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*Everyone's all GoT OMGGGGGGGGG but I no longer have HBO so I'm reading spoilers on eveyrone's posts.

* Began binge-watching THE NIGHT WATCH on Netflix and LOVE IT. While I don't think it has the depth of ER, my standard bearer for fantastic medical dramas, I like the energy of the writing.It's set in San Antonio, someone has actually put in some time to get cultural and geographical references correct, and the staff is wonderfully representational. ALL the pretty people! There's a CANON GAY COUPLE WOOOOOOOOOO! Jennifer Beals played a medic!! I am enjoying it thoroughly.

* SHADOWHUNTERS is back as is my jam, Izzie Lightwood (see icon pic). Emeraude Toubia, the actor, is SO STUNNING and she's A TEXAN and she SINGS and just yes. Magnus and Alex are still my favorite TV couple. While I eschewed everything Cassandra Claire for years, and with good reason, this is removed enough from the books that I began watching. You can't just give me Mike Chang from GLEE as a bisexual, kickass warlock and expect me to pass that up. I am not made of stone.

* Rachel Maddow- always and forever. Her ratings are now apparently higher than her competitors? SO PROUD OF HER. Most trustworthy lesbian in news. Everyone says, now officially. :-)

* We also binge-watched ZOO, which ended up being really great, but the current season is leaving me kind of meh. They did away with my favorite het OTP, and now Bella Swan's Dad Billy Burke can't call them hilarious things like 'Danny and Sandy' or 'Ken and Barbie', which they really looked like, and that makes me sad.


* BUTTER/Netflix- Jennifer Garner's turn as a shallow, driven Repub wife of a butter sculptor is SUPERIOR and FANTASTICALLY FUNNY. The cast on this is perfect, including a surprise cameo by Hugh Jackman as a Stetson wearing hapless car salesman.

*THEY CALL ME JEEG/Netflix- Italian Foreign film that will twist your heart all inside out in the best way. Just watch it.

* AFTERNOON DELIGHT/Crackle- I didn't know I had a Juno Temple thing until this film. Funny, true, sad and angry look at a Thirtysomething Crisis and what Kathryn Hahn's Rachel does to find meaning in her measured, suburbia paradise world. Jane Lynch as a self-absorbed therapist is worth the price of admission.




* Despite the start of fiscal year rollover clusterfuck, I still love what I'm doing a real lot. :-)

* Went to San Antonio for the Texas Library Association Annual Assembly Conference which was great,except we got a crack in our new car windshield before the vehicle even had it's first oil change. *sigh* D got it 'glazed' for about $40 which was preferable to the $400 to replace the whole thing. You can still totally see it, but maybe it will act as an urban theft deterrent. Poor Pearl, already banged up!


*Ugh it just won't stop being embarrassing and awful and cringe-worthy. I don't think I've ever, ever, in all my 50 years, been as horrified to be an American, let alone a Texan. As much as I love my job, and I really love my job, y'all, I would leave for up North if I had any way to make a living. At least we'd be in a more progressive state where I would not be worried about putting a rainbow flag on my door or a Democratic Party sign on my lawn for fear of being liberal-bashed.

So these are turning out to be mostly what TV I'm watching but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

I leave you with a song I heard on NIGHT SHIFT, which, apart from being wonderful, has a music department that has some serious chops. I have had this on repeat for days because it is just that fantastic. The Van Morrison original is luminous, but I just love Otto's voice on this. The horns are EVERYTHING.

Have a great week, gente.

Talk at you soon.

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- It always happens to me, man. I don't always get Con Crud, but when I do, it hangs on like a sonovabitch. Currently I am subjecting my co-workers to my hacking cough, which they are kindly not reacting badly to. The cough is always the last thing to go so for days I will be otherwise fine, but have drainage and sound like Typhoid Mary. *sigh* But I don't have a fever so there's no reason for me to be home except I sound gross. Once upon a time in this department I could have WORKED from home, but our Horrible Ex Deputy Director nixed that option, so here we are.

- As the wierdest comfort TV yesterday while bedridden I marathoned CSI:Miami all afternoon. I never cared for David Caruso but, like often, I ended up invested in all the secondary characters more than the main ones. I was Kallie/Eric 'shipper forever, really appreciated Boa Vista, and adored Speedle until he was unceremoniously killed off.


- So someone really has to explain to Levi it's bad idea to use the AIDS Memorial Quilt as a way to make money? *sigh* Well, at least at this point United, Pepsi, and Sean Spicer are holding Levi's beer. However, enlightening them with the specifics of the hanky code is pretty hilarious...

- I don't even DISCUSS politics on here anymore because it's such a huge, total, to quote the amazing Dan Rather, dumpster fire. We are going to actions and rallys as we can; D more than I since her schedule is more flexible.


- The beautiful, talented Chris Cornell from Audioslave has died, possibly a suicide. So many frontmen from that era, right? Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland, Curt Kobain. I thought he was gonna make it. RIP, baby. May whatever pained you be no more.

- Roger Ailes died. Never to grab pu$$y again.

Okay, gente!

I have an hour and a half more before I can go home and faceplant. I'm still pretty drained.
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One more Comicpalooza done!

