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Otherwise known as, Journaling For Therapy in 5 E-Z Steps. Really long. Scroll past if your own family drama is enough for you. )


Since The Email, I have been self-therapying with British police procedurals which, to be fair, I love anyhow. I've just been binging them and D has been watching with me. I have rated them in order of how much I want to visit the country they are set in which happens to be in keeping with how much I love them. I'm not including Broadchurch since my deep love for it goes without saying:

1. Shetland- I love this SO MUCH. The countryside looks so lush and green and I love Jimmy Perez and Tosh the best. I continue to be highly amused at his Spanish surname and how totally plausible it is because Spaniards are often blond and fair. I am a season behind because the new one isn't on Netflix until it is complete but I can't wait!

2. Wallander- HOW did I not know Fetus!Tom Hiddleston was on this?? HOW?? You are all FIRED! Also, I know this is based on the Swedish mystery series, ok? Kenneth Branagh is a Brit, as are all the cast. Everything is superb on this: acting, cinematography, writing. Branagh is so BROKEN in this, like, all the time, and all you want to do is give him soup and tell him to sleep.

3. Hinterland- Of all of them this is absolutely the darkest, both literally and symbolically. It pushes the gore factor considerably in crime scenes and gunshot scenes compared to the others. Very noir, but really well done, too. Another broken DCI with secrets and baggage skillfully performed by Richard Harrington, who played Captain Blamey on Poldark, where he looked 65 years old in his wig and uniform. Fantastic cast, all of them.

4. Midsomer Murders- This is the oldest series and it is A DELIGHT. We are only on the second season and enjoying it utterly. Much lighter fare and a breath of fresh air every time. It's also such fun to play spot-the actor. We've already seen a young Emily Mortimer and Elizabeth Spriggs of Sense and Sensibility and Harry Potter fame.


* D has been pre-diagnosed with gastroparesis, which basically means her stomach does not work right. We are seeing other specialists because her dr thinks there might be another condition also at play and wants to at least rule it out. It is such a relief to find a medical professional that listens and believes you, I can't tell you. Dr. Behazin in Houston and her staff are the BEST.

* I plan to visit my folks early next month because it has been way too long. My mom is not doing well being my dad's caretaker since she is not, and has never been, the best nurturing sort. Not being mean; she'd say the same. However, she is also 77 herself, so I know her health is not the best, either.

* I have not read anything in so long it is sad.

* Except for kid's graphic novels for my committee. My faves so far are

- Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag
- Princess Princess Ever After by Katie 'Neill
- Fish Girl by David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli
- Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt by Ben Clanton
- Real Frends by Shannon Hale

Okay, gente. I'ma go be productive.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for letting me use this as a space to process. It really does help. :-)
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Or, really, just the dumpster fire that the US has become. *sigh* I can't even with the odious horrible happenings of this past weekend. Insisting that I, that most of the country, did not vote for this asshat helps nothing, but we really didn't. I've been escaping into media a lot, which is my coping mechanism. Well, that and chocolate. I suppose there are worse ones?


* WE GOT A NEW ROOF!! Insurance paid for most of it and, considering our garage closet sprung a leak, that was fantastic. Also considering that replacing whole roof without insurance was about 8K, we were pretty happy

* Work continues to be awesome. I'm really enjoying being on the Little Maverick Graphic Novel Committee to choose GNs for kids, I'll be traveling to Guadalajara in November, I am drowning in picture books to order, which is a great problem to have. I love my job. :-)

* My mom and dad are getting more and more problematic to deal with. They are 75 and 76 and my mom really shouldn't be driving and my dad has increasingly worse dementia. However, you can't pry the keys from my mom's cold vise-like grip without what would be an ugly scene. Since I live in Houston and my third sister lives in Austin, the caretaking is done by my sisters who live in my hometown. They don't take kindly to opinions by people who do not live their life with my folks every day.

* D seems to have maybe found a GI doctor worth a damn and is having a couple of procedures that will hopefully give us some info on why here system is so jacked up and what to do about it.


* Watching or have watched:

- SHADOWHUNTERS- Really, HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE MAGNUS AND ALEC??? I watch the whole thing JUST for them and the beauty that is Emeraude Toubia/Izzy Lightwood. It really is a good show with a top-notch cast, pretty, pretty people, and lots of diversity.

- VAN HELSING- This really spoke to me and I can't wait for season 2. If you give me a strong female lead with life issues, paranormal proclivities, and a diverse cast, I will pretty much watch, every time, forever. It's not that complicated.

- THE SINNER- I am so impressed with Jessica Biel I cannot tell you. Apart from her truly stunning countenance she's just always been Timberlake's gf, then wife. This, though. This does not pull punches. She's producing, too, which is amazing. She plays a normal seeming young wife and mother who loses her shit and stabs some local Chad to death on a crowded beach. There's flashbacks to a sad, troubling childhood and Bill Pullman is especially fascinating as the hangdog detective with his own demons to slay. Dark and heavy, the mystery unfolds like poison origami. Really good so far.

- BROADCHURCH- BROADCHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cast and writers keep hitting it out of the park and it was worth the 84 years for the second season! David Tenant is fantastic and Ellie Colman is a perfect foil, the two of them playing off each other like crabby partners who you know would take a bullet for the other in a minute.

- TEEN WOLF- It's the last season and I CANNOT WAIT for Tyler Hoechlin/Derek Hale to come back. That's my 'ship. I have remained largely beside any kefuffle that there has been?



* I miss LJ sometimes y'all. Between here, tumblr, and twitter, I've got most people followed, but still. I feel like I'll never know what Pet is up to again for example. Just like having Buffy as my first fandom, I'm not sure any platform will ever quite fill that fandom hole in my heart like the LJ of old. You really had to actually WRITE to do it, you know? Not just post a link, or repost a picture, or do a meme. Like here, you kind of have to write a bit, to give it at least a bit of thought and time, and I miss that. My support system there got me through a lot of bad shit. I didn't know how much I depended on it until I looked up and realized I have that history and common ground with very few people IRL and I'm not all that into cultivating it? It just makes me tired, the thought.

Which would explain why we are basically two introverted lesbians who watch a lot of TV and talk to our dogs LOL

Ok, gente. I gotta motor.

You all take care, especially right now. We're not in Kansas anymore and it's scary out there.

'Till next time!
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*Everyone's all GoT OMGGGGGGGGG but I no longer have HBO so I'm reading spoilers on eveyrone's posts.

* Began binge-watching THE NIGHT WATCH on Netflix and LOVE IT. While I don't think it has the depth of ER, my standard bearer for fantastic medical dramas, I like the energy of the writing.It's set in San Antonio, someone has actually put in some time to get cultural and geographical references correct, and the staff is wonderfully representational. ALL the pretty people! There's a CANON GAY COUPLE WOOOOOOOOOO! Jennifer Beals played a medic!! I am enjoying it thoroughly.

