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*Everyone's all GoT OMGGGGGGGGG but I no longer have HBO so I'm reading spoilers on eveyrone's posts.

* Began binge-watching THE NIGHT WATCH on Netflix and LOVE IT. While I don't think it has the depth of ER, my standard bearer for fantastic medical dramas, I like the energy of the writing.It's set in San Antonio, someone has actually put in some time to get cultural and geographical references correct, and the staff is wonderfully representational. ALL the pretty people! There's a CANON GAY COUPLE WOOOOOOOOOO! Jennifer Beals played a medic!! I am enjoying it thoroughly.

* SHADOWHUNTERS is back as is my jam, Izzie Lightwood (see icon pic). Emeraude Toubia, the actor, is SO STUNNING and she's A TEXAN and she SINGS and just yes. Magnus and Alex are still my favorite TV couple. While I eschewed everything Cassandra Claire for years, and with good reason, this is removed enough from the books that I began watching. You can't just give me Mike Chang from GLEE as a bisexual, kickass warlock and expect me to pass that up. I am not made of stone.

* Rachel Maddow- always and forever. Her ratings are now apparently higher than her competitors? SO PROUD OF HER. Most trustworthy lesbian in news. Everyone says, now officially. :-)

* We also binge-watched ZOO, which ended up being really great, but the current season is leaving me kind of meh. They did away with my favorite het OTP, and now Bella Swan's Dad Billy Burke can't call them hilarious things like 'Danny and Sandy' or 'Ken and Barbie', which they really looked like, and that makes me sad.


* BUTTER/Netflix- Jennifer Garner's turn as a shallow, driven Repub wife of a butter sculptor is SUPERIOR and FANTASTICALLY FUNNY. The cast on this is perfect, including a surprise cameo by Hugh Jackman as a Stetson wearing hapless car salesman.

*THEY CALL ME JEEG/Netflix- Italian Foreign film that will twist your heart all inside out in the best way. Just watch it.

* AFTERNOON DELIGHT/Crackle- I didn't know I had a Juno Temple thing until this film. Funny, true, sad and angry look at a Thirtysomething Crisis and what Kathryn Hahn's Rachel does to find meaning in her measured, suburbia paradise world. Jane Lynch as a self-absorbed therapist is worth the price of admission.




* Despite the start of fiscal year rollover clusterfuck, I still love what I'm doing a real lot. :-)

* Went to San Antonio for the Texas Library Association Annual Assembly Conference which was great,except we got a crack in our new car windshield before the vehicle even had it's first oil change. *sigh* D got it 'glazed' for about $40 which was preferable to the $400 to replace the whole thing. You can still totally see it, but maybe it will act as an urban theft deterrent. Poor Pearl, already banged up!


*Ugh it just won't stop being embarrassing and awful and cringe-worthy. I don't think I've ever, ever, in all my 50 years, been as horrified to be an American, let alone a Texan. As much as I love my job, and I really love my job, y'all, I would leave for up North if I had any way to make a living. At least we'd be in a more progressive state where I would not be worried about putting a rainbow flag on my door or a Democratic Party sign on my lawn for fear of being liberal-bashed.

So these are turning out to be mostly what TV I'm watching but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

I leave you with a song I heard on NIGHT SHIFT, which, apart from being wonderful, has a music department that has some serious chops. I have had this on repeat for days because it is just that fantastic. The Van Morrison original is luminous, but I just love Otto's voice on this. The horns are EVERYTHING.

Have a great week, gente.

Talk at you soon.

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* Tomorrow D and I will go on our vacation to Portland and Seattle.

* I am never, never going to be any good at packing EVER ugh I hate it so much. Why can't I have magical packing elves that psychically know what I need to take for Portland and Seattle in June

* I hope to meet with with Dine (HI DINE!) for foodstuff or at least coffee!

* The cough D got when she had ConCrud a MONTH ago is still hanging on so we should be a ton of fun on the flight. She has a ton of meds including an inhalter, cough medicine, nasal spray and OTC stuff and it is still barely helping. Sigh.

