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Went to bed late last night trying to finish my homework. Didn't make it. Maybe woulda made it if I wasn't fascinate/annoyed/enthralled by Law and Order: SVU, but could not be helped. No one messes with my Olivia/Elliot time.

I trundle off to bed at one-thirty-ish.

Wake up at two-thirty convinced it is time to get up. I actually peer at my clock, stumble out of bed, peer at my watch, and go to the bathroom before I realize, no, it is not time.

Wake up again at three-thirty and at five. Same thing.

But Alma, you ask. Whyfor can you not tell, upon looking at your clock, that it is not time?

1) I am not awake, and therefore not reasoning
2) My clock is a bit confusing.

See, I set my clock twenty minutes ahead. I started in college so I would feel like I was getting more sleep before an eight a.m. class, and it just stuck.

However, doing the calculation in your head when you are mostly asleep is.... a bit difficult.

I usually wake up once a night, but only to peer at the display and fall back asleep happy that I have more time before I have to move. I do not know th deal with the somnabulism but it has got to stop.

OMG so tired.

My eyes have hefty bags under them.

I have gotten 3/4 of the way through the betas but need to talk to [livejournal.com profile] alexandriabrown, who has been mysteriously absent these past two nights, and run something past my Gay Sex Consultant but he is under the weather. I am in a bit of a holding pattern right now.

And still trying to figure out how to write this discussion post.

But in happy news....

Saw Justin on Leno last night! Only Justin could make me watch Leno, whom I truly dislike and think is mean to his guests.

The boy is just SO. SO lovely. SO LOVELY. It's amazing to see the bones of the man that had been waiting to emerge once the rounded cherubic babyface totally bid goodbye. He was funny and open and said **'Dude, whatever makes you comforatble makes me comforatable.' when Lance called to tell him about The Announcement and he called himself **'just gay enough' and just EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. He also talked about his grampa and, c'mon now. Who doesn't love that??

And he changed the 'motherfucker' line in Sexyback like a good boy. Live and learn, huh baby?

He's moved past the ghetto attire and his long legged, slimness is styling and sharp and he looks GOOD.

That is all.

Might faceplant on the desk here in a minute....

Talk at ya later, gente. Send me energy vibes because the day just began and I have miles to go before I sleep.

**all quotes paraphrased due to extreme sleep deprivation


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