* SHADOWHUNTERS is back as is my jam, Izzie Lightwood (see icon pic). Emeraude Toubia, the actor, is SO STUNNING and she's A TEXAN and she SINGS and just yes. Magnus and Alex are still my favorite TV couple. While I eschewed everything Cassandra Claire for years, and with good reason, this is removed enough from the books that I began watching. You can't just give me Mike Chang from GLEE as a bisexual, kickass warlock and expect me to pass that up. I am not made of stone.

* Rachel Maddow- always and forever. Her ratings are now apparently higher than her competitors? SO PROUD OF HER. Most trustworthy lesbian in news. Everyone says, now officially. :-)

* We also binge-watched ZOO, which ended up being really great, but the current season is leaving me kind of meh. They did away with my favorite het OTP, and now Bella Swan's Dad Billy Burke can't call them hilarious things like 'Danny and Sandy' or 'Ken and Barbie', which they really looked like, and that makes me sad.


* BUTTER/Netflix- Jennifer Garner's turn as a shallow, driven Repub wife of a butter sculptor is SUPERIOR and FANTASTICALLY FUNNY. The cast on this is perfect, including a surprise cameo by Hugh Jackman as a Stetson wearing hapless car salesman.

*THEY CALL ME JEEG/Netflix- Italian Foreign film that will twist your heart all inside out in the best way. Just watch it.

* AFTERNOON DELIGHT/Crackle- I didn't know I had a Juno Temple thing until this film. Funny, true, sad and angry look at a Thirtysomething Crisis and what Kathryn Hahn's Rachel does to find meaning in her measured, suburbia paradise world. Jane Lynch as a self-absorbed therapist is worth the price of admission.




* Despite the start of fiscal year rollover clusterfuck, I still love what I'm doing a real lot. :-)

* Went to San Antonio for the Texas Library Association Annual Assembly Conference which was great,except we got a crack in our new car windshield before the vehicle even had it's first oil change. *sigh* D got it 'glazed' for about $40 which was preferable to the $400 to replace the whole thing. You can still totally see it, but maybe it will act as an urban theft deterrent. Poor Pearl, already banged up!


*Ugh it just won't stop being embarrassing and awful and cringe-worthy. I don't think I've ever, ever, in all my 50 years, been as horrified to be an American, let alone a Texan. As much as I love my job, and I really love my job, y'all, I would leave for up North if I had any way to make a living. At least we'd be in a more progressive state where I would not be worried about putting a rainbow flag on my door or a Democratic Party sign on my lawn for fear of being liberal-bashed.

So these are turning out to be mostly what TV I'm watching but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

I leave you with a song I heard on NIGHT SHIFT, which, apart from being wonderful, has a music department that has some serious chops. I have had this on repeat for days because it is just that fantastic. The Van Morrison original is luminous, but I just love Otto's voice on this. The horns are EVERYTHING.

Have a great week, gente.

Talk at you soon.

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* We had half of a fantastic vacation! We want to move to Portland so badly. It is lovely and progressive and beautiful.
* We went to Multnomah Falls and Powell's bookstore with Denise's cousin and his wife, who are lovely people.
* We had ALL the great food
* We took an Amtrak to Tacoma which was also very cool. We plan to take the train as often as possible
* The weather was so fo fantastic it was unreal. We had two days of sunny perfection, and then it got a little overcast and drizzly and Brenda, Denise's cousin's wife goes, 'Oh! The weather got yucky.' We were both, '...no? What is this yucky you speak of?' It was still cool and brisk and fabulous.
* It is 95 degrees in Houston right now with 79% humidity and I am dying.
* Sadly, I could not connect with Dine, but I have hope next time!


* D didn't tell me she had been feeling increasingly worse pretty much since we began the trip. She said she thought she could 'power through' the trip. ( facepalm )
* We got to Tacom and the morning we were to go whale watching she woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me she felt sick. An hour and three projectile sick bombs later my friend Shelby drove us to the ER in Puyallup, WA
* D was released after three days because she had a 22000 count of white blood cells when the normal amount is 8000 and her heart rate was elevated. This is always what they find when she goes to the ER.
* It COULD have been worse. She could have cratered on the Clipper ship. Or on the plane. Or in some city where we knew no one. Our friends were just the best the whole time and I can't believe we are lucky enough to have them in our lives.
* We changed our flight and finally got home and I took two extra days off because I needed a vacation from my vacation

So! That part is a do-over whenever we get the money again.


* Just started binging Zoo. Not bad. I have Zenyatta/Jackson FEELINGS
* Got three eps into The Handmaid's Tale and kind of stalled. I know I'll go back to it but it feels too close to reality for me right now. Especially in Texas
* Shadowhunters is back!!! I loves me some Magnus Bane.


* The Pens won The Cup. While I'm not surprised because really, it's the Pens, I so wanted the Preds to win for PK. Still, Phil Kessel has a Cup win now, along with Trevor Daley, an ex-Dallas Star, and one of my favorites, so that is happy-making
* Now the long, dry, empty months until next season. May they pass quickly


*26 years together, 24 married. :-) Felicidades to us!

OK gente!

Must go work, so talk at y'all later!
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+ I am am fascinated by Tony in this series. Here is a character of color (with amazing eyes) that drives a cherry red Mustang, is generally accepted as being a badass, is well-spoken, gets along with grownups, AND IS GAY. I'm not sure I've seen this in any YA novel, let alone adult fiction. Apparently the ending of the tv series and the book is different? We are really hooked and the cast just keeps turning in strong, amazing performances.


+ I first saw Peter Gallagher on this gratuitous bit of fluff called SUMMER LOVERS, which I watched for the hot French Girl and Peter Gallagher's eyes (yes, I do have an eye thing). The film was set in Santorini Greece and one of the first depictions of polyamory I remember viewing on film.

I didn't actually see THE IDOLMAKER until after and was blown away by Peter Gallagher's voice! His broadway chops are showcased in this film that earned Ray Sharkey a Golden Globe and for playing rock and roll talent promoter Bob Marcucci.

Here is a young Peter Gallagher with However Dark the Night:

Now I go because I have a metric ton of work and not a lot of time to do it.

Have a good one, gente!
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Media I'm Consuming

13 Reasons Why- I haven't read the YA novel but D and I are both hooked on the Netflix series. The teen male protagonist is obviously Logan Lerman lite (for a second I thought it WAS him), but it's a strong cast. Kate Walsh as the aggrieved, angry mom and the young actor that plays Hannah especially outstanding. I also like the energy of Tony in this 'verse. He seems almost pansexual, which is odd.

Call the Midwife- This series just keeps hitting it out of the park. Such amazing performances and story each week. I wonder, does Harriet Walker mind being cast as the mean person all the time? Ever since Fanny Dashwood on Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility, it seems she's often those types of characters...I can't wait for Trixie to get back from South Africa. I don't see her and Sister Ursula hitting it off at all!

The Rachel Maddow Show - Sekrit!Intellectual GF. What can I say? :-) Seriously, she has away of framing complex political situations in a way that anyone can understand. I think this is why her ratings keep going up since the election. Also, how cute is that woman? It is not even fair.


