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Our mortgage is now $200 more. I don't know what made me think we could afford a house, but it seems like a dubious belief at this moment. We are looking for different insurance which is going to be a pain to change, and which I think TPTB count on; that people will just pay it because getting a new policy, phoning with the policy number, cancelling other insurance, and waiting for a refund check to then MAIL TO the bank, sounds exhaustive. I don't even know if other quotes will BE lower, but we have to at least try.

I'm not sure I can do anything about the taxes.


And I thought the second year was going to be better, money-wise. HAHAHA NO.

+ I have a Hockey fic exchange deadline. I now remember why I quit doing these deadline things, and also why I don't write professionally (besides that whole completion-challenged, lack-of-ambition matter, I mean). It's like my brain SEIZES UP when I hear DEADLINE or something. But it's coming along, slowly. I don't think I counted on having two other fics I really want to work on at the same time. Great problem to have but there are not enough hours in the day to write, gaze lovingly at Kazer pix on Tumblr, AND work a full time job. Stupid job, getting in the way of what's important. ;-D

+ I really want to send out hand-made xmas cards because it is a Thing with me, but see above for over booking. It's our first year in the house and I really want to do it, though, so here's to trying!

+ I really want to do a cookie exchange with my staff. Again, see above, and also $. But cookies don't HAVE to be costly, right? I need me some cookies, man. This is going to happen.

+ I have somehow been put in charge of an LGBT Art Show for June during Gay Pride Month. I'm not sure how this happened but I'm a little O.O since it went from what I thought would be a simple art show where patrons contributed stuff to being guest curated by the current curator of the Contemporary Arts Museum- Houston who is ALSO going to get his big-name local artist friends to do pieces for the show. Needless to say, I am a bit overwhelmed.


+ have not see vitriol and bile like what happened in the Pens- Bruins game after the Thornton-Orpik, Neal-Marchand incidents. At least not since the NSYNC 'shipper wars of years gone by...I've seen the video and it looks awful, seeing Marchand just laying there so still. There is a very strongly worded article http://blog.triblive.com/dejan-kovacevic/2013/12/07/instant-column-hey-gary-this-bloods-on-your-hands/">here that talks about the whole incident. The writer is very angry. Up 'till now I just thought it was kind of darling how the whole bench would stand up if Kaner got checked, or so AWWW when someone stood up for someone else who got shoved or high sticked, but this throws that into different relief. That hit could potentially end that player's whole season.

So after that unpleasantness I need a pick-me-up.


Good for what ails you!





Jfc, Jonathan Toews.


One of my favorite forever because come on.

I have been waiting ALL YEAR ever since I found this ridiculous fandom and this video of ENORMOUS FAIL LOL OMG there are no words. With Hawks past and present! Facepalming and singing fail for ALL!


Jordan Staal: This little midget here..
Patrick Kane: Two on one, that’s cool.
~caption by anniepb

I can't even explain why I love this gif so much except they are both so much bigger and taller than him and I can just imagine how many times this happened and him being all, 'Yeah, a'aight, I got this. I can deal.' Oh, Kaner, ilu.

One more and I'll go away.

I cannot, in any universe, figure out who would ask these two to see who could suck down phallic shaped popsicles the fastest, but bless them and keep them forever and ever, amen. Jonny is SO ANNOYED, he actually curses in total disgust, to Kaner's delight, and then his tragic competitiveness wins out, and he is victorious. Seriously, this is CLASSIC GOLD.  Kaner's headband is so 80s fashion don't it is hilarious. Also, Jonny's hair in the commentary is delicious here, all long and curled over his forehead and I don't know when I got to adore him just as much as Kaner but there you are.

