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+ See, ma'am, **work kvetching. Move on if you have enough of your own*** )

Well, then. There was that.


That ever happen to ya'll?

Somehow D and I have ended up with no friends that are gainfully employed or even a little bit liberal. S, our ex-housemate, has decided to remain in a relationship with her middle-aged slacker, stoner boyfriend who is not gainfully employed but does small engine repair when he feels like it. He spends all his time smoking pot, drinking beer, and hosting all his friends who also smoke pot and drink beer. I refuse to to over anymore because the pot smoke gets so thick you can cut it and I don't care how nerdy I sound; my job drug tests regularly. I've been called twice since out of the clear blue since I began to work for the city and I've KNOWN people who have been let go because of the results. So D went for an overnight stay and while everyone watched The Boondock Saints, one of my favorite cult films, people proceeded to disparage gay people in front of her. I mean, she WAS RIGHT THERE. They KNOW she's gay. She didn't call them on it because she said they were drunk and high and it would have been an exercise is futility.

I mean, we've met these people before at Superbowl parties and pool parties. They KNOW us. They KNOW our relationship.

Another of our friends, one of D's childhood pals, is a frothing at the mouth Teabagger. She is absolutely obnoxious with it; it is all she wants to talk about. She actually sat in our living room and told us we wanted LESS freedom and she wanted more because we voted for the Democratic Party. This heterosexual woman who has every right one can have simply because she is straight actually told us we wanted LESS freedom. When we pointed out the record all her Teabagger congress people have on gay rights she then said, 'If you would just put that aside...' O.O

I don't know how we even GOT to this place.

I have never been the kind of person to go 'find' friends, you know? Friendships have happened pretty organically. However if *this* is what I get from letting friendships develop organically I think maybe it is time we tried to find people we have a LITLE more in common with. Like an education. And political awareness. Or SOMETHING jfc.

This happened to anyone? What did you do?


This weekend I spent a lot of time watching the World Figure Skating Championships... )


READING- SAGA by Brian K. Vauaghan

OMG THE LOVE I CANNOT. It's like I've had graphic novel crack and must have more! I love this story SO MUCH. It's got strong females, an awesome feline, a baby, the mercenary, the ghost, the royal prince, it is AWESOME. The art is amazing; I love Fiona Staples' work. I cannot recommend it enough.

Somewhat large Saga pix. )

How can that NOT make you want to go out and read ALL THE STORY?? *LUV*

Between Comixology and the trades and single issues I am all caught up. I cannot wait for more!

Unfortunately this has momentarily ruined me for, like, any other books or graphic novels right now. This too shall pass. Any minute...;-}


- Elementary - I love Joan like CAKE. I love how she is growing and learning and how unsure and flawed they both are and how amazing they are together. So much love!

- The Vampire Diaries- I was not this eps biggest fan.

- Rachel Maddow- I found out when Rachel Maddow is not hosting I have a harder time sitting through the whole show. It's like Rachel Lite with those cute, nerdy anchors taking her place. Close but no cigar...


- Still a lot of Mumford and Sons. Read their interview in Rolling Stone and they all seem like such down to earth, truly sweet fellows. Kudos for Marcus Mumford flat out refusing to discuss or talk to his wife of 11 months Carey Mulligan during the interview. That is a man that values his relationship enough not to trot it out in the glare of the limelight; not even for RS.

In closing, the high today is 87 degrees. 87 degrees, gente! Bye-bye winter. Sorry you left so soon. To all my friends in the snowy north: I would switch places if I could.
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Flowers are blooming. The humidity is stifling. People are wearing sandals and shorts. I think winter is gone. *cries*


House Hunting )

Work. Some venting. )


+ Glee. Possible Spoilers and OPINIONS about the last ep )

+ The Big Bang Theory )

+ I am still watching H5O and (I'm sorry) I'm glad they sent Generic Eye Candy Chick away. The Danny/Steve banter is slowly returning. I hope to get more Kono and Chin.

+ The Vampire Diaries )

+ Project Runway All Stars )

Luck )





+ This was my favorite part of the Oscars:

And I cannot stop watching it. I LOVE HER SO. I LOVE HER AND ANDREW GARFIELD TOGETHER EVEN MORE. Look how short Ben Stiller is LOL!!! How long 'till Spider Man?