Labyrinth Lost by Zenaida Cordova- Really accessible read about a Latina teenager who comes from a long line of brujas, Mexican witches, and really just wants to have a normal high school life. When she tries to do spell extricating herself from her powers on the eve of her magical coming-out everything goes balls up. I'll admit I like relating to so many of the small details that speak to my childhood, but the writing is really good. I look forward to reading more of her stuff.

Dorothoy Must Die- I began this because D and I are super into the tv show Emerald City, and it's supposed to be based ont this series by Angie Thomas. The show is very different from the books already, but I didn't expect to be as taken in as quickly. Especially when I read the book summaries which are SUPER DARK. Apparently there are a metric ton of books and side stories, but I look forward to the journey. :-)

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron - Meh. Really struggling to get invested in this. Perhaps three at once is too many....


The Warriors (1979)- We are trying to curtail the movie-going and save a little $ since we have two road trips planned, so I found this on Netflix, and it is MY FAVORITE FOREVER. The great tragedy of my life is that there is no Swan/Rembrandt slash. Why does this not exist? The world has failed me utterly.

Here is the iconic street chase between The Warriors and The Baseball Furies, a gang that wears baseball uniforms and fights in full quasi-mime face makeup. I shit you not.


A while ago I discovered Playing for Change, this movement of musicians from across the world that collaborates on covers as a way of bridging cultures. Almost every song I've heard I've just loved, and I love seeing where each musician is from. The song below is CLANDESTINO, a traditional song that represents the hearts and spirits of all those in search of a better world. I had forgotten what a truly beautiful language Spanish can be.

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+ One of my favorite skaters, Mirai Nagasu, is not going to Sochi despite placing third at Nationals and I am quite bitter about it. This is why I'm so disillusioned with this sport. My heart breaks for her because she was the only one that did not fall on her long program and yet she was passed over for a fetus that has never been to an international competition. I'm not saying the fetus did not work hard. I'm saying if TBTB made exceptions for Ashley Wagner to go, even thought SHE fell in her long program and came in FOURTH, what was the difference with Mirai?? Arrggh this sport. It makes me so crazy.

+ OTOH I discovered Jason Brown who IS going and is SUCH A DELIGHT I can't even. Here is his long program set to an Irish reel which he skates whilst wearing a sparkly green shirt. Seriously A DELIGHT. I haven't seen an audience this invested since Johnny Weir in his cherub curls, White Swan days.

+ Hockey has, however, ruined me to a point. I was sitting there through ANOTHER weighty, TERRIBLY DEEP AND PROFOUND long men's program (not Jason's) and I was all 'FACEPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT SO SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' AAAARRGGGGH I'M MEEELLLLTTTTIIINNGGGGGG Oh! College hockey! Who are these people? Where are they from? Is that program over? *flip channel flip channel* lol


+ I will take this opportunity to say, to whomever is still reading this, that this is is not going away soon, this hockey thing. I don't think it is. I am SMITTEN with players, and the league, and every day I find something hilarious or awesome and beautiful about them both, so. If you find yourself scrolling scrolling scrolling past the men in bulky uniforms, beards, and missing teeth, and really want to de-friend, I understand. I realize I've been kind of one-note like only someone who has found a new fandom can be.

Even tho I don't de-friend people for finding new shiny. Go on with your new shiny! Find happiness with your new shiny! My whole FL has fucked off to SG1? Vaya con dios! I'm going to squee about Generation Kill/Supernatural/American Idol? Yay for you! But that is just ME. I understand! :-)

Eh, I'm just kidding. I'm mostly don't de-friend people because I can't be arsed to click more than once LOLLLLL.

+ Both my teams are struggling right now. Poor bbs. I can't BELIEVE how long a hockey season is. I mean 82 games, holy shit. Makes me side-eye football players, let me tell you. I keep sending them virtual, good luck vibes.The Hawks did win their last game, though. Even if Kaner scored on his own goal BWHAHA oh babe. He is never living that down. I Googled him yesterday (as one does) and the first twelve links were PATRICK KANE SCORES ON OWN GOAL. At least he can laugh about it. That's one of the things I truly love about him: he's just HAPPY. He's a happy PERSON. How far I've come from my fascination with broken, angsty boys and their dysfunction. I mean, I still love me an angsty man (see: Mathers, Marshall) but I did not realize how utterly wonderful the sight of Kaner's smile could be. Oh, really, ahestele, you say? HIS SMILE LET ME SHOW YOU IT:

AKA gratuitous Kaner pix appreciation post BECAUSE REASONS I CAN! :-D

Beautiful boy is beautiful. And goofy. And ridiculous. It's kind of great. )

Okay, okay, I'll stop.

JUST ONE MORE with Jonny because them together really are my total happy place right now.

That look is known as 'the fond eyes' and they REALLY ARE. It's a THING he does he looks at Kaner.


That is actual steam coming off Jamie Benn in practice

shirtlessBenn1 shirtlessBenn2 shirtlessBenn3

I'm just gonna leave that right there.

I really adore that he can look like an apple-cheeked, wide-eyed kid and he is pretty soft-spoken in interviews and then he ups and does this:

Did you all see the look on his face right before the punches started flying??? That ain't no Bambi. And that is Joe Thornton, captain of the San Jose Sharks, he of the now infamous 'dick out, stroking it' quote, and generally one scary mother. And there Jamie is, shucking off gloves, pushing back his hair all, 'Okay, beauty. Let's DANCE.'


+ Still kind of adore Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak. Because reasons. :-)


+ I went through a long WNBA phase when the Houston Comets were one of the city's teams. We won a couple of titles and I loved watching women's basketball. Since the asshat owner sold the team (like he sold our hockey team to Wisconsin, asshat) I've kind of fallen off because I'm not intrinsically a basketball fan.

However, I found this on tumblr and it is Read more... )

I'M 'SHIPPING YOU LADIES SO HARD!!! My favorite is the guy wearing glasses in the background of the first gif who is all, '...wait. What?' :-DDDD


+ Sleepy Hollow- Hello kickass sisters of color! Actual sisters, even, though the other kind, too. Hi Orlando Jones, you crazy, fourth-wall-breaking-National treasure, you. Hello, pretty Ichabod. Really, this show is made for me.

+ Elementary- Joan and Sherlock just keep getting better. I could watch them all day.

+ Big Bang Theory- Always

+ Lots and lots of hockey. The Dallas Stars on TV and the Hawks online.


+ I'm kind of stressed $ wise so I think I am escaping into hockey and fic. There are worst things.

+ I am reading a graphic novel called CARDBOARD and it is really amazing. I don't know how it ended up in the KIDS side since it's kind of heavy, but still, exemplary writing and artwork.

+ D joined the YMCA for free because she belongs to AARP. She wheedled until I joined (ya'll can stop laughing I CAN HEAR YOU *points to YOU) but I dunno. It is kind of a lot per month and I know I NEED to but logistically speaking, with an hour on the park and ride, and me still doing most of the cooking (because I like to cook and I'm big on working with your strengths and D's cooking is not really one of hers), I don't know when I will go. I guess my days off?

