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- It always happens to me, man. I don't always get Con Crud, but when I do, it hangs on like a sonovabitch. Currently I am subjecting my co-workers to my hacking cough, which they are kindly not reacting badly to. The cough is always the last thing to go so for days I will be otherwise fine, but have drainage and sound like Typhoid Mary. *sigh* But I don't have a fever so there's no reason for me to be home except I sound gross. Once upon a time in this department I could have WORKED from home, but our Horrible Ex Deputy Director nixed that option, so here we are.

- As the wierdest comfort TV yesterday while bedridden I marathoned CSI:Miami all afternoon. I never cared for David Caruso but, like often, I ended up invested in all the secondary characters more than the main ones. I was Kallie/Eric 'shipper forever, really appreciated Boa Vista, and adored Speedle until he was unceremoniously killed off.


- So someone really has to explain to Levi it's bad idea to use the AIDS Memorial Quilt as a way to make money? *sigh* Well, at least at this point United, Pepsi, and Sean Spicer are holding Levi's beer. However, enlightening them with the specifics of the hanky code is pretty hilarious...

- I don't even DISCUSS politics on here anymore because it's such a huge, total, to quote the amazing Dan Rather, dumpster fire. We are going to actions and rallys as we can; D more than I since her schedule is more flexible.


- The beautiful, talented Chris Cornell from Audioslave has died, possibly a suicide. So many frontmen from that era, right? Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland, Curt Kobain. I thought he was gonna make it. RIP, baby. May whatever pained you be no more.

- Roger Ailes died. Never to grab pu$$y again.

Okay, gente!

I have an hour and a half more before I can go home and faceplant. I'm still pretty drained.
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He was one of the best local Houston boys who'd done good.

I'd only been out of high school two years when Dirty Dancing came out and I played that tape until it wore out. I love that movie to this day because the frizzy haired girl gets the guy and they dance into the evening. I don't think I saw one role, no matter how large or small, where he hadn't totally committed with all of himself.

Dance all you want now, darlin'. And rest in peace.
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Of heart failure.

He will always be Lorne, to me; the suavest, Sinatra singing, sexually ambigous demon in the Angel-verse.

Rest in peace, good Sir.
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I just can't believe it.

She is one of my all-time favorites because even if she was acting royalty and had the incredibly famous, amazing mom and the incredibly attractive,successful sister, she just seemed like such a down-to-earth funny, smart, woman who loved her husband and children.

Rest in peace, classy lady.
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Paul Newman died. He is one of only two celebrities that could reduce my mom to utter fangirl joy. He was a big supporter of gay rights, a longtime philanthropist, and an all-around amazing, talented man.

Rest in peace, kind sir.

In other news....

+ Sweet Pea got out when we mistakenly shut the door behind her. Ten minutes later one of our neighbors knocked on the door and told us she was loose. I pulled on some clothes (because, no, I don't wear a lot when I'm at home) and ran out to find her. She was totally freaked out huddled against a wall. My mistake was I picked her up around her middle and she FREAKED THE FUCK OUT on me. Snarling and biting and going utterly Cujo. Before I knew it she'd bitten my hand and my finger and sank a puncture into the meat of my right palm. I finally manged to talk her down and scoop her up but I was pretty shaken.

I know she didn't mean it but that hurt like a motherfucker.

+ We did a small grocery run but our fridge is still very bare. This is a rent check cycle so not a lot to spare but it's a start.

+ Work is slowly getting back to normal thank god. Daycare HPL's last day was Friday, also thank god. the hours are still 10-7 for this week, tho. That should be back to normal in short order, too.

+ Work tomorrow. Boo.

+ I have jury duty on Monday, which I forgot. Crap. I have a shitload of work to do before I leave for Barcelona.

+ I didn't watch the debate because I am SO SO ANXIOUS OMG, but I had D DVR it. I might get brave later.

+ I watched the first ep of SPN online. Dean: Really? Oh, boys. *LOL!!!!* Heroes is next. I WILL catch up.

For now there is a A Hard Day's Night on the Independent Film Channel, a roast chicken for dinner, and privacy. I'll take it.
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Last night the phone rang at ass o'clock in the morning. D's freind was calling from California about a gun. )

I've been reading people's political posts about Palin and all that and rather than say, again, what has been said, I give you a smattering of poli-links that address my mindset on these matters.

+ Except for the first one. [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's post which pretty much sums up the way I feel in the most succint, to-the-point manner possible. I can't link to it because her LJ is friends-locked so I'm quoting it whole cloth because it is just that perfect.I hope she doesn't mind.:

"Sarah Palin is a creationist, she is anti-abortion, and she doesn't believe climate change is man-made. There is no one I am less likely to vote for, regardless of the fact that she's a female. I am incredibly insulted by every headline that suggests otherwise.

Also, I am not giving the GOP props for choosing a woman, because TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO the Democrats nominated Geraldine Ferraro. Suck it."

Well said, Ms. Vane. Well spoken.

+ [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic linked to the most comprehensive poll tracking website I've ever seen. It is run by a person that used to do stats for major league baseball and it is awe-inspiring in it's detail. And also scary.