Well, I feel better!
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I am writing this on an iPad that I hate SO MUCH while simultaneously being grateful for said loaned iPad without which I could not get online at all. After having the computer a week Fry's Electronics tried to tell me it was just the adapter. When I argued with the guy on the phone he kept insisting so I told him we would pick it up, I was going to wiggle the dc jack and adapter connection,and if it still quit charging, I was going to look for HIM. Ten minutes later I get a call back saying, uhm, yeah the system stopped charging right after the call. It will need to be sent off, it will 4-6 weeks s before we hear but I can call next week (?????), and I can inquire about a loaner if I want.

The whole conversation really frustrating because the techs first language is not English and I have to repeat question three times and as him to repeat answers, I just want to stab myself in the face.

I pretty much want to stab myself in the face for this whole week/weekend.


I Want To Run Away )

I feel pretty alone right now.


Of course I cannot get any of the hockey game streams to work on this machine.

This does not affect the fact that I fall more and more in fascination with this kid with every passing hour. His silly face and huge (really they are anime huge) blue eyes and bow lips and palm frond eyeylashes and just his PATRICKNESS are the only thing getting me through this Bataan death march of a 'vacation.'

I have been writing steadily, one of the few silver linings of this time off, a Patrick/Jonny IFC based on the film She's Out of Your League, one of my very favorite romcoms. It's not the best I've every done, in no small part because I'm using this machine that doesn't even have a real keyboard, and also, I keep second guessing myself on the hockey content and the voices of secondary characters. But I am having the BEST TIME with these boys and I love my little story!!! It's not going to some ground breaking trope but I love them together so much.


+ I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie which I had eschewed after reading in the books that Dumbledore died. No really I was THAT upset. I actually quite liked it.

+ A coworker lent me her beautiful hard copy of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls and it is the most erotic thing I've ever seen. The illustrations jarred me at first because they are these strangely static feeling pencil color panels but as the story goes on they meld with the text so by the end both are essential to the other. He's basically taken three characters from traditional children's stories: Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and Wendy from Peter Pan, and written erotic explanations for those stories. Check it out if you can, but make sure you do so at home. NONE of the content is kid or work safe.

+ I watched the Frontline documentary League of Denial about how the NFL lied and hid conclusive evidence regarding the effects of concussions and head trauma in professional football players and I was saddened and horrified. Because I live in Texas and football culture has been as ingrained in me as the ability to discern good Mexican food and the expectation of a lower cost of living. My daddy would hog the tv all day Sunday watching Inside the NFL and every game that came on and those memories of us girls listening to the announcers while playing on the living room rug (we only had one tv then) are vivid ones. It is really affecting my ability to appreciate the game and I don't know if it.

Ok gente. Ima go and try to write some more.

Send me good thoughts that D will make it to tomorrow and that we will make it tithe dentist.

I don't say it enough and haven't in awhile, but you all mean lot to me. Thanks for listening.

Talk at you all later.
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wing aloe vera plant. :-(((((((((((

I have NO IDEA what to do. I can't even see it since it is totally dark now! I just noticed it when I was circling aruond. We have no outside lights because it's one of those things that worked during the inspection and promptly stopped working, like, the DAY we moved in.

I have the opposite of a green thumb and now I've mowed over her plant. I'm a plant killer!


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There Is No Easter Bunny. )

For real, ya'll, I am so stressed out about this.

I couldn't sleep at ALL last night and feel all zombified today.


Right, then.

In other news...





+ Went to see John Carter (which I figured out was not about my favorite cute doctor from ER...)
and it was wonderfully done and there is no way US audiences would have the patience and wherewithal to appreciate this thoughtful, skillfully scripted and shot film. Which is just sad because Taylor Kitsch is very, very pretty in face and a very decent action hero and there deserve to be FIVE MORE FILMS in this franchise and there will not be.

If you have a chance, to see it, do so. It is really well done.


+ Started reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera fantasy series and it is FANTASTIC.