+ I cannot get coverage for the Saturday of Memorial day this year so I will only be going to Friday and Sunday of Comicpalooza. *sad face* Probably no chairing any panels for me if I only have two days to go.

I know I had more but I must away!

In closing, winter weather has gone and it is muggy and barely cold NOOOOOOOO. *clutches winter* I was born in the wrong damn part of the country.

Talk at ya'll later!
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+ I have signed up for [personal profile] svmadelyn's Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange *breathes into paper bag*

+ I found myself crying in the dark by myself while reading calliotrope's amazing hockey rpf Scattered Pieces of My Mind. I'm not talking the eye-burning, sniffling thing that sometimes happens. I mean that embarrassing, hitching, ugly sounds in your throat that get pulled out of your soul thing that you can't even help. Over a FUCKING FIC OMG FML. I came to the irrefutable conclusion that I might be crazypants in love with Kaner and Tazer and this crazy, improbable fandom. I think this is what's called 'doubling down.'

+ Listen to me: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. I want ALL THE FIC EVER about the boys in THIS VIDEO:


It's the Boston University men's hockey team called THE TERRIERS ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Their team is LEGIT NAMED AFTER A TINY ADORABLE DOG??? Is there a DIFFERENT terrier I'm not aware of??? What does their mascot even LOOK LIKE??? At any rate, I didn't know it was possible to PERISH FROM CUTE but, apparently, that is not so, because they killed me DEAD. Eskimo kisses??? One pair calls each other PARTNER WHUT?? I CAN'T WITH THESE CHILDREN OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE

+ I am actively working on the Kaner/Tazer/Tyler Seguin OT3 and the Kazer AU. I think of posting, then I get afeared and tweak some more, than I write some more, then I think of posting, then I get afeared, lather, rinse, repeat

+ This sport is ruining my life, by which I mean, I'm so glad I listened to people and discovered it. :-)


+ The time I am spending on Tumblr is approaching maximum density. I am phig67 on there if anyone is interested. Unless you are all about hockey all the time with flashes of lgbtq posts, nudes, and manga/comics posts, maybe not for you. I'm not hurt. I sat here aaaaaaaaaaallll through when most of fandom fucked off to SG1. Then Sherlock. Then One Direction. I understand.

+ We are apparently hosting Thanksgiving? What? In two weeks? ...okay?

+ I am going to miss one of the THREE Blackhawks games televised in my area while I am in Guadalajara. ARRGGGH. D is taping it for me.

+ We have hardly any $, still, because home ownership is hard. I'm actually not sure HOW we're doing Thanksgiving but, there we are. I'm hoping things are a bit better in the new year when we are cancelling our useless, ridiculously unhelpful home warranty service, have a homestead tax break, and.... well, that's it, really, but I hope it helps. The thought if having no money for the next 29 years isn't very appealing....



dream thieves
Follow up to The Raven Boys it is amazing. I'd pay a lot of money to see this on film.


+ Sleepy Hollow- Between Orlando Jones ninja kicking through The Fourth Wall, Nicole Beharie being a kickass hot SHORT woman of color, and the completely self-deprecating charm of Tom Mison I am all in for this.

+ I DVRed and watched The NHK Trophy figure Skating competition mostly because Johnny Weir was the commentator and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to someone who was actually knowledgeable about the sport, it's history, and the point system. In fact, his explanation is the clearest I've ever been on how things are scored. I mean, I don't agree with it, but I understand it now, sort of. I'm worried the US is going to have a gap in the ladies FS area. And I was so upset that they didn't even show ice dancing where US skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White AND the Shibutanis came in first and third respectively. So frustrating. It was also wistful to see the crowd of thirteen THOUSAND in the stands whereas, in the US, the popularity is going in the opposite direction.


Vienna Teng, one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated, female vocalists out there, doing vocal percussion and singing to an Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone/Lose Yourself mashup that is UNBELIEVABLE.

Okay, gente! I'm off to write more, watch more hockey vids, and do that work thing. ;-)

Talk at ya'll later! To my freinds in The North, stay warm! We are still @ balmy 72 degrees, though a 'cold front' is rumored to be arriving tonight. I'm ready to snuggle so we'll see!
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As in, I don't have one right now because it is at the computer fixing place hopefully being worked on. I have no idea how much it will cost. If they quote me some crazy figure I am going into hock to get another system because that is ridiculous.

I've had that thing a YEAR AND A HALF.

So basically, I can only get online at work.

I will not bore you with how bugfuck this is completely making me.

In Other news...

+ I am on the eighth day of an 11 day work cycle and want to shoot myself in the face

+ D has a toothache which she waited to tell me about until she was begging to die from the pain. Then she had either had a reaction to the amoxycillin when coupled with one of the new meds she's on for thyroid, OR she took the amoxycillin on an empty stomach. Either way she was one sick panda by the time I got home yesterday. It took an evening of eating crackers and drinking tepid water and sleeping to be mostly okay. Which would have been fine except, as I've said, I'm on the way to being kind of burned out on this week.

+ There is (or should be please Universe) hockey on my TV tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT.


Things What I Am Watching/DVRing

+ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
+ Sleepy Hollow
+ Criminal Minds
+ Big Bang Theory
+ Elementary

Things What I Am Kind of Meh About This Season
+ Boardwalk Empire

Aw, hell, I know there's more but I can't think right now...


This video.

I can't stop watching it.


Patrick Kane and his jawline. And his eyelashes. And his lips. And...oh jfc you all get it.

Jonathan Toews with a special needs kid who JUST CANNOT WITH HIS LIFE RIGHT AT THAT SECOND!!! This one, guys. ALL THE FEELINGS I'M JUST SAYING.


Captain Serious in repose.


Captain Serious...unbuttoning his shirt?? Re-buttoning his shirt?? I have no idea what the business is here but the bathroom tiles and his boots look really odd together. However, Jonathan Toews, gente. There's no bad there.



Actual puppy!Kaner. I mean. I can't with this on SO MANY LEVLES jfc.

Okay I have to catch a bus and go home where I have NO FUCKING INTERNET so I will see ya'll on the morrow!
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Ruby was one of the first LJ friends I ever made when I was sitting in my Galveston, TX walk up spending all my evening reading and writing Buffy Spike/Xander slash. She left feedback on one of my first fics and I have had the good fortune of meeting her IRL as well as her two awesome kids.

I know you don't mosey 'round these parts too much nowadays and we miss you, ruby! Hope you had a great day and we miss yoooouuuuu! :-)


+ Our new person began last week. No one from our staff or even from any juvenile staff was asked/allowed to sit on on this interview process. What happens when no juvenile services staff is in on the hiring process is you get a new employee with no library experience, no early childhood experience, and that uses the poke and peck method of typing.

