Sep. 7th, 2017

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Hello gente,

I am so, so sorry for the lack of updates! It has been a crazy couple of weeks here in H-town, let me tell you.

We were astoundingly fortunate during the hurricane flooding which decimated so much of our city. We kept power, stayed dry except for a small leak, water in our bathroom, which always gets water, and water under the laminate floorboards in our bedroom, which is probably going to be the most invasive fix. The rain water got up to a foot from our garage and it was dicey, let me tell you.

The more stressful thing was being told, AFTER we got through the rain, that our home might flood due to the release of water from the reservoir because they were overfilled. Waiting with packed bags for a sign of water on the street for four days was not fun. Again, just by chance, we avoided flooding. Many homes did not, homes that were not on flood plains and had never flooded before. It's a clusterfuck.

We are on the fourth day of water conservation because the sanitation plant servicing our area is under eight feet of water. So, minimal flushing, quick showers, no laundry, no dishwasher. And I want to slap people who are bitching who still have their dry, safe homes because they are lucky.

If you have your dry, safe home still, you are SO SO LUCKY.

The city got 52 inches of rain in a single storm, as much as we get in a year. 24.5 trillion gallons of water fell. 450,000 people have been affected. 35% of homes in the city are affected. 85% of those homes don't have flood insurance.

I am back at work where we are assessing collections of branches affected by the hurricane. So far the two we've seen have only lost carpet and the collection was surprisingly ok. We have not even been able to get into one that is still flooded and another that had three feet of water. No one holds out much hope for those books.

Our city is not going to be the same for a long, long time.

I keep trying to add photos but it's not as streamlined as LJ was, so I need to find a photohosting site that I can figure out how to work on here, and I can't with that right now.

Another storm is on it's way to Florida right now after laying waste to Barbudos in the Atlantic.

It's going to be one of those hurricane seasons.


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