* I have a bad feeling it is actually our lack of commitment to dusting and the truly staggering amount of pet hair that is not helping her, but that is a battle for a time when we are not just about to leave


* Is going crazy it seems. I feel horrible for the UK and all the attacks and, horribly, that number of truly horrific acts of gun violence and crazy shit are starting to spike here like they do every summer

* I hate our SCROTUS so much it cannot even be BORNE. There are not enough words to apologize to THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD for the ridiculous, sophomoric, ignorant, petty, stupid, greedy amount of SHIT my government is pulling right now and the fact that I did NOT vote for any of them is not helping anything.

* If it weren't for my senior age parents and my dream job I really would look at moving, at least to a more progressive state, but it's just not tenable

* D has finally eased off on badgering me to quit my job and hitting the road with our pets and whatever we can stuff in the car. You think she was kidding but she was not.


* IT'S THE CUP!!!! While I would ordinarily not support the Preds I DO support PK Subban, whom I thought was vastly underappreciated by his previous team and their coach. I really REALLY want them to win, so we shall see.


* D and I binge-watched Riverdale and it is the best kind of crack. The actor who plays Betty looks for all the world like Brittany Murphy in the right light and it freaked me out all through the series

* Just started Black Sails and wow.


So I'm still packing so I'ma go, okay gente!

Wish us luck for good health and fairly good weather and I'll talk at y'all when I get back!
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+ D and I went to the Houston Tax March and it was awesome! So many ages and ethnicities it gave me LIFE! Here is Chicken Don and a pix of we took while marching. I have pix but I can't seem to figure out how to post them even though I just made a photobucket account. Boo.

+ Our car is driving like a dream and despite the truly meep inducing payment, it really is a much better ride. I think we are just old folk and were trying to drive basically a college kid's car.

+ Our Leadership Academy has decided that for our final project we will do - wait for it - a musical in the style of HAMILTON. Just about LEADERSHIP. It's just a 7 minute production but COME ON. WHY must they ruin that for me?? WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS???

+ If the Hawks don't show up tonight this series is going ot end fast and ugly.

+ On Wednesday I will away to the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio i.e. first road trip I hadn't planned for. Will probably not be on much for a few days...

In closing...

I started posting the rest of the Embers chapters on AO3 and I am getting feedback emails from thrilled readers who think I am writing again??? Because they didn't know the other chapters have been on my LJ for, like, DECADES since 2005?? LOLLLL FML.

I need to go finish up a work thing that I have NO TIME to do at work so I'll talk at you later!
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So that happened.

That having been said, I know this is a little late but-

,b>WE WON WE WON OMG YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I was seriously freaking out at the sea of red on the map. Come to find out from this article that Obama's people were all 'confident' in their strategy and watched an ANTM marathon to decompress.


Seriously, the article is a little long but it is fascinating to read the different takes on the electorate and how hugely Romney's camp misfired on, like, EVERYTHING.

I gave more money to this election than ever before. Not much by other pple's standards, probably, but every time I'd see another disparaging ad or see another troubling poll I did more because it made me feel better. Best investment I have EVER made.

Now I hope our president naps for four days because he looked EXHAUSTED giving the victory speech.


+ Arrrgh this has been a roller coaster of ridiculous proportions. We have signed no less than SIX contracts on different properties. We have been approved by three different lenders. The last builder flaked out on us and failed to meet deadlines so that went pear-shaped as well.

We have now put in a bid on a house in THE BURBS OMG that I really like. It needs some work and updating but structurally is fine, the inspector said. Everyone cross their fingers because I am so beyond done with this crap by now it is not funny.


+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Criminal Minds )

+ Big Bang Theory )

+ Boardwalk Empire )

+ H5O )

So, yeah. I watch a lot of teevee LOL.