+ We bought a new computer because my darling laptop Frankie is on his last legs, pobrecito. You know you are getting older when you realize the size of the screen is one the major factors in choosing a laptop. *sigh*


+ Sundays have become Slow Cooker Sundays where I try different slow cooker recipes. This weekend we tried Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken and it was YUMMY. Next time I'm going to add all the yogurt, even though it seems like a lot, and probably mix the yogurt with the broth before-hand since it didn't dissolve to my satisfaction. Really great flavor, though. We are having leftovers over noodles tonight.

Okay, gente. I'm going to go limp through the rest of the day. Wish me luck.

Talk at ya'll later. Cuidense.
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I'm trying to get better about updating here AND LJ, so let's see how that goes, yes?

There are bad, ugly, and good things to be had. Hence:



So I've spoken of how relieved I am that D is now seeing real drs. who don't just throw meds at her and how this is good because she would probably be dead if she hadn't switched over. I am very, very grateful she now has real drs because they found stuff the public health system never did, like the disc degeration in her spine, and the lack of vitamin D in her system. HOWEVER, it is taking all her social security to pay for this. I'm not kidding; basically all her check is going to pay for her meds, drs. visits, and procedures. Do you know WHY? Because they are counting MY income. We are not legally married (not in TX, baby), I can't leave her my worldly possessions without a lot of paperwork, I can't make medical decisions without a Directive of Physician and Power of Attorney, drs can REFUSE TO DEAL WITH ME in a medical crisis even WITH said paperwork (I have seen it happen many, many times), but by god my income can be used to deny her benefits! Hells, yeah, because in that instance we are PARTNERS, we are COHABITATING, and her co-pay for drs visits and meds just went up. Again.

You know, I want to be legally married. I want to go into debt and buy a house I can't afford as much as the next straight couple. But I can't. Why am I, then, being given none of the benefits but all of the consequences? Can anyone tell me?

Because this really PISSES ME OFF.

If anyone would like to calmly and rationally explain to me how this is okay, feel free. However, I do not promise to respond, and myself and my bouncing checking account most certainly do not promise to agree with you.

+ The gulf is dying. I can't even watch footage of the poor dying pelicans and suffocated marshes anymore because there are only so many ways to say, and show, that WE ARE FUCKED.

+ Why are all the world cup soccer games held during the day WHY?!? I can't watch any of them that way! :-( Anyone got a live feed link I can view on my lunch hour?


+ What fresh hell is THIS?!? Did people all get high and vote for this individual? Is HE high? I watched the CNN interview with him and, wow. That was some painful shit right there. IDEFK.

+ Reports say this might a really lively hurrican season. Do you know what's going to happen to all that oil in the gulf if we have a decent sized hurricane? I'll leave ya'll with that mental image.


+ Celebrated 19 years with D this weekend! We went to a party for my cop friend April's lover and had a truly sinful lunch at Laurenzo's. We also watched world cup soccer and Trueblood. We are so exciting! You all envy us, we know. :-)

+ The cover pix for RECOVERY, Marshall's new CD, are out and they are BEAUTIFUL. )

The rest are here and they are AMAZING! Eight days! I can't wait! :-DDDDDDDDDDDDD

+ How awesome was Sean Hayes on the Tony Awards? I didn't know he had piano chops that way! I also really love Kristin Chenoweth a lot. I had to leave to go watch the vampire show, but what I saw was awesome.


+ Hung will be back at the end of June. That is happy-making.

+ Does anyone else think the new Rhona Mitra show 'The Gates' is going to suck (haha. No, seriously...)? I loves me some Rhona Mitra; she's how I'd look if I had a choice and a magical genie. However, the previews look kind of cheestastic. Thots?

+ I am going to Barcelona for work, again. I am also, somehow, going to Guadalajara for work. And also DragonCon. I'm not sure how this all happened, but that is three major trips in a three month period. I am glad to be going, but somewhat afeared...

+ I have fifteen pages of the copfic I sent to beta...I am now rewriting the last half because that is what a good beta does for you. So it will be a bit longer till posting, but I'm excited about the fic like I haven't been in a long time. :-)

Okay, gente. I'm sure there's more, but I have work on my perky if I'm going to read to babies and mommies in half an hour.