She is nice as she could be but WOW that is a lot of inexperience for someone coming in as a Senior Library Service Specialist. Her defense mechanism is to chat. A LOT. Hence, unless I obviously turn away or make a point of saying that I have a lot of work to do she will chatter and talk NON-STOP. *headdesk*

What really frustrates me is that I know there were no juvenile services people in the interview in general, and none of our managerial staff in particular, because our director has decided she hates all of our department at CEN-KIDS and uses any petty way she can to let us know.

It will be months and months before we can leave our new person alone at a desk and at least that long before she will be an asset rather than a hindrance we need to lead around by the hand.

ALSO, we are opening to the public on Fridays on April 19th and open on Sunday June 2nd starting a seven-day-a-week schedule for the first time since I began around 2003. *sigh* This is great for the public but sucky for us, especially during summer, when that one Friday closed to the public allows you to take a deep breath and decompress before doing it all again.

Yippy-ki-yay, motherfucker.


+ I know I am all late but I have gotten fascinated with Tom Morello since I saw that performance of him with Bruce Springsteen at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary. Here 'tis:

I LOVE this version. It has been on a loop on YouTube.


+ GAME OF THRONES!!!!!! D is reading the books but is now caught up and I have no idea if Brienne and Jamie are going to be A Thing. I kind of hope not. She is so kickass I luv her. Realized that, for some reason, there is a dearth of Daenerys hate in the teevee fandom, as opposed to the book fandom, maybe? I don't know why. I loves me some Daenerys, though she did have me at DRAGONS. I'm looking forward to seeing what Margaery does with Jofferey's sadistic crazy. AND BRAN! Right now he is my favorite male character since Jon Snow is with the Wildings and that chick with the red hair that gets on my nerves.

+ LOST GIRL!!!!- I LOVE THIS SHOW! I can't believe it is not HUGE EVERYWHERE! Though Kenzi seems to get thinner and thinner with each season; it is worry-making. I know she's an ex-ballerina but wow, she is very slight. Laurie and Dyson are going to be at this year's Comicpalooza and I am EXCITE!!! :-DDDD

+ Rachel Maddow- RachelRachelRachel! I love that woman. She was on Bill Maher last month and it was SO AWESOME. She had on her SUPRSRIUS black frame glasses and the steady WTF look she gave to the senator next to her as he rambled on about marriage equality, obviously losing the thread of his point somewhere along the way, was SO HILARIOUS I LUV HER.


Below is a message from one of our new people that was hired from another branch in our system. This is why you don't let guys respond to baby shower questions:

Honestly, we are open to getting pretty much anything. Gift cards would be nice, but please none to Wal-Mart we just don’t shop there. Also, baby clothes, new or used, are great. But, please try to limit the amount of pink. We already have a lot of pink clothes and getting other colors, or gender neutral baby clothes would be really nice. After all, this might not be our last kid and it would be nice to reuse some of this stuff if the next one is a boy. So, to recap here is a, brief, list.

1. Gift cards, but not to Wal-Mart. We tend to shop at Target, Babies R Us, or Amazon for kids things.

2. Clothes, used or new. Please try to limit the amount of pink items, or get a gender neutral baby outfit.

3. Really ANYTHING is fine. For that matter, if people don’t want to buy things that is still fine.

Sir, *this* is not an example of 'ANYTHING if fine.' O.o

And THIS Is an example of an exchange on the forum for my HOA. )

Good to know that hundreds of dollars in HOA fees ensures mature, upstanding, genteel neighbors! Boy howdy! LOL omg.

Okay, gente! I must away.

Take care and I'll talk at you later!
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+ See, ma'am, **work kvetching. Move on if you have enough of your own*** )

Well, then. There was that.


That ever happen to ya'll?

Somehow D and I have ended up with no friends that are gainfully employed or even a little bit liberal. S, our ex-housemate, has decided to remain in a relationship with her middle-aged slacker, stoner boyfriend who is not gainfully employed but does small engine repair when he feels like it. He spends all his time smoking pot, drinking beer, and hosting all his friends who also smoke pot and drink beer. I refuse to to over anymore because the pot smoke gets so thick you can cut it and I don't care how nerdy I sound; my job drug tests regularly. I've been called twice since out of the clear blue since I began to work for the city and I've KNOWN people who have been let go because of the results. So D went for an overnight stay and while everyone watched The Boondock Saints, one of my favorite cult films, people proceeded to disparage gay people in front of her. I mean, she WAS RIGHT THERE. They KNOW she's gay. She didn't call them on it because she said they were drunk and high and it would have been an exercise is futility.

I mean, we've met these people before at Superbowl parties and pool parties. They KNOW us. They KNOW our relationship.

Another of our friends, one of D's childhood pals, is a frothing at the mouth Teabagger. She is absolutely obnoxious with it; it is all she wants to talk about. She actually sat in our living room and told us we wanted LESS freedom and she wanted more because we voted for the Democratic Party. This heterosexual woman who has every right one can have simply because she is straight actually told us we wanted LESS freedom. When we pointed out the record all her Teabagger congress people have on gay rights she then said, 'If you would just put that aside...' O.O

I don't know how we even GOT to this place.

I have never been the kind of person to go 'find' friends, you know? Friendships have happened pretty organically. However if *this* is what I get from letting friendships develop organically I think maybe it is time we tried to find people we have a LITLE more in common with. Like an education. And political awareness. Or SOMETHING jfc.

This happened to anyone? What did you do?


This weekend I spent a lot of time watching the World Figure Skating Championships... )


READING- SAGA by Brian K. Vauaghan

OMG THE LOVE I CANNOT. It's like I've had graphic novel crack and must have more! I love this story SO MUCH. It's got strong females, an awesome feline, a baby, the mercenary, the ghost, the royal prince, it is AWESOME. The art is amazing; I love Fiona Staples' work. I cannot recommend it enough.

Somewhat large Saga pix. )

How can that NOT make you want to go out and read ALL THE STORY?? *LUV*

Between Comixology and the trades and single issues I am all caught up. I cannot wait for more!

Unfortunately this has momentarily ruined me for, like, any other books or graphic novels right now. This too shall pass. Any minute...;-}


- Elementary - I love Joan like CAKE. I love how she is growing and learning and how unsure and flawed they both are and how amazing they are together. So much love!

- The Vampire Diaries- I was not this eps biggest fan.

- Rachel Maddow- I found out when Rachel Maddow is not hosting I have a harder time sitting through the whole show. It's like Rachel Lite with those cute, nerdy anchors taking her place. Close but no cigar...


- Still a lot of Mumford and Sons. Read their interview in Rolling Stone and they all seem like such down to earth, truly sweet fellows. Kudos for Marcus Mumford flat out refusing to discuss or talk to his wife of 11 months Carey Mulligan during the interview. That is a man that values his relationship enough not to trot it out in the glare of the limelight; not even for RS.

In closing, the high today is 87 degrees. 87 degrees, gente! Bye-bye winter. Sorry you left so soon. To all my friends in the snowy north: I would switch places if I could.
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Well, to paraphrase Ms. Johnny Weir, who paraphrased Ms. Beyonce, I don't think they were ready for that jelly LOL.