For awhile I had gone through this thing where I read no fanfic because nothing appealed to me and lately ALL I have been reading is fic. I have not held a real book in my hand for two months! It began with Clint/Coulson and all the fantastic fic in that pairing, and then I rediscovered Frank/Gerard and then Frank/Mikey/Gerard, and then accidentally began a Waycest story that was wonderful, then THAT list of recs. At this point I am having trouble reading real books.

However I am starting Let Me In by John Ajvid Lindoqvist because I didn't even KNOW it was a book first (LIBRARIAN FAIL) and I love that story.


+ I went to see my parents, which I have been trying to do more regularly since their health really is not that great, and it was pretty good visit. D and I had planned to go but the whole home buying excursion is eating my lunch, so Greyhound it was.

Had dinner with my best friend from high school, which turned out surprisingly well. I've been avoiding her for years because we did not have the most functional friendship in high school, coupled with the fact that she was both my first female lover AND messed around with my boyfriend when I was away at college.

Twenty years, a divorce, and a kid later, she seems to have mellowed. I'm still on my gaurd but iit really does feel familiar, in a good way. So we'll see.

The delight of the trip was my niece Cass, who is an absolutely beautiful kid and in drill team, part of those 'popular kids' cliques NONE of my sisters nor I ever even got within spitting distance of. She is on the honor roll, has tons of friends, all that jazz. However, the common sense genie has not visited her quite yet and she is SO HILARIOUS without meaning to!

Example my sister gave:

CASS, with SERIOUS FACE on: Lance Armstrong had the worst week! First he gets busted for doping and then his father died.

My Sister: *blank face* His father didn't die. What?

CASS, very put upon: MOM. His father NEIL ARMSTRONG. DUH.


You can imagine the scene when my sister Nana had to explain, that, no, Billy Joe Armstrong was not Lance Armstrong's brother, either. LOL.

She really is a good kid. I'm sure that common sense gene is going to kick in ANY MINUTE NOW.

Okay, gente. I'ma go and read more fic before my lunch hour is up because I am on solidly all afternoon and will not have time to spit or go sailing.

Cuidense, gente! Till next time!
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+ So as I'm getting my morning non-fact hot chocolate and kolache I look up to the plasma screen in the library coffe shop and see that, not only has our bonehead governor insinuated Texas should secede from the Union, that our local FOX affiliate has mispelled the word 'seceding'in it's broadcast. It is not 'SECEEDING' OMG AT LEAST WORD HIS STUPIDITY CORRECTLY JESUS EFFING CHRIST.

Governor Perry rant. Feel free to move on. )

Carrying on.

+ My favorite festival EVER in the world is the International Festival that happens at the end of April in Houston and focuses on a country each year. This year's country is Ireland, which I LOVE, and I actually have money to go! The music lineup is awesome too, tho we rarely stay that late because we are old and boring. ;-) Los Lobos, Marcia Ball, a fantastic local vocalist, and BeauSoleil from Lousiana are just a few.

It happens over two weekends, which is good, since it is supposed to rain like a big dog today and Saturday.

This means, since the festival area encompasses the library, that the probability of having many damp, stinky, cranky customers in the building tomorrow is pretty high.

Good times.

We are going next weekend and hoping for better weather.

+ My bulletin board is ugly. :-( I was going to do this one thing, but it would turn out really time intensive, so I switched gears, and now it is kind of ugly. Oh, well. The fact is that few people on our staff are really arty, and that my boss doesn't really care what's on there as long as a) she doesn't have to do it and b) the space isn't empty. But, still. I hate putting up something that people need to look at for awhile and have it be all homely.

+ I have decided today is No Makeup Friday. Behold my beauty, au natural!!! People tend to ask me if I am tired, or if I am feeling okay when I don't wear makeup, but too bad. Just not in the mood to blend and line and primp this morning.

+ I have found a Discovery Channel slash journal. O.O I don't know whether to be amused or really frightened.

However, I can haz icons! :-D

Okay, gente. I must go continue to work on my ugly bulletin board.

