go to telephone reference. What are the chances we will have a massive phone outage? Not good, huh?
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I need to read a 'thriller' for my next adult fiction genre. Thriller as in an action packed book, a la Clear and Present Danger, not Thriller as in the ethnically confused boundary challenged Mr. Jackson.

Do you read action novels? Anybody? If so, which ones do you like/have you read/have you enjoyed? Also for to have them not be huge long manifestos as time is always of the essence.

You all are my only hope. I haven't read a thriller since last summer, not really, and my attempts to find the author I liked, whose name escapse me, have been for naught.

In other news...

I had Chinese for lunch: wonton soup, spring roles and FIVE yummy steamed dumplings. I could not finish them all as they were fat and quite filling.

My copfic!muses are talking to me....!

That is all.

Have a good Friday, gente!

Talk at ya later!

p.s. I so need a wonton icon....
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Went to bed late last night trying to finish my homework. Didn't make it. Maybe woulda made it if I wasn't fascinate/annoyed/enthralled by Law and Order: SVU, but could not be helped. No one messes with my Olivia/Elliot time.

I trundle off to bed at one-thirty-ish.

Wake up at two-thirty convinced it is time to get up. I actually peer at my clock, stumble out of bed, peer at my watch, and go to the bathroom before I realize, no, it is not time.

Wake up again at three-thirty and at five. Same thing.

But Alma, you ask. Whyfor can you not tell, upon looking at your clock, that it is not time?

1) I am not awake, and therefore not reasoning
2) My clock is a bit confusing.

See, I set my clock twenty minutes ahead. I started in college so I would feel like I was getting more sleep before an eight a.m. class, and it just stuck.

However, doing the calculation in your head when you are mostly asleep is.... a bit difficult.

I usually wake up once a night, but only to peer at the display and fall back asleep happy that I have more time before I have to move. I do not know th deal with the somnabulism but it has got to stop.

OMG so tired.

My eyes have hefty bags under them.

I have gotten 3/4 of the way through the betas but need to talk to [livejournal.com profile] alexandriabrown, who has been mysteriously absent these past two nights, and run something past my Gay Sex Consultant but he is under the weather. I am in a bit of a holding pattern right now.

And still trying to figure out how to write this discussion post.

But in happy news....

Saw Justin on Leno last night! Only Justin could make me watch Leno, whom I truly dislike and think is mean to his guests.

The boy is just SO. SO lovely. SO LOVELY. It's amazing to see the bones of the man that had been waiting to emerge once the rounded cherubic babyface totally bid goodbye. He was funny and open and said **'Dude, whatever makes you comforatble makes me comforatable.' when Lance called to tell him about The Announcement and he called himself **'just gay enough' and just EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. He also talked about his grampa and, c'mon now. Who doesn't love that??

And he changed the 'motherfucker' line in Sexyback like a good boy. Live and learn, huh baby?

He's moved past the ghetto attire and his long legged, slimness is styling and sharp and he looks GOOD.

That is all.

Might faceplant on the desk here in a minute....

Talk at ya later, gente. Send me energy vibes because the day just began and I have miles to go before I sleep.

**all quotes paraphrased due to extreme sleep deprivation
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Do you know how you KNOW you are a doofus? )

In other news....


I was going to to the Fiestas Patrias Parade but rain was forecast, so no. Instead, like a good white bread Latina, I celebrated by waking up late, watching infomercials, and making watermelon drink from a watermelon that turned out to be a bit lackluster for pure consumption, but makes a wonderful agua fresca Which I made with my blender. Using Splenda. I am SO hardcore. *LOL*

D was here last night and is supposed to be here this evenings. Visits bisected by her work schedule. We plan to go see The Black Dahlia because we saw the program about the real murder on A&E. Or was it Bravo? Who knows, it sounded intriguing. Also, Scarlett Johanssen's breasts. There's just no wrong in that, my friends.

See how I am not obssessing about the Embers beta? See? Actually, the luminous and talented [livejournal.com profile] reet has zipped hers over and I'm awaiting word from the rest of my lovely ladies. [livejournal.com profile] amourality had some family stuff, so she might or might not manage, and I'm giving Saba some time. Because I am CALM. I am PATIENT. Yes.

Also, as of Monday I will have only two weeks left at Exile Branch after which I will return downtown. )

The new TV season is upon us and I am squeeing with glee over my SHOWS MY SHOWS BEING BACK!

Major Squee-age

- Prison Break- Hello, Wentworth! Good to see you!
- Supernatural- ALMOST HERE!!!!
- CSI- Nicky!!!!!!!!! Greg!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I have scrubbed the final scene out of my brain, why do you ask?
- ER- omg did she lose the baby? DID SHE???? *bites nails*
- Lost- I can't even remember but more of Sawyer is always a good thing. Is Kate gone yet?

Moderate Squee-age

- Grey's Anatomy- jury's still out. I didn't like the McDreamy ending or the Denny ending so I guess we'll see.
- Gilmour Girls- I had lost interest, then got sucked in over Summer reruns, and Jess's brief reappearance, and now I don't know. Ever since [livejournal.com profile] mustangsally78 said they all talk like they are on meth I've realized it is absolutely true....
- Smallville- it's all the Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling/Paddywhack slash that I keep stumbling over, man. wtf? And Lex and Lana is just so, so utterly, creepily, yummily wrong.

Unfortunately I don't seem to intersted in any new shows. Tried Vanished and. Yeah. My Gale Harold love just did NOT overcome that short sleeves/tie combo. So, so sorry. Also, no sit coms. I truly fear that proclivity is irretrievably broken. Hm.

Aaaaaaaaaand is anyone else having trouble highlighting stuff when they write a post? Like to delete and edit? Or am I the only special snowflake on that front? The cursor won't drag a highlight across the screen. How annoying is that?

All right, gente.

That's all the news that's fit to print from my end! Don't know if I'll talk at ya later but have a great weekend if I don't.

Cuidense and bye for now!


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