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+ I feel SPUN, people. I cannot stop watching this video )

on repeat.

FLAIL and rambling. Feel free to bypass. :- )

So, in closing, does ANYONE have a copy of that Darren Hayes song? Anyone? I will send virtual fruit baskets and dancing pool boys...

Moving on...


+ So here's the thing: I'm not used to writing without a beta. I keep trucking and then am gripped by sudden worry that NO ONE is editing this thing, and I am AFEARED. But it's original fic and it's seriously something I want to, at some point, submit somewhere to get rejected ten hundred times, as one does. I'm told. When I say original fic I, of course mean, I have used my muses and changed the names. I'm only posting on my writing journal, which is locked. So. Anyone interested in beta-ing that will never be publicly posted? Yes, I see the queue forming.

+ I am still getting vertigo about every third day, so I have made an appt. with my doctor next Friday, which is the earliest I can go after I get paid. We'll see.

+ It is the coldest day of the year and it still can't hold a candle to our friends in, oh, most other places, whom are getting inundated by snow, ice, and rain. Send them your thoughts and well wishes, people. We're pretty lucky in Texas so far.


+ Am I the last one to know that there is an actual registry of people that consider themselves superheroes? Really? My favorite is obviously SUPER GAY and his beleagured jockstrap. If that man is walking around in pink lame and a rainbow mask in Mexico City I hope he does, indeed, have special powers.

+ So if your magazine airbrushes someone so much you CHANGE THEIR ETHNICITY. you should probably make sure that's the look they were going for. Nimrods.

Okay, I must away, gente! Eveyrone keep warm and safe and I'll talk at you later!

In closing:

Really, that FACE. What am I to do? :-)
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+ The weather has been crazy hot here. Over 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Good times! Leaving work is like walking into a sauna. I just want everyone in a milder or colder climate to know I am ENVIOUS AND FRIZZY.

+ Saga the Second on our car woes is that when D took the car in to fix the window she asked the dealeship to look at the AC because it was not cooling. *please reference above bullet point for seriousness of this situation* Turns out the compressor has gone out. On a car with 38,000 miles on it. Really? My parents got us the car, which we are paying for, and I am thankful every day for their help with our lousy (at the time) credit. D would not have been able to go back and forth to see her mom in her mom's last days without the car. But why do American vehicles have to be such CRAP?


+ I have been gorging on BBB fics and I would list my favorites if [profile] turloughishere and several others weren't doing such a fantastic job. I am going to have to go back through and read the ones I've missed because there is SO MUCH AWESOME YAY!!!

+ In other fic news I fiddle farted around too much and waited too long to sign up for Cliche Bingo. Sadness. :-( But I look forward tor reading all the fic! I am thinking of signing up for this ten recs thing, tho. That I can do. I can see no Eminem or Hanson rec lists up, either...

+ *whispers* I have twelve pages of The Copfic written. I don't know if anyone cares anymore but TWELVE PAGES!!! I'm so excited. Don't spook the muses.


+ I prefer warnings. I put warnings on my fic. I think it's just polite. I know others don't but there are readers who have a trigger or a squick or just plain don't like to READ some stuff, and I think they should be informed. I mean, with books there are reviews. There are reviews with fic, but a reader has to look for them, and the reviews don't always contain all the information. I'm willing to give up some suspense for the people that read my stuff. I personally don't consider this censorship, but I could see where others might.

It has been said but it bears repeating that arsenicjade has been unfailingly gracious and classy during this whole thing and if there were ever a primer on how to conduct oneself as a graceful, classy person during unexpected kerfuffleness it should have her name on it.


This is why I did not become a children's librarian/media specialist. In Texas you need to have a teaching certificate to be a school librarian and that makes it easier to justify shoving librarians into all kinds of situations that have nothing to do with their job description. I was in the classroom for five years. I choose not to be in the classroom. Fuck that noise.


My BFF Shelby sent me this and it cracked D and I up for DAYS. I share it for those who need a smile this fine Thursday. Proof of kindness in the world. )
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+ Had a pretty good day. Got some kids to look at Jasper Johns art work and then they created some pretty damned cool paintings.

+ Was real busy and the day flew by, always good.