You all have a good Friday and I'll talk to ya'll sometime this weekend.
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+ In an effort to not think about my ultrasound which showed, to quote the technician, 'lots of things', I began baking last night. Also, the way this week's schedule has shaped up, I need to start early or I will be baking at 3 a.m. on Wednesday for the Cookie Xchange on Thursday.

Made Mocha Truffles and WHOAH. That's too much chocolate. I wasn't even sure that was possible. I'm going to tweak the recipe so that I don't pass out in a sugar coma. I think that last cup of chocolate chips was gratuitous. Tonight we have Rollo cookies, like the candy, and Heath Bar Toffee cookies. Because I am all about the candy cookies. That's just how I roll. :-)

+ Saw a rebroadcast of Mike Huckabee on Jon Stewart and, you know. *sigh* For all of Mr. Huckabee's issues, he speaks eloquently and plainly, with a nice self-deprecating sense of humor that I really like. He doesn't come across as plastic to me at all. And then this issue comes up and, with the same earnest calm, he sets about rationalizing bigotry. I just. *hands* It's pretty disheartening.

Articulating why the notion of tying procreation to marriage is problmatic [livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue has written a letter to Mike Huckabee about her own marriage. I hope he reads it.

+ In the same vein Newsweek has taken on gay marriage and the church and recieved nothing but grief for it. Click here if you want to support their courage in tackling an incendiary issue and the rights of free speech.

+ Taylor Hanson and wife continue to overpopulate the Western Hemisphere with the birth of their fourth child, a son named Viggo Moriah. Really, Taylor? Really? Don't you think you should keep your admiration of Mr. Mortenson at a nice respectable level? I'm just saying. Ah, Tay. Such a failboat. A gorgeous failboat, but a failboat just the same. Mom and baby are said to be fine.

Okay, gente. Must go work! I have a Christmas tree to draw and cut out since our present trees in the department are full of ornaments. My life, so hard. :-)

We have gotten another 'front' in and it is a lovely, blustery 40-something degrees. Tomorrow will be in the late 50s and back up to 70's by Thursday. *headdesk* Texas, the Sybil of the weather community.

Cuidense, gente! I'll talk at you later!
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In other news....

You, sir, are made of epic fucking fail. Thank you. Thanks a lot for making Republicans the country over sneer in glee you greedy, duplicitous asshole.

And today he returned to work 'upbeat' because he doesn't think he did anything wrong oh you ASSHOLE.


Okay. Moving on.

+ Got holiday cards from [livejournal.com profile] beckynicky, [livejournal.com profile] thebratqueen, and [livejournal.com profile] lucylooo! Yay! So lovely!

+ My crafty is broken. *sadface* My attempt to make cards was roundly thwarted becasue I bought the less expensive stamp/collage cards and not the more flexible, higher quality watercolor cards enabling me to draw the cards when the linoleum print wasn't working out. And they looked like arse. *headdesk* I am so behind I'm getting all O.O However, we went out and bought blank watercolor cards and all was right with the world. Much better.

+ D took a mini-roadtrip giving me some alone time and, after I got totally frustrated with the cards, I read [livejournal.com profile] bexless's fic Staring Through the Demons her follow up to the luminous, amazing I Have Been All Things Unholy and YOU GUYS IT IS BRILLIANT!!! This one has bonus FOB and she destroyed me utterly UTTERLY with the hurty and the amazing writing and characterizations and, really, it is just fantastic. I cannot wait for the next installment CANNOT WAIT. *luvs it*

+ I have so much fic to catch up on, too. [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade has a new one I have not even looked at.

+ It is D-E-D dead in here. People are probably at home freaking because of the weather. I wish I were home painting cards and having Mexican hot chocolate. Eh, maybe later. :-)

+ ZOMG TWO MORE HOURS! *faceplant* Want to go hoooooooooooooooome.

Okay, one tiny family has shown up. Maybe they want to play Wii or something.

You all keep warm! I'll talk at you later!

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Someone [livejournal.com profile] whimseywisp did this on my FL and I liked it!