Now that was a game. )


And by 'hijinks' I mean we are SO BROKE. We had to bail on a birthday party since we are out in the 'burbs now and literally didn't have the gas to get into town to the stadium. I know once we are done with the HOA fees and I get my tax refund it will be okay, but wow. We have not been this bad off for a long, long time.

The list of things to fix continues apace:

+ electric panel
+ roof
+ refinish tubs
+ re-do tile in showers
+ replace crappy laminate in kitchen
+ fix outside lights

And yet, I love the house. I love the airiness and space and peace of it. I love our small yard where the puppies and kitty can run around and I love how there is NO CARPET ANYWHERE YAY. We used to say that we had to have our payment be A Certain Amount or we would just sit in our house with no money and this weekend, when that happened, I realized I was actually really okay with it. :-)


+ I actually got a TUMBLR just so I could subscribe to Fuck Yeah, Rachel Maddow and Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow. And, in all fairness, I keep finding really good clint/coulson rec lists on TUMBLR. It's a testament to my fangirl squee because I couldn't manage to create an account without getting on Explorer and I HATE EXPLORER LIKE BURNING. So if anyone has a TUMBLR I'm phig67 on there.

+ How awesome is Elementary I ask you??? It has become my and D's absolute favorite new show. You can see the chemistry from SPACE and I love how both characters are really fleshed out. I'm not sure I exactly 'ship it but I adore the banter and really excellent writing.

+ We are both enamored of Downton Abbey even with the SAD SAD MAKING turn of events recently. I have always loved English period pieces, back to Merchant Ivory films, even if, as Margaret Cho says, the only way a person of color would grace those screens would be as railroad worker or prisoner or...not at all. Still, that was the time and place. Likewise, I really don't get why Lena Dunham got such shit for not making her cast more colorful. I mean, she's writing about privileged white girls right after college. That can be a pretty cloistered clique. In closing, Daisy is still my favoritest.

I know there's more but I had the WORST insomnia last night and I really wish I was joining Frank and Peppers up there.

SO! To put a swing in all our steps I give you my favorite YouTube video right now of a
flash mob swing-dancing at the Denver airport." I love the tiny girl with the flaming orange hair!

Cuidense, gente! I'll talk at you later!
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I am a little fuddled on what day it is since I have been on Staycation all this week and it has been divine. I'd decided to take a week after the people with kids took the winter holidays off and, ostensibly, so we could finish unpacking. While we have made some headway I think that is going to be a gradual process.


Begging the pardon of all my friends in the North getting hit by all the cold but the days have been absolutely STUNNING here. I broke out the sandals today because it was in the seventies and balmy. Texas: where you never put away your summer clothes! I hope this doesn't mean winter is gone, tho...I am not ready.


I love our house. That is not to say there are not glitches. The list of things we need to fix is ongoing and seems to get longer but I do truly love having our own space and our wee yard for our wee dogs. We have to get a handle on the whole trash/recycling pick up schedule, tho. There is trash day, heavy trash day, recycling day, and leaf and tree trash day. The schedule is somewhat confusing. I guess we'll eventually figure it out...


Shows what I am watching avidly:

+ Elementary- I love those two together SO MUCH. It has become D and my favorite hour of television

+ The Rachel Maddow Show- Except for the RM Show because my Rachel fangirling is reaching critical mass. She is so fiercely intelligent, and such an unapologetic political nerd, and says and does goofy shit and she is THE CUTEST OMG. And she has been with her partner twenty years and her partner is soft and round and really, I could not be more charmed. Unfortunately I made the mistake of looking up Rachel Maddow fic on A03 and now I want to sterilize my brain with brain bleach. I will spare you the details. O.o

+ Criminal Minds- Still don't like the new chick. Still love Reid and Morgan and Garcia and pretty much everyone else. Poor Reid! This week's was a heartbreaker.

+ The Vampire Diaries- Damon of my heart 4ever amen.

+ Big Bang Theory- Amy Farrah Fowler continues to be my hero. :-)

+ Hawaii Five O- Because you can't always see the slash, but when you can, it's visible from space.

I watch a lot of Teevee.

Shows What I Was Not Able To Pick Up Again

+ Glee- I miss Brittana. The jumping from NY to McKinley was not working for me. And I miss the Klaine.

+ Revenge- I kept missing when it showed and now i don't know what is going on.

+ Girls- I dunno. I think it was mostly my follow up to Game of Thrones, and without GoT I keep forgetting it's on.


+ I continue to be on a Clint/Coulson kick except I have read almost all of the first three pages of AO3 and now I need MORE.

+ I woke up one day this week and the copfic was yelling at me. Wonders never cease.

Okay gente. I know I had more but it is late and I must away.

Everyone up north stay warm! Be careful!
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Your main fandom of the year?

I was a little adrift in fandom this year. I WATCHED a lot of things I loved: Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, but none of those inspire me to read fic. I still read quite a bit of bandom fic. I read a metric ton of Avengers Cap/Ironman and I fell dowon the Clint/Coulson rabbit hole so much there in November that I didn't read 'real' books for three weeks.

Your favorite film you watched this year?

Avengers. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, US version. I did finally watch Let The Right One In in the original Dutch with subtitles and I loved it SO MUCH. In the interest of frugality I've pretty much stopped paying money for films in theatres unless it's something that needs to be watched on a big screen.

Your favorite book read this year?

The most powerful was Life After Death by Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis 3 that was freed. I got into a lot of series this year: The Codex Alera and The Dresden Files by Butcher. The Curseworkers Series by Holly Black and The Millenium series by Stieg Larsson.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?

I don't know if I've had an entire ALBUM I had to listen to since Black Parade. I kept finding songs I loved on TV shows. I found Lily Kershaw's As It Seems on an ep of Criminal Minds and I still love it and I discovered Hold On Hold On from Neko Case on an ep of the Killing and fell in love with her voice. And I know it's getting overdone like whoah but I love Some Nights by fun. because it makes me bouncy.

Your favorite tv show of the year?

The Vampire Diaries!!!! Also, Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey, Lost Girl, and our most recent find that we love muchly is Elementary. Lucy Liu will always be O-ren-Ishii to me but it is great to see her finally find a vehicle that suits her so well.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Probably Avengers? The quality of the writing is stellar. So many good writers from bandom, Buffy, it's hard not to love it.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Cut for True Blood spoilers, just in case. )

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?

Hawkeye from Avengers. Damon Salvatore. Perennial favorite Frank Iero who kept slaying me with all the adorable new dad squee on Twitter. Once a Frank girl...:-) However my TOTAL delight was Joel Kinnaman from The Killing. His Detective Holder was such a fuckup, so broken and trying and broken again that I could NOT EVEN I was all *LUV*. I adored how they tried to make him look all sleazy junkie and it is obvious he is so beautiful, as we saw on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?

Rachel Maddow. She counts, right? And Lisbeth Salander all day long. Honorable mention to Kenzi from Lost Girl just because she is so awesome.

