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I seem to be really restless literarily (is that a word. Oh, well. It is now) lately. I've begun four books which, after a few chapters, keep leaving me all 'meh.' I've begun Game of Thrones, Academ's Fury by Butcher, and Along the Mysterly River by Bill Willingham and can't seem to conclude any of them. I've kind of picked up GoT again because the show is SO AWESOME and never has enough Danaerys. More Dany's awesomeness later.

However I did gobble up the third and final installment in Holly Black's Curseworkers series and it was SO WONDERFUL.***SPOILERS FOR BLACK CAT, THE THIRD CURSEWORKERS BOOK**** )

+ Also, I read the John Mayer Rolling Stone interview and, well, I have some thots and feelings. )


+ It is ALL AVENGERS ALL THE TIME up in here, gente! I LOVED LOVED it so much!
A LOT of Avenger squeeing and possible SPOILERS. WARNING!!!!!! )

I have read quite a bit of fic but I have gotten pickier about what I give my time to. I like long, well-developed plotty things with some thought. I check AO3 regulary and there are so many fantastic authors.


Hatfields & McCoys )

+ So, Trueblood came back.***POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** )

Yup. That about covers it.

+ Game of Thrones )


I've been kind of freaked out, gente.

As I wrote, D had a violent vertigo episode last Tuesday and had to go to the ER. She probably has Meniere's Disease. )

I hope any more major attacks stay away for a long time. Any positive vibes are appreciated.

+ Of course in the middle of this we are still trying to buy a damn HOUSE. We have pretty much decided to have one built in, well, the ghetto. However, compared to other ghettos we have seen and considered, it is better. It is the general consensus that the area will start to improve in short order simply because there is nowhere else for people to GO and the gentrification is slowly but surely encroaching. There are new homes going up all the time and the land values are certainly already there.

The home will be much smaller than the older house I wanted an hour away by bus but it will be a new structure and we hope to not have to do more than regular upkeep for awhile.

It is at least a relief to have that decided.

+ In closing I have signed up up for [community profile] hc_bingo because OF COURSE one does this when one hasn't written anything in over a year. I mean, why the hell not, right?

I just really miss writing. It comes up and attacks me, the realization, out of nowhere, and, well. I've always been a sucker for hurt/comfort? We'll see.

My hc_bingo card )

Have to go read to babies and mommies, gente! Take care! I'll talk at ya'll later.
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The deal is this:

Our library is under renovation and will be for the year-to-year-and-a half. When this began we, as a branch, sent out most of our comic and paperback collection to be used by other branches because they were never going to survive that long and would be obsolete by the time we opened anyhow.

HOWEVER! It has come to our attention recently that a) We will have shiny new Teen Room when we open and b)ABSOLUTELY NO GRAPHIC NOVEL collection to speak of since they all went out with the renovation. Your mission, if you choose to accept it.... )

So, yeah. Bit spammy lately as opposed to my week-to-week-and-a-half posting, but what the hey. I'm waiting for test results, which is driving me batty, and I purposely took the less intense grad class so I wouldn't be killing myself this semester. I don't know how I'm going to make it past March. One day I am convinced I at least did well enough to pass and the next I'm positive I fucked up the APA citations and didn't use good enough sources and I'm screwed.

At times like this I wish I drank, but I don't. So I'm eating a lot. One does what one can.

I've begun another fic and am looking at my WIPs.

I've been wondering about writing in another fandom. As in, why I don't want to. Or don't. )

Any input will help Ahestele not obssess over That Stupid Test.

Alrighty. I think I've spammed enough for today!

I work tomorrow (boo) but have Monday off (YAY!) but am broke (boo). However, I will be seeing D on Saturday night and that is a world of YAY. :-)

Later, gente! Ya'll have a good weekend!
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....On no less than THREE fics is to start a new fic, of course. *sigh* Ah, well. We shall see how far this one goes.

Also, yes. So, so, broke. It was not so bad until I realized my Internet bill would be due in a day or so. Meep. I don't get paid until NEXT Friday. I'm sure many sympathize.

I stayed home yesterday because I had a nasty cold thing that made me run a fever and had me all snot-nosed which is not professional. I slept most of the day and feel better today. Less snottage and no fever.

Hm. That's kind of all I got! The rest would be mostly filler, to paraphrase Willow in OMWF.

I also realized i did not link to my Five Favorite Fics. Because I am lame. I need to go fix that.

Everyone have a good jueves! Those in the North keep warm!