Seriously, just comment! Even if you voted for the other guy! Even if you write, 'OMG SHUT SHUT UP SHUT UP I VOTED'!

Comment if you voted!

Happy election day!

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If you don't I wouldn't tell me. I am not even kidding. I will be THAT disgusted and flabbergasted at your flagrant disregard of your civil duty, your rights, and your enormous propensity for being made of UTTER FAIL.


So. How's tricks? Have some bullet points. They are our friends.

+ I am so anxious and excited about this election I don't know how I'll sleep tonight. I maybe should have waited to watch 'Uncounted' until AFTER. That way I would have been either relieved or pissed off but not incredibly nervous and apprehensive.

+ I go to Vermont this Sunday with various children's librarians. I don't know whether or not to take my laptop. I will say that if I am made to forcefully socialize with people I can barely stand and/or people from another state I will never meet again there is a possibility I will not be sweet. Imagine that, if you will.

+ The Notebook is possibly the most flagrantly sappy, trite, warm, fuzzy chick movie of all time and I NEVER MISS A SHOWING.

+ I did not officially join National Novel Writing Month but I AM writing a bit each night. Sometimes it is just a bit. Sometimes it is more. I have about 500 words of the next installment to my skaterboi fic written so far. Not a lot I know BUT STILL.

+ My Day of the Dead program was a success, tho I was bone tired after the two programs, twelve kids, and lots of paint. Omg the unholy MESS. My altar looks awesome, too! Next year I am going to send out an email to the whole building and have people bring pix and momentos by for the ofrenda.

+ The MECA Day of the Dead festival was also great. Free admissions, cheap festival food, and good music. What more do you need? :-) I saw this guy with a McCain/Palin cap on and I think I showed admirable restraint at not glaring and snarling. Did I mention I am ANXIOUS?

+ We got a new sweet young librarian today. Manager is at a conference and Asst. manager is with her sick child. So who shows her around, and gives her a tour of the building, and starts to show her the circ system and the catalog and gets her started on the system's policy's and procedures? *sigh* She is nice girl but I have, like, shit to do and I got done none of it. Asst. manager's child is sick and I feel for her. It is just getting so hard to not COUNT on her, like, ever. For anything in any way. I am not getting paid as an Asst. manager because I didn't apply for the job. Because I don't WANT the job. The pinch-hitting is just getting kinda tired.

+ I seem to be abusing caps tonite. It's the election's fault.So, I'ma go before any more innocent upper case letters are harmed in the writing of this post.

You all take care and, if you have not done so, vote. People fought hard to get you that right. The least you could do is use it.
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I would hope I am preaching to the choir, but one never knows.

The election is tomorrow.

If you have not already done so, please, please vote.
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This is a documentary about votiing inconsistencies, fraud, and voter bullying in the 2000 and 2004 presidential race.

Which is NOT making me less anxious about this election.
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+ Despite the sure knowledge that my efforts will be made of epic fail I have the most irrational urge to sign up for NaNoWriMo. *flail*

+ Am at work this Saturday. Just like last Saturday. And next Saturday. BUT I'M NOT BITTER.

+ I am wearing cat ears since that is all I could muster for a costume and two people have said I look like a cute bunny. CAT I'M A CAT GODAMMIT. Don't make me use 'p' word.

+ Why is all the election crazy happeing in TX WHY. There's this paragon of sanity. who only has 'ties' to Houston but then there is this penis in Austin who deserves to have his entrails pulled out through his nose.

Wtf, people?

+ Then there's the awful awful thing that happened to Jennifer Hudson's family. I hope they catch the crazy fucker who did it.

+ And something has once again hosed my ability to get YouTube on my work computer so now I am limited to only the songs I have on my MySpace. Grrrr.

But then there is Frankie, who is good for all that ails you. *hearts him*

So I am at work. I have 30 minutes of peace to sip my soup and eat my bread before more happy fun times commence.

And I also work tomorrow.