You all have a good day and I'll talk at you later.
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+ Had a pretty good day. Got some kids to look at Jasper Johns art work and then they created some pretty damned cool paintings.

+ Was real busy and the day flew by, always good.

+ Heard from D's nephew and the library will be sending cards and drawings to soldiers from a base in Macon, GA who just today shipped out to Kabul, Afghanistan. Captain Meeks is a sweetie and sounded ridiculously excited at the prospect of kid's art work being sent to his guys.

+ And then I wait for D after work, who never came, and call home to find out the car has been broken into in BROAD DAYLIGHT at 5:30 pm while people are coming home from work. They only seem to have taken the GPS but smashed out the passenger window.

I hope whatever person or persons did this catches a venereal disease that causes their extremieties to fall off.

+ D then tells me that all the people fromher high school that had friended her on Facebook DE-freinded her after she came out when a guy linked to an article discussing gay marriage and wrote how he didn't think gays should be allowed matrimony becauase it was against what it said in the bible. She was really excited to be re-connecting with high school friends, too.

I'm the one that talked D into getting a Facebook since she always says she feels really removed from all the stuff I do online and the people I talk to.

In retrospect, perhaps Facebok wasn't something I should have encouraged her to do.

It is early but I am in bed because I really think today needs to end as soon as possible.
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A virtual cookie for thems that can name that song/band.

Points because I am too exhausted for anything else.

+ You know what you should NEVER do? You should NEVER give two smallish dogs corn cobs to chew. NEVER EVER. Except we used to give them to our first Toy Fox Terrier Hunie and she loved them and was fine. She'd chew them down to the spiny core then leave them alone. Never affected her badly. These two? ATE the whole thing. Like, everything.

+ Which, of course cued puking on both their parts. ALL NIGHT LONG.

+ Partially on my pillow while my head was still on it.

+ And the couch, where I had moved to avoid changing the sheets at 2:45 a.m.

+ Causing me to move back to the bed, adding fresh sheets, and leaving both dogs on the floor on their blankets where they whined and cried amidst bouts of puking until about 4 a.m. when they drifted off.

+ At which point I could not sleep, too worried about the perils of dehydration in small dogs, how little time I actually HAD to sleep, and deep resentment for D who was not here to stop me from giving them the guddamn corn cobs in the first place.

+ I know it was my fault. I just didn't care at ass o'clock in the morning.

+ This morning both are bright eyed and wiggly, if a bit glassy eyed and when I left they didn't even bark, both of them curled up on fresh blankets dozing off. Must be nice.

+ Oh, my god I am tired.

+ I am having a skim milk white chocolate mocha because I NEED CAFFEINE, MAN. Screw the calorie count today

+ And, to make it more fabulous, I actually have to stay late again today because I booked the GLBT speaker for tonight's program and I'm the contact. Attorney Debra Hunt from the Houston law firm Moore & Hunt is going to discuss legal options for gay and lesbian couples involving living wills, power of attorney, and directive of physician. FREE! She is here for Women's History Month.

If I didn't feel like pan fried poo I'd be excited.

+ Randomly, I have discovered I cannot come across the movie 'Enchanted' without watching the whole thing. It is apparently my new Steel Magnolias/Grease/Original Hairspray. I think Amy Adams is purty.

OK, gente. I gotta go.

I have two days off after this, then Sunday, but that is only four hours with bonus overtime.

Twelve more hours. Pray for me.
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I am at home after a seven day work stretch. *bliss* Bullet points always helpful yes? Yes.

