Oct. 19th, 2006

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Work suckage. Feel free to not click. No, really. )

There are silver lingings. I am home by six thirty most days which is a full hour before I used be home. Uhm......Okay, that is the only one I can think of right now, but it is a big one. That hour makes a lot of difference.

Oh! And better dining options. *hugs One Allen Center Food Court*

I know I will assmilate. I always do. I'm just really disheartened right now and my legs are KILLING me.

In other news.....

Saw Man of the Year. )

Lost continues to be kind of eh. Still Watching.

Missed finale of Project Runway. Missed House of Carters. Missed Heroes. I swear I need a huge wall map so I won't miss shows I want to see!!! And I am missing ER tonight because I have a class chat. With the romance writer Jayne Anne Krentz, or however her name is spelled. Bugger.

Have scheduled Clear for Surgery drs. visit. Have scheduled final ultrasound. Have not scheduled freak out but I'm sure it will work it's way in.

There is more but I should away and check when I will next be dragging my fat fanny up/down numerous flights of stairs.

I swear this week has lasted ten years.

Oh, yeah. I also told my folks about the surgery but that is a post for another time. Wasn't as bad as I thought but could have been better.

Take care, gente, and I'll kvetch talk at ya'll later. :-]
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My next fiction genre assignment is Historical Fiction. Uhm. Yeah.

So- rec 'em if ya got em, gente!!! I read even less Historical Fiction than thrillers, which is to say not at all, and I have no idea where to start. Our catalog brought up 25436545534 records so no help there.

Prefereably not too long and if it's not recent that's okay; it's more likely we'll have one available.

*bows to power of FL*


Gracias with all my corazon, people! I shall invite everyone to my gradation for real! :-)

Now I get ready to go to telephone reference. What are the chances we will have a massive phone outage? Not good, huh?


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