Your biggest squee moment of the year? *The Vampire Diaries when****Should I cut for spoilers?***** )

The most missed of your old fandoms?

Oh, wow. I kinda fell off the GLEE wagon this year. The ending Brittana made me sad. I didn't really feel all the new characters and there was not enough Sue and Kurt.

Also True Blood sucked SO MUCH ASS this season I really don't know if I can watch the next.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I dipped my toe in Teen Wolf a bit with the online eps and I kind of want to pick those back up. I was pleasantly surprised. I do with I wanted to read fic, but no go. I've also watched a few eps of American Horror story. It is the most twisted shit I have ever seen and I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. Ryan Murphy has his own self-hate issues, tho, so we shall see.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?

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So that happened.

That having been said, I know this is a little late but-

,b>WE WON WE WON OMG YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I was seriously freaking out at the sea of red on the map. Come to find out from this article that Obama's people were all 'confident' in their strategy and watched an ANTM marathon to decompress.


Seriously, the article is a little long but it is fascinating to read the different takes on the electorate and how hugely Romney's camp misfired on, like, EVERYTHING.

I gave more money to this election than ever before. Not much by other pple's standards, probably, but every time I'd see another disparaging ad or see another troubling poll I did more because it made me feel better. Best investment I have EVER made.

Now I hope our president naps for four days because he looked EXHAUSTED giving the victory speech.


+ Arrrgh this has been a roller coaster of ridiculous proportions. We have signed no less than SIX contracts on different properties. We have been approved by three different lenders. The last builder flaked out on us and failed to meet deadlines so that went pear-shaped as well.

We have now put in a bid on a house in THE BURBS OMG that I really like. It needs some work and updating but structurally is fine, the inspector said. Everyone cross their fingers because I am so beyond done with this crap by now it is not funny.


+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Criminal Minds )

+ Big Bang Theory )

+ Boardwalk Empire )

+ H5O )

So, yeah. I watch a lot of teevee LOL.


For awhile I had gone through this thing where I read no fanfic because nothing appealed to me and lately ALL I have been reading is fic. I have not held a real book in my hand for two months! It began with Clint/Coulson and all the fantastic fic in that pairing, and then I rediscovered Frank/Gerard and then Frank/Mikey/Gerard, and then accidentally began a Waycest story that was wonderful, then THAT list of recs. At this point I am having trouble reading real books.

However I am starting Let Me In by John Ajvid Lindoqvist because I didn't even KNOW it was a book first (LIBRARIAN FAIL) and I love that story.


+ I went to see my parents, which I have been trying to do more regularly since their health really is not that great, and it was pretty good visit. D and I had planned to go but the whole home buying excursion is eating my lunch, so Greyhound it was.

Had dinner with my best friend from high school, which turned out surprisingly well. I've been avoiding her for years because we did not have the most functional friendship in high school, coupled with the fact that she was both my first female lover AND messed around with my boyfriend when I was away at college.

Twenty years, a divorce, and a kid later, she seems to have mellowed. I'm still on my gaurd but iit really does feel familiar, in a good way. So we'll see.

The delight of the trip was my niece Cass, who is an absolutely beautiful kid and in drill team, part of those 'popular kids' cliques NONE of my sisters nor I ever even got within spitting distance of. She is on the honor roll, has tons of friends, all that jazz. However, the common sense genie has not visited her quite yet and she is SO HILARIOUS without meaning to!

Example my sister gave:

CASS, with SERIOUS FACE on: Lance Armstrong had the worst week! First he gets busted for doping and then his father died.

My Sister: *blank face* His father didn't die. What?

CASS, very put upon: MOM. His father NEIL ARMSTRONG. DUH.


You can imagine the scene when my sister Nana had to explain, that, no, Billy Joe Armstrong was not Lance Armstrong's brother, either. LOL.

She really is a good kid. I'm sure that common sense gene is going to kick in ANY MINUTE NOW.

Okay, gente. I'ma go and read more fic before my lunch hour is up because I am on solidly all afternoon and will not have time to spit or go sailing.

Cuidense, gente! Till next time!
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So, yeah. The house we were having built is not going to happen. The builder kept missing paperwork deadlines and not cashing the earnest money check and basically we got a bad feeling about going forward.

So. That's NOT happening.

We are looking again and actually have some prospects. However, we keep coming down to the burbs or the hood. )

These questions and more will be answered in the next installment of THE BURBS REALLY? As the HouseHunt Continues.


I have been watching Teen Wolf online to see what the fuss is about and I must say I do get it. I loves me some Stiles, the spastic freak lol, and I like Allison and the Vet, and I think Danny might be the best gay teen character written right now because it is just NO BIG DEAL.

However, much as the werewolves are lovely and entertaining finding good TW fic has been a bust. Maybe because I'm not quite sure who I 'ship. Scott/Stile makes the most sense to me but EVERYTHING is Derek/Stile, like, EVERYTHING I find! So cough up the recs if you've got them.

However, obviously this is not about the baby werewolves that have taken my FL by storm. Oh noooo.

Because I had devoured all the Cap/Tony fic I could find and found precious little Clint/Bruce, which I quite liked, and then I idly read a Clint/Coulson, and OMG THIS PAIRING!!! All the lovely rec lists and the quality of the fic is stellar, really fantastic and THIS PAIRING OMG. I love Hawkeye because, well, Jeremy Renner IDK okay. I think this might go back to PENN on Angel or something but I lUV HIM. I will watch him in anything and one read and the pairing made so much SENSE! Of course it helped that the read was Launch Your Assault by [personal profile] foxxcub because, really, what more is there to say?

So basically yes, Clint/Coulson I LOVE. *hearteyes*

I have not read actual books for two weeks because I am inhaling ALL THE CLINT/COULSON.


- It is getting harder for me to get into GLEE this season. I miss Santana and Mercedes and there is not enough Sue.

- THE VAMPIRE DIARIES IS BACK AND I HAVE ALL THE FEELS. I was going to write about the ep but all I have is AW DAMON ILU over and over. Not very expositional.

- I miss Prentiss on Criminal Minds. :-/ But my other ladies are there and Morgan and Reid are there and I love this show. So in I hang.

- I cannot express how annoyed I am that they are heteronormativing up Nolan on Revenge. Besides that I still love Emily's crazy broken reasoning and malicious streak and I still have hope for Jack.


+ I miss and am worried about [personal profile] zillahseye
+ I miss and am worried about [profile] apetslife
+ self indulgent whinging about selfish crap )

Okay, gente.

I have to get up tomorrow and one person is on vacation and one person is off so it should be an interesting day.

Talk at ya'll later! Have a great week!
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I seem to be really restless literarily (is that a word. Oh, well. It is now) lately. I've begun four books which, after a few chapters, keep leaving me all 'meh.' I've begun Game of Thrones, Academ's Fury by Butcher, and Along the Mysterly River by Bill Willingham and can't seem to conclude any of them. I've kind of picked up GoT again because the show is SO AWESOME and never has enough Danaerys. More Dany's awesomeness later.

