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Well. Not really lost. More like muddled?

D's mom went in the hospital Friday night. She has a myriad of problems, most to do with basic old age and the fact that she will not listen to anyone who even suggests she might need to change her habits. So she has a bacterial infection, probably from a mild case of food poisoning, poor kidney function, lung problems, and blocked arteries in her neck which will need angioplasty and which she refuses to give consent for. *sigh*

Hence when I finally saw D late Saturday night she'd been up an insane amount of time because she took her mom to the hosital after D worked an eleven hour shift. She ate some pizza and passed out.

I finished watching 'Cursed' one of the most awesome werewolf movies EVER GAY MIL OMG! *lol*

And just as it was finishing I started to feel really strange, then got stomach cramps, then felt queasy.

What followed was a night of awful stomach cramping and running to the bathroom and a day of horribly shaky tummy and weakness. And I had to work!

Whatever momentary plague beset me has mostly taken it's leave this morning but I felt so awful I can't barely think of solid food, let alone meat. *shudder*

In other news.....

I just finished the most current book of her Hollows series and I have to say I loved it mucho mucho. Her heroine Rachel Morgan is flawed like Anita Blake but without the bitchiness and Mary Sue-ness that Hamilton has totally fallen into. The sex in Harrison's books is just as hot, but the story is not defined by it, and there is always a purpose to it. Besides, I went on the good author's website and she sounds wonderfully open and funny and slightly self-deprecating. The installment I just read is the darkest of her books thus far but it was brilliant and Harrison deals with homoerotic sexual tension using a much more even hand than Hamilton ever could. Really good, solid writing and a great world she's crafted. I used to think she was a watered down version of Hamilton, but she isn't. She's better.

And she lists musical influences for her characters! How cool is that? I know other authors have done it but she's the first one I cared about. She takes suggestions from her fans, too, which I find very cool.

If you at all like supernatural storylines, strong female characters, and really believable vamps and werewolves, this is your author. Highly reccomended!

The results of The Prettyful Dress Poll are in! The winner by a landslide is The Frankfurt Fringe dress from alight.com. I must admit I thought the other dress would get more votes but a co-worker said the Jocelyn dress looked too 'busy.' Apparently, most people agreed. So I will be ordering the fringey dress and researchign the most painless way to wear hose. *grumble*

Thanks everyone who participated!

I have my final Final on Wed. It is due a week later, and then I am DONE BABY!! Wooooooooo!!!

I'ma go, gente!

Ya'll take care and I'll talk at you later.
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