The good:

*One panel went okay. Prepare better next year. Remember to bring own laptop
* Lance Henriksen is A DELIGHT, and has had a fascinating childhood and life
* I can't believe it took me this long to realize the actor playing Ironfist also plays Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones
* Mike Colter/Luke Cage is a large and imposing individual
* I saw one Faith/curvy superhero cosplay and we were SO EXCITED! And I talked to her and we were EXCITED TOGETHER!! Her husband took a pic and it was a fantastically affirming moment
* T-shirt count- 3
Earring count- 2
Comic count- 2
I admire my own restraint

The bad:

* I have con crud and feel like arse :-(

I have all these pix and cannot post them because I can't figure out how to make flickr work. :-(((

I am determined to figure out how to do a mood theme on here but first I have to figure out how to get my mood them off LJ. *sigh*


* The Coriciden Daytime has kicked in so now I feel only marginally like arse instead of totally, so I'm getting some work done while the meds are working.

* Oh, and I FOUND MY JEWELRY!!! It had actually been rattling around at the bottom of my tote after all, which I discovered when I was taking out unnecessary things I wouldn't need to cart around the con. *facepalm*

* I really like Ed Sheeran's voice and I don't care who knows it. D calls him the leprechaun only because he's a ginger and she has a crap memory for names. Every time he comes on she's all 'it's the leprechaun'! *facepalm* lol
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+ I worked on Saturday, which didn't end up being that bad, all told. I was the ONLY person doing summer reading program sign up, thanks for that, but at least it was in the shade and I was not standing the whole time AND H-town has had a freak cool front for a couple of weeks so the weather was actually somewhat pleasant. Last year it was 100% humidity, brightly sunny, and in the mid nineties by this time.

+ I found my folder with all my Important Things which I misplaced during/after the TLA conference! YAY! I have NOT found my jewelry which is making me really really worried I really have lost it for good. That would be a bad thing. :-(

+ The more I think of it, the more I believe my contribution to the stupid Leadership Academy final project should be my writing, period. Eveyrone I've spoken to thinks this is reasonable. I should probably just be more assertive in stating so...

+ I am doing two panels for Comicpalooza this Friday and I still have to finish one Power Point.

Have you read a kids or teen graphic novel you thought was amazing? Was it published this year or last year? If so, YOU CAN NOMINATE IT FOR THE TEXAS MAVERICK or LITTLE MAVERICK GRAPHIC NOVEL READING LISTS!

Go here to nominate a graphic novel for kids and here to nominate a graphic novel for teens

My frustration, and why I got on this committee, is that some of the GNs that make the list are so obviously chosen by teachers who think they are what kids SHOULD be reading, not what kids really would want to read. I'm all for teachers validating and being invested in graphic novels as actual meaningful literature; it's been a long road to that point. However, these lists are supposed to be what KIDS would most find cool or amazing or intersting, what draws them. So feel free to share your input!


+ FAITH, Vol. 1 by Jody Houser

A FAT SUPERHERO, DUDES!!! Not just oh-she's-stacked and curvy OR Amy Schumer-curvy (which, honestly, is just looking normal, TBH) but A FOR REAL UNAPOLOGETICALLY FAT SUPERHERO and I luv her. The art is kind of an acquired taste, but I'm fine with it. The style reminds me a little of Stuck Rubber Baby, the classic gay GN. Faith has emotional baggage, ex issues, work drama, and she is doing this superhero schtick on her own for the first time, but her inner dialogue is down-to-earth and funny and utterly relatable. It takes a bit to catch up on the back story but I thought it was fantastica and am going to ILL the others ASAP!

+ SAGA Vol. by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

This graphic novel is killing me IT IS KILLING ME. It is so good and Staples' art is amazing and Vaughan does not go for the safe plot twist, man, NEVER. I have such a sad, but I adore this series. I have been casting the film in my head ever since the comic began even if Vaughan says he wrote it SPECIFICALLY so that it could never be made into film or TV because of how cost prohibitive the story is. We'll see! Seriously, if you have not yet begun reading this series, DO SO NOW. You won't be sorry! It IS really mature, tho, so fair warning. :-)


+ The Handmaid's Tale
+ Sense8
+ The Rachel Maddow Show
+ Criminal Minds
+ Call the Midwife


+ Shadowhunters
+ Jessica Jones
+ The Defenders

Okay, gente.

I must away.

Anyone know how to add a mood theme on this here joint? I miss my Strangers in Paradise theme and those generic little emoticons are not doing it for me.

Talk at you later!
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OR the Dragon Boat Festival OR The Cinco de May festival east of Downtown OR the Japanese Festival.

Where am I?


*sigh* A forgotten obligation on this truly stunning May day.

Ah, well. I get Monday off for working today and at least it is not as crazy hot in H-town like it was last year, when I spent six hours making crafts with kids in the sun in 93 degree heat with 100% humidity.

Also, Grace Lin is our Children's Book Celebration author, which is very cool!

Have a great weekend, gente! Think of me! Send me positive vibes!
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+ Turns out when I go balls out two weeks with nearly no break I don't do well. I do really, really badly.
I had two meetings, a workshop, and so. much. work. Coupled with my increasing realization that I just did not have the $ to do everything we had planned to do on our trip because I'd had to buy a car, our insurance payment went up AND our mortgage payment went up, all at once, I rather short circuited.

The thing about melting down is that if you do it very rarely, when you do, it does mean something. D talked me down and agreed that we'd just do what we could on our trip, it would be fine.