+ Read Americus by M.K. Reed and it was brilliant. Apart from the fact that it's about book censorship, has a kick ass librarian in it AND a great positive gay teen in it, it also just rocks. Highly recommended.

+ On a more sobering note this should be required reading for ANYONE that is in favor of reproductive rights. It's been making the rounds but I just read it and it is strong, scary, well crafted, and fearless. If you think we are far from this future then you have not been paying attention.

OK gente, that's all I've got.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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+ Forgot my keys so D, my good and kind lover, had to bring them to me. Well. She didn't HAVE to bring them to me but she knew that meant I would have to bug people all day long to be let in the workroom, which would have blown. Of course that meant I was late to Starbucks because I had to wait for D got drive by with my keys, and by the time I got there the crowd was OMG ENORMOUS.

+ I opted for a fruit and yogurt from SB hoping for a healthier option than my beloved maple scone. WOW that stuff is SO GOOD! 'Tis a pity I realized the damn thing has *39 grams of sugar* *facepalm*

+ We are short staffed today due to furloughs and the Texas Library conference in Austin so I have FIVE hours on desk. That is a lot of face time.

+ Luckily this is my short week. And also tax money came in! So, there are upsides. I just have to make it to five o'clock.


+ Just a tip: when your party keeps insisting it is NOT the party of rednecks and bigots, stunts like this don't help your cause. Really, they don't.

+ When I talk about this administration and the people at the Deathstar admin building, I seem to have a hard time articulating exactly HOW it is they and their actions suck all the morale and joy out of this profession. I finally found the article that explains it perfectly. It's that micro-managing, elitist pall that makes everyone feel like TBTB think we are all, at our core, lazy slackers that need constant, detailed vigilance and direction lest we try to get away with not doing our job. It's soul-killing and all I'm trying to do is survive this economy and this administration in one piece.

In awesome news..

+ In one of the most articulate, intelligent, poignant articles I've read, gay former NBA player John Amaechi responds to Kobe Bryant's use of the word faggot. Just in case you were wondering Mr. Bryant: class and grace? This is what it looks like.


+ H5O )

+ The Vampire Diaries )


+ We have had a freebie few weeks of HBO and I have come to the conclusion that I really, really miss their original programming and I wish we still had it. Game of Thrones was really amazing, though after some vetting I'm wondering if the darkness would ultimately make it hard to watch. Hung, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, ALL of them are HBO original programs that I love.

However, if I add it back to our cable package, some amenity, somewhere, will have to go. *clutches Starbux to her bosom* I don't knoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


+ I have finally gotten Book 2 of Holly Black's Curse Workers series, Red Glove. I really love her style of writing and how she does not pull punches with her teen characters. They have sex, they are often profane, they are flawed, and they are fascinating. Highly recced.

+ I am also reading Plague of the Dead: The Morningstar Strain." because a CHILD recced it to me! A CHILD.

Me, at desk, to short, ten-ish year old wearing an Astros baseball cap: May I help you?
Child: I'm looking for some scary books? (pretty common request)
Me: Okay! *recs Alvin Schwartz, Yolen, etc.*
Child, politely: I've read all those?
Me: Hm. What's the last scary book you read?
Child: Plague of the Dead.
Me: O.o. *looks it up* I'm not sure we have what you're looking for in this room...

I sent him to the TEEN room, though I'm thinking Bunny in the Baseball Cap has probably moved beyond those, too. There goes a future fanboy. Mark my words. :-)

So far it's a little like World War Z lite, but still good. We'll see.

+ In closing, the few days of wonderful spring-like weather have given way to the suffocating humidity H-towners know and love. Le joy. There is also a drought and raging wildfires going on. I figure a rain of frogs or plague of locusts will happen any day now...

Okay, gente! I am on desk FOREVER so I must away. You all take care and I'll talk at you later.
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+ So I am a Starbucks addict. )

I looked up how to make my own at home and. Well. Considering it's all I can do to get upright and dressed each day at 6:45 a.m. thinking I can actually whip up a coffee drink from scratch is somewhat optimistic. So I'm probably going to have to 'budget' for it, or cut back, or something.



+ I am really over summer. It happens every summer around this time. Patrons get snarkier and we see more entitlement jerks. Kids become more obnoxious. The weather starts getting that really toasty outer circle of hell with a side of swamp humidity going. If one more candy ass special snowflake rude shitty I pay your salary fuckwad whines the phrase 'It wasn't like this BEFORE' I am going to slap a bitch.

