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I am a little fuddled on what day it is since I have been on Staycation all this week and it has been divine. I'd decided to take a week after the people with kids took the winter holidays off and, ostensibly, so we could finish unpacking. While we have made some headway I think that is going to be a gradual process.


Begging the pardon of all my friends in the North getting hit by all the cold but the days have been absolutely STUNNING here. I broke out the sandals today because it was in the seventies and balmy. Texas: where you never put away your summer clothes! I hope this doesn't mean winter is gone, tho...I am not ready.


I love our house. That is not to say there are not glitches. The list of things we need to fix is ongoing and seems to get longer but I do truly love having our own space and our wee yard for our wee dogs. We have to get a handle on the whole trash/recycling pick up schedule, tho. There is trash day, heavy trash day, recycling day, and leaf and tree trash day. The schedule is somewhat confusing. I guess we'll eventually figure it out...


Shows what I am watching avidly:

+ Elementary- I love those two together SO MUCH. It has become D and my favorite hour of television

+ The Rachel Maddow Show- Except for the RM Show because my Rachel fangirling is reaching critical mass. She is so fiercely intelligent, and such an unapologetic political nerd, and says and does goofy shit and she is THE CUTEST OMG. And she has been with her partner twenty years and her partner is soft and round and really, I could not be more charmed. Unfortunately I made the mistake of looking up Rachel Maddow fic on A03 and now I want to sterilize my brain with brain bleach. I will spare you the details. O.o

+ Criminal Minds- Still don't like the new chick. Still love Reid and Morgan and Garcia and pretty much everyone else. Poor Reid! This week's was a heartbreaker.

+ The Vampire Diaries- Damon of my heart 4ever amen.

+ Big Bang Theory- Amy Farrah Fowler continues to be my hero. :-)

+ Hawaii Five O- Because you can't always see the slash, but when you can, it's visible from space.

I watch a lot of Teevee.

Shows What I Was Not Able To Pick Up Again

+ Glee- I miss Brittana. The jumping from NY to McKinley was not working for me. And I miss the Klaine.

+ Revenge- I kept missing when it showed and now i don't know what is going on.

+ Girls- I dunno. I think it was mostly my follow up to Game of Thrones, and without GoT I keep forgetting it's on.


+ I continue to be on a Clint/Coulson kick except I have read almost all of the first three pages of AO3 and now I need MORE.

+ I woke up one day this week and the copfic was yelling at me. Wonders never cease.

Okay gente. I know I had more but it is late and I must away.

Everyone up north stay warm! Be careful!
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It is flooding like a big dog out there and I have never been so happy to live close in. The bayou near our apartment looks like a huge lake, it is INSANE.

Most of our staff is in but Adult Reference is missing over half of theirs. It is going to be a looooong day.

Everybody in H-town keep dry and I'll talk at you later.
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Today the high is 43 degrees. Tomorrow it is 70. By Friday it is 79. 79 degrees people! In December! I know people in the north are wishing evil shit on me but that is one degree from 80!!! 80 DEGREES!!! Really?? *sigh*

Of course by Friday I will be Laredo where the high for that day will be 83 degrees. Because it is the desert.

I just want to wear my new coat one solid week! Why is that bad???

In other news...

+ I had more cookie fail last night. I'm thinking the universe is telling me to ixnay the baking for this year or something. I tried to make simple mocha cookies and the recipe said 'small cup of instant coffee' so I measured a cup, right? WRONG. Immediately I realized it was too soupy. So I added more flour. A lot. Then they didn't taste like anything so I added Heath Bar crunch. Then they tasted like nothing with Heath Bar Crunch.

I mean, the cookies LOOK pretty, but they are almost tasteless. Delightful.

So, yeah, might be done. I was gonna bake some cookies for the gay guys and teens across the way but we might just have to buy the roll of Toll House and call it a day. I know, shameful.

+ I am on the last Twilight installment I've been kind of spoiled but we'll see how this turns out.

+ Went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still and the brief synopsis I read on someone's LJ is still the best one. )

No, but really, it was not bad. Keanu was amazing because Keanu is amazing, Jennifer Connelly still has one of the loveliest faces in the business, and, bonus John Cleese made of total win. Also, wow, that is Will Smith's son! Hi, Will Smith's son! Aren't you going to be a handsome young man?