+ Part of it is that she has macular degeneration that is not going to get better; it will just get worse. And she's just never, you know. Seen stuff. Like Redwoods. And the view from a train. Or gotten a stamp on her passport. I realize this shouldn't ALL BE UP TO ME, but it feels like it is.

+ Instead of Canada I am possibly planning on taking her to Mexico when I go. Might be a tricky since I didn't say I would on the pre-registration but I think it's doable.

+ Basically I want to rock in a corner and eat my hair.


+ D got me a Hamilton Zoodle thingy that I can't get to work WORTH A DAMN. I've tried twice and just ended getting an eensy amount of zucchini noodles and a cut on my finger when I tried to use it again. It's frustrating since D and I have begun a 30 day food challenge because neither of us can fit in our clothes and we are both tired feeling this way. This is day one. Wish us luck!


+ We ended up going to an Indivisible Houston meeting yesterday because both of us do better with the current clusterfuck of a political situation when we actively do something in protest of it. When we got there I recognized one of the librarians from work, a quiet girl who'd been temporarily deployed at Central while her branch underwent roof repair. I waved and after she recognized me (I think it took a bit; we'd only met in passing) she moved over with her stuff and we talked liberal local stuff. And I introduced her to D AND SHE SAID SHE'D INTRODUCE HER PARTNER AMELIA ONE DAY, ONLY SHE WAS SHY AND DIDN'T COME TO THESE THINGS!!!! OMG!!!! A LESBIAN, EXTREMELY LIBERAL CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN IN MY SYSTEM OMG!!!!! My ex-co-workers in KIDS are ALL FIRED!!! If I can't count on system gossip for these things WHAT GOOD IS IT?? So we gave her a ride home and she added me on FB and that made the weekend all kind of better. :-)


+ One thing that helped me this morning when I realized I had ALSO not only, since the trip to San Antonio, misplaced my bag of earrings AND the pocket folder where I keep Important Things so they don't rattle around my tote bag, was music. The Lord Huron Love continues, and I found this old-timey almost Stagger Lee sounding song from Nathaniel Ratefliff.

Okay gente, I've got two PP presentations, a song from Hamilton to re-write, and a shit-ton of ordering, so Ima jet!

Talk at you later!
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* I think I have gotten all the fic I can find off my LJ. I've posted quite a bit on AO3. A few fics, some Hancest and a Nicholas Brendan RPF, I'm not sure I'm going to post, so I have it saved. There is nothing keeping me from deleting it except the frantic apprehension that I will be adrift, somehow. I realized it's the feedback, mainly, that I don't want to leave. I hadn't read it in years, but it's all there, never to be read again, disappearing into the ether. Yes, it's kind of ridiculous, but those were powerful words for me. It's harder than I thought.


* I sat in a meeting for HOURS today because of tech glitches. HOURS. I got nothing done. Our system migrated to the new Outlook and everyone's account is hosed.

* I have two Powerpoints, one presentation for Leadership Academy, orders, and weeding lists to all do this week. Yet STILL BETTER THAN FRONTLINE WORK SORRY/NOT SORRY. I felt bad that I didn't feel worse for a while, but I am getting past that.

* I am considering going on a one-person crusade to get this kids graphic novel Torchlight Lullaby by Ryan Fisher on our contracted vendor's site so I can buy it. It is DARLING and I have a bitch of a time getting anything not available on our vendor site. I want to nominate it for the Little Maverick List, but know it will be meaningless if people can't order it.


*My boys did not make it and it wasn't pretty. Two coaches have been fired so far. I have hopes for next year but I am really worried for all my guys on the team in the interim. Kane and Toews are high paid players, to the tune of 10 million, and that salary cap is hard to keep.

Ok, gente! Time for bed.

Sleep well all, and I'll talk at ya'll later.
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IT'S THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the Pens, Bruins, and Rangers for winning their first games. The Hawks play tonight when I will be trying to trade in our car. Arrgh. My fingers will be crossed and I will have my phone!

May I just say I am SO SO THRILLED that Phil Kessel is in the playoffs I can't tell you. After how unappreciated he was with the Leafs and what he's persevered through personally, I am so proud of him! I should post my Phil/Bozie WIP just because. I always thought that pairing should get more love. :-)

13 Reasons Why

Okay, so it is obvious to anyone else that Tony is in love with Clay?

This show, man. I'm almost afraid to read the actual book because the series is really working for me. Considering that there are 534675367 holds on it, I have time to process.


Seriously, have you ever had so much to do you just, like, stare into space, quietly overwhelmed? I am pretty much there

I have to:
- Go to a meeting form Work Thing I Was Pressured Into Doing at 10 and I'm not sure where
- Start working on two presentation for Comicpalooza, deadline May 14th
- Figure out how I can contribute to Leadership Final project considering I will be on vacation for part of prep time (which I planned BEFORE this came up).Deadline end of June
- Try to spend rest of budget, deadline May 15th
- Book stuff for vacation. Have tix, must book Amtrak, ferry ride to Victoria, hotel, etc. Deadline end of April.

So, yeah. I'll just be over here in the corner rocking and eating my hair.


I thought I knew. I had NO IDEA.

Jeremy Renner singing New York State Of Mind from Vanne Henley on Vimeo.

