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The high today is near ninety. The humidity is barely manageable but with rain predicted for later today I am not optimistic it will stay that way. Hi, Summer! Hi! Didn't miss you!

Hello, gente. I'm back!

The graduation trip was good once we moved past several moments of trauma that, for once, had nothing to do with my family. )

So back now!

And in time for Heroes which was MADE OF AWESOME!!!! I love that show so much.

I still can't wrap my mind around how much free time I now have. No homework. No classes. I can change my homepage to something fun. It's bizarre.

I've begun to write again, a one shot quasi SF Hanson fic. Uh. Yeah. It's about 3/4 done and is a strange little number but we'll see. It feels so good to just create again.

Hanson on Howard Stern= the most HILARIOUS thing in the world. Oh, Taylor. *LOL*

Blue Sky from The WALK = TEH SEX

Possibility I will go see Charlaine Harris at Murder By the Book today at six thirty. EEEEEEEEEE!!! Should work unless it rains. *crosses fingers.*

Ima go gente. I'm at work and I have DESK DUTY BLEAH in a few.

I missed you all!!!

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My lover, myself, and the dog (do NOT ask) are going to my graduation in the metropolis of Denton, TX, whose population indeed does triple over this weekend.

I will be out of pocket until Monday evening sometime!

Ya'll wish me luck not tripping across the platform in my new not-too-high-heels while I accept the damn diploma and I'll see you on the flip side.

In closing I leave with you with these reflections on tonight's Supernatural. Basically )

Bye gente! Ya'll cuidense 'till I get back!
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*bounces bounces bounces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

I'm going to be a REAL LIBRARIAN!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!


Damn! I need to send in my graduation order and buy something to wear and make hotel reservations!!! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I am. Never. Never. Doing anything like that again.


I PASSED THE STUPID TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is all.
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........especially stupid things.

Apparently the Houston Pride Committee in all its wordly and arrogant wisdom is trying to get the Pride Parade moved from June in the Westheimer/Montrose area, the 'gay' area of town, to SEPTEMBER and DOWNTOWN.

I mean. WTF?

RANT.Probably best you don't click. )


I'm sure none of this has to do with me waking up convinced I had failed The Stupid Test and eating my way through the day. If I had Krispy Kremes I'd inhale them unti I passed out.

And....hey! How are ya'll? How's it going?

I am really not that grumpus. But this waiting is killing me and now they are trying to MOVE my DAMN PARADE and really. I just want to hide in my apartment and read fic.
And more Brian K. Vaughn.

I wonder how long it will be before the Jensen interview on Jimmy Kimmel is up on Youtube?

Yeah. Much with the randomosity.

I should probably go now that I have vented.

Ya'll take care and I'll try not to spam anymore. *crosses fingers*
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I turned in my essays at three thirty this morning.

My ass is still asleep from sitting so long.

I've gotten one and a half hours of sleep because after I went to bed I obsessed for another hour and a half.

My apartment. Oh, my god. The disaster of it.

My back. Omg. The pain from sitting in my-too-small-for-my-can-non-ergonomic desk chair.

I am still second guessing and worrying and spazzing, but I'm at work because I said I would be.


Hey, hola. I missed you all!



More later. Like, tomorrow. When I will hopefully feel like a human.

Feliz CumpleaƱos to my bff in RL Shelby! I am late with this (because I was ass deep in grad shit but I am often late; she knows this. She is a just that kind that she nevers says a thing). She is also my compass and touchstone and the best person I know anywhere ever. Hope it was awesome, Shelby! Talk to you soon!!!

Also, sunny and breezy and lovely outside. The South, man. There are advantages.


Four more hours. I can make it.

Enough random.

Cuidense, gente! I'll talk at ya soon.
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In the sense that half of the screen is suddenly very wide and the color purple. I like the color purple but this usually happens due to large graphics and I can only find some embedded Youtube vids, which don't usually make the format go wonky.

Not that it wouldn't literally apply in some instances and moving on, TMI, babbling. Too early and too much Starbucks.

I have realized I cannot live without a tall white chocolate mocha, skim milk, with whipped cream, every morning. That first taste is heaven and the day automatically looks promising. *cuddles mocha*


TV! TV! TV!!!!

Prison Break is killing me with the squee! Killing! Squee!!!! ***SPOILERS**** )

HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO'S HER DADDY?!?!? *******SPOILERS********* )

And yeah, yeah. In case it doesn't seem like it I AM doing the last semester of grad school. I AM having comprehensives week after next (holy shit). I DO, however, have the twatwaffle to end all twatwaffles as a Capstone facilitator. Why me, lord?

For example, we have had ONE chat about the test. One! From 9-10 a.m on a weekday when, hello, many of us have JOBS. So a bunch of us asked about a transcript? Another chat?

No, she does not believe in chat as a teaching tool, anyhow. Any concerns we have can be addressed on the forums just fine.



So you can see why denial is working well for me right now.

I'ma go gente. I only got one thing done from my list yesterday and I have no lunch hour today because my boss is taking everyone to lunch. Yummy food, nice. No free time to do errands not as nice.

I need an assistant. *sigh*

Take care! Be warm! I'll talk at ya'll later.
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Hello, gente.

I have a meeting in twenty minutes so we're doing point form this moring, yes?

* Saw Figure Skating Nationals on TV this weekend. ***SPOILERS FOR NATIONALS COMPETITION**** )

* It was apparently a sports weekend because I also saw all of the X Games and it's become one of my favorite events. I don't know a 1080 from a Fakie but it those kids are insane an enthusiastic and so damned YOUNG and watching commentary from two dude that sounded like they were from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was priceless. Gnarly! *LOL*

* I read some of my course text. Bleah.

* My mother got us a car. No, for real. The mind boggles- and then implodes.

I have to go, gente.

Take care, stay warm, and I'll talk at ya'll later.


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