+ Watching the playoffs because, yes, football, I am a Texan, what do you want? :-)

+ Am on the desktop computer because I am STILL only using Frankie the Laptop to play fucking Mahjong. Tried again to set up wireless last night only to get a Netgear tech with an accent so thick I barely had any idea what he was saying and ended up being told I did not have a wireless router ADAPTER and, hence, could not proceed with a hard restart of my Netgear router, which does not have any kind of reset button at ALL, and, so there. *sigh* I need to ask my neighbor for help because I am such a failboat at that kind of thing.

+ Also, for my next trick, I lost my debit/checkcard on Friday. *SIGH* I had it out to buy something to take to the all day Preselection meeting I do once every few months where a bunch of librarians sit in a room all day and review children's books. Pretty awesome. And when I checked my purse to buy lunch it was not there. I called, it is nowhere, and D cancelled it.

+ However, this morning I check my account to see that REUNION.COM has debited a fee?!?!?! WTF? I do not now, nor would I ever use, Reunion.com for anyhting. Why would I PAY to find people from my high school? I didn't even like most of those people. Of course when I call Bank of America they tell me I have to call their Claims department during business hours to make a claim on the amount, I need to fill out paperwork to instigate an investigation, and THEN I might get the amount reimbursed. Way to fail Bank of America, thank you.

+ Just to make my annoyance with businesses more vivid I also realized that, despite assurance to the contrary, Comcast DID deduct the entire amount of my bill from my account instead of the pro-rated amount their customer service representative SAID would be deducted. Upon calling I was told I would recieve a reimbursement check for the difference in the mail. In four to six weeks. >.<


+ Football
+ Chips and dip
+ Cold weather outside.
+ Warm lover and snuggly puppy and kitty cat on sofa.
+ Obama on George Stephanopolous this morning: SO AWESOME.

Life? Not so bad. :-)

Tomorrow: Jury duty! Woo hoo!

YOu all stay warm, gente and I'll talk at you later!
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Okay, no, not really. But it has been quite the start to 2009. To review, si? Si.

+ Finally FINALLY in new two-bedroom apartment. It has some quirks I don't like: the bathroom fan will turn on with the light no matter what, and not separately, the bathroom door is too low to slide smoothly over our bathmat causing perpetual bunching and shifting of said bathmat, the kitchen is the size of a TEENY TINY CLOSET OMG, stuff like that. But all in all I like the floor as opposed to carpet and I like how airy and open everything feels.

+ D is finally feeling better after getting sick the second day of moving, OMG WHAT. We spent Thanksgiving in the ER, she was ill part of the time at my parents for going cold turkey off her Metformin, which was bad, and she got sick the day after new years. This can stop now plz thnx. If we can have one healthy month it will be fantastic.

+ I have, for some reason, been on a pretty self destructive food binge since coming back from my parents. Usually a week of greasy heavy food makes me want veggies and rice when I returned but this time I came back craving fried chicken and Cheetos. I mean, REALLY??? I know I'm not pregnant unless god has a really twisted sense of humor so omg WHAT? It's like CRACK or something! I'll get a craving and the next thing I know I'm sitting there with dusty orange fingertips and an empty bag. And it's feeding on itself. The latest craving is for a Frito-Pie. IDEK.

+ I swiched Internet and cable TV providers and we are getting DISH Network tomorrow. I already got the stuff to hook up Internetz through AT&T but I'm second guessing that decision. I am really techno-Amish and there is just this BOX with stuff in it. I suck at the whole DIY thing and I have a feeling I am going to regret switching, but I just could not afford Comcast any longer. It was eating my lunch.

+ I have been plagued by really bad insomnia ever since moving. I don't know if the bed is facing the wrong way or the room is not dark enough or what but I have been up 'till three a.m. and getting up at sixty thirty and it is not fun, let me tell you. If I don't get over this soon I'm going to start getting hallucinatory.

However, in other news....

+ One of my resolutions was to Write a Little Every Day, and I began last night with Leigh's fic. I have about five pages so far. Even if what I write sucks at least I will have done something. I don't want my Write to be broken anymore. I miss it.