Okay, gente. I'm off! Have a great Friday-eve and I'll catch you later!
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My Life In Bullet Points

* We are having to trade in our Honda Fit which has only 27000 miles on it because it has been in the shop 4 times and had valves replaced, found to have a faulty piston that was off by some miniscule millimeter, which was hosing everything, and had the head replaced. If we hadn't had warranty the price tag would clock in at over $6000. My parents are elderly and live six hours away. I now travel a fair bit for work and I live in the 'burbs. I need a dependable car. If this one craps out once the warranty is done, we are screwed. I know Honda is usually dependable, but we no longer trust this car. *sigh* I hate few things more than I hate car buying.

* I love LOVE my new position at work (pretty new. I've been here 7 months) but is is CRAZY BUSY OMG. I can't believe I thought, 'I won't be frontline anymore! I'll have tons more time!' But getting to buy all the new kid books is pretty awesome!:-D

* In the same vein, I am on the Texas Library Association Conference Little Mavericks Graphic Novel Commitee, which is the committee that makes up the list of childrens graphic novels! Of course, I didn't think I had GOTTEN on the committee, and had not committed to the conference in San Antonio, which si an added expense, but still. So if anyone has any fantastic childrens graphic novels they wanna rec, hit me up! Our age limit goes up to twelve.

* All my book holds came in at once WHYYYYYYYYYYYY arrgh. So I am trying to finish LABYRINTH LOST by Zenaida Cordova, DOROTHY MUST DIE by Angie Thomas, and THE FORGETTING by Sharon Cameron, in six weeks.

* THE HAWKS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!! My Dallas Stars are not, pobrecitos. The Stars are also losing their coach, which is so sad making. Here's wishing The Blackhawks well and wishing the Stars a good re-building off-season.

* Am almost done with this LEADERSHIP ACADEMY someone nominated me for which, I am white-knuckling through, because OMG REALLY?? I am the LEAST leadership inclined person I know, but I had just gotten the promotion at work and it didn't seem politic to turn it down. Besides which, I have major MAJOR issues with the leaderhips of our system. That makes it hard to go through this thing. I just have to make it through June...

* D and I are taking a vacation to Portland in June (HI DINE!!!) but I'm not sure I allotted enough time for what we have planned. We want to go to Victoria in Canada, since D has never been out of the country. We are taking an Amtrak from Portland to Seattle. Somehow we need to visit with her cousin,and people we both know, in Portland AND my bff in Seattle. And spend at least 48 hours in Victoria. And take the Amtrak back. All in six days. :-/

* I know there's more, but just that is enough to make me tharn for right now.
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+ I'd say 'Snowmageddon' but even though it got icy and cold, alas, no snow for Houston. We made out better than most of the country, I will say that. Our house has shit insulation so it was pretty drafty until we lit up the fireplace (omg a fireplace I can't believe I have a house with a for real fireplace) and it turned quite cozy. I loved it because WINTER actual WINTER WEATHER YAY. It's the small things. We are back to fifties and sixties and I'm just hoping that wasn't winter's last hurrah. DON'T GO WINTER I'M NOT READYYYYYYY *clutches*


+ Olympic rosters were revealed amidst much controversy and hoopla. I cannot believe I actually know enough about this sport to have opinions about who didn't make it, who did, and why. If someone would have told me that a year ago I would have LOLED so hard in their face. And I would have been WRONG LOL *crying*

I'm the most excited for Jamie Benn from the Dallas Stars, he of the enormous Bambi eyes and pretty mouth. tumblr_mwjyfplpkn1qfice8o3_250

He was not invited to Canada Olympics camp this year and apparently decided to fix their red wagon by kicking all kinds of ass as one of the NHL's youngest captains. Now he's ON THE TEAM I'm so happy for him! Tyler was not selected, which is sad-making, but he said “I’ll be his biggest fan for sure.” on Jamie, heretofore known as Babycakes, being in the Olympics. AWWWWW THESE TWO *hearts*

There was also this PRICELESS HOLIDAY VIDEO of Babycakes, Tyler, and Valeri Nichushkin, the eighteen year old Russian right wing:

You can tell poor Val is totally and for true done with these two failboat Canadians LOL.

+ The poor Hawks have been struggling lately, and last night they lost in regulation which doesn't often happen. Poor bbs. I worked late and only got the last period of play, but apparently this happened:



Jonathan Toews is NOT HAVING Brian Boyle's hand on Kaner, no, sir, he is not. I mean, he just casually hooks his arm through Boyle's wrist and pulls him away from Kaner like 'Here let me NOPE that for you. There you go.' I've been watching Kaner when these things happen, any kind of aggression, pre-fighting thing, and he rarely responds. He is the master of removing himself from the situation. He's a lover not a fighter, okay??? And I TOTALLY APPROVE because have you seen how he looks compared to most other players? And this is with skates on. The height differential is so huge. 5 '11. Okay, Kaner. (also, there is a certain look on his face when he backs off it's. I don't know. Resignation? Not quite submission but...almost? I dunno. I'm having strange, entirely inappropriate FEELINGS with that look is what I'm trying to say) I would pay money to get a better look at the expression on TAZER's face when he did this. What happened after?? Anything? Anyone??? I MUST KNOW!!!! I want ALL THE AFTER FIC from this moment. Give it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

+ I've been inhaling all the awesome fic from the Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange arranged by the radiant [personal profile] svmadelyn and I somehow read a....Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak fic? And it was...really wonderful? And I can't believe I want more from teddy bear looking Kessel and douchebro failboat Tyler Bozak I mean WHAT. IS. THIS. ABOUT. )


It's just! *FLAIL* I read how Phil got cancer his rookie year, how fucking scary, and how Bozie lives with Phil in Phil's condo gratis even though Bozie can afford his own place pretty comfortably as of this year. And I watched HBO's 24/7 series about the Winter Classic and OMG I COULD NOT with those two.

