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May everyone have a Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to all who sent me Valentinr love! I know it threw it up there at the last minute but beso beso beso to everyone!

I am a bit tharn. I have compiled all my coursework (as it were since I have never been ultra organized and I've lost a few classes somewhere in my apartemnt....) checked the database links, made a FOLDER for links, and I am telling everyone I will be incommunicada from the 15th till the 22nd of February.

Things I have not been able to do because I am UTTERLY broke is: buy ready made food for consumption during test. Buy new flash drive (or thumb drive or memory stick or whatever you call those handy fidgitydigits) to back up my work. I'm sure there is more but those are the big ones.

*takes deep breath*

Almost done. That is my mantra.

In other news....

* I think I offended people on [livejournal.com profile] belladonalin's LJ when I contributed to a discussion on butch/femme identity. I certainly did not mean to and I'm pretty sure it is due to how butch/femme plays out in different regions and ethnic cultures. But I have been femme for seventeen years. That's just been my experience thus far. The person expressing such disbelief lives in NY and I have heard from people who used to live in NY comment that the lesbian scene there is quite different.

* I have seen such myriad stuff on the news that I want to link to and commment on if I were not tharn. For example:

* That evangelical preacher being CURED (CURED PRAISE GOD AND HOLY JESUS!!!) of that pesky homosexuality in nine weeks through the power of CHRIST HIS PERSONAL SAVIOR!!!........oh, please, girlfriend. Like you wouldn't do dick again if you thought you could get away with it.

* Someone in Congress is trying to limit marriage only to couples that can have children. I mean. Que? So kiss off all older couples, couples where one partner is sterile, and would that make lesbian marriage okay since lesbians can HAVE children if they choose to? The stupid. It burns.

* The clusterfuck that James Brown's and Anna Nicole Smith's affairs are in due to them dying intestate makes me want to go right to Gale Legal Forms and dl a will to fill out RIGHT NOW. I mean, I may not have much but I'm pretty sure my mama, bless her heart, neither wants nor needs custody of my collection of circa 1990's lesbian romances, the shelf of erotica, my huge female nude painting in the living room, or the computer with all the slash and prOn on it. It just makes me really sad they can't even DIE in peace.

* Marshall is apparently marrying Kim. Again. O.O. What the hell are you DOING Marshall?!?!? Just. I mean. *hands* He's doing this to personally hurt me. [livejournal.com profile] alexandriabrown said so and I agree.

I might be babbling because tharn is giving way to frenetic and frightened.

I must away, gente.

Everyone have a Happy Heart Day! Wish me luck and send me positive vibes and I'll see ya'll on the flip side!!
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