+ The instances of parent/adult fail have gotten especially mind-boggling lately. No, you cannot leave you kids here while you go the unemployment office. I commend you for your initiative, but no. No you may not leave your four year old by himself while you go to a different floor and look for books. No you may not leave you nine year old in CHARGE of the four year old. No you may not have a computer card to check your email because you are a TEACHER taking care of a GROUP of kids and that is what we expect you to do. I realize you have two other people here. They can't have cards, either. No no no. *headesk*


+ Trueblood. ***SPOILERS*** )

+ Leverage )


+ The more I listen to Recovery the more I love it. I just read scans of the SPIN article and I fall more in love with him each day. (He's a DALLAS COWBOYS FAN WHUT?!?! He won't discuss his daughters but he didn't get all ignorant with the reporter, just calmly requested he move on to a different question. Ten years ago he would have gone off. He drives by his childhood homes regularly, just to look at them. I'M NOT MADE OF STONE PEOPLE.) Which is why it makes me crazy when I read in another journal, which shall remain nameless, about how Marshall is getting OLD and BORING. So because he doesn't act like an unreasonable ASSHOLE he's old and boring? Shut the fuck up.


+ I had a whole bunch more but I am having a day, gente. )

There's a small chance we will be road tripping this weekend to see both our sisters, their families, and the wee nephew in Austin. I'll let ya'll know if we do.

Otherwise everyone stay cool and dry and I'll talk at ya later.
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Finally FINALLY reached the end of an eleven day work stretch on Thursday. I felt like a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed past emptiness. Work inanity. Is that a word? To be inane? )

+ Even tho I was pan fried on people and public service D and I did manage to go see HBP. ***SPOILERS*** )

Go see it! You won't be sorry!

+ Also. Uhm. ImighthavewrittenDeadliestCatchslash. That is all. *runs*

The roadtrip was good. D and I visited my sis and BiL in Austin and D and I babysat the Wee Nephew while my sister Ara and her husband had a date night. Because we are awesome tias and that is what awesome tias DO.

We also had Amy's Ice Cream, lunch at Chuy's and finally got the pw to the internet at D's sister's house so I was even able to check FarmTown Yay!

I know. My life, so hard.

Cuidense, gente! Stay cool Southern folks! H-town got rain and we weren't even here to see it!
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But I'm not. I ended up taking today off work and accompanying D to Ben Taub to have a medical procedure. It was one of those that needs all this preparation before it's done and we stayed up all night doing it and I had about two hours sleep. By the time we got home later I was so, so tired we took a long nap.

Of course, that totally jacked up my sleep routine, as napping in the daytime will do, and my inner clock feels oddly turned around. Crap.

Other things what I am thinking/doing/feeling

+ No Watchmen for me tonight because I work tomorrow. Sadness. :-( Hopefully I can squeeze it in next week when I'm on vacation

+ We had a pet teen-ager in the apartment for almost a week because he was kicked out of his uncles apartment. However, he is now in his first apartment and very excited. Now the apartment smells faintly of BOY (there really is a scent, you know, pheromone laded and unmistakable) and I am not used to it. He was tidy and everything; it is just, well, BOY. I need to do laundry anyhow.

+ The apartment also smells fainly of dog pee since Jax, who is just made of darling, only hits the pee pad about half the time. We have a whole pile of stuff that needs to be washed with vinegar and strong detergent. *sigh*

+ Considering that I am going on vacation next week and D is still resting from her procedure the pile of stuff will probably not get washed soon unless I wash it.

+ I have all manner of stuff due, like, MONDAY, and Saturdays are not known for being productive day. Procrastination, how I've not missed you.

+ I think the chilly blast we had for the Rodeo parade last week was Winter's last hurrah. The high for the next three days is around 80 degrees and the weather is wonderfully spring-like, really lovely. Still, winter! It seems to hang around less and less each year and this time I never really put away my summer clothes. So not fair.

+ Still feeling meh and uninspired at work mostly because Administration keeps coming up with new and interesting ways to invalidate the Staff's worth. )

Bite me, Administration.

+ We still do not have final work on the Budget. All Summer programming is in limbo until we get a more definitive answer than, 'You have some money, but you might not have all the money, so you might need to scale back some programs. But we don't know which ones, or how much, or when, and really, we could get the whole amount. Perhaps! But probably not. We'll have more info soon!'