And when they showed a montage of Phil's goals during a game he hid his face. HID HIS FACE I mean WHO DOES THAT?? I just want to SQUISH HIM AND GIVE HIM SOUP IDK OK DON'T JUDGE ME.

Phil also has a really beautiful sister.


Amanda Kessel is on the women's Olympic hockey team and and the twitter captures I've read say she is delightfully wiseassy to her older brother. I like that in a woman. :-) Her Twitter is locked, so, also a smart woman. As we know.


+ Just finished reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and I loved it SO MUCH. The Shining was never my favorite SK bo, and I don't care for Jack Nicholson, so the film was never my cuppa either. However, this is really good. I like this broken, flawed, yet ultimately amazing Dan Torrance. Abra, the young girl protagonist is my favorite though. I love when King crafts strong female characters because he does it so well. Highly recced.


+ Found out one of my coworkers is actually a hockey fan and we are talking about going to a game in Dallas! I am so excited! We'd have to figure out when and if we both had the same weekend off. D would go even thought she's not all that invested in hockey because, well, he's a dude, she doesn't know him, and that is just how she rolls. I hope it works out!

+ I am intermittently doing the January Snowflake Meme! You should too! It's really low key posting, no pressure, and I'm enjoying the ones I choose to post.

I know I had more but lately the Interwebz slows to a crawl in the afternoons and it is driving me crazy.

Everyone stay safe and warm and I'll talk at you al later!
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I'm trying to get better about updating here AND LJ, so let's see how that goes, yes?

There are bad, ugly, and good things to be had. Hence:



So I've spoken of how relieved I am that D is now seeing real drs. who don't just throw meds at her and how this is good because she would probably be dead if she hadn't switched over. I am very, very grateful she now has real drs because they found stuff the public health system never did, like the disc degeration in her spine, and the lack of vitamin D in her system. HOWEVER, it is taking all her social security to pay for this. I'm not kidding; basically all her check is going to pay for her meds, drs. visits, and procedures. Do you know WHY? Because they are counting MY income. We are not legally married (not in TX, baby), I can't leave her my worldly possessions without a lot of paperwork, I can't make medical decisions without a Directive of Physician and Power of Attorney, drs can REFUSE TO DEAL WITH ME in a medical crisis even WITH said paperwork (I have seen it happen many, many times), but by god my income can be used to deny her benefits! Hells, yeah, because in that instance we are PARTNERS, we are COHABITATING, and her co-pay for drs visits and meds just went up. Again.

You know, I want to be legally married. I want to go into debt and buy a house I can't afford as much as the next straight couple. But I can't. Why am I, then, being given none of the benefits but all of the consequences? Can anyone tell me?

Because this really PISSES ME OFF.

If anyone would like to calmly and rationally explain to me how this is okay, feel free. However, I do not promise to respond, and myself and my bouncing checking account most certainly do not promise to agree with you.

+ The gulf is dying. I can't even watch footage of the poor dying pelicans and suffocated marshes anymore because there are only so many ways to say, and show, that WE ARE FUCKED.

+ Why are all the world cup soccer games held during the day WHY?!? I can't watch any of them that way! :-( Anyone got a live feed link I can view on my lunch hour?


+ What fresh hell is THIS?!? Did people all get high and vote for this individual? Is HE high? I watched the CNN interview with him and, wow. That was some painful shit right there. IDEFK.

+ Reports say this might a really lively hurrican season. Do you know what's going to happen to all that oil in the gulf if we have a decent sized hurricane? I'll leave ya'll with that mental image.


+ Celebrated 19 years with D this weekend! We went to a party for my cop friend April's lover and had a truly sinful lunch at Laurenzo's. We also watched world cup soccer and Trueblood. We are so exciting! You all envy us, we know. :-)

+ The cover pix for RECOVERY, Marshall's new CD, are out and they are BEAUTIFUL. )

The rest are here and they are AMAZING! Eight days! I can't wait! :-DDDDDDDDDDDDD

+ How awesome was Sean Hayes on the Tony Awards? I didn't know he had piano chops that way! I also really love Kristin Chenoweth a lot. I had to leave to go watch the vampire show, but what I saw was awesome.


+ Hung will be back at the end of June. That is happy-making.

+ Does anyone else think the new Rhona Mitra show 'The Gates' is going to suck (haha. No, seriously...)? I loves me some Rhona Mitra; she's how I'd look if I had a choice and a magical genie. However, the previews look kind of cheestastic. Thots?

+ I am going to Barcelona for work, again. I am also, somehow, going to Guadalajara for work. And also DragonCon. I'm not sure how this all happened, but that is three major trips in a three month period. I am glad to be going, but somewhat afeared...

+ I have fifteen pages of the copfic I sent to beta...I am now rewriting the last half because that is what a good beta does for you. So it will be a bit longer till posting, but I'm excited about the fic like I haven't been in a long time. :-)

Okay, gente. I'm sure there's more, but I have work on my perky if I'm going to read to babies and mommies in half an hour.