+ Saw Charlaine Harris at the library night before last! She gave an author reading at the library. I have not seen True Blood because I don't have HBO, and will probably never get it, but I dearly love the lady herself and her books are like Anita Blake without the narcisissm and orgy porn. Besides, they're set in the South, what do you want? She mentions Dallas AND Beaumont! She addressed Hurricane Katrina in her last one! And she is a damned funny speaker, which isn't always the case with good writers.

+ Just finished reading Duma Key by Stephen King and I LOVED IT. It really does have the energy and feel of his earlier work before the puzzling Christine/Pet Semetary-ish time when I didn't know WHAT he was doing. I loved everything about it and I hope he continues on in the vein. I missed it.

+ I have been gorging, as much as I can on [livejournal.com profile] yuletide stories. Such a bounty of amazing fic so awesome. :-)

+ The wierdest fallout for being without cable internet for almost a week is I discovered...online Mahjong. I KNOW WHAT? I thought only Florida retirees played that!! It's one of the games on my laptop and I was stuck writing (AGAIN) and couldn't sleep (AGAIN) and I fiddled around with it and the next thing I know D and I are playing together until 2 a.m.

Okay, gente. I have some odds and ends to take care of so I'll talk at you later!
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+ At work and SO TIRED. We are moving into our two bedroom. Or, we were supposed to, but D got sick. Hence, Russell, one of the teens across the way, and myself have been doing most of the moving and cleaning. That boy is such a livesaver, you don't know.

+ I have realized that I have a major MAJOR clutter problem. When teen-agers look at your stuff and go, 'Wow, you're messy!' IT'S A PROBLEM. I. Just. There was no excuse for the state of our apartment AT ALL. I am horrified enough to check out de-cluttering books, I am not even kidding.

+ Also, there is a possibility I will be without Interwebz at home until Tuesday NOOOOOOOO.

+ I will definitely be without cable TV until Thursday NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

+ I am missing playoff games without number NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

+ My back is KILLING me and we are still not done.

+ I swear, if I get the Martian Death Flu again I will scream. DO NOT WANT.

+ I am also on a seven day work stretch starting today. *faceplant*

+ Still, shiny spacious apartment. The kitchen is 1/2 the size of the one in our other unit but the living space is way more and it has an actual floor and not carpet in the living room thank goodness.

+ Did I mention we were not done?

Okay, gente. Ima go be librarian-like and I'll talk at you later.
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It is only 9:30 and the morning is already MADE OF FAIL. )

I'd like to go back to bed now, please.

+ Oh, and look! As my coworker went to leave the work room the handle came off in her hand. The renovation of this building is only eight months old. Man, if I get stuck in here today I am not going to be happy. At least I have Cheetos and a potty. It could be worse.

+ However, on the plus side I *am* leaving at noon today because I have an ultrasound on my chest this afternoon. Not that the ultrasound is a plus; they always unnerve me. Having some time afterwards to do more errands, shopping, and possibly bake cookies? Is sorely needed.

+ Speaking of cookies I have narrowed my choices for this year's exchange to: Mocha cookies and Toffee cookies. I've never made them before but the recipes look really simple. I'll let ya'll know how they turned out.

In closing, no matter how irate I was this morning hearing it is hard to be totally grumpy while listening to the dulcet sounds of 'Oh, Christmas Tree' played live on a baby grand. The Amegy Building springs for a pianist in the lobby every winter holiday. It's really cool. :-)

Okay, gente. I must jet.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S. It was 70 degrees again yesterday. However there was a delightfully nasty front coming in today so we shall see!
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And NOW. NOW. I have some kind of bug that makes it hard to swallow (NO SNARKING FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY), and my ears feel stopped up and me feel feverish. No doubt a little gift picked up from the eighteen hours I spent at the cesspool Ben Taub with D.

This holiday, man. The gift that keeps on giving.