Not bad. Certainly worth a matinee.

+ Only one more xmas present to buy! Well, basically. I might buy earrings for all my sisters since it's a thing I've done the last four years or so, but we'll see. Everyone, including myself, is pretty tight this season.

Okay, gente.

I'm on the desk again since we are one person short but you all stay warm and safe!

I should talk at ya'll at least one more time before we hit the road, Jack, for points south.

Till' then, cuidense!
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Ok, so it's just flurries and it's not sticking to the ground but OMG THOSE REALLY ARE FLAKES swirling down from the sky!!


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At least as long as it lasts! *crosses fingers*

We're ok! Power went out at 3 a.m. last night and is trying to come on intermittently. It's on now and we're all hoping.

Gonna go see if we have anything that can be grilled for real food before it goes bad. The fridge has been out over twelve hours.

*hugs you all*

Will update as much as I can!
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In Galveston.

We have the tub full of water, candles in candle holders, all our supplies, clean clothes, lots of books and board games, and lots of bottled water.

My family has been calling really worried because I know my dad and he has been watching The Weather Channel and the Texas 24 hour Channel and making himself crazy.

I know some people think we ARE crazy not to have left, but the roads are grid-locked for 80 miles out of town by now, even if we wanted to go.

I have emailed them a list of helpful links like the link to this journal, though I've sent it to them numerous times throughout the years, two local news channel links, my Myspace, My Facebook, and the red cross registery Safe and Well where people log in to tell their friends and loved ones they are ok. The link is here.

I urge anyone going through this to register and update regularly so your gente can search and find out if you are OK.

People, I know you all are worried and I love you all so much for your concern. *smushes* But we'll be ok. Our apartment has a group of people that have stayed including the gay guys and their nephews, the old couple down the way, some other single people and a single mom and her daughter, and we are watching out for each other so we are not alone.

I'll update as long as I have Interwebz.

In random news, the author of Strangers in Paradise Terry Moore also lives in Houston and he did not evacuate either. He is also blogging. Us Texans, we crazy, we know.

I'll keep you all posted.
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Apparently, Hurricane Ike is going to make landfall into the Brazoria area, threabouts, which is pretty damn close to Galveson and Houston. The storm is supposed to come in as a Force 3 and we're hoping that's all it strengthens because anything stronger is v.v. bad. Force 3 is just BAD, with high wave action, very high winds, flooding, and a partridge in a pear tree lots of other scary-type weather conditions.

D and I went down to the LaPorte house yesterday in a laughable attempt to get it ready for the storm since we have no plyboard for the windows, not the strength or money to put it up, and no water in the house so going potty was an interesting experience. We're going back to day to see if we can move everything somewhat valuable to the middle of the house away from the windows.

We also got hurricane supplies last night at midnight before the insanity started today. We weren't even sure the insanity would start but figured, eh. We were up and it should be quiet. It was.

This morning when the eye shifted North, we were pretty glad. We still have to do some stuff; get prescriptions, some odds and ends at the $ store, cook all the perishables in the freezer, but we got the main stuff yesterday.

I've never been in a hurricane despite the fact that I've lived in TX all my life and on Galveston Island for four years.

Kinda freaked out but it still seems surreal.

I'm sure by Friday night when the 100+ winds start to hit shore it will get pretty real.

We are not leaving Houston. We are hunkering down and riding it out.

It is a given that power will be out in the storm so I will obviously be without interwebz when it does. I will be posting until I'm able to but we're gonna be running around quite a bit today.

At least as soon as D's back pain pills kick in.

Wish me luck, gente! That is one big, scary fucker of a storm and our area has been on borrowed time for a while.

You all stay safe and I'll talk at you later.
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D and I Watched Fringe last night. )

In other news....

+ Someone on my FL linked to an Educators for Obama t-shirt and I searched and found a Librarians for Obama t-shirt!! WANT!!

