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Me: There's a Winchestercon! I've always wanted to go.
D: .......with guns?
Me: o.O
Me: *laugh like hell*

In other news, I have two days off!

Possible activities:

+ Art Car Parade- One of my favorite events in Houston.

+ Star Trek Prequel- I am not a trekkie but this sounds intriguing even to me. Besides, Zachary Quinto as Spock! Come on. He was charming on Bonnie Hunt.

+ Meeting the Pet Teenager's Girlfriend- apparently she wants to meet us. D is going to make a roast for Saturday dinner, possibly. Yum.

We shall see how things work out.

Right now: SPN OMG!!!! *bites nails*

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Or is Supernatural incredibly homo-erotic tonight?
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Supernatural finale. SPOILER ALERT***** )


Still tired tho we seem to have unloaded the last cart of books. *faceplant* My feet are throbbing with pain and swollen to the size of apples. No shoe shopping for me today.

I bought a summery cocktail type dress on sale at Lane Bryant for the soiree tomorrow evening. Luckily Overachiever Girl, who is buying a house with her hubby, is working for me during the day because she needs Friday off to close on the deal. Hence, I only have to be here at six p.m. all gussied and ready to have my hostess face on and do tours for rich people. -------->This<------- is me dying from the joy of it.

That's all I got except I am up to page seventee (SEVENTEEN!!!!) on the next Embers and I really feel like my boys are back! I should have asked [livejournal.com profile] reet for her input months ago when I was stuck. I need to find time to work on it more but I'm so excited. I missed them a real whole lot.

OK, gente.

I need to go take care of some odds and ends, tho my body is DONE FOREVER and only wants to sit and read or write fic. Maybe have some chocolate.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!
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Getting to work and realizing you forgot to put on deodorant.

That is excellent. *headslap*


And my one co-worker that I KNOW would have deodorant and not mind sharing is off for a week and a half, the hussy.

I used to keep an emergency one in my backpack but removed it for a roadtrip and never put it back.

I will not be raising my hand for any reason.


In other news...

Who saw Supernatural? )

Work is still kicking my ass. I don't know if I'm cut out for this kind of thing. I just really enjoy being a worker bee and not the head of the hive. I have a life, I'm not really amibitious, and I like to think I know my own strengths and weaknesses.

Yet, here I am. Because I wanted more money and I couldn't get that without some semblence of hive-heading.

I just hope this whole major grand opening thing doesn't go balls up.

I am having dinner with the Token Guy Friend tonight. It has been a long time and I need to catch up with K, who I heard from an acquaintance, is feeling a bit low.

In closing, I'm sure everyone's heard but JOSS WHEDON WILL BE BACK ON TV!!!! WITH FAITH/ELIZA DUSHKU!!! MY WEEK IS MADE!!!

That is all for now. :-)

Ya'll take care and I'll holler at you later.
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My lover, myself, and the dog (do NOT ask) are going to my graduation in the metropolis of Denton, TX, whose population indeed does triple over this weekend.

I will be out of pocket until Monday evening sometime!

Ya'll wish me luck not tripping across the platform in my new not-too-high-heels while I accept the damn diploma and I'll see you on the flip side.

In closing I leave with you with these reflections on tonight's Supernatural. Basically )

Bye gente! Ya'll cuidense 'till I get back!
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Alright, gente!

[livejournal.com profile] thysanotus has discovered Sam/Den, Jensen/Jared and she is need of SPN fic recs!

I know some of you have dabbled in the fandom and moved on but some are still deep in it, so show her some love. She is a writer of the highest calibre and I can only hope she will lend her considerable talents to this fandom. We can only benefit!

Thanks a lot, gente and have a great day!


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