I'll talk at ya later!
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I have just walked fourteen blocks round trip in downtown Houston all before breakfast. I have been out of Metformin, my diabetes med, since last Thursday and the dr. did not call in a renewal before the weekend and it STILL was not renewed this morning. So my trip to CVS bright and early got me Crestor. This is good, but will not keep me from forgetting things and going on crying jags, which is what happens if I go much longer without Metformin.

Luckily, the pharmacist guy, who moved like HE didn't have any pressing business at sevent fifteen in the morning, floated me enough for today and I called the drs. office and the nurse said she'd be sure the dr. called it in.

But grrrr.

Hello. Hola. How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was a bit different than I anticipated as we had D's mom in the apartment when I had counted on some private time, but, oh well. She's getting to where she can't even
really move on her own and its dangerous to leave her unattended for long. However, for all the frailty she can be a crochety old firecracker and D and I tend to snipe over her before too long because of the friction. So. Yeah. *sigh*

And I'm getting a cold guddammit.

In other news....

Saw 'Zodiac' yesterday. SPOILERS! )

I have been wanting to write again and have been looking at the post-Embers fic I'm almost done with. I've begun the next installment of both Embers and the copfic but it's like after the grueling, mind-wrenching ordeal of my comprehensive essays my brain has to collect itself from a sort of literary panic and realize it can actually do fun stuff again. It takes a while.

People have been weighing in on the SPN kerfuffle and I thought of it and this is my small, not entirely applicable take. Feel free to click on by the navel gazing. :- )


I must go and do some work and continue to try to NOT get this cold. I don't even know how I began to get it and I'm afeared to take my Coricidin because I don't want to be sleepy.

Take care ya'll and I'll talk at you later!

Also, I have decided I am going to make a concerted effort to switch out my default userpic because I have over one hundred and I don't even use them and that is wrong.

Isn't my wolf pretty? I love wolves.

Adios for now!
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Dudes. Did anyone know there was a Little House on the Prairie episode where Albert, the brother, was a junkie?? How groovy is that for a series set in the West? Hm.

I had a small crush on Albert Ingalls when I was a wee Ahestele. He was so pretty with long dark lashes and black wavy hair and this air of vulnerability. Like he wouldn't try to stick his hand up your pants (this being before I wanted boys to explore the interior of my pants and just wanted a cute boy to hold my hand and tell me he loved me. I was about nine).

Of course he was just a passing fanny like the boy from Escape to Witch Mountain and that one kid Jesse from ZOOM on PBS. Right before I saw My One True Love Leif Garrett and thus began my strange, enduring, still active propensity for fey young men who look like girls.

This post brought to you by the the letter 'R' for rambling and the emotion effing-Christ-I-watched-a-Little-House-episode today!


I have about a week of convalescing left. )

Incidentally, [livejournal.com profile] ghettogreta's fic Prelude to a Kiss is just absolutely, utterly brilliant. I came to it on the [livejournal.com profile] shinyandnew community but the link leads to her site and oh, my. Oh. My.

It's an NSYNC/Goo Goo dolls xover, if you can picture it, between Lance and John Rzeznick and it is wonderful and hurty and funny and long enough to be substantial without turning into an epic. I've always thought Mr. Rzeznick to be an exceedingly pretty man and these two just click so right in this fic. Kudos.

Read and feed the author. She deserves it.

So here I am, awake.

I am working on a POST-Embers ficlet now.

I wouldn't say I'm all anxious to get back to work? I mean. Because I just don't get bored. I write, I read fic, I watch The History Channel or Bravo, I read books. And I like my job but I don't LOVE my job. I like it a thousand times more than I ever liked teaching but it is still a paltrey bit compared to how much I love writing. And I am writing. But the melting of one day into the next is kinda getting to me.

Anyway gente.

Off I go. Wish me luck in my efforts for slumber.
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I need to read a 'thriller' for my next adult fiction genre. Thriller as in an action packed book, a la Clear and Present Danger, not Thriller as in the ethnically confused boundary challenged Mr. Jackson.

Do you read action novels? Anybody? If so, which ones do you like/have you read/have you enjoyed? Also for to have them not be huge long manifestos as time is always of the essence.

You all are my only hope. I haven't read a thriller since last summer, not really, and my attempts to find the author I liked, whose name escapse me, have been for naught.

In other news...

I had Chinese for lunch: wonton soup, spring roles and FIVE yummy steamed dumplings. I could not finish them all as they were fat and quite filling.

My copfic!muses are talking to me....!

That is all.

Have a good Friday, gente!

Talk at ya later!

p.s. I so need a wonton icon....


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