Please see above bullet point for sentiment.

+ Wached Dollhouse. It is not what Joss Whedon first intended, but it is still Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku on my TV and I will take what I can get.

I'll talk at ya'll later, gente. Cuidense.
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Have some bullet points, si? I don't think I will ever post any other way. It just looks so organized. :-)

+ D is still in Georgia, so I had V-day without her. I did manage to get some grocery shopping done because the gay guys took me with them to shop, thank goodness. I forgot some basics, like mustard for my corn dogs, but I got all the staples.

+ D is trying to get her brother admitted into hospice or a state run home of some kind because he cannot be left by himself, and she is helping her nephew get power of attorney. I don't know how long she'll be gone but I'm hoping just another week. That is how long we can afford for her to be gone, anyway...

+ Yesterday I did go to my Cop Friend April's birthday and it was the most fun!! She always has these all day birthdays that last fourteen hours. Her partner picked me up at noon and we had snacks at the house, saw home movies, went to a hockey game, tracked down a lost kid that wandered off from our group, then went to have the yummiest sushi at Soma. I had to beg off dessert and coffee at 11 pm!

+ Still, there is nothing like walking among a group of out, proud, lesbian cops. It is AWESOME and chivalry is NOT dead with these women. As one of a handful of femmes I had more doors opened and more stuff fetched for me than in the last six months, which is utterly happy-making. :-D

+ I am actually writing. SSsssssssssh. Don't scare the muses...

+ I have also been thinking of painting for the first time in a long time. It is interesting to feel that again.

+ I just got a mini-grant to further the develop my Art Thing program on Saturdays. I really wasn't expecting to get it and now I actually have to do what I proposed. Meep.

+ My LJ layout: think I'll keep it. :-)

I think I had more but I must away now!

Talk to you all later and have a great day!
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It is only 9:30 and the morning is already MADE OF FAIL. )

I'd like to go back to bed now, please.

+ Oh, and look! As my coworker went to leave the work room the handle came off in her hand. The renovation of this building is only eight months old. Man, if I get stuck in here today I am not going to be happy. At least I have Cheetos and a potty. It could be worse.

+ However, on the plus side I *am* leaving at noon today because I have an ultrasound on my chest this afternoon. Not that the ultrasound is a plus; they always unnerve me. Having some time afterwards to do more errands, shopping, and possibly bake cookies? Is sorely needed.

+ Speaking of cookies I have narrowed my choices for this year's exchange to: Mocha cookies and Toffee cookies. I've never made them before but the recipes look really simple. I'll let ya'll know how they turned out.

In closing, no matter how irate I was this morning hearing it is hard to be totally grumpy while listening to the dulcet sounds of 'Oh, Christmas Tree' played live on a baby grand. The Amegy Building springs for a pianist in the lobby every winter holiday. It's really cool. :-)

Okay, gente. I must jet.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!

P.S. It was 70 degrees again yesterday. However there was a delightfully nasty front coming in today so we shall see!
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+ So apparently we were almost evicted. )

+ I am going to Vermont this Sunday for three days for a library conference thing. Anybody near Vermont? *crickets* After a whole day with children's librarians, some which I can only support in small doses at the best of times, I am going to need some away time.

Anyone know the weather in Vermont? I mean, besides cold? I'm assuming? I'm not at all sure I have the right gear and any input would be helpful.

+ I was SUPPOSED to have a day off tomorrow but one of the Deputy Directors (who refers herself in the third person like Mr. T) called a committee meeting I can't miss so I will be off after noon tomorrow. *grrrr* In exchange I am going to a drs. appt. today at 2 and will be home after that. I just hope the rain holds off until I get to the apartment, tho I have my umbrella...

+ My BFF Shelby has been in New Zealand and I miss her. *sadface*

+ Hearing 'President Elect Obama' just never, never gets old. :-D

+ Payday tomorrow, thank god.

I think that's all I've got, gente!

Take care and I'll talk ya'll later!
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If you don't I wouldn't tell me. I am not even kidding. I will be THAT disgusted and flabbergasted at your flagrant disregard of your civil duty, your rights, and your enormous propensity for being made of UTTER FAIL.


So. How's tricks? Have some bullet points. They are our friends.

+ I am so anxious and excited about this election I don't know how I'll sleep tonight. I maybe should have waited to watch 'Uncounted' until AFTER. That way I would have been either relieved or pissed off but not incredibly nervous and apprehensive.