+ Heard from D's nephew and the library will be sending cards and drawings to soldiers from a base in Macon, GA who just today shipped out to Kabul, Afghanistan. Captain Meeks is a sweetie and sounded ridiculously excited at the prospect of kid's art work being sent to his guys.

+ And then I wait for D after work, who never came, and call home to find out the car has been broken into in BROAD DAYLIGHT at 5:30 pm while people are coming home from work. They only seem to have taken the GPS but smashed out the passenger window.

I hope whatever person or persons did this catches a venereal disease that causes their extremieties to fall off.

+ D then tells me that all the people fromher high school that had friended her on Facebook DE-freinded her after she came out when a guy linked to an article discussing gay marriage and wrote how he didn't think gays should be allowed matrimony becauase it was against what it said in the bible. She was really excited to be re-connecting with high school friends, too.

I'm the one that talked D into getting a Facebook since she always says she feels really removed from all the stuff I do online and the people I talk to.

In retrospect, perhaps Facebok wasn't something I should have encouraged her to do.

It is early but I am in bed because I really think today needs to end as soon as possible.
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+ My youngest sister was in town this past weekend. She called to tell me. We didn't have dinner, or desert, or go to a movie. She was going to a concert in the Woodlands and she and her friends were going clubbing Saturday night. So she just called to.....tell me. But not to see me. o.O

+ The Pet Teenager is almost moved out of his room. The gf, the gf's mom. who has a truck, and he just moved his bed and most of his clothes to his brothers and he thanked us for letting him stay with us and we told him to come back anytime. We really mean it.

*an hour later the phone rings*

Pet Teenager: Uhh. Can I stay there tonight?

D: Of course. What's the matter?

Pet Teenager: I left all my sheets in my room.

Us: *LOL*

He is so utterly HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE considering that both D and I have known boys, my brother included, may he rest in peace, who would sleep on a bare mattress with a sleeping bag over them.

But, no. Russell must have sheets! How so funny. :-D

In other news...........


+ My Art Thing! program on Saturday covering Jackson Pollock and Action Painting had ten kids!They actually listened to the explanation of the art movement and got excited about the pictures and created some kickass kid art. My program today only had two kids, but it's all relative. If the numbers don't go up I'm switching it back to Saturdays at 3 pm.

+ Pet Teenager's Graduation and yummy Olive Garden afterwards. Walking in heels for that long KICKED MY ASS tho, man. I passed out at eleven last night and didn't stir 'till seven thirty this morning. And I could have used more sleep.

+ Did I mention I'm going to DragonCon? :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


+ I did not get the Harry Potter Exhibit I applied for. Our library can, of course, HAVE the exhibit for display after the twelve winners get it first. Along with the other 126 recipients who applied. Which means I can expect it sometime around 2015. Thanx a lot, ALA. :-P


+ I watched The MTV VMA's to see Marshall perform and he was wonderful! And then The Stupid Prank happened and it was not wonderful. For the record I think it was a cheap stunt set up at Marshall's expense and I think he had a right to be pissed off. )

So ya'll go ahead and mock. Thems are my thots.

+ This is so appalling I don't even have WORDS. I just. *hands*

+ Fuckers. While he walked into CHURCH, no less. Nice.

Okay, gente. I'm doing laundry at this hour because I'm flat out of socks.

You all stay safe and and I'll talk at you later.
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+ Finished application to try to get Harry Potter exhibit for the library. Despite pissy queens and obscure questions I didn't know the answer to have zipped it off to the lion's den Admin building to be reviewed. *faceplant*

+ Employee evaluation has been moved back due to site inconsistency. Yay!

+ Have fallen off my diet like a fallen thing (still fallen? continued to fall?), but hope to get back on (up?) soon.

+ I talked D into watching The Unusuals on the strength of Amber Tamblyn and the guy that played Penn on Angel and it was really good! )

Also, you know. Amber Tamblyn. I was very upset when they canceled Joan of Arcadia.

+ Deadliest Catch was kind of sad yesterday but still awesome.

+ Have realized our pets run the house. Has anyone else realized their pets run the house? It is a sobering realization.