I'm calling in because I am useless. I don't think I have ever called in on a Saturday. *sigh*

I feel like hammered poo.
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So last night at 7:30 D calls me at work at informs me she needs to to the ER. )

I need to take a bath and go to sleep but D finally drifted off on the couch and I don't want to wake her. I have gone past tired to a strange stage of hyper-awakeness. I dunno.

I figure we can do a nice dinner some time soon. I have pumpkin pie and rice krispie treats from our dinner hosts so I am good for now.

Think of us tomorrow, gente. I work on Saturday so I really hope D is better by tomorrow night. She has flat out refused to go back to that hospital so I'm not sure what to do if her lip does not look better by tomorrow night.
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It's been a meh day already and its only 3 pm.

Work venting. Feel free to pass. )

Also, there are money problems. The rest of the world is right there with me, but still. Meh.

Hence, kinda low.

I am off Friday and it is payday.

I can make it.
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I VOTED YESTERDAY! WOOOO!!! I got my little 'My Vote Counted' sticker and everything.

Is there early voting where you are? Have YOU voted? Remember: only YOU can prevent another Republican Oval Office. So move your ass. ;-D

Hola, gente.

Yestereday at work I gave a tour to Boy Scouts then caught the last half of Robert Luongo, the gay author reading from his booka about gay men in Muslim countries. Great congruity, I think.

Today I am off, my one day off since I am working tomorrow, and it's a good thing I am off today since D had quite the night last night. )

*is tired*

Then, just for shits and giggles, I think I flashed the neighbor boy. )

My work is done.

And, OMG! Did everyone know that Gale Harold was in a motorcycle accident?!?!" He continues to be one of the most beautiful men I've seen onscreen and I hope he is okay.

D is back and very tired so she will probably nap. I thought we might do a movie or go find me a cheap costume for tomorrow, but probably not.

But, still. Day off. That has to count as of the good.

In closing I leave you with this, which I found on [livejournal.com profile] apetslife's FL and that made us laugh and laugh and laugh. :-D For the record, I agree with [livejournal.com profile] ginnytonnick wholeheartedly.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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:Pet drama. )

Electronics Drama )

Relationship Drama. )

So, yeah.

I need fic. I need really good Frankie/Gerard fic I haven't read. Anyone? At all?

I don't work tomorrow so there's that. We're supposed to go to LaPorte to do more work on the house. I kind of wanted to veg and do laundry on my day off but I don't think so.

I'll hller at ya'll later, yeah?

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+ I have been going round and round with my cable provider on why our Bravo channel is pixilated and sucky. Finally one flunky on the phone told us it was THE BOX. THE BOX was bad and we needed to get another box. Which we did. Did Bravo work? No, it did not.

Cable guy coming tomorrow.

+ Frankie the Laptop is still dead like a dead thing. Dell guy also coming tomorrow.

+ Also found out from the one sensible person I spoke to from Ev0l Cable Provider that my Internt signal is also jacked up. She thinks someone might have jacked with the wires trying to kite some cable and messed stuff up.

+ Why does nothing work when I have a few days off? Why? Take a week of vacation= vast hurricane. Have three days off work = crappy cable.


Has the debate begun? Should I watch? At least CNN comes in okay.
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I am not the world's most graceful person, to be sure, but sometimes I have these little runs of complete klutziness and one happened yesterday at around 1 pm.

I was watching the last of the Olympics and eating some chips and salsa, yum, and I must have been overly invested on the TV screen because when I got up to take the chips back to the kitchen I WHACKED MY KNEE on the corner of the coffee table REALLY HARD. Like, hard enough to drop said chips (though thankfully not the salsa) and crumple to the floor.

Motherfucking OW.

If that were not enough I proceeded to whack the SAME KNEE on the SAME COFFEE TABLE two more times. Of course. I now have a knot the size of a golfball on my knee and it hurts. Ow.