You all have a good day and I'll talk at you later.
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+ My youngest sister was in town this past weekend. She called to tell me. We didn't have dinner, or desert, or go to a movie. She was going to a concert in the Woodlands and she and her friends were going clubbing Saturday night. So she just called to.....tell me. But not to see me. o.O

+ The Pet Teenager is almost moved out of his room. The gf, the gf's mom. who has a truck, and he just moved his bed and most of his clothes to his brothers and he thanked us for letting him stay with us and we told him to come back anytime. We really mean it.

*an hour later the phone rings*

Pet Teenager: Uhh. Can I stay there tonight?

D: Of course. What's the matter?

Pet Teenager: I left all my sheets in my room.

Us: *LOL*

He is so utterly HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE considering that both D and I have known boys, my brother included, may he rest in peace, who would sleep on a bare mattress with a sleeping bag over them.

But, no. Russell must have sheets! How so funny. :-D

In other news...........


+ My Art Thing! program on Saturday covering Jackson Pollock and Action Painting had ten kids!They actually listened to the explanation of the art movement and got excited about the pictures and created some kickass kid art. My program today only had two kids, but it's all relative. If the numbers don't go up I'm switching it back to Saturdays at 3 pm.

+ Pet Teenager's Graduation and yummy Olive Garden afterwards. Walking in heels for that long KICKED MY ASS tho, man. I passed out at eleven last night and didn't stir 'till seven thirty this morning. And I could have used more sleep.

+ Did I mention I'm going to DragonCon? :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


+ I did not get the Harry Potter Exhibit I applied for. Our library can, of course, HAVE the exhibit for display after the twelve winners get it first. Along with the other 126 recipients who applied. Which means I can expect it sometime around 2015. Thanx a lot, ALA. :-P


+ I watched The MTV VMA's to see Marshall perform and he was wonderful! And then The Stupid Prank happened and it was not wonderful. For the record I think it was a cheap stunt set up at Marshall's expense and I think he had a right to be pissed off. )

So ya'll go ahead and mock. Thems are my thots.

+ This is so appalling I don't even have WORDS. I just. *hands*

+ Fuckers. While he walked into CHURCH, no less. Nice.

Okay, gente. I'm doing laundry at this hour because I'm flat out of socks.

You all stay safe and and I'll talk at you later.
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+ Not get Swine Flu. Apparently there is some kind of imminent pandemic or something else equally scary sounding from the World Health Organization. I do think it's kind of creepy but, then, I have read The Stand sixty times. I'm following hygiene guidelines, especially since I work with the public, but there is only so much I can do. If I run every time a kid sniffles I will not get any work done.

+ Finish employee evaluation. We had a couple days leeway because the system kept going down, then up, then down, but today is the deadline. I don't think I'll meet the deadline because my manager, who needs to sign off on this, is off 'till tomorrow, but I do want to have the eval itself ready to go.

+ Make sure there is a stage ready to be set up for the Ballet Folklorico program this Saturday. It is a rescheduled program from the Hurricane Ike fiasco.

+ Confirm with the Ballet Folklorico

+ Make sure Harry Potter Exhibit Application reaches judging panel by May 1st. It looks like a really cool exhibit and, tho we are up against the M.D. Anderson Medical Library, who is a partner with one of the sponsoring entities, for it, I think we have a chance. Mostly because the M.D. Anderson Library is a research library used mostly by doctors, grad students, and patients looking for info on their disease. It is not a kid-friendly place. Everyone cross their fingers for me!

+ Send list of programs to Pissy Queen #1 at Diva Central Marson Admin building to go up on Plasma Screens.

Surely I can get these done. I work a seven day stretch this week. It's not like I won't have enough time.

In other news....

+ Cut my hair! It's shorter than I've had it in a long time but I wanted to do something different. I had reached that fuzzy, enormous Ray Toro/Angela Davis/Rosann Rosannadanna/Cousin It stage. When three people look at you when your hair is not in a ponytail and go, 'What did you do to your hair?,' and not in the good way, it is time for a change.
Possible pix later.

+ Continue to adore The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, tho I had a few issues with this episode. )
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The Good

+ Finished compiling Summer Reading Program Calendar
+ Finished monthly report WITH new and improved Endowment Program Justification Section (bite me, administration)
+ Wrapped up craft order
+ Me= very productive after a restful vacation!
+ My CNN badge holder is perfect. So much joy from such a teeny artifact.
+ I missed the Kings premiere and, apparently it is all that is awesome. Must catch up!

The Bad

+ A new mom in my Babytime group left abruptly and I wasn't sure why. Then she wrote a note of complaint that automatically goes to Administration about how there was a child that was too old in the Babytime and the too old child kept bothering New Mom's baby. I was sitting right there and, swear to god, I didn't notice this. We had other babies that were just as young and those mom's didn't mention anything... I knew the kid was older but we usually let the caregiver call the shots on where a child should fall in storytimes, at least the first time. *sigh* I thought Babytime went well, too

+ I made the mistake of stepping on a scale. Jesus fucking Christ. So, I've been watching what I eat all day and am starving. I have no choice. None of my pants fit me anymore. :-/

+ I forgot I ordered Girl Scout cookies before I left. This might explain part of the above bullet point.

+ It is so sad when hummus doesn't taste like you think it should taste, isn't it?

Okay, gente. Must away. I'll talk at ya'll tomorrow!