However I did gobble up the third and final installment in Holly Black's Curseworkers series and it was SO WONDERFUL.***SPOILERS FOR BLACK CAT, THE THIRD CURSEWORKERS BOOK**** )

+ Also, I read the John Mayer Rolling Stone interview and, well, I have some thots and feelings. )


+ It is ALL AVENGERS ALL THE TIME up in here, gente! I LOVED LOVED it so much!
A LOT of Avenger squeeing and possible SPOILERS. WARNING!!!!!! )

I have read quite a bit of fic but I have gotten pickier about what I give my time to. I like long, well-developed plotty things with some thought. I check AO3 regulary and there are so many fantastic authors.


Hatfields & McCoys )

+ So, Trueblood came back.***POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** )

Yup. That about covers it.

+ Game of Thrones )


I've been kind of freaked out, gente.

As I wrote, D had a violent vertigo episode last Tuesday and had to go to the ER. She probably has Meniere's Disease. )

I hope any more major attacks stay away for a long time. Any positive vibes are appreciated.

+ Of course in the middle of this we are still trying to buy a damn HOUSE. We have pretty much decided to have one built in, well, the ghetto. However, compared to other ghettos we have seen and considered, it is better. It is the general consensus that the area will start to improve in short order simply because there is nowhere else for people to GO and the gentrification is slowly but surely encroaching. There are new homes going up all the time and the land values are certainly already there.

The home will be much smaller than the older house I wanted an hour away by bus but it will be a new structure and we hope to not have to do more than regular upkeep for awhile.

It is at least a relief to have that decided.

+ In closing I have signed up up for [community profile] hc_bingo because OF COURSE one does this when one hasn't written anything in over a year. I mean, why the hell not, right?

I just really miss writing. It comes up and attacks me, the realization, out of nowhere, and, well. I've always been a sucker for hurt/comfort? We'll see.

My hc_bingo card )

Have to go read to babies and mommies, gente! Take care! I'll talk at ya'll later.
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+ I have also gotten very smitten with Lost Girl on Syfy. I'm all late to the party with this, as Canadians know, but I LOVE this show! I love the strong female leads, the hilarity, the cheesy special effects, the the snark and Kenzi is my FAVORITEST.

+ Have also developed a fondness for Breakout Kings on the strength of one line, "Good god woman you smell like cake!" LOL. How can I not like a show that manages to fit that in a script?

+ Other teevee happy places for me are The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Justified, and Mike and Molly because I've discovered I will watch Melissa McCarthy in just about anything.
And Swoosie Kurtz is hilarious. :-)


+ SO MANY BOOKS WHY must I work? Lately, everything I start is part of a huge series and I am juggling all these storylines in my stressed, frazzled little mind.

* The Dresden Files- I'm on Changes OMG. *bites fingernails* NO ONE TELL ME.

* The Codex Alera- I was honestly surprised at how much I'm really loving this. I thought I would prefer Jim Butcher's modern supernatural writing, but you can tell this is his bliss. Just fantastic.

* 11/22/63 by Stephen King- I love Stephen King. I don't care how many haters denigrate his writing or poke holes in his stories, I will always love Stephen King. I always felt reflected in his writing, even if his characters were all Yankees from Maine.

And then I kind lost him there around Pet Semetary and Christine. Come to find out he'd been doing massive amounts of cocaine.

It took me long time to find the author I loved in his books and for a long time I just wouldn't read them.

He's all the way back now, and has been for a bit. I can tell in the first paragraph how good a SK book is going to be and this one is fantastic so far.

* Game of Thrones- I have the book on hold but I'm wondering if it will be too dense. I kind of petered out on The Wheel of Time at book 5...

+ World Figure Skating Championships )

The season is over CRY. *counts days until next year* :-)


+ We are in a holding pattern with the house since then numbers they showed us were SO BEYOND what we could afford as a monthly payment it was ridiculous. We shall see.

+ I really hate any Dawn dishwashing liquid except the blue one. D bought the orange one and every time I drink coffee from my thermal cup the SMELL of the fake orange potpourri-like shit hovers in the background. DO NOT WANT.

+ Summer is here. Highs in the mid-eighties and humidity. *le sigh* I never even got to wear most of my winter clothes.

+ I want Worlds fanfic. Why I has no Worlds fanfic? I want Hanyu and Javier kissing.

+ I have moved from Words with Friends to Bubble games on Facebook. So much for my vast intellectualism. lol.

Okay gente! I will talk at you all later!

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There Is No Easter Bunny. )

For real, ya'll, I am so stressed out about this.

I couldn't sleep at ALL last night and feel all zombified today.


Right, then.

In other news...





+ Went to see John Carter (which I figured out was not about my favorite cute doctor from ER...)
and it was wonderfully done and there is no way US audiences would have the patience and wherewithal to appreciate this thoughtful, skillfully scripted and shot film. Which is just sad because Taylor Kitsch is very, very pretty in face and a very decent action hero and there deserve to be FIVE MORE FILMS in this franchise and there will not be.

If you have a chance, to see it, do so. It is really well done.


+ Started reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera fantasy series and it is FANTASTIC.

+ We bought a new computer because my darling laptop Frankie is on his last legs, pobrecito. You know you are getting older when you realize the size of the screen is one the major factors in choosing a laptop. *sigh*


+ Sundays have become Slow Cooker Sundays where I try different slow cooker recipes. This weekend we tried Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken and it was YUMMY. Next time I'm going to add all the yogurt, even though it seems like a lot, and probably mix the yogurt with the broth before-hand since it didn't dissolve to my satisfaction. Really great flavor, though. We are having leftovers over noodles tonight.

Okay, gente. I'm going to go limp through the rest of the day. Wish me luck.

Talk at ya'll later. Cuidense.
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Flowers are blooming. The humidity is stifling. People are wearing sandals and shorts. I think winter is gone. *cries*


House Hunting )

Work. Some venting. )


+ Glee. Possible Spoilers and OPINIONS about the last ep )

+ The Big Bang Theory )

+ I am still watching H5O and (I'm sorry) I'm glad they sent Generic Eye Candy Chick away. The Danny/Steve banter is slowly returning. I hope to get more Kono and Chin.

+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Project Runway All Stars )

Luck )





+ This was my favorite part of the Oscars:

And I cannot stop watching it. I LOVE HER SO. I LOVE HER AND ANDREW GARFIELD TOGETHER EVEN MORE. Look how short Ben Stiller is LOL!!! How long 'till Spider Man?

+ Read Americus by M.K. Reed and it was brilliant. Apart from the fact that it's about book censorship, has a kick ass librarian in it AND a great positive gay teen in it, it also just rocks. Highly recommended.

+ On a more sobering note this should be required reading for ANYONE that is in favor of reproductive rights. It's been making the rounds but I just read it and it is strong, scary, well crafted, and fearless. If you think we are far from this future then you have not been paying attention.

OK gente, that's all I've got.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!


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