Apart from that the weekend went as follows:

+ Worked Saturday. Pretty steady. The kids go back to school today and we were all doing the happy dance of joy, you know, DEEP INSIDE OUR HEARTS. :-)

+ D has jacked her back up really, really badly. I believe it began when she decided she was going to pretend to be young folk and resurface tennis courts all of April and May. That was a brutally physical job and most of the people doing it were younger guys. She stopped but apparently not soon enough. *sigh* Now she can't sit up for very long and bending over for any amount of time is impossible.

+ The Olympics are over. *sniff* I am verklempt. It is OVER A YEAR until the Winter Olympics WHAT. Now to rediscover all the channels I've ignored for two weeks. :-)

+ Finished Blood Noir by Ms. Hamilton. )

+ Apparently, there is a strong chance that Gerard Way is driving from Jersey to Atlanta, GA for Dragoncon 08. Conjencture, sure, but why else does one drive down South in late August/early September? The blistering heat?? If so, he will not come through Texas, alas, but all you other Southern people keep your eyes open!!

LASTLY, if you have not seen my Hallmark post, which is the one prior to this one, go read and email Hallmark good things for providing same-sex greeting cards! It's a good thing!

Must go people!

I know there is more but I can't remember.

I need to go read to babies soon but you all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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If there was a time I would wish there NOT be a a woman with her sandals off cursing into her cell phone and not one but two, yes, TWO, pee puddles on the floor it would be RIGHT AT THE TIME the Houston Chronicle photographer started taking pictures. The entourage of very nice women seemed to take it in stride, though.

Why is it when I meet good-looking women I always end up looking like arse? And, apparently, standing next to pee. My hair was frizzing, I was all sweaty from moving chairs around, and of course, there was the pee.

Good times.

Four more days, lord. *faceplants anew*
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Ray Toro has a son???????? Really? A son? Named BAUER, after the character from 24? Ray. Honey. That kid is going to kick your ass for that, bless your heart.

On the one hand I am WAY impressed with their ablility to keep all that on the down low. Wow.

On the other I am kind of OVER THE CHANNELING OF HANSON. No, seriously, hear me out. Almost everyone married? Check. Breeding commencing? Check. Family on tour with them? Check. What, people, WHAT?

I don't begrudge anyone their wedded bliss, god knows. But can't they wait a REALLY LONG TIME and nail all the warm nubile mammals they can in the meantime like a NORMAL band?!?! I mean, Duran Duran waited!!! Howie from Backstreet Boys waited!!! What is WRONG with this concept?

Yeah, yeah, flame away. Don't like me. I've got to work all day and do two storytimes. Ppffft.

...I hope he really HAS a son, now, and not. You know. A Siberian Huskey he's extremely close to or anything. Because embarassing....

In other news...

+ My key is well and truly lost. My boss has also left for ALA in Anaheim without leaving me hers. Not that I blame her, and I honestly think she just forgot, but still. Not having a key to the workroom has gotten so, so old.

+ I am hungry all the time. Hungry hungry hungry.

+ I am kind of overwhelmed at work. I have a worker evaluation due by the 11th of July, a bunch of stuff to input on the online calendar of events by the 8th, storytimes, orders, meetings, desk time. September and my week off seem very far away. *sigh*

+ There is a 50% chance of rain. I don't know if I'm going to Pride. I love my people; just not enough to get rained on for them. Also, I will be spent after a Saturday of work. I dunno.

+ My schedule for this week is:

MON work
Tue work
Thu work
SAT work

The thought gives me whiplash.

+ I saw a documentary on Queer Cinema last night and I have a whole discourse on finally pinpointing why I write about pretty white boys and not, say, Latina lesbians, much to the consternation and puzzlement of my lesbian friends and, well, everyone. But not now.

We open in twenty minutes and I need to turn on all the computers and figure out where a whole shitload of markers and glue sticks got to since I didn't have time to pick them up from the meeting room yesterday and they are not in there today.

My job, how so glamorous. :->

Cuidense, gente. Have a good Saturday!


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