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Hola, gente!

First and foremost I send warm thoughts and hot cocoa wishes to those on my FL dealing with the bitter cold. Here we have finally gone from so much rain the town was singing that ark- arky children's song to truly pretty weather. Mid fifties at mid-day, forties in the mornings and the possibility of sixty-five tomorrow. Hello, Tx.

I realize there are many more Bears fans than Colts on my FL but that was a truly kickass game I thought, on both counts. I mean, the rain, omg, the rain! It never NEVER let up! I could not believe how many turnovers there were because of the water and the slick football and how everyone moved like they were on roller skates which made the tackles look like rugby scrums. Tony Dungy just seems like one of those quietly strong people and it was so obvious he had his team's respect and support. I thought both coaches and teams were a class act all the way. Yay, Peyton! Your daddy is so proud of you!

Also, how AMAZING was Prince's halftime show?!?! He played all the best songs and some sizzling covers like Proud Mary and Under the Watchtower AND the poetic redundancy of Purple Rain while the skys beat down soaking his hair, his guitar, the slick surface of the trademark symbol he danced on. It was incredible and somehow humane to see him damp and a bit rumpled and less than perfectly coiffed but putting on a phenomenal show just the same! The marching band was so cool, too!!

Some things are so quintessentially American I love them and this is one.

Between plays D and I did laundry, ate wings and home made chili and chips and dip and had a grand time.

My only regret was being unable to switch back and forth between the game and the European Figure Skating Championships, which I would have done if I'd been alone. I know Joubert won. I hope they re-broadcast them at some point.

In other news....

* As I mentioned in passing, my mother seems to have bought us a car. By this I mean she obtained it and gave the down payment. WE will take posession of the car after my University comprehensives and after we have figured out the insurance. WE will also be making all subesequent payments. It is in my mother's name but will be driven by D, who is not only no relation, but lives in another city, which is not the same one I live in. If anyone has any input on how to make this the least expensive/complicated feel free to weigh in.

* Yes, comprehensives, known as 'Capstone' at The University of North Texas, will be from February 15-22. I am in some succesful denial but I fully expect to be insane and terrified in short order. I am taking the 19-22 off to work on the test but will be out of pocket since i intend to turn off my phone, lock my door, and turn off messenger from the 15th on. Just so ya'll know.

The end to all this is so close I can see it but I have to pass this test and it scares the everloving hell out of me. *clings to FL* Wish me luck.

* I miss writing. As usual, the closer I get to a major event the more I just want to hole up and write and forget everything. Just a few months and I will be done and I can write to my heart's content as long as I keep the lover happy. Just a few months, Lord. I can take it.

* Two weeks ago my 'puter was running veeeeeeeery veeeeeeeery slow. I called the Dell people who, after an interminable wait (their wait time has grown exponentially since I got the system), walked me through several processes to run only what I needed to and not every program I had, which helped move stuff along. The nice Indian guy, who I pretended looked like Mohinder SHUTUP was patient and very informative, told me all I had to do to get to a program again was find it on my 'start' button and 'click it back on'.

Well, I can't get Youtube to work now. It keeps telling me my Javascript is 'turned off' or not dled and I keep dling it succesfully (according to the screen) but it still won't play. I can't find Javascript or 'Macromedia' anywhere. I so don't want to call and wait AGAIN but it I needs me some MCR videos and the need is becoming dire. *sigh* I hate being this technoamish.

*I'm out of new books to read. The horror.

* BUT Leigh and Amy's brilliant sequel to their Hanfic 'Look to the Stars' , 'Map the Ocean' has another segment up and I am full from the joy of it. There is so little really, intensely good Hanfic out there these days that I hoard these brilliant jewels like the most precious gold.

Alight, gente.

I'ma go do some work since I have all these odds and ends to take care of and they are all thwarting me at every turn.

* deposit first scholarship check. Scholarship check yay! Must walk to bank to do so.

* Fax transcript request for other scholarship be mailed to REFORMA. Must find faxing place.

* Must mail graduation forms. Must find small manila envelope to mail forms in.

* Must mail copy of SS card and license to my parents for insurance purposes. Need D's copies which I forgot to remind her to leave for me. Crap.


It will work out.

Have a good day, gente. My darlings up North stay warm and I will talk at ya'll later!

P.S.: I will post the songs to my song meme tonight because Yousendit was being a twatwaffle last night. The only ones people missed were from Texas folkie chicks. :-)
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