But I have done actual work on Leigh's fic! I'm not sure if it's what she wanted but I'm giving it a go. :-)

My writing muses have been restless lately, finally stirring from their long slumber.

Luck to those who have already signed up. I'll let you know if I get brave enough!
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Do you know what is meep-making? When I thought I was leaving for Spain on MONDAY and I am leaving on SUNDAY. MEEP. Before then I have to: )

And I work tomorrow MEEP. And...and...I know there's more! *faceplant x eleventybillion*

In other news...

+ Watched the VP debate. )

We all know I don't like to say something if somene else says it better and [livejournal.com profile] winterlive pretty much nailed that:

(I)n summation: if you vote for mccain, you deserve what you get, you poor sad bastards.

Well said, well spoken, and very true.

+ I wanted to comment on the whole Frankie Iero was an asshat in college thing because, seriously? I just laughed and laughed and LAUGHED omg Frank. Really, if anyone were to hold up how I was at eighteen as a judgment for THE REST OF MY LIFE, dudes. I would be so screwed. My snotty, self-important, annoying self was at tiny community college when I was espousing tripe pretty to the style that he does, and I thank the lord and sonny Jesus that's where the tripe will stay. Someone just happened to dig up his 18 year-old asshattery, which I did read. And. Well. Am I missing something? Because OMG FRANK ILU *LOL*. He is so FLAWED AND STUPID AND PRECIOUS. I just. *hands* I can't EVEN.

+ Why don't I know anyone in Spain that I could go have lunch with?

+ I stumbled along a link to that song 'Never Ever' by All Saints on YouTube and it is the cheesiest, over produced, late nineties fluff I have ever heard and I have had it on repeat for the last half hour. Don't judge me!!

I know there is more but I don't even know what it is. I have so, so much to do I am tharn.

However, Barcelona in two days! So, you know. I'll take the trade off. :-)

Take care, gente! I'll be running like crazy until I leave Sunday but I'll talk at ya'll later.
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This is not usually a very political journal. )

As always, someone has compiled and said it better than I and today that person is [livejournal.com profile] penknife, whom I found through [livejournal.com profile] beanside's journal.

This is what she says and what she's found.

So, yeah. That's what I know.

Back to work, gente.

Oh, BTW, the guys at the complex talked to CenterPoint Energy. Might have no electricity for two. More. Weeks. Aces.

Adios for now!
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I know I am so boring on this but the status is the same: no electricity. Don't know when we'll have some. *sigh*

The pleasant weather went bye and it is now hotter and more humid. SUCH JOY. *fans*

I know. It could be much, much worse. HOwever, everyone at the complex is getting more snarly and less chipper and the situation is grating on everyone.

On the plus side,I'm at my friend Kitty's doing laundry instead of finding laundramat, so that's good! She's awesome.

Also awesome is the article [livejournal.com profile] ninamonkey linked to on her lj here. I might get flack for thinking this, just like the author did, but I think it's incisive and true.

I'm going to go check laundry to see if we can leave my generous friend Kitty to her Sunday.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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Last night the phone rang at ass o'clock in the morning. D's freind was calling from California about a gun. )

I've been reading people's political posts about Palin and all that and rather than say, again, what has been said, I give you a smattering of poli-links that address my mindset on these matters.

+ Except for the first one. [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's post which pretty much sums up the way I feel in the most succint, to-the-point manner possible. I can't link to it because her LJ is friends-locked so I'm quoting it whole cloth because it is just that perfect.I hope she doesn't mind.:

"Sarah Palin is a creationist, she is anti-abortion, and she doesn't believe climate change is man-made. There is no one I am less likely to vote for, regardless of the fact that she's a female. I am incredibly insulted by every headline that suggests otherwise.

Also, I am not giving the GOP props for choosing a woman, because TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO the Democrats nominated Geraldine Ferraro. Suck it."

Well said, Ms. Vane. Well spoken.