+ I go to Vermont this Sunday with various children's librarians. I don't know whether or not to take my laptop. I will say that if I am made to forcefully socialize with people I can barely stand and/or people from another state I will never meet again there is a possibility I will not be sweet. Imagine that, if you will.

+ The Notebook is possibly the most flagrantly sappy, trite, warm, fuzzy chick movie of all time and I NEVER MISS A SHOWING.

+ I did not officially join National Novel Writing Month but I AM writing a bit each night. Sometimes it is just a bit. Sometimes it is more. I have about 500 words of the next installment to my skaterboi fic written so far. Not a lot I know BUT STILL.

+ My Day of the Dead program was a success, tho I was bone tired after the two programs, twelve kids, and lots of paint. Omg the unholy MESS. My altar looks awesome, too! Next year I am going to send out an email to the whole building and have people bring pix and momentos by for the ofrenda.

+ The MECA Day of the Dead festival was also great. Free admissions, cheap festival food, and good music. What more do you need? :-) I saw this guy with a McCain/Palin cap on and I think I showed admirable restraint at not glaring and snarling. Did I mention I am ANXIOUS?

+ We got a new sweet young librarian today. Manager is at a conference and Asst. manager is with her sick child. So who shows her around, and gives her a tour of the building, and starts to show her the circ system and the catalog and gets her started on the system's policy's and procedures? *sigh* She is nice girl but I have, like, shit to do and I got done none of it. Asst. manager's child is sick and I feel for her. It is just getting so hard to not COUNT on her, like, ever. For anything in any way. I am not getting paid as an Asst. manager because I didn't apply for the job. Because I don't WANT the job. The pinch-hitting is just getting kinda tired.

+ I seem to be abusing caps tonite. It's the election's fault.So, I'ma go before any more innocent upper case letters are harmed in the writing of this post.

You all take care and, if you have not done so, vote. People fought hard to get you that right. The least you could do is use it.
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Work ranty. )

But there is home-made mashed potatoes at home.

That makes most evenings all better. :-)
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Back! Hola! SO glad to be back. *smushes you all*

The trip was tiring and fun and crazy, like always. Bullet points, yes? Yes.

+ Four star hotel rooms in Spain are fond of their full length mirrors. I have no full length mirrors in my apartment. Now I remember why. :-/ Wow. There's a reality check.

+ We had 1/2 a day of play so coworker K and I went to La Villa EspaƱola and shopped and saw Spanish architecture. It was lovely.

+ Then I had flight drama for THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW WHAT?!?! )

Quite the epiphany, I must say.

+ So, so tired. *faceplant*

+ Think I am facing working three Saturdays in a row. I know I probably don't have room to bitch since, well, Barcelona, but still. That would suck.

+ Oh, and THEN. THEN. I came home to find my laptop is deader than a really dead thing. *sigh* D says it started acting freaky the Wednesday I was gone. She called Dell, I called Dell, I spent six hours on the phone with Dell (when I was so exhausted from fatigue I almost burst into tears on the Indian tech guy). I bought better virus protection. It didn't work the next day again and I called them AGAIN, really pissed. They finally decided it was a hardware error and, since I apparently have more insurance on Frankie the Laptop than I do on myself, they are sending someone over to install a new hard drive. So I'm on the slower, old computer. *sigh*

+ So tired.

There is more, I'm sure, but I just had a long, mind-numbing day of training and my brain, it is mush.

Three days off for workign seven days in a row in Spain, tho, woo! I have SO MUCH work to catch up on we'll see how relaxing it is.

I'm so glad to be home and I missed you all and I am never catching up since I was sans Interwebz in Spain, which is apparently still in the dark ages.

Did anything happen while I was away besides the global markets going to hell in a hand basket? Anything? Let me know. I'll never find it in the posts.

Later, gente!
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So The Mayor, in his infinite wisdom, has decided we need to open a daycare for all the city employee's children so said employees go back to work.

A noble gesture, to be sure, however, *I* am not comfortable with the free-and -easy way this is going down, and I'm not going to be liable for not knowing these children's medical history, their allergies, their temperment, and who has clearance to pick them up after the day is done. I'm sure I sound negative but if you just think of all the things that occur when someone signs their kid up for school or childcare and think of how many of those things we are *not* doing, it is nervous making.