+ I'm watching this pretty good gay movie I didn't know exsisted called Strange Fuit." The title is from a Billie Holiday song about lynchings and the story follows a gay lawyer that goes home to Lousiana after a gay high school friend is hung. I had lots of issues with the movie, including the ending, but it has strong performances from all the main characters, including 'Jenny' from The Jefferson's fame as the lead protagonist's mother. The many sub-plots kind of get muddled but it's a good story. Worth watching.

+ The hurricane in the Gulf is headed close enough to here for us to need to buy at least a few supplies. *sigh*

+ I am on vacation until this Monday but it looks like most of it will be spent watiting to see what the storm will do.. It is still nice to wake up in a liesurely fashion and not have to hurry to get somewhere.

+ I've gotten to where I can't watch any election coverage at all, I am so apprehensive. I want my country back. The further deterioration that will occur if McCain wins frightens me to a point of blank, utter despair. The Indigo Girls have a line in one of their early songs that says, "No one can convince me we aren't gluttons for our doom." I feel like that.

Now D and I have to go buy duct tape to tape the windows in the LaPorte house. Fun times.

You all take care, yeah? I'll talk at you later.
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Last night the phone rang at ass o'clock in the morning. D's freind was calling from California about a gun. )

I've been reading people's political posts about Palin and all that and rather than say, again, what has been said, I give you a smattering of poli-links that address my mindset on these matters.

+ Except for the first one. [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane's post which pretty much sums up the way I feel in the most succint, to-the-point manner possible. I can't link to it because her LJ is friends-locked so I'm quoting it whole cloth because it is just that perfect.I hope she doesn't mind.:

"Sarah Palin is a creationist, she is anti-abortion, and she doesn't believe climate change is man-made. There is no one I am less likely to vote for, regardless of the fact that she's a female. I am incredibly insulted by every headline that suggests otherwise.

Also, I am not giving the GOP props for choosing a woman, because TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO the Democrats nominated Geraldine Ferraro. Suck it."

Well said, Ms. Vane. Well spoken.

+ [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic linked to the most comprehensive poll tracking website I've ever seen. It is run by a person that used to do stats for major league baseball and it is awe-inspiring in it's detail. And also scary.

+ Here is an article discusses Palin's belief on book censorship and her retaliation against those who don't share her beliefs.

+ Lastly, only because I want to keep this list down to a nice respectable level, a former POW's explanationon why he is not voting for McCain. Illuminating.

That concludes my links on the subject, for now.

In other news...

+ Did I ever tell you all I had a Michael Huchence obsession in community college? )

The video is here:

How I go from tall, sultry Australian front man to short, pornstached, tattooed guitarist I don't know. Anyone? Thots?

The quality's pretty shitty and the sound sucks, but wow. Wow. He was something.

+ Hurricane Ike might be headed to the Gulf. IKE! TOWARDS the GULF! What are the odds??

+ In closing, I have decided to edit the hell out of Embers and see what happens. Eh. *shrugs* What's to lose?

Ok, gente. This rambling discourse has gone on for too long and I go now.
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Is that I can't re-sub-title my journal 'What's Gay About Blowjobs?' much as I really, really want to. It just looks....wrong. *lol*

Hai, gente!

It is just past 1:30 a.m. and I wide effing awake thanks to the sips of Dr. Pepper I've had from D's glass. Or, you know. That whole waking-up-at-11 thing. :->

So we are watching Trauma:Life in the ER, which we are both shamelessly addicted to.

Bullet Points, yes? Yes.

+ We are eyeing Gustav nervously. The main path takes it to the border of Texas and Louisiana which is still very, very close. Meep. You all think good thoughts.

+ Went grocery shopping today to stock up on stuff like water and non-perishables, just in case.

+ Macaroni Grill and possibly movie/museum tomorrow.

+ Burned my finger taking nachos out of the oven. OW.

+ stele3's Two Knights and A Pawn: So. Much. LOVE. I didn't even know I wanted Frank/Gerard/Bob. And I DO! I really DO!!!

+ Apartment is a pit. Must do laundry tomorrow.

+ Saw movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and it was surprisingly good! How precious is Topher Grace in that film, I ask you? And Kate Bosworth before she became a stick and that really good chick from the Johnny Cash movie and other good people. All around a pretty enjoyable film.

In closing:

+ Sarah Palin: Really, John McCain?

This is mostly filler, so I go 'night. Si?