Cuidense 'till then.
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I just bit into my kolache and realized the lovely people at the library coffee shop had given me a jalapeño kolache instead of a regular one. My sinuses are running and half my tongue is burning. Gracias for the pick me up! Hopefully tomorrow I can scald my tongue on my hot chocolate! Look forward to it!

*grumble* I had HALF a kolache left, too! Suckage.

How are y'all? Isn' it better when I do bullet points? I think so.

Not Happy-Making Stuff

+ I have left the house with no hair accoutrements of any kind. This is probably due to the fact that I can't seem to get to sleep before 2 a.m. and I have a myriad of pet related chores to do before leaving the house. When I take the bus I have a routine down that takes me fifteen minutes from bed to door. It does not work with pets. Hence I am doomed to using nasty rubber bands or have hair in my face all day. *sigh*

My life, so hard.

+ I have been making small pain-in-the-ass mistakes at work. )

+ My pants are tight. No, not those. Those were already tight before. The OTHER pants, the ones that used to be loose on me, are now tight. I really have to get cracking on the 'lose weight' New Year's resolution I made.

It makes me want to try one of those Jenny Craig/Nutrisystem diets just to be thinner FOR A MOMENT. But I've heard that unless you are on that food, like, FOREVER, the weight comes back.

But this is really starting to affect me. *sigh*

Happy-Making Stuff

+ Saw the Oscars.. )

+ Are there a cooler couple of movies than Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2? I don't think so. I watched both of them from beginning to end and SO MUCH LOVE! I want to be a beautiful assassin. I want to cut someone's head off with a samurai sword when they are shitty. Why can't I do that?

More than anything they remind me of my brother, who was an insane Tarantino fan.

+ I am already so entranced with Dollhouse! )

+ I go through these obssessions with songs since I realized I can find them on Youtube to feed my inner ear worm. The ones I have on repeat right now are:
- After the Glitter Fades, Stevie Nicks
- Take Me Down, Kelly Willis
- Relapse, Eminem (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *so excited*)

In closing, and I'm probably going to get dinged something bad for this, but I've read this debate on a couple of journals lately: regarding the spelling of the word 'ya'll.' )

So, there you have it. For further explanations of this grammatical anomaly please refer to The Urban Dictionary, which also covers both terms extensively.

If you would like to see whereabouts the Mason-Dixon line you fall here is a handy quiz.

There might be a poll in this....

Now I must away towards my glamorous job but ya'll cuidense, now. Ya hear? ;-)

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Firstly- I MISSED YOU ALL!!! *smush* :-D

SEcondly, I am watching 20/20 and feeling pretty unoffended by the pregnant man story. Because let's see: we, as women, are always saying men lack empathy because they don't know the pain and experience and responsibility of childbirth- and now ONE DOES- and this is now horrifying and disgusting? *hands*

The look like a loving, stable couple and thier daughter seems to be healthy and happy. I fail to see the problem.

There is just no pleasing people.


In other news:

+ My momma sent me a pretty coat, scarf, hat, and mittens for winter.. It is loverly. I will have a wonderful time wearing it for the two weeks that it gets really cold here. :-)

+ My co-worker, her husband, and our teen guru were just on Don't Forget the Lyrics. I know celebrities! Score!

+ I am becoming an Obama fangirl. IT'S ALL RUBY'S PICSPAM'S FAULT!!!! I worry that he is being lifted so high so fast the only way to go is down. I worry about the unreal expectations placed on his administration and how fast this country turns on those who deign to be just human when they've been so idealized. But he's. You know. HIM. I have a lot faith. I figure Rahm Emanuel will just melt people's faces off with his mind if anyone acts the fool. ;-)

+ That Jason Mraz song is growing on me.

+ Oh, yay it's supposed to get colder this weekend!

+ If you have not sent me your snailmail address to get a snazzy holiday cared do so HERE!"

+ I work tomorrow and I have a program AND I will probably be in a tiny room since the big room will have a Gaming Tournament in it. Bleah. I just hope the day goes fast.

I swear I had more but now I can't remember.

You all have a good weekend and talk at ya later!
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Bullet Points Are our Friends, yes? Yes.

+ I think Someone bought my auction fic. Someone whose writing I adore and respect and love. I think the word I'm lookng for is O.O I'm pretty excited and a little MEEP, but in a good way. Wow! I made some money for the cause YAY! :-D

+ The cards seem to be selling, too. I am keeping myself from putting something else up before the 14th. Apparently this crap is addicting. Who knew?

+ Last night D and I went to the second meeting of a Comic Book Meetup Group. )

+ I have bought tix to see Hellboy: The Golden Army today. Yay!! The graphic novel didn't speak to me exactly. I think Mignola's work is a bit minimalist for my taste, but I love the movie. I've decided I heart Selma Blair because she is boo-tiful and she has not, to date, dyed her hair blond.:-) And Del Toro is directing! I love him!!!

+ I have two days off IN A ROW. The mind, it boggles.

+ I spent all day in Preselection yesterday. Preselection is an all day meeting where we review books and decide whether to buy them, how many, and where. Hence, I did not finish my online employee evaluation that was due, uh, yesterday. Lots of people turn those in late but it would have been nice to finish. Oh, well. Will have to wait for Monday, then Tuesday for my manager's signature.

+ I'm not loving my hair as much as I did. I've realized unless I fuss with it I get this semi-Bozo look because he didn't layer the sides as much as the back. Or something. Mergh. Still, it's shorter, which is a relief for the heat.