+ [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic linked to the most comprehensive poll tracking website I've ever seen. It is run by a person that used to do stats for major league baseball and it is awe-inspiring in it's detail. And also scary.

+ Here is an article discusses Palin's belief on book censorship and her retaliation against those who don't share her beliefs.

+ Lastly, only because I want to keep this list down to a nice respectable level, a former POW's explanationon why he is not voting for McCain. Illuminating.

That concludes my links on the subject, for now.

In other news...

+ Did I ever tell you all I had a Michael Huchence obsession in community college? )

The video is here:

How I go from tall, sultry Australian front man to short, pornstached, tattooed guitarist I don't know. Anyone? Thots?

The quality's pretty shitty and the sound sucks, but wow. Wow. He was something.

+ Hurricane Ike might be headed to the Gulf. IKE! TOWARDS the GULF! What are the odds??

+ In closing, I have decided to edit the hell out of Embers and see what happens. Eh. *shrugs* What's to lose?

Ok, gente. This rambling discourse has gone on for too long and I go now.
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Is that I can't re-sub-title my journal 'What's Gay About Blowjobs?' much as I really, really want to. It just looks....wrong. *lol*

Hai, gente!

It is just past 1:30 a.m. and I wide effing awake thanks to the sips of Dr. Pepper I've had from D's glass. Or, you know. That whole waking-up-at-11 thing. :->

So we are watching Trauma:Life in the ER, which we are both shamelessly addicted to.

Bullet Points, yes? Yes.

+ We are eyeing Gustav nervously. The main path takes it to the border of Texas and Louisiana which is still very, very close. Meep. You all think good thoughts.

+ Went grocery shopping today to stock up on stuff like water and non-perishables, just in case.

+ Macaroni Grill and possibly movie/museum tomorrow.

+ Burned my finger taking nachos out of the oven. OW.

+ stele3's Two Knights and A Pawn: So. Much. LOVE. I didn't even know I wanted Frank/Gerard/Bob. And I DO! I really DO!!!

+ Apartment is a pit. Must do laundry tomorrow.

+ Saw movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and it was surprisingly good! How precious is Topher Grace in that film, I ask you? And Kate Bosworth before she became a stick and that really good chick from the Johnny Cash movie and other good people. All around a pretty enjoyable film.

In closing:

+ Sarah Palin: Really, John McCain?

This is mostly filler, so I go 'night. Si?

You all have a good weekend! I'll talk at you sometime soon!
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Today IS THE DAY, gente! If you have not yet done so get thee to your voting precinct and vote. The Democratic race is too close to call so it's even more important to do what you can to make your voice heard.

Hola, how are you?

Not much to report except work, work, and more work. I'm becoming so tedious, here, yeah? I think I am reaching a burnout point on so many things,but two: The Committee From Hell and adult reference )

Wow, I had more but now I need to go.

Take care gente, and I'll talk at you later.

AND VOTE!!!!! :-)
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We have gotten two new people in three weeks and Awesome Coworker M, who was supposed to divvy up training duties with me, has been out ALL WEEK with a sick kid. )

However, in other news~

+ I VOTED! Have you? How I voted is none of anyone's beeswax but you all NEED TO VOTE NOW! Or on March 4th. This is a close one, gente, and I really think the margin will be very slim, both for the primaries and the final election. Early voting is going on now for those in TX and on March 4th for those who didn't before, so don't put it off!

+ I am reading Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear. It is a story about faeries and so far really good! Puts Hamilton to shame with the consistency and syntax I'll tell you that. Good read.

+ This story about Anne Frank's 'one true love' nearly made me cry. Such wonder.

+ Still no MCR tix. I've about given up but info to sales on other dates is trickling in so we shall see.

+ I have been put in charge of an online newsletter for graphic novels for our system and I am so PSYCHED!!! I'm not really sure I should have taken somethign else on when I'm this overwhelmed but I really, really want to do it and it so muy exciting! Now to find time...

I had more, gente, but newbies call.

I'll holler at ya'll later if I can, si?



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