Oh, and we can't call it a 'daycare' since we don't have any licensure of the kind for such things. We are offering 'employee relief services.' Sure.

Thankfully, the KIDS room staff is staying at our regular department doing regular things, thank god.

I need to go out front soon but, to sum up:

+ Still no power.

+ The communal good will is cracking just a bit, only because everyone is SO over not being able to be in our apartments with our stuff because it is stuffy and dark.

+ Still better than people who lost everything. Every time I get growly I remember that.

+ All programming is apparently cancelled for this week. I need to call the Ballet Folkorico people and tell them it's not a go this Saturday. I don't even know how their offices faired.

+ I am a bit better now that I can at least check the Internetz at work. I missed you all!! *smushes*

Ok, gente! Onward to another day!

Will talk at you later!
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Breakfast: two slices of wheat toast with butter and sugar free Smuckers fruit spread.



bowl of ice cream with fixins'.

Maybe this is why I don't lose weight.

But it was all left OVER from the sundae bar yesterday! Waste not!


It's yummy. :-)

In other news...

+ There is a strange electrical burning smell on the floor. You know, like when you first turn on your heater after it's been off all summer and spring? Like that. It's been called in but it's making me a little nauseas. Bleah. :-X

+ Hurricane Gustav might be headed towards the Gulf and also, here. We were going to see my sis in Austin this weekend but I don't know if that's going to happen.

+ Talked to my BFF Shelby last night for a while, which was also a great birthday present. I will never not miss being near that woman. She is my true North on so many things.

+ I am going to kill my cat. In less than 12 hours the little motherfucker chewed through the good earphones that came with my laptop AND the phone cord. THE PHONE CORD WHAT. D had to go out and buy another phone cord and earphones. I mean, who has ever had a cat that chewed stuff? Anyone?

OK, gente. I have paperwork to wrap up, stats to figure, form letter for tours to write, LJ to surf so I will away.

I have a four day weekend coming up so talk to ya'll later!

Cuidensen until then!
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I am to do a craft in nine minutes because Awesome CoWorker M is sick. And, fine. I'm the natural person to to as a pinch hitter for that except she left a vague text message to boss about 'name bracelets' as what she had planned and no other instructions. I mean, these are not rocket science. But still. *grumble*

I have ninety circles to die-cut for tomorrow fur my ladybug craft. It's not like I didn't have PLANS.

And I have no dinner because my Cop-Friend April had something come up. I need to go out to dinner.

I hate to go out to dinner because it is a billion degrees outside. Boo.

Two more days! Yay!

This grumble brought you by the letter 'V' and Heath Ledger's gorgeous Face.
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So there is a hurricane in the gulf ushering in another hurricane season. We are up to 'Dolly' tho when I heard it my mind heard 'Dali' and I thought 'How so awesome! They have moved on to famous artist names!' Heh. NO. Dolly as in 'Hello,' not Dali as in 'Crazy Surrealist Painter Circus Freak.' Check.

How cool would that be, tho? 'Monet has moved into the gulf and is churning up that warm surface water but Pisarro is still in the Atlantic and we have what might be the beginnings of Rembrandt near the Yucatan peninsula.' *ponders*

In other news...

+ I am enjoying my first day of alone time at home since D left last night at eight for LaPorte for a couple of days. Bliss. I love D, really I do. And I love Sweet Pea, the little shit. However, last night I stayed up too late surfing the 'Net, watched what I wanted on the little bedside TV, and took up the WHOLE bed when I slept. I was afeared I wouldn't sleep well because I have gotten used to sharing but I drifted right off. My alarm didn't go off but I woke up early enough for the early bus to work. I didn't have to change out pee pads or wait for the bathroom. Good times.

+ Despite best intentions cookies were not made last night. Trying again tonight.

+ Saw The Closer and Saving Grace. Still fantastic. D DVRed them for later.

+ Right before we left there was Work Drama and I must state again for the record I. HATE. ADULT. PATRONS. )

+ It is becoming more and more apparent to me how much I love Teen Lit yet really dislike Teen Agers. *sigh* I mean, not on an individual basis. For example, Russel, one half of the brothers that are being raised by the gay guys across the way, came over night before last to show off his new laptop he'd bought after saving $ from work and stayed for an hour chatting while he and I played with all the features. He's sixteen. Yet get him in a group of all his friends and it's Instant Asshole. So sad.