+ I fluctuate on my diet BUT I have been trying to walk every other day. I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm going to walk in a few minutes, actually.

I think those are the highlights, gente. My life, how so exciting, si? ;-]

One more pimp for [livejournal.com profile] livelongnmarry before I go. You have until JULY 14th TO PARTICIPATE! I know lots of you out there are arty/crafty/great writers. It takes minimal effort on your part to participate, either bidding or selling, and it's a great cause. I want to be able to marry whom I want, too, you know? I want to have and retain that right and I feel I deserve it. Stroll on over and take a look see.

OK, gente! I'm off! Have a great weekend and I'll talk at you later.
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Ray Toro has a son???????? Really? A son? Named BAUER, after the character from 24? Ray. Honey. That kid is going to kick your ass for that, bless your heart.

On the one hand I am WAY impressed with their ablility to keep all that on the down low. Wow.

On the other I am kind of OVER THE CHANNELING OF HANSON. No, seriously, hear me out. Almost everyone married? Check. Breeding commencing? Check. Family on tour with them? Check. What, people, WHAT?

I don't begrudge anyone their wedded bliss, god knows. But can't they wait a REALLY LONG TIME and nail all the warm nubile mammals they can in the meantime like a NORMAL band?!?! I mean, Duran Duran waited!!! Howie from Backstreet Boys waited!!! What is WRONG with this concept?

Yeah, yeah, flame away. Don't like me. I've got to work all day and do two storytimes. Ppffft.

...I hope he really HAS a son, now, and not. You know. A Siberian Huskey he's extremely close to or anything. Because embarassing....

In other news...

+ My key is well and truly lost. My boss has also left for ALA in Anaheim without leaving me hers. Not that I blame her, and I honestly think she just forgot, but still. Not having a key to the workroom has gotten so, so old.

+ I am hungry all the time. Hungry hungry hungry.

+ I am kind of overwhelmed at work. I have a worker evaluation due by the 11th of July, a bunch of stuff to input on the online calendar of events by the 8th, storytimes, orders, meetings, desk time. September and my week off seem very far away. *sigh*

+ There is a 50% chance of rain. I don't know if I'm going to Pride. I love my people; just not enough to get rained on for them. Also, I will be spent after a Saturday of work. I dunno.

+ My schedule for this week is:

MON work
Tue work
Thu work
SAT work

The thought gives me whiplash.

+ I saw a documentary on Queer Cinema last night and I have a whole discourse on finally pinpointing why I write about pretty white boys and not, say, Latina lesbians, much to the consternation and puzzlement of my lesbian friends and, well, everyone. But not now.

We open in twenty minutes and I need to turn on all the computers and figure out where a whole shitload of markers and glue sticks got to since I didn't have time to pick them up from the meeting room yesterday and they are not in there today.

My job, how so glamorous. :->

Cuidense, gente. Have a good Saturday!
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Am working Sunday because The International Festival is on and they needed people like I needed the $, i.e. pretty bad.

Got back from Texas Library Association Conference on Friday. Trip in bullet form for your convenience:-)> )

This weekend has not been too bad, though? We were gonna see a movie but Stop-Loss was no longer showing and nothing else seemed interesting. So we rented Grindhouse, Across the Universe, and No Country for Old Men. )

Ok, gente! Out of time! Must run. I need to be 'floating' right now. Erkay.

Have a great weekend and I'll holler at ya'll later.
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Working on Saturday with the Children's Festival all around me. I can hear that kid from High School Musical singing and dancing and the screams of all the tweenies. Ah, me.

Of course I use the term 'working' loosely, since my inner dialogue has gone something like this )

So, yeah. Not so much with the productivity.

News of the Bad....

+ First and foremost is that every time I turn around I am putting out another little fire to do with the Grand Reopening and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH FOREVER KTHANXBAI. O.O

+ I have not done my taxes and now I have, like, Monday and next Saturday ONLY to get them done. Procrastination thy name is moi.

+ Every other time I turn around someone is saying, "OH! We have Opening Day $! Send me a list!" Yeah, see. I can't just 'SEND YOU A LIST.' I do not have a random list of titles we need to replace/order shoved down my bosom in case of a list emergency. I need to look at the collection, check to see if it is in print, check Best Books for Kids, see if a copy is in Stacks, check the condition of said copy in Stacks, check to see if copy EXISTS in Stacks since the last check out date is in 2001. I'm happy you have $ for opening day but GIVE ME A BREAK.

News of the Good....

+ I have been reading teen graphic novels too fast to add them to Goodreads, all so awesome. Most notably 'Re-Gifter' and 'Thessaly.' Currently reading 'Swamp Thing.'

+ I can hear the Children's Festival from here. So very loud. So very glad I'm glad I'm not there.

+ Frank is tiny and adorable....what?? That's SO of the good!

On the 'surprise road-trip' front-

+ I am going to TLA!!!! Yay! I was not going to go ANYWHERE since I've got all this shit to get done but awesoem co-worker M had some fairly major family stuff that came up and they'd already paid for her and my boss has gone to too many Texas Librarian Association Conferences to be bothered so...ME! :-D I mean, it's only in Dallas, but who cares. Free road trip! Newbie N is going to drive, thank god.

So, that's me.

Ima go back to trying to work and revving up my inner mental clock, which is in a stubborn: Saturday=/ Work pattern. Wish me luck.


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