+ I would like to tell the whiny entitlement trollop who threatened to delete her LJ and all her fic because she 'ONLY' got 60 comments on it, and then was nasty to all her apparently vastly dysfunctional friends who wrote her three pages of posts pleading with her not to go, before FINALLY deleting her LJ: fanfic fandom friendship life. ur doin it wrong.

+ Happy Earth Day! compliments of the lovely [profile] ginnytonnick. Pity lots of the stuff is just as expensive as it is cool. Saving the planet ain't cheap.

+ I am mostly succeeding in bi-posting. I don't have a lot to read on the Dreamwidth account yet, but I'm sure it will get better. Probably after open beta. I have not tried the doohicky that is supposed to let you cross post but I have managed to change my journal style so I can read it. Go me!

+ I've been listening to 'The Wrestler' by Bruce Springsteen on YouTube. I really love the way that man paints a story with so few words.

Okay, gente.

I need to go tell the one family on the Wii that we are closing soon.

Cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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+ The AC at Central is broken. We were stuffy and hot all day Saturday. The AC at my apartment is broken and it was 80 degrees all night. We live in a dungeon cave because our bedroom has no windows at all. Great if you're a dominatrix; not so great if your air conditioning craps out in Texas. I feel like I have been trying to not be hot for three days now. *fans self*

+ Because we spent the night having the fan blow in our face and trying not stick to each other and the three pets also in bed with us, I feel fuzzy and out of sorts. *blinks blearily* Babies and mommies this morning, oh god.

+ However, in an attempt to go sit in AC we did see Fast & Furious or, as it is known 'round these parts, the big GAY CHRISTMAS CARD!***Spoilers*** )

I need to go hunt up [personal profile] petslife's list of fics. And I have like, five xovers in my head already.

Because those boys are like a good pair of black pants; no matter who you pair them with they're going to look good. :-)

+ The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency continues to be made of total and complete WIN!

Have I mentioned how amazing and ridiculously talented Jill Scott is? I can't believe she's not actually from Africa, her accent and mannerisms and essence are so perfect. And it made me CRY and it is funny and wonderful and she and her secretery are so amazing together!

I love how their relationshop grows and opens up like origami flowers and how the show manages to not be didactic or preachy but humane and real.

Shows like this give me hope for the whole medium of television. If we could get anything this good on the major channels it would be even better.

+ I have also finished reading Unclean Sprits on reccomendation from [personal profile] zillahseye and it was fantastic! A strong female protagonist, an alternate reality that didnt' take half the book to explain because the author really does know how to show and not tell, and a style that flows well but is not simplistic make this a wonderful read. I can't wait for the next part!

Okay, gente.

I have two deadlines this week to try to meet so Ima go now.

Ya'll cuidense and I'll talk at you later!
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+ So as I'm getting my morning non-fact hot chocolate and kolache I look up to the plasma screen in the library coffe shop and see that, not only has our bonehead governor insinuated Texas should secede from the Union, that our local FOX affiliate has mispelled the word 'seceding'in it's broadcast. It is not 'SECEEDING' OMG AT LEAST WORD HIS STUPIDITY CORRECTLY JESUS EFFING CHRIST.

Governor Perry rant. Feel free to move on. )

Carrying on.

+ My favorite festival EVER in the world is the International Festival that happens at the end of April in Houston and focuses on a country each year. This year's country is Ireland, which I LOVE, and I actually have money to go! The music lineup is awesome too, tho we rarely stay that late because we are old and boring. ;-) Los Lobos, Marcia Ball, a fantastic local vocalist, and BeauSoleil from Lousiana are just a few.

It happens over two weekends, which is good, since it is supposed to rain like a big dog today and Saturday.

This means, since the festival area encompasses the library, that the probability of having many damp, stinky, cranky customers in the building tomorrow is pretty high.

Good times.

We are going next weekend and hoping for better weather.

+ My bulletin board is ugly. :-( I was going to do this one thing, but it would turn out really time intensive, so I switched gears, and now it is kind of ugly. Oh, well. The fact is that few people on our staff are really arty, and that my boss doesn't really care what's on there as long as a) she doesn't have to do it and b) the space isn't empty. But, still. I hate putting up something that people need to look at for awhile and have it be all homely.