+ I am wearing the sensible ponytail today because when I woke up I looked like I'd stuck my finger in a light socket. For serious. I am the sexass! Don't lie. ;-)

I thought I had more but I must away to work.

You all take care and I'll talk at you later!
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+ I have two more days off IN A ROW this weekend WIN!!
+ Comicpalooza is tomorrow! I hope to meet my sekrit bf Terry Moore and decree him an honorary woman.
+ Dark Knight tomorrow in IMAX with a few members of the Comic Meetup Group
+ Card craftiness for [livejournal.com profile] utterfrivolity who won the bid for our homemade Xmas cards.
+ The Closer and Saving Grace to look forward to on Monday nights. For some reason people seem to like The Closer more than Saving Grace but I like them both. I'm a Holly Hunter fan from way, way back. At least Broadcast News if not before. She is Southern and tiny and smart and absolutely does not blink when she chooses her roles. I luvs her.

All bullet points made of definite win!

Under the 'YAY BUT MEEP' category we have my travel and vacation schedule for the next few months:

Sep.- VAC
Oct.- Spain
Nov. - Vermont

I didn't know I was gonna get the OK to go to both of those conferences and, well. Rather severe with the not-saving.

Stupid not being independently wealthy.

Under the 'Hm' category there is Have you ever had a friend that you respect and admire on several levels but would never, never, not even upon pain of death, work under? Work quasi-rant. Feel free to skip. )

I am off an hour early today because I had to come in early for a meeting on Wed.

And next week will, of course be, The Week of Sucktasticness and BOO because I work a six day stretch. Ah, well.

Hopefully good weekend first. :-)

YOu all take care because I have a Graphic Novel Acquisition Team (GNATS) meeting to go to right now.

Have a good weekend and I'll talk to ya'll later!
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I just had kind of small meltdown at home.

I'm not sure why.

Maybe because I've just realized I will not have two days off in a row next week either because I have a myriad of meetings, obligations, and programs on Friday.

Maybe because for the first time since I started this gig I'm not really liking my job. We are so understaffed. I've ended up doing most of the programming just by default and because teh way the schedule ended up falling there isn't anyone else.

Maybe because I miss ice cream.

I just know I had a brief crying jag and blew my diet for dinner. *sigh*

I'm either burned out, too tired, or. Or. Meh.

And for reasons unknown to me we are watching 'House'. Aack.

Day off tomorrow.

I think I want a movie.
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I feel like I haven't updated in forever.

This will not the long chatty update of cheerful I had planned either because, well, it's early and I have a Potential Day of Hell lined up. So bullet points for you! They are our friends. :-)

+ I have lost my work key. All I did day before yesterday is open the workroom door on my evening shift to get my purse and now it is nowhere. I have looked everywhere. I am not looking forward to telling my boss. :-(

+ Goerge Carlin died. Sadness. I used to watch films of his comedy skits on HBO back in the day when I was a wee Ahestele. Though my parents were very strict in the sense that we could not stay out past midnight, date anyone they didn't meet, or stay over at friend's houses without a fight, they cared not if we stayed up 'till 4 a.m. watching rated R movies on Skinemax. Go figure. Someone on my FL linked to this this editorial cartoon and it is perfect.

Rock on, Mr. Carlin, wherever you maybe.

+ A coworker who also has an LJ has started a Patron of the Day post which I kind of like. Nothing showcases the flotsam and jetsam of humanity like the people dealt with in public service.

My Patron of the Day yesterday was this paragon of great parenting. )

+ I had written two pages on the copfic, not realized I had done so on a read-only version of the file I'd not dled yet, and lost it when I closed out. Because I am a moron. *headslap*

+ I work this Saturday and next Saturday becuase my boss will be at ALA, so I will probably miss Pride, even though the parade isn't till 9 p.m. By the time I finish a Saturday I'm so exhausted all I want to do is sit. But we shall see. However, then I get two Saturdays off, so I guess it's worth it. Would have been nice to have the weekend of the 4th off as I was supposed to but oh well.

+ I am going to see a nutritionist today in hopes that she can help me stop the exponential growth of my ass. Yes, I realize only I can do that, but I live in hope.

+ Before I leave at 1:30 I must
a) Plan a storytime for 100 kids
b) Go to a meeting at 10 a.m.
c) Work on Employee Evaluations
d) Spend three hours on a desk.

So I must away now!

I still can't believe I can't find my key.

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later!


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