+ Here is an article discusses Palin's belief on book censorship and her retaliation against those who don't share her beliefs.

+ Lastly, only because I want to keep this list down to a nice respectable level, a former POW's explanationon why he is not voting for McCain. Illuminating.

That concludes my links on the subject, for now.

In other news...

+ Did I ever tell you all I had a Michael Huchence obsession in community college? )

The video is here:

How I go from tall, sultry Australian front man to short, pornstached, tattooed guitarist I don't know. Anyone? Thots?

The quality's pretty shitty and the sound sucks, but wow. Wow. He was something.

+ Hurricane Ike might be headed to the Gulf. IKE! TOWARDS the GULF! What are the odds??

+ In closing, I have decided to edit the hell out of Embers and see what happens. Eh. *shrugs* What's to lose?

Ok, gente. This rambling discourse has gone on for too long and I go now.
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I feel like I haven't updated in forever.

This will not the long chatty update of cheerful I had planned either because, well, it's early and I have a Potential Day of Hell lined up. So bullet points for you! They are our friends. :-)

+ I have lost my work key. All I did day before yesterday is open the workroom door on my evening shift to get my purse and now it is nowhere. I have looked everywhere. I am not looking forward to telling my boss. :-(

+ Goerge Carlin died. Sadness. I used to watch films of his comedy skits on HBO back in the day when I was a wee Ahestele. Though my parents were very strict in the sense that we could not stay out past midnight, date anyone they didn't meet, or stay over at friend's houses without a fight, they cared not if we stayed up 'till 4 a.m. watching rated R movies on Skinemax. Go figure. Someone on my FL linked to this this editorial cartoon and it is perfect.

Rock on, Mr. Carlin, wherever you maybe.

+ A coworker who also has an LJ has started a Patron of the Day post which I kind of like. Nothing showcases the flotsam and jetsam of humanity like the people dealt with in public service.

My Patron of the Day yesterday was this paragon of great parenting. )

+ I had written two pages on the copfic, not realized I had done so on a read-only version of the file I'd not dled yet, and lost it when I closed out. Because I am a moron. *headslap*

+ I work this Saturday and next Saturday becuase my boss will be at ALA, so I will probably miss Pride, even though the parade isn't till 9 p.m. By the time I finish a Saturday I'm so exhausted all I want to do is sit. But we shall see. However, then I get two Saturdays off, so I guess it's worth it. Would have been nice to have the weekend of the 4th off as I was supposed to but oh well.

+ I am going to see a nutritionist today in hopes that she can help me stop the exponential growth of my ass. Yes, I realize only I can do that, but I live in hope.

+ Before I leave at 1:30 I must
a) Plan a storytime for 100 kids
b) Go to a meeting at 10 a.m.
c) Work on Employee Evaluations
d) Spend three hours on a desk.

So I must away now!

I still can't believe I can't find my key.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!
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May everyone have a Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to all who sent me Valentinr love! I know it threw it up there at the last minute but beso beso beso to everyone!

T-minus eleven hours and counting until my Capstone Comprehensive Essay Exit Test. O.O )

In other news....

* I think I offended people on [livejournal.com profile] belladonalin's LJ when I contributed to a discussion on butch/femme identity. I certainly did not mean to and I'm pretty sure it is due to how butch/femme plays out in different regions and ethnic cultures. But I have been femme for seventeen years. That's just been my experience thus far. The person expressing such disbelief lives in NY and I have heard from people who used to live in NY comment that the lesbian scene there is quite different.

* I have seen such myriad stuff on the news that I want to link to and commment on if I were not tharn. For example:

* That evangelical preacher being CURED (CURED PRAISE GOD AND HOLY JESUS!!!) of that pesky homosexuality in nine weeks through the power of CHRIST HIS PERSONAL SAVIOR!!!........oh, please, girlfriend. Like you wouldn't do dick again if you thought you could get away with it.

* Someone in Congress is trying to limit marriage only to couples that can have children. I mean. Que? So kiss off all older couples, couples where one partner is sterile, and would that make lesbian marriage okay since lesbians can HAVE children if they choose to? The stupid. It burns.

* The clusterfuck that James Brown's and Anna Nicole Smith's affairs are in due to them dying intestate makes me want to go right to Gale Legal Forms and dl a will to fill out RIGHT NOW. I mean, I may not have much but I'm pretty sure my mama, bless her heart, neither wants nor needs custody of my collection of circa 1990's lesbian romances, the shelf of erotica, my huge female nude painting in the living room, or the computer with all the slash and prOn on it. It just makes me really sad they can't even DIE in peace.

* Marshall is apparently marrying Kim. Again. O.O. What the hell are you DOING Marshall?!?!? Just. I mean. *hands* He's doing this to personally hurt me. [livejournal.com profile] alexandriabrown said so and I agree.

I might be babbling because tharn is giving way to frenetic and frightened.

I must away, gente.

Everyone have a Happy Heart Day! Wish me luck and send me positive vibes and I'll see ya'll on the flip side!!


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