+ I have decided today is No Makeup Friday. Behold my beauty, au natural!!! People tend to ask me if I am tired, or if I am feeling okay when I don't wear makeup, but too bad. Just not in the mood to blend and line and primp this morning.

+ I have found a Discovery Channel slash journal. O.O I don't know whether to be amused or really frightened.

However, I can haz icons! :-D

Okay, gente. I must go continue to work on my ugly bulletin board.

You all have a good Friday and I'll talk to ya'll sometime this weekend.
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Amazon rank

My daddy said that if something upset you, you should sleep on it. If it looked the same in the morning, then be angry. If it didn't look the same, then it was not that big a deal in the first place.

*looks at Amazon!fail*

Nope. Still pissed off.

I do think it's censorship. I do think it's assy. And I don't think 'OOPS, a glitch' is going to cut any ice with me. 'Glitches' don't send out explanatory emails to authors on why their works were de-ranked.

There is nothing Amazon sells that can't be bought at other places. I believe I need to fully research what those are.
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Firstly I'd like to say that I think the world of the AARP. )

Okay, that is all.

I am going to go find a place to nibble some breakfast I bought at the convenience store lest I am going to fall out when my sugar craters. I thought I'd be through in plenty of time to eat something. Live and learn.

I'll talk at ya'll later, gente.
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+ Firstly, Fox News, how you bring the giggles. No, really. This is right up there with the Regis and Kelly show where they asked one of the Prison Break actors what his name on the show, T-BAG, meant. He really did try to answer, bless his heart.

BECAUSE I DO NOT THINK THAT WORD MEANS WHAT YOU THINK IT MEAN, MA'AM!!! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] regala_electra for the link. It kept me snurfling all day. :-D

+ I expected to have some kind of time off/Inauguration hangover but 'twas not to be. Maybe it will kick in at the end of my nine-day work stretch. Woo! Awesome. Think of how much I'll appreciate sleeping late after that.

+ Really, and I know this is probably trite and fleeting, but mostly I am...inspired? Like, to do things and help people. D and I have talked for years about volunteering together at the GLBT Switchboard or The Pride Committee. Something to do together. I think we are ready to act on that now. I wonder how many people feel the same way. :-)

+ [livejournal.com profile] obama_daily is the best comms for eye candy heartwarming pix of the first couple.

+ I had jury duty most of last week and it was a horrible, soul killing case. I have never been so glad to see children's books again in my life.

Okay, gente.

I am going to start to clean up and go home.

You all take care and I'll talk at y'all later. Y
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This is really, really pissing me off. PISSING. ME. OFF.

That's it.

Today is done.
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This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.

I don't read manga, but I do own Sandman and some of Allen Moore's work. I can assure you I am not reading child pornography.

As [livejournal.com profile] ninamonkey pointed out, this is a slippery slope that leads right to anime, slash, and fanfiction.

Gaiman has helped raise money for this poor comic aficionado's defense through the
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

This a scary, scary premise, gente, because, if this comes to pass, it won't stop there.
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+ Despite the sure knowledge that my efforts will be made of epic fail I have the most irrational urge to sign up for NaNoWriMo. *flail*

+ Am at work this Saturday. Just like last Saturday. And next Saturday. BUT I'M NOT BITTER.

+ I am wearing cat ears since that is all I could muster for a costume and two people have said I look like a cute bunny. CAT I'M A CAT GODAMMIT. Don't make me use 'p' word.

+ Why is all the election crazy happeing in TX WHY. There's this paragon of sanity. who only has 'ties' to Houston but then there is this penis in Austin who deserves to have his entrails pulled out through his nose.

Wtf, people?

+ Then there's the awful awful thing that happened to Jennifer Hudson's family. I hope they catch the crazy fucker who did it.

+ And something has once again hosed my ability to get YouTube on my work computer so now I am limited to only the songs I have on my MySpace. Grrrr.

But then there is Frankie, who is good for all that ails you. *hearts him*

So I am at work. I have 30 minutes of peace to sip my soup and eat my bread before more happy fun times commence.

And I also work tomorrow.

But I have done actual work on Leigh's fic! I'm not sure if it's what she wanted but I'm giving it a go. :-)

My writing muses have been restless lately, finally stirring from their long slumber.

Luck to those who have already signed up. I'll let you know if I get brave enough!


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