You all have a good weekend! I'll talk at you sometime soon!
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Breakfast: two slices of wheat toast with butter and sugar free Smuckers fruit spread.



bowl of ice cream with fixins'.

Maybe this is why I don't lose weight.

But it was all left OVER from the sundae bar yesterday! Waste not!


It's yummy. :-)

In other news...

+ There is a strange electrical burning smell on the floor. You know, like when you first turn on your heater after it's been off all summer and spring? Like that. It's been called in but it's making me a little nauseas. Bleah. :-X

+ Hurricane Gustav might be headed towards the Gulf and also, here. We were going to see my sis in Austin this weekend but I don't know if that's going to happen.

+ Talked to my BFF Shelby last night for a while, which was also a great birthday present. I will never not miss being near that woman. She is my true North on so many things.

+ I am going to kill my cat. In less than 12 hours the little motherfucker chewed through the good earphones that came with my laptop AND the phone cord. THE PHONE CORD WHAT. D had to go out and buy another phone cord and earphones. I mean, who has ever had a cat that chewed stuff? Anyone?

OK, gente. I have paperwork to wrap up, stats to figure, form letter for tours to write, LJ to surf so I will away.

I have a four day weekend coming up so talk to ya'll later!

Cuidensen until then!
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I leave the area and *BAM* Tropical Storm/Possible Hurricane heading that way!

Of course.

The library is closed tomorrow, helping me not at all since I'm on vacation ANYWAY, and instead of driving back tomorrow like we'd planned we will be driving back on Wed. This will not leave me a day to lounge around before returning to work but oh well. Driving back tomorrow would just place us right in the middle of that fucker. DO NOT WANT.

Visit highlight in bullet points, yes?

+ New-to-me clothes from my sis and my mom. Yay! I don't use them for work anymore but, hey! Doesnt' take a lot ot make me happy.

+ Went to a place called, I shit you not, MR. CORN today with my niece Cass to have corn in a cup and just realized what a veritable smorgasbord of trashy eats it offers. Aside from the corn, which is served in a styrofoam container with mayonnaise and queso blanco, there are frito pies, DORITO pies, snow cones, snow cones with a scoop of ice cream on top (yeah, I don't know), and something called Flmaing Hots w/Cheese, which my niece ordered, and I realized was the most NUCLEARLY TOXIC concoction of Flaming Hot Chee-tos and melted processed cheese. O.O The colors those things make are not found anywhere in nature, I'm sure. These delicacies are offered next to genuinely healthy fair such as fresh fruit cups, fruit drinks, and fresh coconut wedges with chili powder on the side. It was awesome.

+ D is really, really freaking out at the storm heading towards the Houston Ship Channel. Her mom's house is right in the path. Please send positive thoughts if you could.

+ Shopping tomorrow with mom.

There is more but I must away. D is yelling at 'The Closer' on the TV and that is never a good sign.

Talk at ya'll soon!
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The high today is 47 degrees but the wind chill is colder, gusts are at 20 mph or something and there is freezing drizzle. Hai winter! Hai! I know it's gray and damp outside but sweet lord it's at least COLD. We are going to jack back up to the mid 70s by the weekend they tell me so I'm enjoying this.

Of course my co-worker M, who apparently thinks we are in the Bahamas, showed up in a thin knit summer dress, her coat, and sneakers. I love her, but she is gonna freeze her butt off. I wore one of my comfy sweaters and, tho it is stuffy because the heat is on too high in here, I think my choice was wiser.

Hola, gente! How's your day?

In other news...

* This reopening is gonna kill me... )

* Heath Ledger's initial autopsy was 'inconclusive.' I think they can vague that up for everybody if they tried. Inconclusive? What the hell does that mean?

* Wrote a bit; not a lot.

* Was off yesterday and mostly did laundry and housework which was really badly needed. Now I have clean undies, always good! Was supposed to go do errands but the day was cold and drizzly and D and I fussed for half of it, which kind of curtailed any outings. Maybe this weekend.


OK, gente.

Since Outlook is being a h0r and I can't access my work mail I'ma have an early lunch and come back and work a bit before my desk shift.

You all stay warm and safe and I'll talk at you later!


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